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Season 8 (NBC) (1958-59)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox, Tom Alger
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########## The Arthur Murray Party ###########
############# season 8 1958-59 ###############
Sep 1958-Sep 1959 NBC Mon 10:00-10:30pm

8.01 [232] Arthur Murray Party
29Sep1958 NBC Mon (Season Premiere)
singer Teresa Brewer
actors Dan Dailey
Ricardo Montalban
and Franchot Tone
actress Susan Strasberg
dance team Martel and Mignon.

8.02 [233] Arthur Murray Party
06Oct1958 NBC Mon
Sam Cooke
Fernando Lamas,
Arlene Dahl,
Farley Granger
and Janice Rule.
Sam Cooke sings "Mary, Mary Lou"
Comedy sketch: Kathryn Murray recalls "Professor Spencer's Dancing School for Children"
Note: Shelley Winters' appearance was postponed.

13Oct1958 NBC - pre-empted for a Hallmark Hall of Fame special.

8.03 [234] Arthur Murray Party
20Oct1958 NBC Mon WLW-TV Cincinnati Ohio
Musical comedy singer Edie Adams
comedian Ernie Kovacs
Shelley Winters
Dick Clark
and Eddie Foy Jr.

8.04 [235] Arthur Murray Party
27Oct1958 NBC Mon 10:00pm Eastern
Helen Hayes, first Lady of the American Theatre
Judy Holliday
Errol Flynn
Sydney Chaplin
Anne Baxter
and Connie Francis.

8.05 [236] Arthur Murray Party
03Nov1958 NBC Mon WBZ-TV Boston, MA.
Singer Tommy Edwards
Ventriloquist Shari Lewis
Arthur gives Cha-cha lessons.
Children perform folk dances of other lands.

8.06 [237] Arthur Murray Party
10Nov1958 NBC Monday 10pm
Betsy von Furstenberg
Ricardo Montalban
and Enzo Stuarti, vocalist.

*Note: 10Nov1958 from TIME magazine site
Every Monday evening at 10 p.m. on NBC, a honk that sounds as if it came from a goose with a bad head cold reverberates
through the living rooms of America, and America listens—and watches. The Arthur Murray Party and its nasal, admittedly
amateurish M.C., Kathryn Murray, have somehow waltzed into one of the top-rated spots on nighttime TV. Fortnight ago,
after CBS had spent weeks advertising The Case of Dr. Mudd on Desilu Playhouse, CBS's Trendex was 18.7, the Party's a
cozy 24.7.
Tall, gawky Dance Master Murray, 63, whose major contribution is to hop onstage like an arthritic flamingo at show's end
and swirl his wife off-camera, is puzzled by the popularity of what is essentially a corny variety show with some
dance-studio trimmings. Says he: "Maybe it's popular because they want a free dance lesson." Hostess Kathryn, at 52,
still a petite 98 Ibs., tries a bit harder to understand. "I've a harsh, unattractive voice, but at least it's distinctive,
"she says. "The cab drivers always spot it. The other day, one of them said to me: 'You don't have talent, you can't sing,
you're not a very good dancer, you're no glamour girl and you're no spring chicken, but there's one thing you do
have—courage.' "
Kathryn Murray has been flaunting her courage on the air since 1950, when husband Arthur put up the money for Party's first
half-hour of relentlessly joyous dancing. Although they picked up a few sponsors, the show was gradually dropped to the
status of summer replacement—and clobbered Cornball Lawrence Welk when placed opposite him. Thus encouraged, says Kathryn,
"we figured that if we were going to take a chance on being criticized, we'd rather do it on a winter show." This year
the Murrays finally found a full-time evening sponsor (P. Lorillard).
The show has had no more trouble garnering top guest stars—often without pay—than it does audiences. Tallulah waltzes,
Fernando Lamas tangos, and last week even Helen Hayes tippy-toed through a routine. "It appeals for its very amateurishness,
" says an NBC pressagent. "Every middle-aged woman identifies herself with Kathryn and thinks, 'There, but for the grace
of inhibitions, go I.' "

8.07 [238] Arthur Murray Party
17Nov1958 NBC Mon WBZ-TV Boston, MA.
Competing in the dance contest are
Joseph Cotten and choreographer June Taylor
Ann Miller and Cesar Romero
muscial comedy stars Alfred Drake and Patricia Morison.
songstress Betty Johnson
Comedian Bert Lahr who appears in a sketch with Mrs. Murray.
--New York Times listing:
Basil Rathbone, Bert Lahr, Patricia Morrison, Alfred Drake, June Taylor, Ann Miller, Cesar Romero, and Betty Johnson.
(Betty Johnson not listed in ad.)
--New York Times ad:
Kathryn Murray's guests are (alphabetically)
Joseph Cotten, Alfred Drake, Bert Lahr, Ann Miller, Patricia Morrison, Basil Rathbone, Caesar Romero and June Taylor.
(Joseph Cotten not mentioned in listing.)

