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Starring  Gene Barry, Robert Stack, Tony Franciosa
Season 1 (NBC) (1968-69)
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 ########## The Name of the Game #############
############# season 1 1968-69 ###############
26 episodes
NBC Fridays 8.30 pm Eastern

1.01 [--] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry, Tony Franciosa in THE FEAR OF HIGH PLACES
20-Sep-1968 NBC Fri
Written by Mark Rodgers
Directed by Billy Graham
guest cast:
Timothy Carey as Jules Forel
Anthony Eisley as Saadi Derekian
Claudine Longet as Leanne Jevret
Robert Webber as William McKendricks
Jill Donahue as Pat Harris
Jeanne Crain as Mrs. McKendricks
Lili Valenty as Mrs. Calabrese
John Payne as FBI Agent
Herb Jeffries as Coronoer
Zsa Zsa Gabor, Cameo Appearance
Jeff Dillon investigates the death of a beautiful model. The murder
involves an industrialist who is about to assume an important government post. [RF]

1.02 [--] The Name of the Game: starring Gene Barry in THE WITNESS
27Sep68 NBC Fri
Written by Richard Nelson
Directed by Lamont Johnson
guest cast:
Joan Hackett as Jean Thorndyke
Ruth Roman as Bea Decker
Joseph Campanella as Charles Thorndyke
Victor Jory as Victor Foss
Jack Carter as Ernie Cori
Joe De Santis as Ricci
Paul Mantee as Father Minetti
Ken Lynch as Police Captain
Murray MacLeod as Soldier
Lajos Oze as Informant
Zoltan Fabri as Hitman
When a Mafia informant is assassinated, Dan Farrell, senior editor of Crime Magazine looks for the only other witness to
a major mob crime. She allegedly committed suicide eight years earlier, Farrell discovers that she is living in a village
under an assumed name; unfortunately, he is being followed by the mob assassin. [RF]

1.03 [--] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry, Tony Franciosa in THE TAKER
04Oct68 NBC Fri
Written by Richard Levinson & William Link
Directed by Harvey Hart
guest cast:
Burl Ives as Arthur Jellicoe
Bradford Dillman as Earl Keith
Laraine Day as Grace Jellicoe
Lois Nettleton as Ruth Prochek
Estelle Winwood as Henrietta Tate
Whit Bissell as Donald Merrick
Richard Erdman as Lt. Mercer
Ena Hartman as Valerie
Sid McCoy as Bennett
Ed Gilbert as Carlyle
Alan Oppenheimer as Harvey
Glenn Howard's refusal to back a political candidate leads to blackmail and the threat of losing Howard Publications. [RF]

1.04 [--] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa in COLLECTOR'S EDITION
11Oct68 NBC
guest cast:
Senta Berger as Mariette Bern
John Saxon as Peter Max
Nina Foch as Angela Morgan
Don Gordon as Art Panadero
Francine York as Annette Rogers
Noah Keen as Bob Miley
Paul Lukas as Vincentes
Robert Loggia as Arnold
Hagan Beggs as Inspector
Jeff Dillon, investigative reporter for Crime Magazine. Max, a phtographer, had once saved Dillon's life when the two
were on assignment in Vietnam. Now Max is accused of murder, and he's counting on Dillon's help in clearing his name. [RF]

1.05 [--] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in NIGHTMARE
18Oct68 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Troy Donahue as Norman Hoak
Sharon Farrell as Phyllis Hoak
Martin Balsam as Herb Witmer
Steve Ihnat as Ralph Hoak
John Agar as Bert Walker
Cloris Leachman as Helen Walker
Laraine Stephens as Lorraine Farrell
Victoria Meyerink as Nancy Farrell
Larry Storch as James Kelso
Josephine Hutchinson as Millie Farrell
Out for justice, Dan Farrell goes in search of the robber who murdered his wife. [RF]

1.06 [--] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in INCIDENT IN BERLIN
25Oct68 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Kevin McCarthy as Carter Haines
Dane Clark as Brian Smith
Geraldine Brooks as Evelyn Smith
Anne Francis as Carol
Nina Roman as Gloria
John Van Dreelen as Karl Diest
Glenn Howard goes to Berlin to arrange the release of one of his top
editors who has been arrested in East Germany as a spy. [RF]

1.07 [--] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa in SHINE ON, SHINE ON, JESSE GIL
01Nov68 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Darren McGavin as Jesse Gil McCray
Kathie Browne as Millbeth McCray
Juliet Prowse as Aja Fowler
Gary Collins as Sheriff Beal
Gypsy Rose Lee as Rosetta Stewart
Simon Scott as Mayor Howell
Glenn Howard assigns Jeff Dillon and Peggy to investigate when a woman
accuses a shrewd financial manipulator of being responsible for her brother's death. [RF]

