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Syndicated Country & Western Music Series
Season 11 (1973-74)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Tom Alger
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######### The Wilburn Brothers Show ##########
############# season 11 1973-74 ##############

[---] Prod. no. WB-521 (unknown)
[---] Prod. no. WB-522 (unknown)

11.xx [---] Mary Lou Turner / Bill Anderson
12Oct1973 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Friday)

11.xx [---] Don Williams / Fran Bowen (taped August 7, 1973)
The Wilburn Brothers - "Pickin' Up The Mail."
Fran Bowen - "Go, Go White."
Don Williams - "The Shelter Of Your Eyes."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Making Plans."
Fran Bowen - "She Loved All the Love Out of You."
Curly Chalker & Jimmy Capps - "There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight" (instrumental).
The Wilburn Brothers - "God Bless America Again" (Gospel duet).
Don Williams - "Amanda."

[---] Prod. no. WB-523 (unknown)
[---] Prod. no. WB-524 (unknown)

11.xx [---] Jeanne Pruett / Ronny Robbins
01Sep1973 WKBF-61 Kaiser, Ohio (Saturday 5:30pm)
14Sep1973 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
Music includes:
Jeanne Pruett - "Satin Sheets."

11.xx [---] Jerry Van Tasel / The Radford Sisters
07Sep1973 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
Music includes:
Radford Sisters - "Hold On, Woman."
performer? - "Eleven Roses."

11.xx [525] Jimmy Martin / Peggy Sue
Prod. no. WB-525
The Wilburn Brothers - "Less of Me."
Peggy Sue - "Love Whatcha Got At Home."
Jimmy Martin with The Sunny Mountain Boys - "The Sunny Side of the Mountain."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Just Call Me Lonesome."
Peggy Sue - "Kick It Again."
Curly Chalker and Jimmy Capps - "C & C Boogie" instrumental.
Jimmy Martin - "When the Savior Reached Down For Me" (Gospel number)
The Wilburn Brothers - "Fraulein."

11.xx [526] Ronnie Sessions / Jerry Naill / Patty Tierney
Prod. no. WB-526
28Dec1973 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "I've Got A Tiger By The Tail."
Jerry Naill - "Tear Down the World."
The Wilburn Brothers - "By The Time I Get to Phoenix."
Ronnie Sessions - "I Just Can't Put Her Down."
Patty Tierney - "Cryin' Eyes."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Oh Come Angel Band."
Jerry Naill - "Big Shoes."
Ronnie Sessions - "If That Back Door Could Talk."

[---] Prod. no. WB-527 (unknown)
[---] Prod. no. WB-528 (unknown)

11.xx [---] Jack Greene / Jeannie Seely
21Dec1973 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

11.xx [528] Jean Shepard / Sonny Wright / Marie Owens
14Dec1973 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
Music includes:
Jean Shepard - "Slippin' Away."
Sonny Wright - "I Love You, Loretta Lynn."
Marie Owens - "I'll Find One I Can."

11.xx [529] Dean Miller / Don Williams / Ronnie Stoneman
Prod. no. WB-529
07Dec1973 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "Opryland."
Don Williams - "Come Early Morning."
Ronnie Stoneman - "Deliverance."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Hard Times Have Been Here."
Dean Miller (Dean Miller Trio) - "Leave Me or Love Me."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Church in the Wildwood" (Gospel number)
Don Williams - "I Recall A Gypsy Woman."
Ronnie Stoneman - "Ruby Are You Mad."

[---] Prod. no. WB-530 (unknown)
[---] Prod. no. WB-531 (unknown)

11.xx [---] Charlie Albertson / Ginny Robbins
30Nov1973 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
Music includes:
Charlie Albertson - "I Know She Loves Me Too."
Ginny Robbins - "All I Got Left."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Lay Some Happiness on Me."

[--] Dolly Parton / Jimmy Driftwood (circa October 1973)
The Wilburn Brothers - "Little Johnny From Down The Street."
Dolly Parton - "Jolene."
Jimmy Lee Morris - "Honky Tonk Dreams."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Simon Crutchfield's Grave."
Bobby Lewis - "Too Many Memories."
The house band - "Heartbreak Hotel."
Dolly Parton - "God's Coloring Book."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Trouble's Back in Town."

11.xx [532] Jimmy Martin / Rita Remington
Prod. no. WB-532
The Wilburn Brothers - "Treat the Dog Like a Dog."
Jimmy Martin - "Tennessee."
The Wilburn Brothers - "A Boy's Faithful Friend."
Rita Remington - "Never Ending Song of Love."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Never Alone."
Curly Chalker and Jimmy Capps - "Jambalaya" instrumental.
Jimmy Martin - "I Like to Hear Em Preachin'" (Gospel number)
Rita Remington - "I've Never Been This Far Before."