8.08 [239] Arthur Murray Party
24Nov1958 NBC Mon
Gloria De Haven
Cornelia Otis Skinner
Peggy Ann Garner
and Tommy Leonetti.

8.09 [240] Arthur Murray Party
01Dec1958 NBC Mon
Melvin Douglas,
Ginger Rogers
George Montgomery,
Rita Gam,
composer Harold Rome
and vocalists Alan Copeland,
Carol Bennett and Chip Fisher.

8.10 [241] Arthur Murray Party
08Dec1958 NBC Mon
Helen Gallagher
and Judith Anderson
Enzo Stuarti,
Don Cherry,
Denise Lor
and Judy Lynn, vocalists
and composer Saul Chaplin.

8.11 [242] Arthur Murray Party
15Dec1958 NBC Mon
Imogene Coca
Bert Lahr
Merv Griffin
Donna Reed
and Hurd Hatfield.

8.12 [243] Arthur Murray Party
22Dec1958 NBC Mon
Abbe Lane
Helen Gallagher
Tom Poston
Andre Eglevsky
and Melissa Hayden.

8.13 [244] Arthur Murray Party
29Dec1958 NBC Mon WBZ-TV Boston, MA.
Carol Channing
Eli Wallach
Shari Lewis
Maureen Stapleton
Joey Bishop
and Eddie Mayhoff.

8.14 [245] Arthur Murray Party
05Jan1959 NBC Mon
Eddie Albert and Margo,
Zsa Zsa Gabor
and Jayne Meadows.

8.15 [246] Arthur Murray Party
12Jan1959 NBC Mon
Vivian Blaine,
Nina Foch,
Johnny Carson
and Jules Styne together with his singing discoveries, Phyllis Newman and Bernie Nee.

8.16 [247] Arthur Murray Party
19Jan1959 NBC Mon
Enzo Stuarti
Featured tonight is an international dance contest judged by George Abbott and Imogene Coca. Enzo Stuarti, vocalist,
is a guest.

8.17 [248] Arthur Murray Party
26Jan1959 NBC Mon
Cesar Romero
Shelley Winters
Carmen Lombardo
Phyllis Newman
Kenny Gardner
Dick Clark
and Gloria DeHaven.
Shelley Winters will compete with Gloria De Haven, Caesar Romero and Dick Clark in the Arthur Murray dance Contest.
Other guests: Carmen Lombardo, Judy Lynn, Kenny Gardner and 17 dancers from the Broadway hit "Goldilocks."

8.18 [249] Arthur Murray Party
02Feb1959 NBC Mon WBZ-TV Boston, MA.
Musical-comedy star Dolores Gray
TV personality Bert Parks
comedian Jack E. Leonard
and the Ray Carter Orchestra.

8.19 [250] Arthur Murray Party
09Feb1959 NBC Mon
Vivian Blaine
Shari Lewis
Ann Sheridan
David Janssen
Zachary Scott
and Ruth Ford.

8.20 [251] Arthur Murray Party
Lauritz Melchior
Jean Pierre Aumont
Marilyn Maxwell
and Bill Leyden.

8.21 [252] Arthur Murray Party
George Raft
Joanne Dru
Gene Autry
Sheilah Graham
Anita Ellis
Larry Kert
and Burton Lane.

8.22 [253] Arthur Murray Party
Hal March
Joan Bennett
Zachary Scott
and Ruth Ford.

8.23 [254] Arthur Murray Party
Cornelia Otis Skinner
Rita Gam
Denise Darcel
Enzo Stuarti
Judy Lynn
and Mitchell Parrish.

8.24 [255] Arthur Murray Party
Bert Parks
Johnny Carson
Joey Bishop
Diahann Carroll
and Beatrice Kraft.

[--] Arthur Murray Party
23Mar1959 NBC Mon preempted for
Hallmark Hall of Fame drama "The Green Pastures".

8.25 [256] Arthur Murray Party
Larry Blyden,
Carol Haney,
Zachary Scott,
Paul Douglas
and Ruth Ford.

