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Starring  Gene Barry, Robert Stack, Tony Franciosa
Season 2 (NBC) (1969-70)
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   ########## The Name of the Game #############
############# season 2 1969-70 ###############
26 episodes
NBC Fridays 8.30 pm Eastern

2.01 [27] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in LADY ON THE ROCKS
19Sep69 NBC
Written by Robert White & Phyllis White
Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest cast:
Janice Rule as Madeline Grey
Laurence Naismith as Reddington
Peter Davies as Stephen Grey
Nigel Davenport as David Windom
James Robertson-Justice as Fitzwilliam
Glenn Howard suspects the supposedly happy marriage of a woman friend
is a cover-up for her fear and guilt about the death of her first husband. [RF]
Note: British Guest Cast - possibly filmed in UK

2.02 [28] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in A HARD CASE OF THE BLUES
26Sep69 NBC Fri
Written by Philip Deguere
Directed by Barry Shear
guest cast:
Sal Mineo as Sheldon
Sharon Farrell as Jesse Boone
Keenan Wynn as Lester
Russ Tamblyn as John Earl
Percy Rodriguez as Reston
Norman Fell as Winston Polk
Michael Anderson Jr. as Bobby
Bill Quinn as Deputy Coroner
George O'Hanlon as Manager
Blues singer Jesse Boone's business manager has just died under mysterious circumstances. He also swindled Jesse out
of $200,000. Thing of it is, Jesse couldn't care less--and Crime magazine editor Dan Farrell wants to know the reasons
for her apathy. [RF]

2.03 [29] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa in BLIND MAN'S BLUFF
3Oct69 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Broderick Crawford as wolf Lang
Jack Klugman as Art Trager
Coleen Gray as Sylvia Trager
Denny Miller as Bill
Michele Carey as Evvy
An ex-district attorney gives Crime magazine reporter Jeff Dillon a phony story. It's all part of a complex plan for
revenge. He was blinded several years earlier, and his wife's face was mutilated; now the former D.A. wants to trap the
man responsible for his sightlessness. [RF]

2.04 [30] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in THE EMISSARY
10Oct69 NBC Fri
Written by Margaret Arem & Dean Hargrove
Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest cast:
Charles Boyer as Henri
Natasha Parry as Catherine
Craig Stevens as Lang Roberts
Ivan Tchenko as Kutskov
Vernon Dobtcheff as Dedushko
Alan Gifford as Ambassador
Western diplomats prevail upon Glenn Howard to ask his old friend, a Marxist, to help woo back Red Chinese
delegates who walked out on an international conference on air pollution. [RF]

2.05 [31] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in CHAINS OF COMMAND
17Oct69 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Dorothy Lamour as Stella Fisher
Rafael Compos as Quito Mendares
Jay C Flippen as Zack Whitten
Pernell Roberts as Hank
Steve Ihnat as Captain Oliver
Davey Davison as Julie
Paul Fix as Judge O'Donnell
Sidney Blackmer as Superintendent
Farrell is investigating charges that the officials of a prison on the Mexican border are shipping out forced labor
to local farms. It has been further charged that the officials are getting rich on kickbacks. Assuming a false identity
and taking a job in the border town becomes very hazardous. [RF]

2.06 [32] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry, Susan Saint James in GOODBYE, HARRY
24Oct69 NBC Fri
Written by Gene Coon
Directed by Barry Shear
guest cast:
Darren McGavin as Sam Hardy
Dane Clark as Bill Oliver
James Whitmore as Dr. Harry Roarke
Strother Martin as Nanyface
Jan Sterling as Elsa Roarke
Michael Larrain as Greg Roarke
Marsha Hunt as Claudia Loring
Allen Emerson as Stone
Junero Jennings as Murray
Sandor Szabo as Professor Zorkin
Kay E. Kuter as Mailman
Maura McGiveney as Stewardess
Glenn Howard assigns a reporter, Sam Hardy and Peggy to search for a
missing US Scientist who an FBI agent suspects of being a traitor. [RF]

