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Syndicated Country & Western Music Series
Season 7 (1980-81)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Tom Alger
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Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper,
The Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel newspapers, RFD-TV

########### Pop! Goes The Country ############
############## Season 7 1980-81 ##############
Host: Tom T. Hall

  7.01 [157] Prod. no. 701 (unknown)

7.xx [---] Boots Randolph / Carol Chase
Music includes:
Tom T. Hall - "Jesus On The Radio (Daddy On The Phone)."
Boots Randolph - "I Really Don't Want To Know."
Performer? - "Ode to Billy Joe."
Performer? - "Foggy Mountain Breakdown."
Local airdates:
13Sep1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sun. 1:00am)
10Jan1981 KCPQ-13 Seattle Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)

7.02 [158] Alabama / Bobby Goldsboro
Prod. no. 702
Tom T. Hall - “Mabel (You’ve Been A Friend To Me).”
Bobby Goldsboro - “Goodbye Marie.”
Alabama - "Tennessee River.”
Bobby Goldsboro - "Green-Eyed Woman” and “Nashville Blues.”
Tom T. Hall & Bobby Goldsboro - "I Love.”
Alabama - “Why Lady Why?”
Local airdates:
24May1981 KGW-8 Portland, Oregon (Sun. 4:00pm)
30May1981 KCPQ-13 Seattle Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)
RFD-TV repeat: 05May2012

7.03 [159] Prod. no. 703 (unknown)
7.04 [160] Prod. no. 704 (unknown)
7.05 [161] Prod. no. 705 (unknown)
7.06 [162] Prod. no. 706 (unknown)
7.07 [163] Prod. no. 707 (unknown)
7.08 [164] Prod. no. 708 (unknown)
7.09 [165] Prod. no. 709 (unknown)
7.10 [166] Prod. no. 710 (unknown)

7.xx [---] Jim Ed Brown / Helen Cornelius
Music includes:
Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius - "Lying in Love with You.”
Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius - "The Bedroom."
Local airdates:
14Sep1980 KGW-8 Portland, Oregon (Sun. 4:00pm)
21Sep1980 WAFF-48 Huntsville, AL (Sunday 10:30pm)
27Sep1980 WSM-4 Nashville (Saturday 5:00pm)
12Apr1981 (R) WAFF-48 Huntsville, AL (Sunday 10:30pm)

7.xx [---] The Statler Brothers / Foster Brooks
The Statler Brothers - “One Less Day To Go.”
Tom T. Hall - "Paradise”
The Statler Brothers – “Nobody Wants To Be Country.”
The Statler Brothers - "Don’t Forget Yourself.”
Foster Brooks comedy act with Don Reid.
Foster Brooks sings “Release Me.”
Tom T. Hall - "Your Birthday Is.”
Local airdates:
14Sep1980 WAFF-48 Huntsville, AL (Sunday 10:30pm)
27Sep1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sunday 1:00am)
05Apr1981 WSM-4 Nashvile (Saturday 5:00pm)

7.xx [---] T.G. Sheppard / Ruby Falls
Music includes:
T.G. Sheppard - "Smooth Sailin'."
T.G. Sheppard - "Last Cheater's Waltz.”
Tom T. Hall - “Ravishing Ruby.”
Local airdates:
20Sep1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sunday 1:00am)
20Dec1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sunday 1:00am)
28Dec1980 WAFF-48 Huntsville, AL (Sunday 10:30pm)

7.xx [---] Anson Williams / Sheila Andrews
Tom T. Hall - "Head Over Heels.”
Anson Williams - "Give A Little Bit Of Yourself.”
Sheila Andrews - "A Little Thing Like Love.”
Anson Williams - “Honeycomb.”
Tom T. Hall - “You Win Again.”
Tom T. Hall & Sheila Andrews - medley: “Blueberry Hill” and “Blue Suede Shoes.”
Local airdates:
28Sep1980 WAFF-48 Huntsville, AL (Sunday 10:30pm)
10Jan1981 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sun. 1:00am)
17Jan1981 WSM-4 Nashville, TN (Saturday 5:00pm)

7.xx [---] Sonny James / Lorrie Mahaffey
Tom T. Hall - “Faster Horses (the Cowboy and the Poet).”
Sonny James - “I'm Down To My Last Goodbye.”
Lorrie Mahaffey - "Pretty As A Picture.”
Sonny James - "A World Of Our Own.”
Tom T. Hall & Sonny James - “Bright Lights, Big City.”
Local airdate:
02Nov1980 KGW-8 Portland, Oregon (Sun. 4:00pm)

7.xx [---] Terry Bradshaw / Zella Lehr
Music includes:
Zella Lehr - "Rodeo Eyes."
Tom T. Hall - "I Love."
Tom T. Hall - "The Year that Clayton Delaney Died."
Local airdates:
15Nov1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sunday 1:00am)
22Nov1980 WSM-4 Nashville (Saturday 5:00pm)
29Nov1980 KCPQ-13 Seattle, Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)
13June1981 (R) WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sunday 1:00am)

