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Season 3 (NBC) (1958-59)
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with contributions by: Rina Fox
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 ####### The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show ########
############## season 3 1958-59 ##############
NBC Thursdays 9:30-10:00pm Eastern

3.01 [77] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
02Oct1958 NBC Thur
George Gobel
Gee, But It's Good To Be Here: Ernie and The Top Twenty /
March Medley: I Love A Parade/Left, Right Out Of My Heart/Two Arms, Two Lips, One Heart, My Love: The Top Twenty /
Strike Up The Band / The Hukilau / Yakety Yak: Ernie and George

3.02 [78] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
09Oct1958 NBC Thur
Ann Blyth
Medley: In The Good Old Summertime/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/Shine On Harvest Moon/
In The Good Old Summertime (reprise): Ernie and The Top Twenty /
Rock And Roll Square Dance: The Top Twenty / Swing Low Sweet Chariot: Ann / Tenderly: Ann (with Ernie on violin) /
Catfish Take A Look At That Worm: Ernie and Ann / When They Ring Those Golden Bells: Ernie and The Top Twenty

3.03 [79] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
16Oct1958 NBC Thur
Ernie Kovacs
Football Medley: You've Got To Be A Football Hero/Buckle Down, Winsocki/Tennessee Yell/Collegiate/
You've Got To Be A Football Hero (reprise): Ernie and the gang /
Park Medley: While Strolling Through The Park One Day/Tell Me, Pretty Maiden/Pretty Baby/Oh, You Beautiful Doll/
The Band Played On/ Sweetheart, Sweetheart, Sweetheart: Ern, Ernie and the Top Twenty /
Who At My Door Is Standing: Ernie and The Top Twenty

3.04 [80] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
23Oct1958 NBC Thur
William Bendix
The Plunk Of The Banjo: Ernie and The Top Twenty / All In The Game: Ernie / Just A Closer Walk With Thee: Ernie

3.05 [81] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
30Oct1958 NBC Thur
Aldo Ray
Halloween Medley: Halloween/Dry Bones/Halloween (reprise): The Top Twenty /
Medley: Sing, Sing, Sing/Sing Something Simple/Sing A Song Of Sixpence/Sing A Tropical Song/Sing To Me, Guitar/
Sing, Johnny One-Note/The Singing Hills/Sing Before Breakfast/Sing For Your Supper/Singing In The Bathtub/Singing
In The Rain/Singing The Blues/Sing, Boy, Sing/Sing Me A Song Of The Islands/Sing A Low Down Tune/Chantez, Chantez/
Italian Street Song/Sing, It's Good For You/Johnny One-Note/If You Feel Like Singing, Sing: Ernie, Aldo and The Top Twenty /
Whispering Hope: Ernie

3.06 [82] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
06Nov1958 NBC Thur
Jane Wyman
Hi, Neighbor/Big D: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Love Makes The World Go 'Round: The Top Twenty /
Hog Tied Over You: Ernie and Jane / Nine Hundred Pages of Sixty-Six Books: Ernie

3.07 [83] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
13Nov1958 NBC Thur
Cliff Arquette
My Home Town Is A One-Horse Town: Ernie and The Top Twenty /
Waltz Medley: Champagne Waltz/Shadow Waltz/I Could Have Danced All Night/Three O' Clock In The Morning: The Top Twenty /
The Vitamin Song: Ernie and Cliff / Now The Day Is Over: Ernie

[--] 20Nov1958 preempted

3.08 [84] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
27Nov1958 NBC Thur
Molly Bee
Company's Comin'/Home For The Holidays/Company's Comin' (reprise): Ernie, Molly, The Top Twenty /
Reuben, Reuben: The Top Twenty / That's The Glory Of Love: Molly / Bill Bailey: Ernie and Molly /
Our Thanks To Thee: Ernie and The Top Twenty

3.09 [85] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
04Dec1958 NBC Thur
Carol Channing
Glad Rags: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Frere Jacques: The Top Twenty / The Old Yahoo Step: Carol /
Hambone: Ernie and Carol / Children Go Where I Send Thee: Ernie and The Top Twenty

3.10 [86] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
11Dec1958 NBC Thur
Charles Laughton
The Mardi Gras March: Ernie and The Top Twenty /
Winter Medley: Sleigh Ride/Snow, Snow/The Loveliest Night Of The Year: The Top Twenty / Old Rattler: Ernie and Charles /
Sleep, My Little Lord Jesus: Ernie
Ernie sings Christmas-themed songs, then welcomes his guest, Charles Laughton.
Laughton and Ernie sing a song together and Laughton reads a poem by Edgar A. Guest.

