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3.06 [066]
"The Brazos Kid"

Original NBC Telecast - October 21, 1964
Revue Studios
Executive Producer - Frank Price
Produced by Joel Rogosin
Written by Carey Wilber
Directed by Don McDougall

(shown on the ride-in)
Lee J. Cobb as Judge Henry Garth (appears)
Doug McClure as Trampas (does not appear)
Clu Gulager as Deputy Sheriff Emmett Ryker (appears)
Roberta Shore as Betsy Garth (appears)
Randy Boone as Randy Benton (appears)
James Drury as The Virginian (appears)

Guest Star
Barbara Eden
(as Samantha Fry)

Skip Homeier
(as Joe Cleary)

Complete Ending Credits

J.B. Brown
Lou Sebastian

George Petrie
Joe Delaney
Della Homeier ... as Anne Cleary
Tol Avery ... as John Fix
Alvy Moore ... as Les Jensen
Rex Holman ... as Johnny Ringbolt
Harold Gould ... as Adam Pendleton
Frank Evans ... as Pomeroy
Bill Quinn ... as New York Editor
Sam Edwards ... as Hotel Clerk
Frank Sully ... as Bartender
Jimmy Joyce ... as Buffalo Editor
Clay Tanner ... as Station Agent
I. Stanford Jolley ... as St. Louis Editor
Music Score ... Lynn Murray
Theme ... Percy Faith
Director of Photography ... Benjamin H. Kline, ASC
Story Editor ... Cy Chermak
Art Director ... George Patrick
Film Editor ... Richard G. Wray, ACE
Assistant Editor ... Frank Losee
Set Decorators ... John McCarthy and Perry Murdock
Sound ... Frank H. Wilkinson
Color Consultant ... Alex Quiroga
Color by ... Pathé
Editorial Dept. Head ... David J. O'Connell
Musical Supervision ... Stanley Wilson
Costume Supervisor ... Vincent Dee
Makeup ... Bud Westmore
Hair Stylist ... Larry Germain
The title "The Virginian" by permission of EMKA Ltd.

Series Regulars Appearing in this Episode:
The Virginian, Deputy Sheriff Emmett Ryker, Judge Henry Garth, Betsy Garth,
Randy Benton, Danny the Bartender

Story: [rgm]
Samantha Fry wants to be a reporter. She writes a good story but she rarely
includes the facts or the truth in her articles. This leads to her being
fired in New York City, Buffalo and St. Louis and on the way to San Francisco
decides to stop off in Medicine Bow to get some work. She convinces the
editor of the Medicine Bow Banner, Les Jensen, to give her a job as reporter.
She starts by ingratiating herself to The Virginian and Ryker and wrangling
herself an invitation to the weekend party at Shiloh. As she is getting ready
to leave she overhears The Virginian and his friend, Joe Cleary, make a
passing reference to The Brazos Kid.
She learns from The Virginian, Ryker and Jensen that The Brazos Kid was an
outlaw who had apparently died eight years ago while trying to escape a posse.
Relapsing into her old habits, Samantha concocts a story about the outlaw
that suggests he may still be alive and submits it to the Police Gazette in
Chicago. Its publisher, John Fix, splashes the story across the front page of
the paper and commissions more stories on The Kid.
The story draws the interest of the Pendleton Detective Agency who was in
charge of security for a couple of banks that were robbed and had put up a
reward for his capture. In order to protect the reward Pendleton sends one of
his operatives, Joe Delaney, to Medicine Bow to investigate. It also draws
the interest of bounty hunter Lou Sebastian who is intent on claiming the reward.
What only The Virginian knows, is that Joe Cleary is really The Brazos Kid
and Cleary has been living a clean and upright life for the last eight years.
Another problem is that Cleary and The Virginian are very similar physically
and Sebastian becomes convinced that because of the foreman's close ties with
Samantha that he is The Brazos Kid and he intends to bring him back dead in
order to make sure he doesn't escape capture. [rgm]

This was Barbara Eden's only appearance on the series. Eden was born Barbara
Jean Moorhead on August 23, 1934 in Tucson, Arizona. After her parents
divorced and her mother remarried she moved with her mother and stepfather
to San Francisco and adopted her stepfather's last name of Huffman. Shortly
after graduating from high school, Barbara adopted the last name of Eden as
her professional name. Eden made several movies and TV appearances in the
late 1950s and early 1960s but achieved stardom in 1965 when she starred
opposite Larry Hagman in the NBC sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie" (1965-69) as a
magical genie who lived in a bottle. Her movie credits include "From the
Terrace" (1960), "Flaming Star" (1960) and "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (1961). (rgm)
Skip Homeier
also appeared in "Strangers at Sundown" (1.27), "A Portrait of
Marie Vallone" (2.8) and "The Price of Love" (7.18). (rgm)
J.B. Brown is more often credited as James Brown. He is best remembered as
Lt. "Rip" Masters from "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin". Brown had previously
appeared in the episode "West" (1.9). (rgm)
George Petrie was born on November 16, 1912 in New Haven, Connecticut. His
movie credits include Boomerang (1947), Gypsy (1962), Hud (1963), Telefon
(1977) and Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987). He was a regular on several
daytime soap operas including The Edge of Night and General Hospital. He was
also a regular on The Jackie Gleason Show (1952-57), The Honeymooners
(1955-56), Wiseguy (1988-89) and Mad About You (1993-96).
Alvy Moore also appeared in "Run Away Home" (1.29) and "A Man of the People"
(3.15). He was born on December 5, 1921 in Vincennces, Indiana. Moore was mostly a comic actor who
is best remembered as agricultural agent Hank Kimball on the CBS sitcom Green Acres (1965-71). (rgm)
Harold Gould also appeared in "The Accomplice" (1.13), "No Tears for Savannah"
(2.3), "All Nice and Legal" (3.11), "Farewell to Honesty" (3.27) and "Day of
the Scorpion" (4.2). (rgm)
Tol Avery also appeared in "If You Have Tears" (1.20), "The Fortunes of J.
Jimerson Jones" (2.17), "That Saunders Woman" (4.27) and "Bitter Autumn"
(6.8). (rgm)

Sam Edwards also appeared in "A Time Remembered" (2.12), "The Invaders"
(2.15), "All Nice and Legal" (3.11), "A Man of the People" (3.15), "Lost
Yesterday" (3.20), "The Girl on the Pinto" (5.27) and "Star Crossed" (6.4).
Rex Holman also appeared in "The Drifter" (2.19), "Show Me a Hero" (4.9),
"No Drums, No Trumpets" (4.28), "Experiment at New Life" (9.10).

Stanford Jolley also appeared in "Run Away Home" (1.29). (rgm)

Jimmy Joyce also appeared in "The Thirty Days of Gavin Heath" (2.18), "A Man
of the People" (3.15), "Dangerous Road" (3.26), and "The Laramie Road" (4.12).
Bill Quinn also appeared in "The Brothers" (4.1) and "A Bad Place to Die"
(6.9). (rgm)

Clay Tanner also appeared in "All Nice and Legal" (3.11). (rgm)

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