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 Season 2 (ABC) (1953-54)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Hal Erickson, Steve Greenup, Rina Fox, Jim Brent
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###########  Cavalcade of America  ###########
############## season 2 1953-54 ##############
        ABC Tuesdays 7:30-8:00pm EST


Ep 2.01 Cavalcade of America: SAM AND THE WHALE
29-Sep-1953 ABC Tue
producers Gil Ralston & Arthur Ripley
written by George H. Faulkner
directed by Tim Whelan
Cecil Kellaway ..... Sam Mulford
Doris Lloyd ...... Lady Montagu
Rex Evans
Evelyn Ankers
Charles Nolte
John Dodsworth
Synopsis :
Sam Mulford, a famous American whale hunter who resents the English tax on
 whales and the methods employed by the King's tax collectors along the
coast of Long Island goes to England, where, with the help of Lady Montagu,
 he takes his complaint to the royal court. Time: 1712. [RF]


Ep 2.02 Cavalcade of America: THE STOLEN GENERAL
06-Oct-1953 ABC Tue (Network Rerun 24Apr56)
producers Gil Ralston & Arthur Ripley
written by Arthur Ripley
directed by Robert Stevenson
photography Stuart Thompson
Barbara Billingsley ...... Dorothea Meadows
Reginald Denny ...... General Prescott
John Abbott ...... Colonel Barton
Rex Evans
Ben Wright
Walter Kingsford
Synopsis :
A Revolutionary War drama. When romance-seeking British General Prescott
arranges to meet Dorothea Meadows in an unprotected house in Rhode Island,
he is captured by Miss Meadows' co-conspirator, Colonel Barton. [RF]


Ep 2.03 Cavalcade of America: BREAKFAST AT NANCY'S
13-Oct-1953 ABC Tue (Network Rerun 13Mar56)
producers Gil Ralston & Arthur Ripley
written by George H. Faulkner
directed by Sidney Salkow
Amanda Blake ...... Nancy Hart
Charles McGraw ...... Wilkie Bowman
Frank Christie ....... Sam
Norene Corcoran
Bonny Hyatt
Bill Phipps
Synopsis 1:
In Georgia during the American Revolution, a beautiful girl and a gleaming
rifle bring aid to the cause of freedom. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
A Revolutionary War drama. Messengers vital to the cause of the Colonies
 are hidden by Nancy Hart beneath the floor of her cabin in the Georgia
hills. When the safety of one messenger is threatened, she uses cunning
and force to protect him. [RF]


Ep 2.04 Cavalcade of America: SUNSET AT APPOMATTOX
20-Oct-1953 ABC Tue (Network Rerun 10Jul56)
producer Gil Ralston & Arthur Ripley
written by Robert Stevenson
directed by Robert Stevenson
photography Stuart Thompson
William Johnstone
Henry Morgan
Dan White
Robert Cornthwaite
Ian Wolfe
John Kellogg
Glenn Langan
Vernon Rich
Ralph Reed
Robert Easton
Kenny Delmar
Harlan Wade
Synopsis :
A dramatization of the meeting of General Lee and General Grant at Appomattox
based on detailed accounts of fourteen eye-witnesses to the surrender.
The surrender of Robert E. Lee's army to the Union Army headed by U.S. Grant
in 1865 ends the four years of war between the Union and the Confederacy. [RF]


Ep 2.05 Cavalcade of America: AND TO FAME UNKNOWN
27-Oct-1953 ABC Tue
producer John M. Barnwell Jr
written by E.R. Murkland
directed by John M. Barnwell Jr.
Synopsis 1:
Shows how a high school science teacher is helping to develop a better
America for younger generations through his efforts in the field of science
education. Explains that educators can alleviate the manpower shortage in
scientific fields by stimulating the interest of exceptional high school
students and encouraging them to pursue scientific careers. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
The story of a science professor. [JB]


Ep 2.06 Cavalcade of America: A TIME TO GROW
03-Nov-1953 ABC Tue
producer Jack Chertok
written by Bill Bruckner
directed by William J. Thiele
Raymond Greenleaf
Stacy Keach
William Bishop
John Wengraf
Booth Colman
Synopsis :
A historical drama showing the events which led to the purchase of the
Louisiana Territory from France in 1803. [RF]