7.xx [---] Ed Bruce / Dick Feller / Cristy Lane
Tom T. Hall - “I’ll Go Somewhere And Sing My Songs Again.”
Christy Lane - “Sweet Sexy Eyes.”
Ed Bruce - “The Last Cowboy Song.”
Dick Feeler - “The Line In Gasoline.”
Dick Feeler & Ed Bruce - medley: “East Bound And Down,” “We Don’t Dance The Two Step,” “Biff, The Purple Bear”
and “Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys."
Local airdate:
15Nov1980 KCPQ-13 Seattle Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)

7.xx [---] Tompall & The Glaser Brothers / Gail Davies
Music includes:
Tompall & The Glaser Brothers - "Weight of My Chains."
Gail Davies - "Good Lovin' Man."
Tom T. Hall - "I Can't Dance."
Local airdates:
06Dec1980 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, TX (Sat. 7:00pm)
13Dec1980 KCPQ-13 Seattle Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)

7.11 [167] Billy “Crash” Craddock / Sylvia
Prod. no. 711
Billy “Crash” Craddock - “I’ve Got The Music In Me.”
Sylvia - “It Don’t Hurt To Dream.”
Billy “Crash” Craddock - “I Just Had You On My Mind.”
Tom T. Hall - “Onion Song.”
Billy “Crash” Craddock - “Sea Cruise.”
Tom T. Hall and Bill "Crash" Craddock - “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.”
Local airdates:
29Nov1980 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Sat. 7pm)
06Dec1980 KCPQ-13 Seattle Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)
RFD-TV repeat: 12May2012

7.12 [168] Prod. no. 712 (unknown)
7.13 [169] Prod. no. 713 (unknown)
7.14 [170] Prod. no. 714 (unknown)
7.15 [171] Prod. no. 715 (unknown)

7.xx [---] Johnny Rodriquez / Connie Cato
Music includes:
Johnny Rodriguez - "Love Look at Us Now."
Johnny Rodriguez - "Ridin' My Thumb to Mexico."
Tom T. Hall - "I Like Beer."
Local airdate:
20Dec1980 KCPQ-13 Seattle Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)

7.xx [---] George Jones / Jan Howard
Tom T. Hall - "Shoeshine Man.”
George Jones - "Someday My Day Will Come.”
Jan Howard - “You Don’t Know Me.”
George Jones - "The Race Is On.”
Tom T. Hall - “Me And Jesus.”
George Jones - “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”
Local airdate:
03Jan1981 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sun. 1:00am)

7.xx [---] B.J. Thomas
Music includes:
B.J. Thomas - "Nashville."
B.J. Thomas - "Amazing Grace."
Tom T. Hall - "Country Is."
Performer? - "You Are My Sunshine."
Local Airdate:
18Jan1981 WAFF-48 Huntsville, AL (Sunday 10:30pm)
Same episode?
7.xx [---] B.J. Thomas / Helen Hudson
27Dec1980 KCPQ-13 Seattle Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)

7.xx [---] Michael Murphy / Lacy J. Dalton
Music includes:
Lacy J. Dalton - "Hard Times."
Local airdates:
14Feb1981 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sun. 1:00am)
28Feb1981 KCPQ-13 Seattle Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)

7.16 [172] Ray Stevens / Wendy Holcombe
Prod. no. 716
Ray Stevens - “You've Got The Music Inside.”
Wendy Holcombe - “Rocky Top”
Tom T. Hall - “I Love.”
Tom T. Hall & Wendy Holcombe - “Foggy Mountain Breakdown.”
Ray Stevens - “Sunday Mornin' Comin’ Down.”
Tom T. Hall - “Old Dogs, Children And Watermelon Wine.”
Ray Stevens - “The Streak."
Tom T. Hall - “Harper Valley P.T.A.”
Ray Stevens - “Everything is Beautiful.”
Tom T. Hall and Ray Stevens - “It’s Hard To Be Humble.”
Local airdates:
13Dec1980 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, TX (Sat. 7:00pm)
25Apr1981 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, TX (Sat. 7:00pm)
RFD-TV repeat: 19May2012

7.17 [173] Brenda Lee / Big Al Downing
Prod. no. 717
Brenda Lee - "Don't Promise Me Anything.”
Tom T. Hall - "Back When Gas Was Thirty Cents a Gallon."
Al Downing - "I Ain’t No Fool.”
Brenda Lee - “The Cowboy And The Dandy.”
Al Downing - "Beer Drinkin' People.”
Brenda Lee and Tom T. Hall - “Sweet Thang.”
Local airdates:
31Jan1981 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sun. 1:00am)
21Feb1981 WSM-4 Nashville (Saturday 5:00pm)
RFD-TV repeat: 26May2012

