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 Season 7 (NBC) (1955-56)
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US Network Schedules  1955-1956

########## Armstrong Circle Theatre ##########

############## season 7 1955-56 ##############


    NBC Tuesdays 9:30-10:30pm (fortnightly)(expands to 60min)  - 
lternating with
Playwrights '56 -aka- The Playwright Hour

 New Host/ Narrator: John Cameron Swayze

7.01 [230] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE STRANGE WAR OF SERGEANT KREUZER
27Sep1955 NBC Tue
written by Jerome Coopersmith
Host John Cameron Swayze
Richard Kiley
Betsy Palmer
Opening play tells of an Army sergeant's battle to win the confidence of Korean orphans and a victory
over himself. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
The story of how Sgt. Krenzer helped Korean orphans is told. [RF]

(Ep 1.1 Playwrights '56: The Answer 04Oct1955 NBC Tue)

7.02 [231] Armstrong Circle Theater: LOST: $2,000,000,000: THE DIARY OF "DIANE"
11Oct1955 NBC Tue (04Sep1956 rerun)
Talent Associates production for NBC / Operation no. QK-9206.
Produced in co-operation with the United States Weather Bureau.
Produced by David Susskind / Associate producer, Robert Costello
Television Play by Irve Tunick
Directed by William Corrigan
Technical Director, H.L. Folkerts
Host/ Narrator: John Cameron Swayze
Jason Robards ........ Reinhardt Schmidt
Frank Aletter ........ Norquest
Luigi Badolati ....... Sebastino
Augusta Merighi ...... Josephina
Peter Turgeson ....... Pelham
Silvio Minciotti
Voice: Carol Bruce as Hurricane Diane
Francis Hicks ....... Himself
Factual story of the hurricane Diane shows how the United States Weather Bureau operates in all its phases, from
the storm's inception through a 24-hour vigil until danger is past. It shows the effects of the storm on two people,
Josephina, a young girl, and Sebastiano, her brother in Winsted, Connecticut. The action switches from the Weather
Bureau where Reinhardt Schmidt, chief forecaster, is charting the hurricane and the home of Josephina and Sebastiano.
The storm gains in intensity as she, recently arrived from Italy, plans her first American picnic. At night, the flood
waters hit and Josephina is drowned. Throughout is heard the voice of Diane reading the record of her treachery. [RF]

(Ep 1.2 Playwrights '56: The Battler 18Oct1955 NBC Tue)

(Ep 1.3 Playwrights '56: The Heart's a Forgotten Hotel 25Oct1955 NBC Tue)

7.03 [232] Armstrong Circle Theater: MINDING OUR OWN BUSINESS
01Nov1955 NBC Tue
Written by Irve Tunick
Maureen Stapleton
Edward Andrews
A Chicago newspaperman and his wife relocate to a small town to start up a local newspaper after he loses
his big city job. [RF]

(Ep 1.4 Playwrights '56: Snow Job 08Nov1955 NBC Tue)

7.04 [233] Armstrong Circle Theater: SATURDAY VISIT
written by Douglas Taylor
Jack Klugman
Kathleen Maguire
A businessman leaves home after losing his job vowing to return only when he can adequately provide for his family. [RF]

(Ep 1.5 Playwrights '56: The Sound and the Fury 22Nov55 NBC Tue)

7.05 [234] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE TOWN THAT REFUSED TO DIE
(aka The Story of Sanford, Sheldon Stark Maine)
written by Sheldon Stark
Hosted by John Cameron Swayze
Darren McGavin ....... Carl Broggi
Maxine Stuart ........ Mrs. Broggi
Paul Tripp ........... Jessup
Bert Freed
Host John Cameron Swayze introduces the story of Sanford, Me., which was hard-hit by the textile industry's relocation
in the South. The town organized a chamber of commerce to bring new business to Sanford. [RF]

(Ep 1.6 Playwrights '56: Daisy! Daisy! 05Dec1955 NBC Tue)

7.06 [235] Armstrong Circle Theater: I WAS ACCUSED
(aka "The George Voskovec Story")
written by Jerome Coopersmith
George Voskovec
June Dayton
Hurd Hatfield
Cameron Prud'Homme
Luis Van Rooten
Patricia Englund
After spending ten months on Ellis Island after being accused of communism, George is finally allowed to enter the
country and clear his name. [RF]