2.07 [33] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in GIVE TILL IT HURTS
31Oc69 NBC
Written by William D. Gordon & Walter Brough
Directed by Marc Daniels
guest cast:
Diane Baker as Elaine Brennan
Dennis Weaver as Walter Grayson
Phyllis Kirk as Edith
Sue Ane Langdon as Harriet
Larry Storch as Turley
Karen Black as Monica
Susan Brown as Dorothy
The object of Farrell's latest investigation is a professional fundraiser. The editor recognizes him as a notorious
con man, so it should be no problem to expose his racket. But problems there are, especially when an unknown gangster
type pressures him to lay off. [RF]

2.08 [34] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in THE PERFECT IMAGE
07Nov69 NBC Fri
Written by David P. Harmon
story by Anthony Spinner
Directed by Sutton Roley
guest cast:
Ed Asner as Vince Leonard
Diana Hyland as Lisa Adrian
Hal Holbrook as Mayor John Adrian
Ida Lupino as Monique Madison
Clu Gulager as Bill Danziger
Joanna Barnes as Ardith
Charles Drake as Laraby
Stephen McNally as Brock
Edward Andrews as Reverend
Howard is angry when he hears rumors that a politician his magazines
have endorsed is a front for a crime syndicate. [RF]

2.09 [35] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa in THE PRISONER WITHIN
14Nov69 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Shelly Novack as Mike Wolcik
Steve Forrest as Colonel Walter Royce
Ron Hayes as Captain James Wynn
Richard Van Vleet as Hunter
Tom Basham as Danny Gant
Robert DoQui as Sergeant Ollie O'Neill
George Murdock as Sergeant Joe Ames
William Burns as Major Powers
Dillon investigates the story of a young man who is challenged by an
Army officer to undergo prisoner of war training. He accepts the survival training challenge. [RF]

2.10 [36] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in THE CIVILIZED MEN
28Nov69 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Rod Cameron as Esau Billings
Jack Kelly as Creighton Howell
Jill St John as Michelle Howell
Kaz Garas as Sheriff Finnegan
Phil Philbin as Janssen
Farrell heads to Florida to probe into a cattle scam. Someone has been selling tainted meat, the end product of
a rustled shipment of government livestock. Could the Mob be involved? [RF]

2.11 [37] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in HIGH CARD
05Dec69 NBC
Written by Dean Hargrove & Herman Groves & Mitchell Linderman
Directed by Sutton Roley
guest cast:
Gene Raymond as Lamont Williams
Barry Sullivan as Senator Collins
Paul Stewart as Manuel Rica
Martine Beswick as Marie
John Colicos as Rafael
Peter Brandon as Carlyle
Lloyd Battista as Paul
George Sawyer as Ramon
A U.S. Senator claims to have photographic proof that Glenn Howard was
the man who tipped off the Cubans about the Bay of Pigs. [RF]

2.12 [38] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in THE POWER
12Dec69 NBC Fri
Written by Arthur Weingarten
Directed by Lawrence Dobkin
guest cast:
John Ireland as Mel Wexler
William Conrad as Arnold Wexler
Broderick Crawford as Bianchi
Barbara Werle as Roberta
Steve Sandor as Red
Gene Raymond as Senator Vreeland
James McEachin as Jackson
Bill Catching as Hamel
Amentha Dymally as Gloria
Bill Dunnagan as Bystander
Dan Farrell sets about to investigate corruption on the waterfront. Farrell finds himself in the middle of a power
struggle between two brothers battling for control of the longshoreman's union. [RF]

2.13 [39] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa in LAURIE MARIE
19Dec69 NBC Fri
Written by Henry Slesar & David P. Harmon
Directed by Harvey Hart
guest cast:
Peter Mark Richman as Robert Coates
Heather Harrison as Laurie Marie
Antoinette Bower as Katherine Benning
John Kerr as Stuart Clark
Carla Borelli as Priscilla
Barry Atwater as Sheriff Lucas
Edward G Robinson
When Laurie Marie gets lost on the vast country estate of millionaire industrialist Robert Coates, he posts a $10,000
reward for anyone who can return the girl unharmed. This results in a stampede of mercenary characters who make a shambles
of Coates' estate. Watching from the sidelines is reporter Jeff Dillon and his girl Friday Peggy. [RF]

2.14 [40] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in THE TRADITION
02Jan70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Nico Minardos as Nikos
Ina Balin as Thalia
Glenn Howard and a young Greek woman are forced to flee for their lives
when they challenge an ancient Greek custom. [RF]