7.18 [174] Don Williams / Susie Allanson
Prod. no. 718
Tom T. Hall - “Deal”
Don Williams - “Good Ole Boys Like Me.”
Susie Allanson - “While I Was Making Love To You.”
Don Williams - “Love Me Over Again.”
Tom T. Hall & Don Williams - “Tulsa Time.”
Susie Allanson - “Dance The Two Step.”
Local airdates:
07Feb1981 KCPQ-13 Seattle Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)
06Jun1981 (R) WSM-4 Nashville (Sat. 5:00pm)
RFD-TV repeat: 02Jun2012

7.19 [175] Prod. no. 719 (unknown)
7.20 [176] Prod. no. 720 (unknown)
7.21 [177] Prod. no. 721 (unknown)
7.22 [178] Prod. no. 722 (unknown)

7.xx [---] Mel Tillis / Louise Mandrell
Music includes:
Mel Tillis - "Lying Time Again.”
Mel Tillis - "Your Body Is an Outlaw."
Louise Mandrell - "Wake Me Up.”
Tom T. Hall - "Ballad of Forty Dollars.”
Unknown - "Orange Blossom Special."
Local airdate:
02May1981 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, TX (Sat. 7:00pm)
03May1981 KGW-8 Portland, Oregon (Sun. 4:00pm)

7.xx [---] Rex Allen Jr. / Jeanne Pruett
Music includes:
Rex Allen Jr. - "It's Over."
Jeanne Pruett - "It's Too Late."
Tom T. Hall - "That Song Is Driving Me Crazy."
Local airdate:
20June1981 (R) KCPQ-13 Seattle Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)

7.xx [---] Bill Monroe / Jeannie C. Riley
Music includes:
Bill Monroe - "Uncle Pen.”
Bill Monroe - "Little Cabin on the Hill."
Jeannie C. Riley - "Harper Valley P.T.A."
Local airdates:
18Apr1981 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, TX (Sat. 7:00pm)
18July1981 (R) WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sun. 1:00am)

7.xx [---] Jimmy Dean / Bobby Bare
Music includes:
Bobby Bare - "Food Blues.”
Jimmy Dean, Bobby Bare, and Tom T. Hall - "Are You from Dixie?"
Tom T. Hall - "Your Man Loves You, Honey.”
Local airdates:
21Feb1981 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sun. 1:00am)
07Mar1981 KCPQ-13 Seattle Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)
28Feb1981 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, TX (Sat. 7:00pm)
02Aug1981 (R) WAFF-48 Huntsville, AL (Sun. 10:30pm)
08Aug1981 (R) KTVT-11 Fort Worth, TX (Sat. 7:00pm)

7.23 [179] Dave Roland and Sugar / Chet Atkins / Jimmy Melton
Prod. no. 723
Tom T. Hall - "Gotta Travel On.”
Chet Atkins - "Malguena” guitar instrumental.
Dave and Sugar - “A Love Song.”
Chet Atkins - “Rainbows” guitar instrumental.
Dave and Sugar - "Golden Tears.”
Jimmy Melton - "Pickin’.”
Local airdates:
31Jan1981 KCPQ-13 Seattle, Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)
22Feb1981 WAFF-48 Huntsville, AL (Sunday 10:30pm)
06Mar1981 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, TX (Sat. 7:00pm)
RFD-TV repeat: 09Jun2012

7.24 [180] Prod. no. 724 (unknown)
7.25 [181] Prod. no. 725 (unknown)

7.xx [---] Emmylou Harris / Mundo Earwood
Emmylou Harris - "Cowgirl.”
Mundo Earwood - "You’re In Love With The Wrong Man.”
Emmylou Harris - “Save The Last Dance For Me.”
Tom T. Hall & Emmylou Harris - “I’ll Go Steppin’ To.”
Emmylou Harris - “Precious Memories” and “Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms.”
Local airdates:
25July1981 (R) WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sun. 1:00am)
25July1981 (R) KTVT-11 Fort Worth, TX (Sat. 7:00pm)

7.xx [---] Hank Williams Jr. / Stephanie Winslow
Music includes:
Hank Williams Jr. - "Dixie."
Hank Williams Jr. - "Old Habits."
Stephanie Winslow - "Say You Love Me."
Hank Williams Jr. and Tom T. Hall - "Move It On Over."
Local airdates:
11Apr1981 KCPQ-13 Seattle Wash. (Sat. 3:30pm)
22Aug1981 (R) KTVT-11 Fort Worth, TX (Sat. 7:00pm)

7.26 [182] The Kendalls / Razzy Bailey
Prod. no. 726
Music includes:
The Kendalls - "Gone Away."
Razzy Bailey - "Lovin' up a Storm.”
Local airdates:
09May1981 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, TX (Sat. 7:00pm)
25July1981 (R) WSM-4 Nashville (Saturday 5:00pm)
01Aug1981 (R) KTVT-11 Fort Worth, TX (Sat. 7:00pm)
RFD-TV repeat: 16Jun2012

########### Pop! Goes The Country ############
############## end of season 7 ###############

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