(Ep 1.7 Playwrights '56: The Waiting Place 20Dec1955 NBC Tue)

7.07 [236] Armstrong Circle Theater: Circle Theater: NIGHTMARE IN RED
27Dec1955 (rerun 24Jan56)
Produced by Henry Salomon
Peter Mark Richman
A history of 20th-century Russia drawn from newsreel and feature-film footage. Historical figures seen include the czar
and czarina, Tolstoi, Lenin and his wife, Kenesky, Trotsky, Stalin, Vishinsky and Molotov. Henry Salomon produced film. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
The early footage from old news films was devoted to the Czarist decay that made Communism possible,and there were
fine shots of the Romanovs at play while revolutionaries were being ineffectually routed out of cellars. [RF]

(Ep 1.8 Playwrights '56: The Day the Trains Stopped Running 03Jan1956 NBC Tue)

10Jan56 NBC Tue (rerun 07Aug56)
no. 7 Operation no. QK-10257
Talent Associates production for NBC
produced by David Susskind / Associate producer, Robert Costello
television play by Phil Reisman, Jr.
directed by Paul Bogart
music supervision, John Geller
video by Al McClellan
Host: John Cameron Swayze
Mary Fickett ....... Nurse Sally Lacey
Peg Feury ....... Mrs. Kafka
Maria Reid ....... Mrs. Delgado
Muriel Berkson ....... Elena Ampuero
Patricia Collinge ....... Miss Mickler
Catherine Helm ....... Herself
Rita Morley, Jeannette Gavaris, Jimsey Somers, Linda March, Jane McArthur, Bertha Powell, Edith King, Tomi Romer,
Janis Mars, Peg Feury, Helen Shields, Mel Dowd, Roberto Rodrigo, William A. Lee, Frank Corsaro.

Synopsis 1:
The story of St. Luke's Hospital. This is a record of life on the wards at one of New York's largest hospitals.
It follows the nurses as they go about their many chores. It introduces the patients, each of whom has his own story
to tell.
Synopsis 2:
A documentary-style drama based on activities in a big city hospital, St. Luke's Hospital in New York City. The setting
is Ward Three, the Women's Ward. Presiding over this little world is night head nurse Sally Lacey. The patients include
Miss Mickler, a lonely embittered woman who makes life difficult for the nurses; Elena Ampuero, a young Puerto Rican
woman suffering from malnutrition; and Mrs. Kafka, a young mother who is more concerned about the welfare of her two
small children at home than she is about the hepatitis from which she suffers. As the drama closes, a new patient is
wheeled in and thus life in a big city hospital moves on. [RF]

(Ep 1.9 Playwrights '56: Lost 17Jan1956 NBC Tue)

[--] Armstrong Circle Theater: NIGHTMARE IN RED
24Jan1956 originally aired 27Dec55

(Ep 1.10 Playwrights '56: This Business of Murder 31Jan1956 NBC Tue)

7.09 [238] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE THIRD EAR
(aka The Wiretap Story)
07Feb1956 NBC Tue
written by Alvin Boretz
Jack Klugman
Russell Colllins
Peter Mark Richman
Joe Mantell
A writer wiretaps a man's home to find out about his business practices.

(Ep 1.11 Playwrights '56: Return to Cassino 14Feb1956 NBC Tue)

7.10 [239] Armstrong Circle Theater: TERROR AT MY HEELS
21Feb56 NBC Tue
Operation no. QK-10799
Talent Associates production for NBC
Produced by David Susskind
written by Roger O. Hirson
Directed by William Corrigan
Host: John Cameron Swayze
Darren McGavin ........ Shadduck
Marty Landau ........... Joel (a.k.a. Martin Landau)
Jim Holden .......... Bill
Clifford David ......... Jim
Edmon Ryan ......... Colonel
Melvin Shadduck ....... Himself
This is the true story of Lt. Melvin Shadduck, an American pilot, who was captured by the Korean Communists during
the Korean War. Thrown into a tent with four other Americans, he finds all of them wounded and without medical care,
adequate food or hope of escape. He trades personal belongings and forages for food. By wandering further afield day
by day, little attention is paid to him by the Chinese guards and he finally escapes. He manages to reach a friendly
Chinese boy, who contacts the Americans. He refuses hospitalization until his fellow prisoners would be rescued, which
was accomplished.