3.11 [87] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
18Dec1958 NBC Thur
Gordon MacRae
Merry Christmas Polka/Jingle Bells/Merry Christmas Polka (reprise): Ernie and The Top Twenty /
Medley: Blow The Man Down/The Keeper Of The Eddystone Light/The Maid Of Amsterdam/Home Boys, Home: The Top Twenty /
The Secret: Gordon / Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Age: Ernie and Gordon / Oh, Holy Night: Ernie

3.12 [88] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show: Christmas Show
25Dec1958 NBC Thur
Jon Provost, Lassie
Over The River: Ernie and The Top Twenty /
Medley: Deck The Halls/O Come All Ye Faithful/God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/
The First Noel/Joy To The World: Ernie and The Top Twenty /
Carol Of The Bells: The Top Twenty / Some Children See Him: Ernie

3.13 [89] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
01Jan1959 NBC Thur
Danny Thomas
Jay North
Angela Cartwright
Rusty Hamer

It's A Boy!: Ernie and The Top Twenty/
Medley: Everybody's Doin It/Charleston/Champagne Waltz/The Pennsylvania Polka/The Conga/Mambo/
Tea For Two Cha Cha/At The Hop: The Top Twenty /
Others: Ernie and The Top Twenty

3.14 [90] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
08Jan1959 NBC Thur
Lloyd Bridges
A' Sleepin At The Foot Of The Bed: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Oh, Didn't It Rain: Dorothy Gill (from The Top Twenty) /
Wayfaring Pilgrim: Ernie (w/Bobby Gibbons, guitar)

3.15 [91] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
15Jan1959 NBC Thur
Kate Smith
Philadelphia, USA: Ernie and the gang /
Train Medley: I Love To Go A' Wanderin'/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Shuffle Off To Buffalo/Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe/
You're A Million Miles From Nowhere/California Here We Come/Alabamy Bound/Iowa, Iowa/Beyond The Blue Horizon: The Top Twenty /
It Was So Beautiful: Kate / Somebody Loves Me: Kate / Get Me To The Church On Time: Ernie / You're Just In Love: Ernie and Kate /
Lord I'm Coming Home: Ernie and The Top Twenty

3.16 [92] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
22Jan1959 NBC Thur
Kate Smith
Sixteen Tons: Ernie / Medley: Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle / I'm An Old Cowhand/Ragtime Cowboy Joe/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/
Wagon Wheels/Don't Fence Me In: The Top Twenty / When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain: Kate / Y'all Come: Ernie, Kate and the gang /
Anytime: Ernie / There's A Goldmine In The Sky: Kate / Hey, Good Lookin: Ernie and Kate / The Touch Of God's Hand: Ernie

3.17 [93] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
29Jan1959 NBC Thur
Andy Devine
Hoop De Doo: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Down By The Station: The Top Twenty / I Love My Rooster: Ernie and Andy /
When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart: Ernie and The Top Twenty

[--] 05Feb1959 preempted

3.18 [94] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
12Feb1959 NBC Thur
Cliff Arquette
Chip Off The Old Block: Ernie and the gang / Rock-a-Tango: The Top Twenty / In The Pines: Ernie /
Crawdad Song: Ernie and Cliff / The Old Rugged Cross: Ernie and The Top Twenty

3.19 [95] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
19Feb1959 NBC Thur
Cesar Romero
Cathie Taylor (singer)
Charlie Brown: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Turn Around: Cathie / Froggie Went A' Courtin': Ernie and Cathie /
Life's Railway To Heaven: Ernie