 [--] 10Nov53 rerun of #1.3 "Man Who Took a Chance" (first aired 29Oct52)


Ep 2.07 Cavalcade of America: TIGER'S TAIL
17-Nov-1953 ABC Tue
producers Gil Ralston & Arthur Ripley
written by N. Richard Nash
directed by Robert Stevenson
photography Stuart Thompson
starring: [JB]
Robert Cornthwaite ....... Nast
Judy Osborne ...... Sarah Nast
Howard Freeman ...... Tweed
William Hade ....... Connolly
Paul Harvey ...... Mayor
Robert Warwick ...... Harper
Ray Teal ...... Howard
Earl Lee ..... Bowen
Becoming aware of corruption in politics in New York, Thomas Nast, known
for his drawings of Santa Claus, initiates a series of cartoons in which
Boss Tweed is symbolized as a snarling tiger. In spite of threats and
slander the cartoonist continues his work and inflames the public to the
overthrow of the corrupt Tweed political machine. Time: 1870's. [RF]


Ep 2.08 Cavalcade of America: THE LAST WILL OF DANIEL WEBSTER
24-Nov-1953 ABC Tue
producers Gil Ralston & Arthur Ripley
written by N. Richard Nash
directed by Robert Stevenson
starring: [JB]
Ray Collins ...... Daniel Webster
Ann Doran .... Caroline
John Hamilton ..... Porter
Carl Benton Reid ...... Manning
Paul Harvey
Richard Gaines
Everett Glass
Daniel Webster, tormented by memories of selfish deeds, is comforted as he
nears the end of his life by friends who point out that his constructive
acts will be remembered. [RF]


Ep 2.09 Cavalcade of America: MAJOR PAULINE
01-Dec-1953 ABC Tue (Network Rerun 14Feb56)
producer Gil Ralston & Arthur Ripley
written by Robert Stevenson
directed by Robert Stevenson
Gertrude Michael
Robert Paige
Dayton Lummis
Fred Beir
Michael Hall
Trevor Bardette
Richard Bauman
Robert Foulk
William Grueneberg
John Holland
Harry Chesire
Hank Mann
Synopsis 1:
A historical drama. Distressed by the outbreak of  war between the States,
Pauline Cushman, famous actress, offers her services as a Union espionage
agent behind the Confederate lines. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A beautiful, gifted actress serves as a spy for the Union during the Civil War. [JB]


Ep 2.10 Cavalcade of America: BETRAYAL
08-Dec-1953 ABC Tue
producer Jack Chertok
written by Curtis Kenyon
directed by William J. Thiele
Guest Cast:
Dan O'Herlihy ...... Benedict Arnold
Betty Lynn
Robert Clarke
Kirby Grant
Crandon Rhodes
Synopsis 1:
A drama depicting the evolution of Benedict Arnold's plan to surrender
West Point to the British and his subsequent flight to England when papers
incriminating him were intercepted. Time: 1777-1780. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Benedict Arnold attempts to deliver West Point to His Majesty's forces. [JB]


Ep 2.11 Cavalcade of America: THE RIDERS OF THE PONY EXPRESS
15-Dec-1953 ABC Tue
producers Gil Ralston & Arthur Ripley
written by Robert Stevenson
directed by Robert Stevenson
photography by Stuart Thompson
starring: [JB]
Lewis Martin ....... Russell
Ralph Reed ...... Applicant
Trevor Bardette ....... Benedict Gwinn
Jonathan Hole ...... Postmaster Brown
Robert Warwick ....... Alexander Majors
Robert Cornthwaite ....... Young Mark Twain
Howard Negley
A historical drama. The pony express era is initiated by Alexander Majors,
 one of the owners of a transport firm, who, in searching for methods of
 transporting mail and packages across the West, delves into history and
 adapts the relay courier system as used by Genghis Khan. [RF]