2.15 [41] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in  THE BRASS RING
09Jan70 NBC Fri
Written by Barry Oringer
Directed by Barry Shear
guest cast:
Celeste Holm as Irene Comdon
Van Johnson as Jack Newell
Jack Carter as Bill Crail
Tim O'Connor as Callahan
Herbert Anderson as Roger Dall
Lewis Charles as Paulie Moore
Lazaro Perez as Paco Zapata, the Boxer
Bert Santos as Roberto Panada
Johnny Silver as Petey
Than Wyenn as Sawyer
A Boxer is suspended when he punches out an obstreperous reporter. Feeling partly responsible, Dan Farrell tries
to help the young fighter. Farrell soon learns that the boy's manager may be arranging a fixed bout. [RF]

2.16 [42] The Name of the Game: ISLAND OF GOLD AND PRECIOUS STONES
16Jan70 NBC Fri
Starring: Tony Franciosa, Susan Saint James
Guest Cast:
Hazel Court as Miss. L. Playfair
Lee Meriwether as Bridget
Henry Jones as George
Michael Walker as Mark
Mario Alcade as Alejandro
Doreen Lang as Miss Marsh
Yvonne De Carlo as Mrs. Levene
Edward Everett Horton as Basil Fletcher
Lester Matthews as Porter
Keith McConnell as Finch
Irene Tsu as Miss Takashima
Estelle Winwood, Cameo
Rudy Vallee, Cameo
Synopsis 1:
What happened to the late Basil Fletcher's millions? That's what Jeff Dillon (Tony Franciosa) and Peggy (Susan Saint James)
try to learn as they visit the disgruntled relatives of one of the world's wealthiest men. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
A late millionaire's millions have disappeared, and reporter Jeff Dillon wants to find out why. Together with his crack
researcher Peggy Maxwell, Dillon checks out the deceased man's relatives. Each, it seems, has a reason for wanting the
man dead, and each had opportunity to make off with the inheritance. [RF]

2.17 [43] The Name of the Game: starring Gene Barry in THE TAKEOVER
23Jan70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Michael Ansara as Ben Kaliman
Gloria Grahame as Madame Noh
David Sheiner as Colonel Bandor,
H.M. Wynant as Colonel Mara
Warren Stevens as Lawrence
Anne Baxter as Magda
Anna Navarro as Madame Bandar
David Opatoshu as Anartha
Robert Carricart as Kraston
Glenn Howard travels to the Orient to investigate the overthrow of a government headed by an old friend. [RF]

2.18 [44] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in THE GARDEN
30Jan70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Richard Kiley as Dr. Judson Strode
Anne Francis as Marsha Ryman
Madeleine Sherwood as Myra Louden
Woodrow Parfrey as Dr. Louden
Arch Johnson as Harry Murdock
Brenda Scott as Suzie Murdock
Burt Brinckerhoff as Philip McKenna
John Archer as Mr. Reeder
Anne Barton as Mrs. Reeder
San Christopher as Mrs. Webster
Schell Rasten as Billy
Jason Wingreen as Doctor
Dan Farrell is on the trail of a possible scam. A "Pop" psychiatrist who is strong on placebos but short on ethics,
treats his wealthy patients at a lavish remote retreat called The Garden. Farrell is convinced that he is a phony,
and tries to prove it. [RF]

2.19 [45] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in TAROT
13Feb70 NBC Fri
Written by Dick Nelson
story by Blake Lund & Phil Hargrove
Directed by Nicholas Colasanto
guest cast:
Jose Ferrer as Adrian Blake
William Shatner as Peter
Bethel Leslie as Celia
Luther Adler as Marc Osborne
David Carradine as Jason
Carol Booth as Stephanie White
Frank Campanella as Detective
Gail Bonney as Landlady
Lee Grant ?
Glenn Howard steps into the world of witches and mystics when he sets
out to prove a woman didn't commit suicide merely because he rebuffed her romantic advances. [RF]