(Ep 1.12 Playwrights '56: Flight 28Feb1956 NBC Tue)

7.11 [240] Armstrong Circle Theater: MAN IN THE SHADOW
06Mar56 NBC Tue (rerun 10Jul56)
no. 12 Operation no. QK-10980.
Talent Associates production for NBC
Executive producer, David Susskind
Produced by Robert Costello
Television play by David Padwa
Directed by William Corrigan
Music supervision, John Geller
Video by Al McClellan
Host: John Cameron Swayze
Leora Dana .............. Ruth
Harry Townes .......... Dr. Bowers
Phyllis Povah ......... Mrs. Foster
Jason Robards .......... Paul Foster
John Boroff ........... Dr. Clement
Dr. John Porterfield ......... Himself
An "actual" drama of a mentally ill man and the effort to help him recover. Paul Foster had to give up an engineering
career to take over his father's insurance business because it was expected of him. He was ill-suited to the work and
when the drama opens, the business is failing. Outwardly at the age of 31, he is a normal young man with a wife, Ruth,
and a child. Suddenly, he hits his secretary and accuses her of spying. Diagnosis by a psychiatrist finds he has
suffered a mental breakdown, a schizophrenic reaction with marked paranoid tendencies. His mother refuses to believe it.
His wife faces the facts and has him committed to a state hospital for treatment, which does not go well at first. But
with the support of his family and with new drugs, Paul can communicate his problems and fears and return to his place in society.
*Based on facts compiled by the National Association for Mental Health. [RF]

(Ep 1.13 Playwrights '56: Adam and Evening 13Mar1956 NBC Tue)

7.12 [241] Armstrong Circle Theater: FIVE WHO SHOOK THE MIGHTY
20Mar56 NBC Tue (rerun 26Jun56 NBC Tue)
Operation no. QK-11149
Talent Associates production for NBC
executive producer, David Susskind
produced by Robert Costello
Associate producer, Jacqueline Babbin
television play by Bernard Wolfe
Based on an article by Peggy Mann.
directed by William Corrigan
music supervision, John Geller
video by Al McClellan
Host: John Cameron Swayze
Philip Abbott ........ Oliviu Beldeanu
Harold Stone ......... George Radu
Jacques Aubuchon ......... Inspector
Robert Goodier ......... Unidentified man
Barbu Niculeascu and Michael Farcassanu (themselves)
Martin Newman, Gregory Morton, Bill Daniels, H.M. Wynant,
Paul Savior, Anne Hegira.
Synopsis 1:
An "actual" drama about five Romanian patriots, who in February 1955 seized the Communist Romanian Legation in Berne,
Switzerland, in protest against the plight of their people in Romania. The daring plot is conceived by Oliviu Beldeanu
of the Romanian Liberation Movement and executed with Soare Codrescu, Ion Chirila, Dumitru Ochiu and Dorel Ciochina.
They release a secret Communist code to the press resulting in one of the heaviest blows to the Russian spy network.
The small band holds the Legation for 48 hours until the Swiss government assures them that they will be tried there
and not extradited to Romania. They await trial in Berne.
Synopsis 2:
The true story of The five who shook the mighty. Next month five men will stand trial in Switzerland for a crime they
committed a year ago. The men are Romanian, and the crime they committed was the first of its kind. They broke into and
captured the Communist Romanian legation in Bern. [RF]

(Ep 1.14 Playwrights '56: The Undiscovered 27Mar1956 NBC Tue)