11.xx [533] Red Stegall / The Cates Sisters (Marcy & Margie)
Prod. no. WB-533
The Wilburn Brothers - "Bloomin' Fools."
Red Stegall - "The Fiddle Man."
The Cates Sisters - "Like I've Been Holding You in My Heart."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Arkansas."
Cates Sisters - "He Fiddled His Way Into My Heart."
Cates Sisters - "Old Joe Clark."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Wreck on the Highway."
Red Stegall - "Here We Go Again."

11.xx [534] Barbara Mandrell / Ray Lynam (taped October 3, 1973)
Prod. no. WB-534
The Wilburn Brothers - "The City's Goin' Country."
Barbara Mandrell - "Give a Little, Take a Little."
The Wilburn Brothers - "I've Got That Hurt On The Move."
Ray Lynam - "Borrowed Angel."
Barbara Mandrell - "The Midnight Oil."
Curly and Jimmy - "Gallopin' Guitar" Instrumental
The Wilburn Brothers - "All We Have For You Mom" (Gospel number)
Ray Lynam - "What Am I Worth?"

[---] Prod. no. WB-535 (unknown)

11.xx [---] Charlie Louvin / Diane McCall
19Oct1973 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Friday)
14Jan1974 Chicago, channel 44
Music includes:
Charlie Louvin - "If We Don't Make It."
Charlie Louvin - "Freight Train Boogie."

[---] Prod. no. WB-536 (unknown)
[---] Prod. no. WB-537 (unknown)

11.xx [---] Jean Shepard / Larry Cunningham
01Mar1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "I Had One Too Many."
Jean Shepard - "Come On, Phone."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Talk Back Trembling Lips."
Larry Cunningham - "Not That I Care."
The Wilburn Brothers: I Feel Like Traveling On
The Nashville Tennesseans - unknown instrumental
Jean Shepard - "Slippin' Away."
Larry Cunningham - "Better by the Minute."

11.xx [538] Stella Parton / Don Williams
Prod. no. WB-538
22Feb1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
02Mar1974 WTWV-9 Tupelo
The Wilburn Brothers - "That She's Leaving Me Feeling."
Don Williams - "My Woman's Love."
Stella Parton - "Timothy."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Born to be with You."
Teddy Wilburn - "I Can't Keep My Hands Off You."
Curly and Jimmy - "Ain't She Sweet" instrumental
Don Williams - "Atta Way to Go."
Stella Parton - "He Touched Me."

[---] Prod. no. WB-539 (unknown)

11.xx [---] Johnny Russell / Linda Kay Lance / Mel McDaniel
15Feb1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "Something Good Will Happen Today."
Johnny Russell - "Catfish John."
Lynda K. Lance - "You, You, You."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Drifting Apart."
Johnny Russell - "Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer."
The Tennesseans - "The Tennessee Waltz" (instrumental).
Mel McDaniel - "Why Me, Lord?" (backed up by The Wilburn Brothers).
Lynda K. Lance - "My Guy."
Doyle introduces Mama Wilburn.

11.xx [540] Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton
08Feb1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
Prod. no. WB-540
The Wilburn Brothers - "It's A Big Ole Heartache."
Porter Wagoner - "Childhood Playground."
Dolly Parton - "Jolene."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart."
Porter Wagoner - "George Leroy Chickasha" (spoken word).
The Nashville Tennesseans (Curly and Jimmy) - "Turn Your Radio On" instrumental.
Dolly Parton, Porter Wagoner and The Wilburn Brothers - "Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man" (Gospel number).
Dolly Parton - "Gypsy Joe and Me."

[---] Prod. no. WB-541 (unknown)

11.xx [---] Jeanne Pruett / Jerry Van Tassel / Lola Jean Dillon
25Jan1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
Music includes:
Jeanne Pruett - "I'm Your Woman."
Jeanne Pruett - "Satin Sheets."
Jerry Van Tassel - "The Man I Used to Be."

[---] Prod. no. WB-542 (unknown)
[---] Prod. no. WB-543 (unknown)

11.xx [---] Sonny Wright / Peggy Sue
18Jan1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

11.xx [---] The Oak Ridge Boys / Joe Douglas
04Jan1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
Music includes:
The Oak Ridge Boys - "He's Gonna Smile on Me"
Joe Douglas - "Wine Flow Free."
performer? - "Ode to Billie Joe."

11.xx [544] Dolly Parton / Bobby Lewis / Jimmie Lee Morris
Prod. no. WB-544
11Jan1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
26Apr1975 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (repeat)
Music includes:
Dolly Parton - "God's Coloring Book."
Bobby Lewis - "Too Many Memories."
Jimmie Lee Morris - "Honky-Tonk Dreams."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Simon Crutchfield's Grave."