8.26 [257] Arthur Murray Party
Paul Winchell
Judy Johnson
Richard Hayes
Ricardo Montalban
June Havoc
Jay Livingston
and Ray Evans.

8.27 [258] Arthur Murray Party
13Apr1959 NBC Mon WLW-TV Cincinnati Ohio
Tab Hunter
Paulette Goddard
Debra Paget

8.28 [259] Arthur Murray Party
Anna Maria Alberghetti
Buddy Bregman
Lew Parker
Betty Kean
and Bil and Cora Baird.

8.29 [260] Arthur Murray Party
Akim Tamiroff,
Viveca Lindfors
and Vivian Blaine.

8.30 [261] Arthur Murray Party
Tom Poston,
Helen Gallagher,
Roddy McDowall,
Lauritz Melchior
and Tammy Grimes.

8.31 [262] Arthur Murray Party
Marge Champion
International dance finals as top amateur dancers from England and Holland compete with American winners of the
Harvest Moon Ball.

8.32 [263] Arthur Murray Party
18May1959 [Press Telegram CA]
Guests are
Arthur Murray Party has a dance contest with some ballplayers as the guests.
Bob Cerv of Kansas City, Whitey Ford, Andy Carey and Norm Siebern of the Yankees are the guests.
Baseball players from the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers.

*Note: Show is renewed and moves to Tuesday in the fall lineup.

8.33 [264] Arthur Murray Party
Milton Berle
Red Buttons
and Gene Barry.

01June1959 - pre-empted 9pm Central "Summer on Ice" with Rosemary Clooney, Tab Hunter, Tony Randall, etc.

8.34 [265] Arthur Murray Party
Carol Channing
Tom Poston
Hal March
and Helen Gallagher.

8.35 [266] Arthur Murray Party
Cesar Romero
Bert Parks
and Denise Darcel.

8.36 [267] Arthur Murray Party
Andy Griffith
Alan King
Beatrice Kraft
Nick Kenny
Jane Harvey
Richard Hayes
and Judy Johnson.

8.37 [268] Arthur Murray Party
29June1959 [Altoona Mirror PA]
Hostess Kathryn Murray will appear in a comedy sketch with Bil and Cora Baird puppets.
Arthur gives a mambo lesson
The competing young couples from England, Ireland, Ukraine and the U.S. each have won amateur dance contests in
their native countries.
Featuring an international dance contest for children.

8.38 [269] Arthur Murray Party
Basil Rathbone
June Taylor
Bert Parks
and Jack E. Leonard.

8.39 [270] Arthur Murray Party
13Jul1959 NBC Mon WBZ-TV Boston, MA.
George Raft
Gene Autry
Actress Joanne Dru
Movie Columnist Sheilah Graham
Ray Carter Orchestra

8.40 [271] Arthur Murray Party
Jean Pierre Aumont
Marilyn Maxwell
and Lauritz Melchoir. (Chicago Tribune Saturday guide)

8.41 [272] Arthur Murray Party
27Jul1959 NBC Mon WBZ-TV Boston, MA.
Actress-writer Cornelia Otis Skinner
Actress Rita Gam
Denis Darcel
Ray Carter Orchestra

8.42 [273] Arthur Murray Party
03Aug1959 NBC Mon WBZ-TV Boston, MA.
Johnny Carson
Diahann Carroll
Joey Bishop
and Bert Parks.

8.43 [274] Arthur Murray Party
10Aug1959 NBC Mon KYW-TV Cleveland Ohio
Paul Winchell
Ricardo Montalban
June Havoc
and Ray Carter Orchestra

*Note: Paul Winchell remarked that even though he won first prize (a brand new Buick) for dancing the jitterbug,
Ricardo's performance was a flawless Tango which really should have won.

8.44 [275] Arthur Murray Party
17Aug1959 NBC Mon WBZ-TV Boston, MA.
Actor Hal March
Comedian Tom Poston
Carol Channing
Helen Gallagher
Singers Jane Harvey and Merv Griffin join songwriter Johnny Burke in a medley of Burke's songs, including "Imagination",
"Swinging on a Star" and "Pennies From Heaven".

8.45 [276] Arthur Murray Party
Constance Bennett
Marie McDonald
Lew Parker
and Betty Kean.

8.46 [277] Arthur Murray Party
Andy Griffith
George De Witt
Alan King
Beatrice Kraft
Nick Kenney
Richard Hayes
Judy Johnson
and Jane Harvey.

 ########## The Arthur Murray Party ###########
############## end of season 8 ###############

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