1.08 [--] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in LOLA IN LIPSTICK
08Nov68 NBC
guest cast:
William Windom as Charlie Ross
Ed Begley Sr. as Gabe Sobel
Louis Jourdan as Mario Lompardi
Dana Wynter as Countess Lompardi
Cesare Danova as Alfieri
Kathie Browne as Vicky
Harvey Lembeck as Jack Stephens
Glenn Howard goes to Rome to investigate the death of an international
playgirl and uncovers a scandal involving corruption, illicit romance and narcotics. [RF]

1.09 [--] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in  THE PROTECTOR
15Nov68 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Anne Baxter as Magda Bain
Ralph Meeker as Senator Goddard
Robert Young as Herman Allison
Stephen McNally as Albert Lang
Jeff Morrow as Dr. Wallace
Mercer Harris as Dan Mitchell
Chuck Daniel as Fred Thompson
Patrick Tovatt as Simmons
Glenn Howard goes up against a bigoted millionaire who sets out to solve the nation's racial problems with his own private army. [RF]

1.10 [--] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in THE ORDEAL
22Nov68 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Jessica Walter as Linda Ramsey
Lloyd Bochner as Tom Ramsey
Martha Hyer as Billie Ramsey
David Opatoshu as Arthur Serokin
Farley Granger as Hoagland Walters
Sean Garrison as Buck Hambleton
Jason Wingreen as District Attorney
Adrienee Marden as Judge Davidson
Ken Renard as William
Don Keefer as Chaplain
Ed Prentiss as Trial Judge
Lloyd Kino as Coroner
A woman sits on death row hoping that Farrell can find enough evidence to prove that she did not murder her husband. [RF]

1.11 [--] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry, Susan Saint James in THE WHITE BIRCH
29Nov68 NBC
Produced by Richard Irving
Teleplay by Dean Hargrove & Luther Davis; Story by Robert Soderberg
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Guest Stars:
Peter Deuel ............ Chernin
Susan Oliver ........... Tatiana
Roddy McDowell ......... Philip Saxon
Jean-Pierre Aumont ..... Emile
Special Guest Star:
Boris Karloff .......... Mikhail Orlov
Louise Sorel ........... Marie
Richard Jaeckel ........ Melchek
Lilia Skala ............ Madame Orlov
Malila Saint Duval ..... Hedrika Heldjob
Robert Wolders ......... Dubrek

Other Credits:
Associate Producer - Dean Hargrove
Music Score - Oliver Nelson
Theme - Dave Grusin
Director of Photography - Walter Strenge A.S.C.
Art Director - Robert MacKichan
Film Editor - Robert Watts A.C.E.
Unit Manager - Don Gold
Assistant Director - Les Berke
Set Decorations - John McCarthy and Joseph Stone
Sound - David H. Moriarty
Color Coordinator - Robert Brower
Editorial Supervision - Richard Belding
Music Supervision - Stanley wilson
Costumes - Grady Hunt
Makeup - Bud Westmore
Hair Stylist - Larry Germain

Synopsis 1:
Glenn Howard (Gene Bary) and Peggy (Susan Saint James) travel to Prague, Czechoslovakia, where they and other rival
journalists try to get custody of an ailing author's latest work.
Synopsis 2:
Set amid a backdrop of the Soviet Union's invasion into Czechoslovakia on August 22, 1968. Glenn Howard (Gene Bary)
and Peggy Maxwell(Susan Saint James) travel to Prague by train where they and other rival journalists try to get custody
of an ailing author Mikhail Orlov's (Boris Karloff) latest work. Faking the symptoms of a stroke, Orlov exchanges copies
of 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' with Howard. But Orlov's copy merely disguises the contents of his banned book 'The White
Birch'. On the return train journey the book exchanges hands between the rival journalists before Czech resistance leader
Chernin (Peter Deuel) returns the book to Glenn Howard..

1.12 [--] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in HIGH ON A RAINBOW
06Dec68 NBC Fri
Teleplay by Irving Pearlberg & Robert Collins; Story by Bill Davidson
Directed by Richard Colla
guest cast:
Scott Brady as Marty Lench
June Allyson as Joanne Robins
Van Johnson as Sullivan
Amy Fields as Rosemary Sullivan
Broderick Crawford as Harry Ricco
Kevin Coughlin as Sonny
Veronica Cartwright as Nancy Robins
Arch Johnson as Sergeant Cook
Dennis Olivieri as Mason
Ed Peck as Captain Charles Stein
Glenn Howard assigns Farrell and Peggy to pose as a truck driver and car-hop as they investigate a narcotics ring. [RF]