11.xx [545] Jean Shepard / 'Bashful' Brother Oswald / Bill Robinson
Prod. no. WB-545
16Mar1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Saturday)
[20Jan2012 RFD-TV repeat]
The Wilburn Brothers - "We Need A Lot More Happiness."
Jean Shepard - "Slippin' Away."
'Bashful' Brother Oswald - "My Long Journey Home."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Somebody's Back In Town."
Bill Robinson - "The Bells Of St. Mary's" (hammer dulcimer instrumental).
Jean Shepard - "At The Time."
The Tennesseans - brief instrumental number
The Wilburn Brothers - "Burning Bridges."
'Bashful' Brother Oswald - "Little Darlin'."

[---] Prod. no. WB-546 (unknown)

11.xx [---] Don Williams / Marie Owens
08Mar1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
Music includes:
Don Williams - "Amanda."
Marie Owens - "Johnny B. Goode."

11.xx [547] Billy "Crash" Craddock / Marie Owens / Gary Sergeants
Prod. no. 547
11May1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
[06Jan2012 RFD-TV repeat]
The Wilburn Brothers - "I'm Gonna Tie One On Tonight."
Billy "Crash" Craddock - "Sweet Magnolia Blossom."
Marie Owens - "J. John Jones."
The Wilburn Brothers - "No Letter Today."
Billy Craddock - "Love Me."
Hal Rugg - steel guitar instrumental.
Gary Sargeants - "Ode To Jole Blon."
The Wilburn Brothers - "All We Have For You, Mom."
Marie Owens - "Take It from Me."

11.xx [548] Webb Pierce / Peggy Sue
Prod. no. WB-548
04May1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
[28Jan2012 RFD-TV repeat]

[---] Prod. no. WB-549 (unknown)
[---] Prod. no. WB-550 (unknown)

11.xx [---] Jimmy Martin / The Cates Sisters
27Apr1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
Music includes:
Jimmy Martin - "Just Plain Yellow."

11.xx [---] Bill Monroe / Jack Greene (taped February 5, 1974)
20Apr1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "That She's Leaving Feeling."
Bill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys - "Uncle Pen."
Jack Greene - "I Need Somebody Bad."
The Wilburn Brothers - "As Usual."
Bill Monroe And The Bluegrass Boys - "I'm Working On A Building."
Jimmy Capps and Curly Chocker - "Truck Stop" instrumental.
The Wilburn Brothers - "Lilacs In Winter."
Jack Greene - "It's Time To Cross That Bridge."

11.xx [551] Faron Young / The Cates Sisters
13Apr1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
Prod. no. possibly WB-551
Music includes:
Faron Young - "It's Four in the Morning."
The Cates Sisters - "Sweet Dreams."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Alone with You."

11.xx [552] Jennie C. Riley / Jerry Van Tassell / Del Wood
Prod. no. WB-552
06Apr1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
[14Jan2012 RFD-TV repeat]
The Wilburn Brothers - "The City's Goin' Country."
Jeannie C. Riley - "Missouri."
Jerry Van Tassel - "I'm Not The Man I Used To Be."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Someone Before Me."
Jeannie C. Riley - "Why Me, Lord?"
Del Wood (on piano) - "There's A Big Wheel."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Carefree Moments."
Jerry Van Tassel - "Rednecks, White Socks, And Blue Ribbon Beer."

11.xx [553] Jeanne Pruett / Charlie Walker
Prod. no. WB-553
[03Feb2012 RFD-TV repeat]
Music includes:
Jeanne Pruett - "You Don't Need to Move a Mountain"
Jeanne Pruett - "Hold On, Woman."
Charlie Walker - "Stay a Little Longer."

[---] Prod. no. WB-554 (unknown)
[---] Prod. no. WB-555 (unknown)
[---] Prod. no. WB-556 (unknown)

11.xx [---] Barbara Mandrell / Ace Cannon / Jerry Van Tassel
23Mar1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee Saturday
The Wilburn Brothers - "She's Lookin' Better By The Minute."
Barbara Mandrell - "Midnight Oil."
Ace Cannon (on saxophone) - instrumental song
The Wilburn Brothers - "Heart Over Mind."
Jerry Van Tassel - "I'm Not The Man I Used To Be."
Ace Cannon - "Easy Lovin" saxophone instrumental
The Wilburn Brothers - "Give Me The Roses Now."
Barbara Mandrell and Ronnie Shaw - "I Love You."

11.xx [---] Mel Street / Jeanne Pruett
18May1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
Music includes:
Jeanne Pruett - "Break My Mind."
The Wilburn Brothers - "By the Time I Get to Phoenix."

[---] Jack Greene / Jerry Clower
22Jun1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

[---] Bobby Lord / Jeanne Pruitt
27July1974 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (repeat date)

  ######### The Wilburn Brothers Show ##########
############# end of season 11 ###############

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