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 Season 2 (NBC) (1950-51)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Rina Fox
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US Network Schedules  1950-1951
########## Armstrong Circle Theatre ##########
############## season 2 1950-51 ##############
NBC Tuesdays 9:30-10:00pm ET (weekly)(30min)
(East Coast - New York, broadcast "live")
(West Coast - Los Angeles, 3 weeks delay)

2.01 [17] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE ELOPEMENT
26Sep1950 NBC Tue
Betty Caulfield
Robert Allen
Biff McGuire
Patricia Remick
John Haffen
Teenage sweethearts runaway to elope when their parents feel they are too young to marry. [RF]
*NOTE: The Armstrong Circle Theater opens it's second season with "The Elopement".

2.02 [18] Armstrong Circle Theater: ROUND-UP
03Oct1950 NBC Tue
Zachary Scott
Jeanne Sheppard
James Maloney
Klock Ryder
William Freed
Dudley Sadler
J.Y. Yen

2.03 [19] Armstrong Circle Theater: GIVE AND TAKE
10Oct1950 NBC Tue
Operation no. 50-2797
Producer Hudson Faussett
Written by Lawrence Dugan & Virginia Dugan
Directed by Hal Keith
Host: Nelson Case
Frank Albertson
Richard S. Bishop
Jack Sheehan
Harriet E. MacGibbon
Johanna Douglas
This is a story of two families, the Stones and the Martins, who have been good neighbors for 15 years until an
argument over boundary lines causes a rift. A surveyor solves the problem and both families become reunited. [RF]

2.04 [20] Armstrong Circle Theater: IT'S ONLY A GAME
17Oct1950 NBC Tue
Donald Woods
A College professor has a dilemma with one of his students who is failing in math because he is the star of
the School's Football team and their captain. [RF]

2.05 [21] Armstrong Circle Theater: TIME OF THEIR LIVES
24Oct1950 NBC Tue
Producer Hudson Faussett
Written by Ruth Woodman
Directed by Hal Keith
Frank M. Thomas
Marian Randolph
Joyce Van Patten
Tom King
Mary Finney
Christopher Gaye
Marian Randolph

2.06 [22] Armstrong Circle Theater: MAN AND WIFE
31Oct1950 NBC Tue
Paul McGrath
Virginia Smith
Tonio Selwart
Tony Bickley
Geraldine Dvorak
Jean Arden Cobb
An unhappy factory worker learns how to deal with people from the aggravating wife he has at home. [RF]

2.07 [23] Armstrong Circle Theater: PERSON TO PERSON
07Nov1950 NBC Tue
Gloria Stroock
Laurence Hugo
Dorothy Francis
Earl Dawson
George Roth
Bartle Doyle
An innocently dialed wrong number leads to a comedy of romance and mistaken identity. [RF]

2.08 [24] Armstrong Circle Theater: BEST TRIP EVER
14Nov1950 NBC Tue
Written by Frederic Manley
Enid Markey
Elizabeth Patterson
Alexander Campbell
John O'Hare
Carroll Ashburn
Two elderly women, one whom physicians have given only a short while to live, enter a contest. The prize is a trip
to Florida. The excitement over winning and the debate over risking the trip almost proves disastrous to both. [RF]

2.09 [25] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE PERFECT TYPE
21Nov1950 NBC Tue
Augusta Dabney
Richard Derr
Ruth Ford
Romney Brent
Barbara White
A local theater group causes problems with a couple when show business brings out the ham in the husband,
the wife gets jealous. [RF]

2.10 [26] Armstrong Circle Theater: ANYTHING BUT LOVE
28Nov1950 NBC Tue
Producer Hudson Faussett
Directed by Garry Simpson
Julie Haydon
Karl Malden
Jean Casto
Charles Mendick
William Free
Edward Bushman
Sandy Sanders
Maurice Burke

2.11 [27] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE HAPPY ENDING
05Dec1950 NBC Tue
Cathleen Cordell
Otto Kruger
Barbara Cook
Brandon Peters
Helen Gillette
Mark Roberts
Stuart Nedd

2.12 [28] Armstrong Circle Theater: GREEN EYES
12Dec1950 NBC Tue
Producer Hudson Faussett
Directed by Garry Simpson
Judith Evelyn
Tom Helmore
Joyce Mathews
Lili Valenty

2.13 [29] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE DIET
19Dec1950 NBC Tue
Producer Hudson Faussett
Adapted by Don Ettlinger
Directed by Garry Simpson
Lawrence Fletcher
Lois Wilson
Betty Lou Keim
Robert Shawley
Belle Flower
A comic tale of how an innocent mistake prompts a middle-aged husband to attempt to lose weight. [RF]

2.14 [30] Armstrong Circle Theater: CHRISTOPHER BEACH
26Dec1950 NBC Tue
Producer Hudson Faussett
Written by Leslie Scott
Directed by Harvey Marlowe
Barbara Britton
Tyler Carpenter
Nydia Westman
Huntington Watts
Frances Greet

2.15 [31] Armstrong Circle Theater: THAT MAN IS MINE
02Jan1951 NBC Tue
Margaret Lindsay
Philip Reed
Kathleen McLean
Betty Wragge
Regina Jouvin
Denise Alexander

2.16 [32] Armstrong Circle Theater: ROOFTOP
09Jan1951 NBC Tue
Producer Hudson Faussett
Teleplay by Leslie Scott
Story by Eli Cantor
Directed by Harvey Marlowe
Biff McGuire
Jean Pearson
Liam Sullivan
Ann Shoemaker
Frank Tweeddell
A woman must choose between two suitors.