1.13 [--] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa in THE BLACK ANSWER
13Dec68 NBC Fri
Written & Directed  by Leslie Stevens
guest cast:
Ivan Dixon as John X. Lee
Raymond St Jacques as Lt. Ross Cutler
Abbey Lincoln as Claudia Lee
Herb Jeffries as W.B. Keys
D'Urville Martin as Carlton
James McEachin as Henderson
Albert Popwell as Chagga
Crime Magazine reporter Jeff Dillon is investigating the fire-bombing death of a black newspaper editor who advocated
non-violence. The chief suspect is Joe X Lee, a leading black militant. The motive may have been that Lee was about to be
exposed as a fraud, who'd sold out his brothers to the cops. [RF]

1.14 [--] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in  PINEAPPLE ROSE
20Dec68 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Susan Strasberg as Cheryl Bridges
Andrew Prine as Jigger
Mel Torme as Mort Binder
(Peter) Mark Richman as Latimer
Don Stroud as Lincoln Bridges
Nancy Ames as Louise Hahn
Sidney Blackmer as Roman Stepanak
Harry Dean Stanton as Lloyd
Richard Van Vleet as Carl
Glenn Howard goes to work when Peggy, mistaken for the sister of a famous rock singer, is kidnapped. [RF]

1.15 [--] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in THE REVOLUTIONARY
27Dec68 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Harry Guardino as Raul Oliva
Simon Oakland as Luis Fierro
Vera Miles as Marisa Cummings
Albert Paulsen as Humberto Benitez
Nehemiah Persoff as Ambassador
Clive Clerk as Tino Torres
Corbett Monica as Miguel
Glenn Howard helps an exiled president of a South American nation regain control in the midst of a counter-revolution. [RF]

1.16 [--] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in SWINGERS ONLY
10Jan69 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Robert Lansing as Fred Martin
Jack Klugman as Frank Dovnik
Ann Blyth as Kay Martin
Clu Gulager as Steve Heywood
Ahna Capri as Lainie Evers
Nancy Kovack as Linda Mathews
Ed Peck as Lt. Duncan
Paul Stewart as Assistant District Attorney
Peter Duryea as Photographer
Stella Garcia as Nurse
William Ryan as Booking Clerk
Farrell takes a hand in the investigation of a murder at a "Swinging Singles" apartment. The victim is the mistress of
one of Farrell's editors. The wife of the victim who despite her despair over her husband's pecadilloes urges Farrell to
find the guilty party. [RF]

1.17 [--] The Name of the Game: starring Gene Barry in THE INQUIRY
17Jan69 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Ed Asner as Cesare Marino
Barry Sullivan as Senator Creston Collins
Carla Borelli as Lisa Bertelli
Frtiz Weaver as Colonel Walter Scharz
Jack Kelly as Frank Fowler
Ray Danton as Pietro Bertelli
Carla Borelli as Lisa Bertelli
Gia Scala as Renata
Gene Evans as Sergeant Ernest Maxwell
Glenn Howard goes to Washington to face a Senate committee which is considering him for the appointment as temporary
ambassador on Asian affairs. Once there, he finds that he has to answer charges that he stole a fortune in U.S. Army
funds while serving with the O.S.S. in Italy during World War II. [RF]

1.18 [--] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa, Gene Barry in THE INCOMPARABLE CONNIE WALKER
24Jan69 NBC Fri
Guest Cast:
Dina Merrill as Nancy Devlin
Ivan Dixon as Conway "Connie" Walker
Bernie Hamilton as Doc Cullen
Jay C Flippen as Grover
Larry D. Mann
Mel Scott
Conway "Connie" Walker is the first black mayor of a large unnamed city. In addition to suffering the slings and arrows
of racism, Walker is the target of accusations that he has been accepting kickbacks. Crime magazine reporter Jeff Dillon
investigates when a city accountant is murdered. [RF]

1.19 [--] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in LOVE-IN AT GROUND ZERO
31Jan69 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Henry Jones as Reverend Mr. McKim
Jeff Morrow as Colonel Malcolm Parks
Keenan Wynn as Ed Wallenby
Tisha Sterling as Niobe Redsmith
Bo Svenson as G.B. Mosbie
Jordan Christopher as Bruce Roxton
Jackie De Shannon as Leora
Barbara Bell Wright as Martha
Jan Sterling as Nora
Glenn Howard is kidnapped by a group of protestors who demand he witness their suicide and then write an expose of
the army's testing of chemical warfare weapons. [RF]

1.20 [--] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in THE SUNTAN MOB
07Feb69 NBC Fri
Teleplay by Richard Nelson & Robert Buckner; Story by Robert Buckner
Directed by Alexander Singer
guest cast:
Suzanne Pleshette as Geneva Rogers
Donald Sutherland as Jerry Trevor
Paul Winfield as Barada
Wilfred Hyde-White as Simms
Robert F Lyons as Earl
Kenneth Washington as Vincent Andrade
John Cochran as British Police Officer
Dan Farrell convinces a moll to help him prove that the mafia is controlling a tiny island. [RF]