Ep 2.12 Cavalcade of America: ONE NATION INDIVISIBLE
22-Dec-1953 ABC Tue
producer Jack Chertok
written by Warner Law
directed by William J. Thiele
Guest Cast:
Edgar Buchanan ....... Horace Greeley
Lyle Talbot
Fay Wray
Raymond Greenleaf
Frank Ferguson
Synopsis 1:
The editor of the Tribune, Horace Greeley, influenced by a conversation
with President Lincoln, changes his views regarding Jefferson Davis and
proceeds, with some risk to his career, to conduct a successful crusade
to free the ex-Confederate president from prison. Time: latter half of
nineteenth century. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Horace Greeley, America's Titan of the Press, keeps a vow to Abraham
Lincoln for leniency toward Jefferson Davis and the South. [JB]


Ep 2.13 Cavalcade of America: MR. PEALE'S DINOSAUR
29-Dec-1953 ABC Tue
producer Jack Chertok
written by Bill Buckner
directed by William J. Thiele
Guest Cast:
Lowell Gilmore ........ Charles Peale
Lurene Tuttle ....... Betsy Peale
John Lupton ....... Rembrandt Peale
Louis Jean Heydt ...... James Madison
Hayden Rorke
Ann O'Neal
Synopsis 1:
A drama relating the events which led to Charles Willson Peale's conception
of the idea of establishing in Philadelphia a national museum of natural
history and his efforts to provide the museum with noteworthy exhibits.
Time: 1794. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Painter Charles Wilson Peale risks his career and possessions to excavate
and reconstruct a fossilized mastadon, the greatest skeleton ever seen in his day. [JB]


05-Jan-1954 ABC Tue rerun of #1.1 "Poor Richard" (first aired 01Oct52)


Ep 2.14 Cavalcade of America: G FOR GOLDBERGER
12-Jan-1954 ABC Tue (Network Rerun 24July56)
producer Jack Chertok
written by Warner Law
directed by William J. Thiele

Walter Coy ....... Dr. Joseph Goldberger
Emlen Davies ...... Mary Goldberger
William Forrest ....... Dr. Sam Halleck
Susan Seaforth ....... Sarah
Patrick O'Neal
Rhys Williams
Louis Jean Heydt

Synopsis 1:

A drama showing how Dr. Joseph Goldberger, after a tour of stricken areas
in the South, conceives and attempts to prove his theory that pellagra is
the result of a dietary deficiency. Time: 1915. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Dr. Joseph Goldberger fights disbelief and prejudice to lick the dreaded
 disease pellagra. [JB]


Ep 2.15 Cavalcade of America: SMYRNA INCIDENT
19-Jan-1954 ABC Tue (Network Rerun 28Feb56)
producer Jack Denove
written by Robert Stevenson
directed by Robert Stevenson
Carl Benton Reid ....... Commander Ingraham
Robert Cornthwaite ....... Kazta
John Wengraf ....... Von Schwarz
Konstantin Shayne
Donald Murphy
Synopsis 1:
A historical drama. The captain of an American ship, anchored in the
Turkish port of Smyrna, risks of a battle with three Austrian ships when
he demands the release of an Austrian-born prisoner who has applied for
American citizenship. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
The story of U.S. Navy Commander Ingraham, who defies the armed might of
the Austrian empire. By threatening to open fire on units of that nation's
fleet, he singlehandedly protests Austria's refusal to release an American
being held prisoner on one of their ships. [JB]


Ep 2.16 Cavalcade of America: MAN OF GLASS 
   26Jan-54 [JB]   (Network Rerun 17Jul56)
      (airdate clash with "Cat with the Crimson Eyes")
producer Jack Chertok
written by Tom Seller
directed by William J. Thiele
Robert Strauss (as Baron Von Stiegel)
June Whitley
Carl Benton Reid
Charles Meredith
John Eldredge
Synopsis 1:
Dramatizes the life of Henry William Stiegel, who came to America from
Germany and rose from a worker in an iron foundry to be head of a large
glass factory. Describes Stiegel's realization, following his financial
ruin, that material success did not make him superior to other men, but
that his greatness lay in the beauty of the glassware which he created. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
 Robert Strauss stars as Baron Von Stiegel, the 18th century glass maker
of Pennsylvania who built a church and received as rent-one red rose. [JB]


  [--] 02Feb54 rerun of #1.5 "What Hath God Wrought" (first aired 26Nov52)