3.20 [96] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
26Feb1959 NBC Thur
June Carter
Rovin' Gambler: Ernie /
Circus Medley: When The Circus Comes To Town/The Entry Of The Gladiators/The Bearded Lady/Lydia, The Tattooed Lady/
Diavolo/Be A Clown: The Top Twenty /
Goin Back To Where I Come From: June / How Many Biscuits Can You Eat: Ernie and June /
I'll Have A New Life: Ernie, June and The Top Twenty

3.21 [97] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
05Mar1959 NBC Thur
Sallie Brophy & Tommy Nolan (from the tv series "Buckskin")
Guy Williams
Oklahoma: Ernie and The Top Twenty /
Medley: The Caissons Go Rolling Along/Anchors Aweigh/Semper Paratus/The Army Air Corps/The Marine's Hymn/
She's A Grand Old Flag: Ernie and The Top Twenty / The Lord's Prayer: Ernie

3.22 [98] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
12Mar1959 NBC Thur
MacNamara's Band: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Lolly Too Dum: The Top Twenty /
Slaughter On 10th Avenue / Night And Day: Liberace /
There'll Be No New Tunes On This Old Piano: Ernie and Liberace

3.23 [99] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
19Mar1959 NBC Thur
Robert Horton (second appearance)
Black-Eyed Susie: Ernie and The Top Twenty /
Hawaiian Medley: Hawaiian War Chant/Keep Your Eyes On The Hands/Ukelele Lady/Hawaiian Wedding Song/Aloha Oe: The Top Twenty /
The Hanging Tree: Robert / Covered Wagon Roll Right Along: Ernie and Robert / Just A Closer Walk With Thee: Ernie and The Top Twenty

3.24 [100] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show: Easter Show
26Mar1959 NBC Thur
Lloyd Nolan
Some Of These Days: Ernie and The Top Twenty /
Easter Medley: Easter Bonnet/Steppin' Out With My Baby/On Puttin On My Top Hat/In My Sweet Little Alice Blue Gown/
You Oughta Be In Pictures/When Orchids Bloom In The Moonlight/I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams: Ernie and the gang /
Christ Arose: Ernie

3.25 [101] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
02Apr1959 NBC Thur
Elsa Lanchester
Banjo Picker's Ball: The Top Twenty / The Code Of The Mountains: Ernie / With A Little Bit Of Luck: Ernie and Elsa /
Eternal Life: Ernie

3.26 [102] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
09Apr1959 NBC Thur
Roger Williams (Piano virtuoso)
Jack Bailey ('Queen For A Day' host)
When Payday Rolls Around: The Top Twenty / Near You: Ernie / Autumn Leaves: Roger /
Darktown Strutters Ball/June Night/Drum Solo/June Night (reprise): Roger and The Harry Geller Orchestra /
Now The Day Is Over: Ernie

3.27 [103] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show (Special) THE MIKADO
16Apr1959 NBC Thur
Adaptation by Howard Leeds and Norman Paul
Directed by Selwyn Touber
KoKo/Narrator: Ernie Ford
Ken Remo ... Nanki-Poo
Deltra Kamsler ... Yum Yum
Karen Wessler ... Katisha
Ted Wills ... Mikado
Donna Cooke ... Peep Bo
Joanne Burgin ... Pitti-Sing
Chorus: The Top Twenty
If You Want To Know Who We Are: Nanki-Poo and the Gentlemen / A Wandering Minstrel, I: Nanki-Poo and Chorus /
Three Little Maids From School Are We: Yum Yum, Peep Bo and Pitti-Sing / Behold, The Lord High Executioner: Chorus /
They'll None Of 'Em Be Missed: KoKo and Chorus / Were You Not To KoKo Plighted?: Yum Yum and Nanki-Poo /
Ye Torrents Roar: Orchestra / The Sun Whose Rays: Yum Yum / Here's A How -De - Do: Yum Yum, Nanki- Poo and KoKo /
A More Humane Mikado: Mikado and Chorus / Finale: All
Musical Director: Harry Geller / Choreography: Ward Ellis / Art Direction: Ed Stephenson / Costumes: Ret Turner /

