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6.02 [151]
"The Deadly Past"

NBC Broadcast - 20 September 1967

Universal City Studios, Inc.
Executive Producer Norman Macdonnell
Produced by Cy Chermak
Written by Phyllis and Robert White
Directed by Abner Biberman

(shown on the ride-in)
Charles Bickford as John Grainger (not in this episode--see note below)
Doug McClure as Trampas
Clu Gulager as Emmett Ryker (not in this episode)
Don Quine as Stacey Grainger
Sara Lane as Elizabeth Grainger
James Drury as The Virginian (not in this episode)

Guest Stars
Darren McGavin [Sam Evans]
Linden Chiles [Sheriff Chris Williams]

V151_MaryRobinRedd.jpg (53513 bytes)
Mary-Robin Redd [Emily (Evans) Williams]

Full ending credits:
Robert Strauss as Ben Roper
Bing Russell as Ned Smith
Alan Baxter as Walt Adams
Eve McVeagh  . . .  Maude
Jean Inness  . . .  Mrs. Peterson
John Pickard  . . .  Marshal
Gregg Martell  . . .  Blacksmith
John Rubinstein  . . .  The Boy
Tim Graham  . . .  James Peterson
Daniel White  . . .  Stableman
Carol Moore  . . .  Mexican Woman
Associate Producer David Levinson
Music Score Sidney Fine
Theme Percy Faith
Director of Photography Enzo A. Martinelli
Art Director  . . .  George Patrick
Film Editor  . . .  John Elias
Unit Manager  . . .  Abby Singer
Assistant Director  . . .  Jack Doran
Set Decorators  . . .  John McCarthy
                                James M. Walters, Sr.
Sound  . . .  William A. Russell
Color Coordinator  . . .  Robert Brower
Editorial Supervision  . . .  Richard Belding
Musical Supervision  . . .  Stanley Wilson
Costume Supervision  . . .   Vincent Dee
Makeup  . . .  Bud Westmore
Hair Stylist  . . .  Larry Germain
The Title "THE VIRGINIAN" by permission of EMKA, LTD.

Series regular characters appearing in this episode Trampas, Stacey,
Elizabeth, with very brief glimpse of Harper and Dick

It's mail call in the bunkhouse, and amidst the perfumed envelopes Trampas
sees a letter that noticeably upsets him.  When Stacey jokingly asks if one
of the ladies' husbands had written him Trampas takes him aside and confides
this is the third such letter he's received--each a list of his name and six
others and each having another of the names marked through with the date of
death written next to it.  The cowhand decides it's time to look into the
matter instead of waiting around for someone to come kill him.  Out of
concern for his friend Stacey offers his help, but Trampas thanks him
saying, "It's my problem.  I'll handle it."  His investigation puts him in
the company of the other three living persons who've received the same
correspondence, including a hired gunman (McGavin) and his ex-wife (Redd)
who is now married to a sheriff (Chiles).  The only tie between the seven
seems to be a town called Wicksville and the words "for Billy."

Note The March 27, 1967 "polish" script shows this episode was originally
written to feature Charles Bickford as John Grainger.  Also, the character
name Stacey is spelled "Stacy" (see note on 6.23 "Stacey").(bj)

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