Ep 2.17 Cavalcade of America: THE PLUME OF HONOR
09-Feb-1954 ABC Tue
producer Armand Schaefer
written by Paul Gangelin
directed by George Archainbaud
Maurice Marsac ....... Marquis De Lafayette
Richard Bauman ....... Francis Huger
Larry Winger [JB] .... Erich Bollman
Larry Winter [RF] (this one more likely)
John Banner
Gabor Curtiz
Henry Rowland
A historical drama about Francis Huger, an American medical student, and
Erich Bollman, a young German physician, who attempt to rescue Lafayette
from an Austrian prison in 1794. [RF]


Ep 2.18 Cavalcade of America: MARGIN OF VICTORY [JB]
16-Feb-1954 ABC Tue
producer Jack Denove
written by Arthur Ripley
directed by Arthur Ripley
Francis L. Sullivan
Edward Ashley
John Hoyt
Myrna Fahey
John Patrick
Synopsis 1:
A historical drama about an American spy, posing as a loyal Tory, who is
responsible for the strategic landing of French troops in America while
 British forces are being concentrated in New York City to withstand a
supposed attack by General Washington. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
The Culpers, famous spies, enable reinforcements to land in Rhode Island
during the American Revolution. [JB]


 [--] 23Feb54 rerun of  #1.7 "In This Crisis" (first aired 24Dec52)


Ep 2.19 Cavalcade of America: THE ABSENT HOST
02-Mar-1954 ABC Tue
Producer Armand Schaefer
Written by Russell Hughes
Directed by Sidney Salkow
Guest Cast:
Don Kennedy ....... Jack Louett
Leo Britt ..... Lord Cornwallis
Robin Hughes ...... Lt. Col. Carleton
John Patrick
Howard Negley
Synopsis 1:
A historical drama about Jack Jouett, a patriotic Virginian who risks his
life to warn Thomas Jefferson that British soldiers are planning to capture
 him in a surprise attack on Monticello. (Year 1781) [RF]
Synopsis 2:
British forces raid Monticello in an attempt to capture Thomas Jefferson.  [JB]


Ep 2.20 Cavalcade of America: DUEL AT THE OK CORRAL

09-Mar-1954 ABC Tue
producer Jack Chertok
written by Bill Bruckner
directed by William J. Thiele
Lee Van Cleef
Kenneth Tobey
Henry Morgan
Keith Richards
Lyle Talbot
Peter Hanson
A dramatization of the efforts of Wyatt Earp to free the West of dangerous
 armed gunmen. Earp's activities in Dodge City, Kan., in Deadwood, S. D.,
and in Tombstone, Ariz., are highlighted. [RF]


Ep 2.21 Cavalcade of America: THE SPLENDID DREAM
16-Mar-1954 ABC Tue
producer Jack Chertok
written by Charles Larson
directed by William J. Thiele
Leo G. Carroll ....... William Penn
Richard Stapley
Mark Dana
John Dodsworth
Leonard Nudie
Synopsis 1:
Dramatizes the life of William Penn from his early interest in the Society
of Friends, which led to his imprisonment under the Conventicle act, to his
ultimate success in founding in the New World a colony where religious
freedom became a reality. Time: latter half of seventeenth century. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
William Penn signs a historic Pennsylvania Constitution of 1701. [JB]


Ep 2.22 Cavalcade of America: YOUNG ANDY JACKSON
23-Mar-1954 ABC Tue  (Network Rerun 10Apr56)
producer Jack Denove
written by Robert Stevenson
directed by Robert Stevenson
photography Harold Stine
Billy Gray ......... Andy Jackson
(Bill Gray later in 1954 became Bud on "Father Knows Best")
Orley Lindgren ..... Robert Jackson
Fiona Hale ......... Mrs. Betty Jackson
Douglas Dumbrille .. Lord Rawdon
Robin Hughes
Mabel Paige
Russell Simpson
Richard Reeves
Tom McKee
Frank Krieg
William Haade
Synopsis 1:
A historical drama about thirteen-year-old Andrew Jackson, who, with his
 older brother Robert, joins the militia and engages in guerrilla fighting
against the British. [LOC]
Synopsis 2:
Dramatized biography of the youth of Andrew Jackson in the South Carolina
of the American Revolution. [UCLA]
Synopsis 3:
Young Andy Jackson, at the age of Fourteen, begins his life-long fight for freedom. [JB]