3.28 [104] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
23Apr1959 NBC Thur
Gisele Mackenzie
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah: Ernie and The Top Twenty /
Medley: En Roulant Ma Boule Roulant/A Maiden From Ontario/Bonhomme Bonhomme/The Shanty Men/Après Du Ma Blonde: The Top Twenty /
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes: Gisele / Turkey In The Straw/Company's Comin': Ernie and Gisele /
Nearer, My God To Thee: Ernie and The Top Twenty

3.29 [105] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
30Apr1959 NBC Thur
Molly Bee
The Four Preps

Ernie and The Top Twenty sing "By The Sea" and "The Ninety And Nine".
Deltra Kamsler and The Top Twenty perform "Love Me In The Daytime".
Molly sings "I'll Be Home".
The Four Preps sing "I'm Walkin'".
Ernie and The Four Preps "Charley Brown", "Tan Shoes And Pink Shoelaces" and "Yakety-Yak".
Ford Show Trivia:
The Four Preps Ed Cobb, Bruce Belland and Glen Larson (Top, second, and third down, below) were all NBC pages working Ernie's daytime NBC show,
and, for several months of The Ford Show's first season. Of the four, Glenn Larson and Bruce Belland would go on to become highly successful
television producers.

3.30 [106] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
07May1959 NBC Thur
Craig Stevens
Tiger Rag: Ernie and The Top Twenty /
Medley: Night And Day/What Is This Thing Called Love/Get Out Of Town/I Love You/Night And Day (reprise): The Top Twenty /
My Mother's Eyes -Ernie

3.31 [107] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
14May1959 NBC Thur
Ethel Waters
Ernie and the Top Twenty perform "Red River Rose" and "Stand By Me".
The Top Twenty do a medley with "In The Good Old Summertime", "By The Light Of The Silvery Moon", "Shine On Harvest Moon"
and a reprise of "In The Good Old Summertime".
Ethel sings "Cabin In The Sky", "Trouble, Trouble" and "Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe".
Ernie sings "Trouble In Mind".
Ernie and Ethel duet on "St. Louis Blues".

3.32 [108] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
21May1959 NBC Thur
Edgar Bergen (Ventriloquist) (with Charlie McCarthy)(Dummy)
Dancing In The Streets: Ernie and The Top Twenty /
Medley: Shrimp Boats Is A' Comin'/Come Dance/When Your Potato's Done/Jambalaya: The Top Twenty /
Chip Off The Old Block: Edgar and Charlie / Eternal Father, Strong To Save: Ernie

3.33 [109] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
28May1959 NBC Thur
Adolph Menjou
Along Came Jones: Ernie and The Top Twenty / The Battle Of New Orleans: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Rock Of Ages: Ernie

3.34 [110] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
04Jun1959 NBC Thur
Tommy Sands
John Henry / Sinner Man: Ernie / The Soft Shoe Song: The Top Twenty / Home: Tommy / His Eye Is On The Sparrow: Ernie

3.35 [111] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
11Jun1959 NBC Thur
Rosemary Clooney
Personality: Ernie and the Top Twenty / I'm Old Fashioned: Ernie / June Is Bustin' Out All Over: The Top Twenty /
Lazy Afternoon: Rosie / Catfish Take A Look At That Worm/Row, Row, Row Your Boat/Paddlin' Madeline Home: Ernie and Rosemary /
Nine Hundred Pages Of Sixty-Six Books: Ernie and The Top Twenty

3.36 [112] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
18Jun1959 NBC Thur
Cliff Arquette
Blackberry Boogie: Ernie / Stardust: The Top Twenty / Doodle Dee Doo: Cliff and Ernie /
God Put A Rainbow In The Cloud: Ernie and The Top Twenty

3.37 [113] Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
25Jun1959 NBC Thur
Andre Previn
Danny Arnold

Bless Your Pea-pickin' Hearts: Ernie and The Top Twenty / Like Young: Andre /
Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home: Ernie and Andre / God Be With You: Ernie and The Top Twenty

 ####### The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show ########
############### end of season 3 ##############

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