2.17 [33] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE YOUNGER GENERATION
16Jan1951 NBC Tue
Producer Hudson Faussett
Written by William Noble
Directed by Garry Simpson
Loring Smith
Geraldine Wall
Jack Dimond
Pat Gaye
Roger Sullavan

2.18 [34] Armstrong Circle Theater: SILVER SERVICE
23Jan1951 NBC Tue
Producer Hudson Faussett
Directed by Charles Harrell
John Archer
Geraldine Brooks
Dorothy Eaton
Alan Manson
An insecure woman places importance on material thing. [RF]

2.19 [35] Armstrong Circle Theater: THOSE WONDERFUL PEOPLE
30Jan1951 NBC Tue
Written by Leslie Scott & Joe Venable
James Van Dyk
Bess Johnson
Peter Fernandez
Bonnie Baker
Paul Ford
Lauris Lambert
Cameron Prudhomme

2.20 [36] Armstrong Circle Theater: SUPER HIGHWAY
06Feb1951 NBC Tue
Producer Hudson Faussett
Written by Jerome Ross & James Garvin
Ed Begley
John Hamilton
Richard Carlyle
Allan Stevenson
Richard S. Bishop
Gerald Milton
Jim Drum
The story of a foreman with 20 years of experience in road building whose son is his assistant. It soon
becomes apparent that the son is better qualified for the foreman's job and this leads to complications. [RF]

2.21 [37] Armstrong Circle Theater: A DIFFERENT WORLD
13Feb1951 NBC Tue
Joan Chandler
Tom Avera
Dorothy Frances
Jonathan Harris
Harry Mehaffey
Vilma Kurer
Edwin Jerome
The story of a young bride's difficulty in adjusting herself to marriage. [RF]

2.22 [38] Armstrong Circle Theater: THAT'S SIMON'S GIRL
20Feb1951 NBC Tue
Written by Turner Bullock
Bonita Granville
Robert Pastene
Elizabeth Watts
Sally Gracie
Mary Loane
Harry Tyler
Bobby Nick

2.23 [39] Armstrong Circle Theater: TWENTY-ONE DAYS
27Feb1951 NBC Tue
Producer Hudson Faussett
Written by Ira Avery
Directed by Garry Simpson
Lola Albright
Skip Homeier
Joan Morgan
Robert Shawley
Allan Tower
Harrison Dowd
Rickey de Langis
A bellhop is drafter and decides to live it up as a guest in the hotel where he works. [RF]

2.24 [40] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE PARTNERSHIP
06Mar1951 NBC Tue (East Coast) [Syracuse Herald]  (live)
27Mar1951 NBC Tue (West Coast) [Long Beach Independent] (3 week delay)
John Newland
Lucile Watson
Harry Sheppard
Bone Wick
Larry Robbins
Ethel Remey
Lita Dal Porto
Barbara Pond
An elderly woman's faith in prayer and a skeptical young doctor each find renewed faith. [RF]

2.25 [41] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE PATCHER-UPPER
13Mar1951 NBC Tue
Vinton Hayworth
Judy Parrish
Neva Patterson
Richard Derr
Tat Peardon
Beulah Bryant
John O'Hare
A meddler's efforts to play cupid turn into a disaster in this gay comedy. [RF]

2.26 [42] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE HERO
20Mar1951 NBC Tue
Kathleen Crowley
William Talbert
Tom Reynolds
Harriet McGibbon
Morton L. Stevens
Richard Nielson

2.27 [43] Armstrong Circle Theater: DOUBLE EXPOSURE
27Mar1951 NBC Tue
Ruth Matteson
Edmon Ryan
A wife plays second fiddle to her husband's photography hobby. [RF]

2.28 [44] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE MOMENT OF DECISION
03Apr1951 NBC Tue
Bruce Cabot
Will Hare
Frank Maxwell
Dorothy Sands
Margaret Hayes
Viola Frayne
An Army officer bent on staying out of the personal lives of his men must face one of the wives. [RF]

2.29 [45] Armstrong Circle Theater: GHOST TOWN
10Apr1951 NBC Tue
Henry Hull
Stewart MacIntosh
Cliff Hall
Raymond Bramley
Joy Reese
Mona Bruns