Ep 2.23 Cavalcade of America: ESCAPE
30-Mar-1954 ABC Tue
producer Armand Schaefer
written by Paul Gangelin
directed by George Archainbaud
Guest Cast:
David R. Alpert (as Carl Shurz)
Lawrence Ryle
Ashley Cowan
Frances Morris
Robert A. Paquin
Dabbs Greer as Johanna
Synopsis 1:
A historical drama. After taking part in an unsuccessful revolt against
the King of  Prussia and his army, Carl Schurz and two compatriots,
 refusing  to surrender to the army, escape from soldiers guarding the town
  of Rastatt,  Germany, in 1849. [RF]
Synopsis 2
Carl Shurz escapes a Prussian firing squad and comes to America to
continue his fight for freedom.  [JB]


Ep 2.24 Cavalcade of America: RIDDLE OF THE SEAS
06-Apr-1954 ABC Tue
producer Jack Chertok
written by William Bruckner
directed by William J. Thiele
John Hoyt ......... Com. Smedley
Lamont Johnson .... Lt. Matt Maury
Laura Elliot
Roy Roberts
John Stephenson
Synopsis 1:
Relates the story of the life work of Matthew Fontaine Maury, founder of
the United States Weather Bureau, who advanced and proved his revolutionary
theory that the paths of the sea--winds, currents, and temperature--could
 be accurately predicted and charted. Time: mid-nineteenth century. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Matthew Fontaine Maury suggests scientific charting of ocean and wind currents. [JB]


Ep 2.25 Cavalcade of America: CRAZY JUDAH
13-Apr-1954 ABC Tue
producer Jack Denove
written by Lewis Foster
directed by Lewis Foster
Guest Cast:
Ross Elliott ...... Theodore Judah
Frances Rafferty ...... Anna Judah
Forrest Taylor ..... Mark Hopkins
Beverly Washburn .... Elizabeth
Gene Foley ..... Elizabeth's Mother
Robert Carson ..... Leland Stanford
Frank Wilcox ...... Preacher
Synopsis 1:
Dramatized incidents from the life of Theodore Judah portray his attempts
to realize his dream of  unifying the country with a railroad system.
Portrays his trips from California to Washington by boat and burro, his
initial failure in 1859 to secure help from Congress and from California
businessmen, his work in surveying a route through the Sierra Mountains,
the encouragement of Leland Stanford and Charles Crocker, the formation
of a company to start work, and Judah's death before the fulfillment of
his dream. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
"Crazy Judah" is the name Theodore Judah gets when he tries to sell his
idea of a transcontinental railroad to the politicians of 19th century Americans. [JB]


Ep 2.26 Cavalcade of America: A STRANGE JOURNEY
20-Apr-1954 ABC Tue

written by Robert Stevenson
directed by Robert Stevenson
producer Jack Denove
Robert Easton as George Merchant
Will Wright
Walter Kingsford
Walter Coy
Richard Gaines
A historical drama about the adventures of George Merchant,

an American rifleman from the Virginia backwoods who is

captured by the British at Quebec, sent to England as

a prisoner, and released early in 1776 by colonial

sympathizers to deliver to Hancock several letters

which affect the decision of the Continental Congress

to declare independence for the Colonies. [RF]


Ep 2.27 Cavalcade of America: THE PAPER SWORD
27-Apr-1954 ABC Tue
producer Jack Chertok
written by Charles Larson
directed by William J. Thiele
Guest Cast:
Patrick O'Neal ...... James King
Margaret Field ...... Mrs. James king
Stuart Randall ..... Charles Cora
Hugh Beaumont ...... Lewis Graham
Barry Kelly ..... Reporter
Synopsis 1:
Dramatizes the story of James King, a fearless newspaper editor, whose
murder because of his crusade against corrupt officials in the San Francisco
 government set into motion one of the most sweeping reform movements in
American history. Time: 1855. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Newspaper editor James King crusades for clean government during San
 Francisco's lawless days. [JB]