7.13 [242] Armstrong Circle Theater: A BABY NAMED X
03Apr56 NBC Tue (rerun 24Jul56 NBC Tue)
no. 14 Operation no. QK-11323
Talent Associates production for NBC
executive producer, David Susskind
produced by Robert Costello
Associate producer, Jacqueline Babbin
television play by Vance Bourjaily
directed by William Corrigan
music supervision, John Geller
video by Al McClellan
Host: John Cameron Swayze
Kathleen Maguire ........ Susan
Georgann Johnson ....... Mrs. Nelson
Bibi Osterwald ........ Mrs. Arnquist
Frank Overton ........ Mr. Arnquist
Constance Ford ........ Mrs. Muir
Dorothea Coe (herself)
The setting for this "actual" is the Spence-Chapin Adoption Service in New York City. Three couples, the Muirs, the
Nelsons and the Arnquists, are seeking a baby for adoption. A woman arrives to arrange for the adoption of her baby
when it is born. The case worker checks up on each of the couples to determine their fitness for parenting. The Muirs
do not want to adopt after all and the Muirs are found to be unfit. The Arnquists are offered Baby X. They fall in
love with her and take her into their family.

(Ep 1.15 Playwrights '56: You and Me--and the Gatepost! 10Apr1956 NBC Tue)

7.14 [243] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE CASE OF COLONEL PETROV
17Apr56 NBC Tue
Operation no. QK-11492
Talent Associates production for NBC
executive producer, David Susskind
produced by Robert Costello
television play by Jerome Coopersmith
From the book by Michael Bialoguski
director, Paul Bogart
Music supervision, John Geller
video by Al McClellan
Host: John Cameron Swayze
Sanford Meisner ....... Bialoguski
Michael Gorrin ......... Petrov
Katharine Sergava ....... Dusya
Patrick MacNee ........ Quayle
Michael Bialoguski (himself)
An authentic story dealing with the defection to the Australian authorities by Col. Vladimir Petrov, chief of the
Russian Secret Police in April 1954. Dr. Michael Bialoguski is responsible for the defection, who had escaped to
Australia in 1941. Determined that communism should never get a foothold in Australia, he offered his services to
Australian Intelligence. In Australia, he becomes friends with Col. Petrov. He is on the brink of defecting except
that his wife, Dusya, is a loyal communist. Two men from the Soviet Embassy come for Petrov, but he has already left
for Australian Intelligence. She is put on a plane for Russia and told that Petrov has been killed by the Australians.
An Australian agent boards the plane and tells her that Petrov is safe and it is her last chane to seek asylum. They
are reunited and they provide invaluable information on the Soviet spy ring in Australia.

(Ep 1.16 Playwrights '56: The Center of the Maze 24Apr1956 NBC Tue)

7.15 [244] Armstrong Circle Theater: SEVENTY-THREE SECONDS INTO SPACE
01May1956 NBC Tue
James Daly
Patrick McVey
Biff McGuire
True events leading to the development of the viking rocket and the conquest of space.

(Ep 1.17 Playwrights '56: You Sometimes Get Rich 08May1956 NBC Tue)

7.16 [245] Armstrong Circle Theater: DEVIL AT THE DOOR
15May1956 NBC Tue
written by Alvin Yudkoff
Ruth White ........ Portia Howe
John Kellogg ...... Eben Howe
Bert Brinkerhoff .. Nathan
John Conwell ...... Duane Maynard
Margaret Baker .... Mrs. Maynard
Jim Hickman ....... Stranger
The story about a mother whose son was one of the 23 American "turncoats" who went over to Chinese Communists in
1953 is told.

(Ep 1.18 Playwrights '56: Keyhole 22May1956 NBC Tue)

7.17 [246] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE SECOND FAMILY
29May56 NBC Tue (rerun 18Sep56 NBC Tue)
 no. 18 Operation no. QK-11978
Talent Associates production for NBC
executive producer, David Susskind
produced by Robert Costello
Associate producer, Jacqueline Babbin
television play by Art Wallace
directed by William Corrigan
music supervision, John Geller
video by Al McClellan
Host: John Cameron Swayze
Harry Townes ........... Gordon Locklin
Larry Gates ......... Douglas MacDonald
Loretta Leversee ......... Alice Polacheck
Kathleen Comegys ......... Mary Simpson
Cavada Humphrey ......... Mrs. Hayes
Douglas MacDonald ..... Himself
Parker McCormick, Peter Turgeon, Warren Berlinger, Harry Mehaffey
Synopsis 1:
"The Second Family" documents the activities of a high school faculty during a typical day at school.
The sacrifices and problems of teachers in an average public high school as exemplified in an actual happening in
Eastchester High School, Eastchester, N.Y., are examined in this drama. The school's most skilled teacher, Gordon Lacklin,
is offered a better paying job and is torn between his loyalty to the school and his family obligations. The principal,
Douglas MacDonald, must decide whether to dismiss a teacher, Alice Polcheck, who is dedicated to teaching but who cannot
keep order in her classroom. In accordance with his guiding belief that the students come first, he lets her go, but
she tells Lacklin that she regards him as a great teacher. After realizing that the students need good teachers, he
decides that he is meant to be teacher and stays.

