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3.07 [067]
"Big Image ... Little Man"

Original NBC Broadcast - 28 October 1964

Revue Studio Productions
Exceutive Producer Frank Price
Produced By Frank Telford
Teleplay By Frank Chase and Carey Wilber
Story By Frank Chase
Directed By William Witney

(shown on the ride-up)
Lee J. Cobb as Judge Henry Garth (not in this episode)
Doug McClure as Trampas (not in this episode)
Clu Gulager as Ryker (not in this episode)
Roberta Shore as Betsy (not in this episode)
Randy Boone as Randy (not in this episode)
James Drury as The Virginian
Gary Clarke as Steve
(Gary Clarke was being phased out of the series in early season 3. He
appeared in this episode as well as 3.05 "Felicity's Spring" with his final
appearance in 3.09 "The Girl From Yesterday")

Guest Star
Linden Chiles as Paul Leland
Full ending credits:
Also Starring
Slim Pickens as Hogy
L.Q. Jones as Belden
Paul Birch . . . as Ben Carter
Olive Sturgess . . . as Laura Carter
Henry Hunter . . . as Kenneth Grant
Barbara Werle . . . as Kitty Hudson
Dick Miller . . . as Jon Blake
Roger Torrey . . . as Dolan
Vincent Cobb . . . as Slater
Gerald Homer . . . as The Servant
Virginian Theme
Percy Faith
Director of Photography
Benjamin H. Kline A.S.C.
Story Editor
Cy Chermak
Art Director . . . Howard Johnson
Film Editor . . . Edward Biery
Assistant Director . . . Ben Bishop
Set Decorators . . . John McCarthy and Perry Murdock
Sound . . . Frank H. Wilkinson
Color Consultant . . . Alex Quiroga
Color by Pathe
Editorial Dept. Head . . . David J. O'Connell
Musical Supervision . . . Stanley Wilson
Costume Supervisor . . . Vincent Dee
Makeup . . . Bud Westmore
Hair Stylist . . . Larry Germain
The Title "The Virginian" by permission of EMKA, Ltd.
Series regular characters appearing in this episode:
Steve Hill and The Virginian

Short Synopsis:
Paul Leland is a spoiled rich boy who is accustomed to having his own way,
when, after making a snide remark, his private secretary pushes him off of
the back of his train car. Alone in the desert, hungry and thirsty, Leland
is forced to take up with the drovers who find him, and actually work for
his keep or go hungry.

"When I look at you, I'm looking at a man that took another man, and worked
him like a dog, and wore him down, and scrapped away his self-esteem, and
made him realize that no matter how bad things got, he could still survive
and do a job, and earn a dollar a day on a cattle drive."~~Paul Leland to
the Virginian.

In this episode, we see Steve Hill as the Virginian's top hand.
Helping him make decisions and keeping the cattle moving when the Virginian
has to go after
the horses ridden off in the middle of the night by Leland and the two hands
he convinces to lead him to the railroad.
The Virginian holds his temper because he is shorthanded and needs Leland's
help, but he does convey his anger, frustration and discontent with him
verbally by saying such things as: "One more trick and I'll stomp on ya. I
don't have time to babysit you."
And at the end his frustration builds to a climax after Leland has caused a
stampede which injures four hands, and he remarks, "I need everyman who can
walk, ride, or crawl to work the herd. And you're going to work Leland.
You're going to work harder than you ever dreamed it was possible."
We see at the end Leland realizing life is only worth the amount of time and
effort you put into it. After the Virginian comes into Leland's private
society party to give him his pay~~$27.00, Leland leaves. He changes his
clothes, and joins the cowboys at the drovers saloon.

Additional Note:
Belden calls the Virginian's horse by his name~~Joe. (arl)

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