Ep 2.28 Cavalcade of America: SATURDAY STORY

04-May-1954 ABC Tue (repeat 08Nov55)
written by Joel Murcott & Merwin Gerard
directed by Francis D. Lyon
producer Warren Lewis
Dabbs Greer
Otto Graham (appears as himself)
Dramatizes the career of Mark Wilson, a high school football coach who taught principles of living as well as football
fundamentals to his players, one of whom was Otto Graham of the Cleveland Browns. Frank Leahy, former Notre-Dame coach,
introduces the story and participates in a closing interview with Mark Wilson and Otto Graham. [RF]

Ep 2.29 Cavalcade of America: SPINDLETOP
11-May-1954 ABC Tue
Producer Armand Schaefer
Written by Winston Miller
Directed by Robert G. Walker
Guest Cast:
William Bishop ...... Captain Lucas
Nancy Hale ....... Mrs. Lucas
Richard Eyer ..... Tony Lucas
Richard Gaines ..... Dr. Hayes
Stanley Andrews
Burt Mustin
Synopsis 1:
Dramatized incidents tell the story of the efforts of Captain Anthony Lucas,
an Austrian mining engineer, to prove his theory regarding the feasibility
of drilling for oil in the salt-dome formations of  the Beaumont area.
Describes the equipment and methods which he used in drilling, his
unsuccessful attempts, and his ultimate success when the first big gusher
in the Southwest came in at Spindletop, Tex. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Drama about the historic gusher that opened one of Texas' biggest oil fields in 1901. [JB]


Ep 2.30 Cavalcade of America: MOONLIGHT SCHOOL
   (not to be confused with "Moonlight Witness" 02Nov54)
18-May-1954 ABC Tue
producer Jack Chertok
written by Louella MacFarlane
directed by William J. Thiele
Lon Chaney, Jr. ..... Old Jeff Harris
Emlen Davies ...... Cora Wilson Stewart
Gloria Talbot ........ Mary Scott
Mary Field ...... Martha Beauford
Pitt Herbert ....... Mr. Beauford
George Nader
Harry Shannon
Dramatizes the experiences of Cora Wilson Stewart, a county superintendent
and a teacher in a one-room school who succeeds in establishing a night
class for adults in a backward section of Kentucky which is unsympathetic
to book learning. Time: 1911. [RF]

[--] Cavalcade of America: Mightier than the Sword
25May1954 NYT [repeat from 18Mar53]

[--] Cavalcade of America: A Strange Journey
01Jun1954 NYT [repeat from 20Apr54]

[--] Cavalcade of America: 01-Jun-1954 ABC Tue
Preempted for Boxing Championship Special Carter vs Smith

2.31 [--] Cavalcade of America: THE SKIPPER'S LADY
08-Jun-1954 ABC Tue
producer Jack Chertok
written by William Sackheim
directed by William J. Thiele
Guest Cast:
Paul Langton ..... Captain Joshua Patten
Sally Brophy ..... Mary Patten
Harvey Stephens ...... Mr. Comstock
Lee Van Cleef
Harry Bartel
Synopsis 1:
Dramatized incidents portray the courage and skill of a captain's wife who
 was forced to assume command of a clipper ship sailing from New York to
San Francisco with the annual allotment of supplies for the Indians of
California and Oregon. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A woman in command of a ship races with it to California in an effort
to prevent an Indian uprising. [JB]

 [--] rerun of Cavalcade of America: "A Matter of Honor"
15Jun54 (first aired 18Feb53)

2.32 [--] Cavalcade of America: COURAGE IN CONNECTICUT
22-Jun-1954 ABC Tue
Producer Jack Chertok
Teleplay by Warner Law
Directed by William J. Thiele
Director of photography Robert Pittack
Editor Ben Marmon
Sean McClory
Anne Kimbell
Booth Colman
John Hoyt
Raymond Greenleaf
Morris Ankrum
Paul Keast
Donald Lawton
Keith McConnell
Patrick O'Moore
The struggles for liberty and human dignity in pre-Revolutionary America.

[--] "Men of Tomorrow" premieres in this timeslot.

############ Cavalcade of America ############
############### end of season 2 ##############

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