(Ep 1.19 Playwrights '56: Nick and Letty 05Jun1956 NBC Tue)

7.18 [247] Armstrong Circle Theater: H.R. 8438 -- THE STORY OF A LOST BOY
12Jun56 NBC Tue
Operation no. QK-12109
Talent Associates production for NBC
produced by Robert Costello
written by Philip H. Reisman, Jr.
directed by William Corrigan
 Music supervision, John Geller
video by Al McClellan
 Host: John Cameron Swayze
Maureen Stapleton .......... Mrs. Elizabeth Steigerwald
Voytek Dolinski ............ Anton Steigerwald
Nehemiah Persoff .......... The Man
Vaughan Taylor ............ Mr. Etzl
Audra Lindley .......... Mrs. Hyde
Anton Steigerwald .......... Himself
An actual drama of a Yugoslavian youth who is now in America and hopes to stay here. Anton Steigerwald, a war orphan in
Yugoslavia, is thought to be the child of an American citizen from whom he was separated during the war. Elizabeth
Steigerwald, now in Philadelphia, wants to find her son. Her daughter Maria brings Anton to America although she knows
he is not her brother Johann. She relies on him to tell her mother, but he does not. Anton's sister discovers that he
is in America and reveals the truth to Mrs. Steigerwald. But she has known all along. He tells the U.S. authorities
and the real Johann is brought to America. Anton is waiting for bill H.R. 3438 to pass which would allow him to stay.

(Ep 1.20 Playwrights '56: Honor *final episode* 19Jun1956 NBC Tue)

***Show changes and alternates with 
Kaiser Aluminum Hour  every other week.

26Jun56 rerun of: Armstrong Circle Theatre: FIVE WHO SHOOK THE MIGHTY
(first aired 20Mar56 NBC Tue)

(Kaiser Aluminum Hour: The Army Game (premier episode) 03July56 NBC Tue)

10Jul56 rerun of: Armstrong Circle Theatre: MAN IN SHADOW
(first aired 06Mar56 NBC Tue)

(Kaiser Aluminum Hour: The Man on a White Horse 17Jul56 NBC Tue)

24Jul56 rerun of: Armstrong Circle Theatre: A BABY NAMED X
(first aired 03Apr56 NBC Tue)

(Kaiser Aluminum Hour: Roar of the Lion 31Jul56 NBC Tue)

07Aug56 rerun of: Armstrong Circle Theatre: WARD THREE: FOUR P.M. TO MIDNIGHT:
THE ST. LUKE'S HOSPITAL STORY (first aired 10Jan56 NBC Tue)

(Kaiser Aluminum Hour: unknown 14Aug56 NBC Tue)

21Aug56 NBC Tue - possibly a rerun Armstrong Circle Theatre

(Kaiser Aluminum Hour: A Fragile Affair 28 Aug56 NBC Tue)

04Sep56 rerun of: Armstrong Circle Theatre: LOST: $2,000,000,000:
THE DIARY OF "DIANE" (first aired 11Oct55 NBC Tue)

(Kaiser Aluminum Hour: Antigone 11Sep56 NBC Tue)

18Sep56 rerun of: Armstrong Circle Theatre: THE SECOND FAMILY
(first aired 29May56 NBC Tue)

(Kaiser Aluminum Hour: Mr. Finchley Versus the Bomb 25Sep56 NBC Tue)


( Windust / 10Jul1956 / written by Edward Stevenson ????)

######### Armstrong Circle Theatre ###########
############### end of season 7 ##############

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