2.20 [46] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa in THE KING OF DENMARK
20Feb70 NBC
Written by Anthony Skene
Directed by Leo Penn
guest cast:
Joseph Cotten as Henry 'Harry' Worthington Rayner
Margaret Leighton as Amelia Rayner
Louise Latham as Miss Digby
Noel Harrison as Steven Talbot
Norma Crane as Lorraine Dancy
Mark Allen as Hazelbrook
Jim Boles as Larkin
Charles McGraw as Sheriff
Alan Vint as Buzz
Dillon investigates when an ancient and invaluable manuscript is found,
and a girl disappears increasing the mystery. [RF]

2.21 [47] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in  THE SKIN GAME
27Feb70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Rossano Brazzi as Karim Lazanos
Suzanne Pleshette as Amy Averlin
Charles Drake as Jonathan Galley
Booker Bradshaw as Assagai Nakebe
Paul Reid Roman as Joseph Mabota
Sid McCoy as Dr. Kuwata
David Moses as Benningford
Albert Popwell as Lt. Umando
Davis Roberts as Dr. Muladi
Hari Rhodes as Captain Adzuwe
Joe Sample as Officer
James Watson as Security Guard
Farrell investigates deaths caused by an illegal dilution of medical supplies in a small African nation. [RF]

2.22 [48] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in MAN OF THE PEOPLE
6Mar70 NBC Fri
Guest Cast;
Fernando Lamas as Cesar Rodriguez
Vera Miles as Hilary Vanderman
Robert Alda as Salazar
James Gregory as Wilson
Jackie Coogan as Harry Winslow
Patricia Medina as Maria
Gene Evans as Morton
Gary Burghoff as Watson
Alan Carney as Johnson
Rodolfo Hoyos as Julio
Dan White as Sheriff Prentiss
Regis Cordic as Committee Chairman
Glenn Howard suspects the wealthy leader of a Mexican-American community of bribing city officials. [RF]

2.23 [49] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in ECHO OF A NIGHTMARE
20Mar70 NBC Fri
Written by Don Brinkley
Directed by John Newland
guest cast:
JoAnna Cameron as Carole Crown
Arthur Hill as Leo Crown
Andrew Prine as Victor Bailey
Tom Drake as Harrison Brill
Ricardo Montalban as Martinez
Hoagy Carmichael as Willie Meeker
Michael Callan as Ronnie
The crime in question occurred some 25 years ago. Now the kidnapper has been mysteriously murdered, compelling Dan Farrell to
investigate. Curiously, the partner of the abduction victim's millionaire father tries to bribe Farrell to drop the case. [RF]

2.24 [50] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa in  JENNY WILDE IS DROWNING
27Mar70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Pamela Franklin as Jenny Wilde
Frank Gorshin as Billy Howell
Gavin MacLeod as Lennie Franklin
Shelly Novack as Mark
Sherry Miles as Bambi
Murray MacLeod as Giles
Ann Prentiss as Leona
Steve Sandor as Boots
Richard LePore as Director
Dean Harens as Actor
Pamela McMyler as Girl in raincoat
When a young actress becomes suicidal, Jeff Dillon attempts to prevent her suicide attempts. [RF]

2.25 [51] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in ONE OF THE GIRLS IN RESEARCH
03Apr70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Brenda Vaccaro as Sandy Graham
Will Geer as Mac
Stephen McNally as Tiner
Sheree North as Mrs. Palmer
Woodrow Parfrey as Dr. Malcolm
George Chandler as Palmer
Judi West as Barbara
Rose Craig as Jill
Glenn Howard's research girl has romantic daydreams about him as they
try to locate an eccentric industrialist who is trying to put Howard out of business. [RF]
2.26 [52] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa in THE OTHER KIND OF SPY
10Apr70 NBC Fri
Written by Chester Krumholz
Directed by Boris Sagal
guest cast:
Leslie Nielsen as David Bell
Ed Begley (Sr.) as Leo McVey
Joseph Campanella as Ben Fisher
Edward Andrews as Strom
Jeanette Nolan as Ethel Sudberry
Robert Lipton as Bobbie Sudberry
Richard LePore as Dawson Sudberry
Allison McKay as Mrs. Rosen
Sandy kenyon as Goldstone
Shannon Farnon as Mrs. Haber
Shirley O'Hara as Mrs. McVey
Herbert Voland as Harvey
Charles Lampkin as Rubano
Dillon investigates a chemical plant that has blown up only to discover industrial espionage as the motive. [RF]

########### The Name of the Game #############
############## end of season 2 ###############

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