1.21 [--] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa, Susan St. James in KEEP THE DOCTOR AWAY
14Feb69 NBC Fri
Guest Cast:
Robert Goulet as Dr. Claude Evenhauer
Carol Lawrence as Janice Ridgely
Vera Miles as Tracy Cannon
Harold J. Stone as Harry Mudd
David Brian as Elton Wakefield
George Murdock as Dr. George Bertrand
Vaughn Taylor as Percy
Pierre Jalbert as Dr. Nieves
Richard Peel as Oscar Pimm
Penny Santon as Head Nurse
Anna Hagen as Nurse
Jeff Dillon and Elton Wakefield are surfing in California when Wakefield is injured and is in need of
emergency treatment. Dillon finds a doctor, but the doctor refuses to treat the injured man. [RF]

1.22 [--] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in THE BOBBY CURRIER STORY
21Feb69 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Brandon de Wilde as Bobby Currier
Julie Harris as Verna Ward
Anne Baxter as Betty-Jean Currier
Tisha Sterling as Alice Ward
Steve Forrest as Sheriff A.J. Ward
Lonny Chapman as Ralph Currier
Parley Baer as Doctor
Currier is a young, small-town perennial loser. He kidnaps the daughter of the local sheriff and goes on a murder spree.
Dan Farrell tries to unearth the circumstances that turned the hapless Currier into a murderer. [RF]

1.23 The Name of the Game: Robert Stack  in A WRATH OF ANGELS
28Feb69 NBC Fri
(rerun 08Aug69)
guest cast:
Ricardo Montalban ........ Father Bernard Torres
Edward Andrews ........... Milton Spencer
Burr DeBenning ........... Harry Ward
Mort Mills ............... Bert Jansen
Anne Helm ................ Moira
John Kerr ................ Father Billy Keaton
Felice Orlandi ........... Angelito Fidel
David Perna .............. Whitey Berg
Frank Farmer ............. Marty Berg
David Sheiner ............ Lt. Martinez
Tom Brown ................ Warden Crane
Gari Hardy ............... Secretary
Chuck Bowman ............. Reporter
Synopsis 1:
Dan Farrell investigates as a man and a priest try to clean up the slums and end up having a showdown with a
powerful Mafioso. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Farrell covers a ghetto priest's crusade against tenement living conditions. With more courage than sense, the good
father attacks the owners, a rough-playing crime syndicate. [RF]

1.24 [--] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in THE THIRD CHOICE
07Mar1969 NBC Fri
Written by Jack Miller
Directed by Seymour Robbie
guest cast:
Shirley Jones as Jackie Harding
Ossie Davis as Kubani
John Marley as Frank Chaney
Roscoe Lee Brown as Wamumba
Janet MacLachlan as Nicole
Frank Marth as Carl Lund
Jonathan Hole as Victor Masters
Alan Caillou as Graham
Craig Huebing as Russo
Glenn Howard tries to save a Howard Publications editor kidnapped by a
man who hopes to use the ransom to overthrow an African government. [RF]

1.25 [--] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in BREAKOUT TO A FAST BUCK
14Mar69 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Barry Nelson as Frank Sandler
Shelly Novack as Russ Dickson
Arthur O'Connell as Charlie Sherwood
Eddie Ryder as Bennie O'Hara
Robert Cornthwaite as Andrew Black
Lorraine Gary as Carla
Warren Kemmerling as Ron Alger
Frank Maxwell as Leonard Baker
Jack Hogan as Richler
Phillip Pine as Mavis
Chuck Daniel as Molly
Bert Freed as Warden
Dan Farrell is called in to investigate a prison break. One of the escapees is an elderly former building contractor,
who didn't want to join his fellow cons in their breakout. Farrell suspects that the contractor is being sprung in order
to help break into one of the buildings that he designed. [RF]

1.26 [--] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in AN AGENT FOR THE PLAINTIFF
21Mar69 NBC
Written by Marion Hargrove and Dean Hargrove
Directed by John Llewellyn Moxey
guest cast:
Honor Blackman as Bethany Cromwell
Maurice Evans as Harold Wyer
Brian Bedford as Anthony Malcolm
Murray Matheson as Dave Rogers
Anthony Caruso as Eddie Clark
Eric Christmas as Alfred Crammidge
Richard Peel as Simms
Glenn Howard rushes to London where he learns he is being sued for libel by a young British race-car driver. [RF]
Summer Reruns
[--] 08Aug69 rerun of  #1.23 "A Wrath of Angels" (first aired 28Feb69)

 ########### The Name of the Game #############
############## end of season 1 ###############

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