2.30 [46] Armstrong Circle Theater: HONOR STUDENT
17Apr1951 NBC Tue
Donald Buka
Jean Gillespie
Walter Starkey
Raymond Bramley
Mona Bruns
Arthur Kohl
Reginald Mason

2.31 [47] Armstrong Circle Theater: BACKSTAGE
24Apr1951 NBC Tue
William Prince
Patricia Wheel
Jack Arthur
William LeMassena
Edwin Jerome

2.32 [48] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE BIG RAINBOW
01May1951 NBC Tue
Lawrence Fletcher
June Walker
Henry Jones
Ann Hillary
A married couple face problems when fishing season opens. [RF]

2.33 [49] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE OPEN HEART
08May1951 NBC Tue
Gaby Rodgers
Ivan F. Simpson
Jonathan Marlowe
Maurice Wells

2.34 [50] Armstrong Circle Theater: JURY DUTY
15May1951 NBC Tue
Howard Smith
Paul Ford
Katherine Meskill
Jason Johnson
Jean Cleveland

2.35 [51] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE VOTE GETTER
22May1951 NBC Tue
Muriel Kirkland
Arthur Vinton
Biff Elliot
Cameron Prud'Homme

2.36 [52] Armstrong Circle Theater: OVER THE FENCE
29May1951 NBC Tue
Barbara Britton
Dick Foran
Doro Merande
Nydia Westman
A pair of busybodies play Cupid. [RF]

2.37 [53] Armstrong Circle Theater: LOVER'S LEAP
05Jun1951 NBC Tue
Alan Abel
Larry Buchanan
Michael Keith
Grace Kelly
Charles Mendick
Donald Murphy
Leslie Nielsen

2.38 [54] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE ROOKIE
12Jun1951 NBC Tue
Naomi Riordan
Douglass Watson
Joey Walsh
Eva Condon

2.39 [55] Armstrong Circle Theater: CLOSE HARMONY
19Jun1951 NBC Tue
Romney Brent
Madeline Clive
Lawrence Tibbett
Dorothy Elder
Henry Calvin
Mason Curry
Jack Sheehan
Byron Halstead

2.40 [56] Armstrong Circle Theater: BUCKAROO
26Jun1951 NBC Tue
Cloris Leachman
Lonny Chapman
Jay Barney
Roy Fant
William Free

2.41 [57] Armstrong Circle Theater: LEAVE IT TO MOTHER
03Jul1951 NBC Tue
Enid Markey
Cliff Robertson
Bethel Leslie
Howard Freeman
A scatterbrained mother disrupts her daughters wedding plans. [RF]

2.42 [58] Armstrong Circle Theater: TABLE FOR TWO
10Jul1951 NBC Tue
Henry Daniell
Hazel Dawn
Ruth Matteson
Paul Parks
Alfred Hesse

2.43 [59] Armstrong Circle Theater: LAST CHANCE
17Jul1951 NBC Tue
story by Turner Bullock and Anna Howard Bailey
Sidney Blackmer
Isobel Elsom
Jack Lemmon
Harold Crane

2.44 [60] Armstrong Circle Theater: A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP
24Jul1951 NBC Tue
Written by Ruth Woodman
Directed by Garry Simpson
Sheila Bromley
Jerome Cowan
Robert Emhardt
Ruth Hammond
Bonnie Baker

2.45 [61] Armstrong Circle Theater: MOUNTAIN SONG
31Jul1951 NBC Tue
Marcia Henderson
James Lipton
Frances Robinson
Frank Tweedell
Wyrley Birch

2.46 [62] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE MISTAKE
07Aug1951 NBC Tue
Frances Reid
Sydney Smith
Felicia Montealgre
Lynn Loring
Maurice Wells
Joan Croydon
Dorothy Peterson

2.47 [63] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE MAN IN THE BOOKSHOP
14Aug1951 NBC Tue
William Prince
Audra Lindley
E.J. Ballantine
Joan Arliss
Alexander Campbell

2.48 [64] Armstrong Circle Theater: BONE OF CONTENTION
21Aug1951 NBC Tue
Richard Derr
Coleen Gray
Noel Leslie
John Marley

2.49 [65] Armstrong Circle Theater: JOHNNY PICKUP
28Aug1951 NBC Tue
Directed by Ted Post
Anne Jackson
Arthur Keegan
Esther Minciotti
Douglas Rutherford

2.50 [66] Armstrong Circle Theater: BY THE BOOK
04Sep1951 NBC Tue (East Coast) [Syracuse Herald] (live)
27Sep1951 NBC Thur (West Coast) [Long Beach Telegram] (3 week delay)
Ernest Graves
Beverly Whitney
Audrey Christie
Alan Bunce
A scientific marriage which is lived "By the Book". [RF]

2.51 [67] Armstrong Circle Theater: SLEIGHT OF HAND
11Sep1951 NBC Tue
Hildy Parks
Richard Kollmar
Rolfe Sedan
Andrea Blayne
Hershel Bentley

######### Armstrong Circle Theatre ###########
############### end of season 2 ##############

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