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Starring Stu Erwin & June Collyer
Season 1 (ABC) (1950-51)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:
Jim Brent, Sal Crisanti, Tom Alger, George Orphanidys, Robert B. Huggins

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## The Stu Erwin Show: Trouble With Father ###
############## season 1 1950-51 ##############
ABC Saturdays 7:30pm EST
52 New Episodes

1.01 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: MR. LAMONT STAYS ALL NIGHT
21-Oct-1950 ABC Sat
The Erwins entertain Mr. Lamont, a stage star and a baby goat on the same night. Stu
invites a stage star home so he can convince him to speak at a school assembly. Jackie
hides a goat, the school mascot, in Mr. Lamont’s room and Stu thinks there is a burglar. [JB]

1.02 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: THE CONTEST
28-Oct-1950 ABC Sat
A teenage popularity contest run by the local drug store turns into a free-for-all when
over zealous parents start buying votes. The contest causes Joyce to be at odds with her
best friend Nancy. [JB]

1.03 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: STU'S HOLIDAY
04-Nov-1950 ABC Sat
Stu’s plans to spend the Admission Day holiday in bed are interrupted by younger
members of the family. [JB]

1.04 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: DR. I.Q. ERWIN
11-Nov-1950 ABC Sat
Stu is talked into taking an I.Q. test with his students, only to come out with a 20 grade,
compared to a class average of 74. [JB]

1.05 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: FATHER FINDS A GENIUS (aka "Father Finds a Junior")
18-Nov-1950 ABC Sat
A vine full of tomatoes and a plot to rearrange his daughter’s love life blow up in Stu’s
face. Stu is getting tired of the rough he-men Joyce is bringing home, so he tries to get
her interested in a boy with brains instead of brawn. [JB]

1.06 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: FATHER'S LITTLE GIFT
25-Nov-1950 ABC Sat
Stu incited by Joyce’s remark that gifts should be bought for a wife for no special
occasion to keep the romance alive. Stu buys June a lovely negligee and gets the cold
shoulder. [JB]

1.07 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: JUNE'S ROMANCE (aka "The Poison Story")
02-Dec-1950 ABC Sat
Because Daughter Jackie has too much imagination, Stu is cursed by confusion about
poisoning June’s old boyfriend. He comes for an overnight visit and acts suspiciously
according to Jackie. [JB]

1.08 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: THANK YOU, MR. JARVIS
09-Dec-1950 ABC Sat
The Erwins find that a “gentleman’s gentleman” is just not for them after they win a
most formal and correct English butler on a quiz contest. [JB]

1.09 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: FATHER GETS INTO THE ACT
16-Dec-1950 ABC Sat

Gets into the Act

Everyone wants to get into the act when a movie company comes to town. After Joyce
and Jackie have been snared by a fake drama coach, June goes to his office to tell him off
and by the time she leaves, she too is a pupil. [JB]

1.10 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: PROBLEM PARTY (aka "Spooks")
23-Dec-1950 ABC Sat

Joyce’s invitation party turns out to be a real problem when Jackie seeks revenge for not
being invited by bringing home a skeleton that gets mixed up with Joyce’s boy friend
who is in a skeleton costume. [JB]

1.11 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: LESSON IN TOLERANCE
30-Dec-1950 ABC Sat
Jackie remembers Stu’s recent lecture on tolerance when a tramp comes to the door for a
handout. Jackie soon becomes Lady Bountiful to all the panhandlers in town. [JB]

1.12 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: FATHER KNOWS BEST
06-Jan-1951 ABC Sat
Stu becomes a tyrant when he throws Joyce’s boyfriend, Drexel, off the basketball team
for failing his classes. This suspended basketball player suspends Joyce’s love life as
well when he refuses to take her to the Junior prom. He later says he will take whoever
cooks the best roast beef and Stu cooks for Joyce. [JB]

1.13 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: COMPETITION
13-Jan-1951 ABC Sat
Joyce decides to throw a party without the help of her parents. However, without her
mother, she doesn’t know where to begin. Meanwhile, Stu and June wear themselves
out trying to kill time until they’re allowed to return home. [JB]

1.14 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: THE UGLY DUCKLING
20-Jan-1951 ABC Sat

Ugly Duckling
One of Stu’s pupils, Mildred, is unhappy and undated. When Joyce is enlisted to help
her, she and her friend Gertie start a club to popularize the unglamorous girl. But when
she becomes popular she takes over Joyce’s latest boyfriend. [JB]

1.15 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: TELEPHONITIS
27-Jan-1951 ABC Sat

Just when he’s trying to qualify for membership in an exclusive country club, Stu,
through an error in the telephone book gets confused with the town’s flashiest gangster. [JB]

1.16 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: BUGLE SOUNDS
03-Feb-1951 ABC Sat
The Erwins have a farewell dinner for Joyce’s boyfriend, who is going to enlist in some
branch of the service, but does not know which one is best suited to his talents. Stu and
Harry Johnson make a bet that they can persuade Drexel to join the branch of service they
were in. [JB]

1.17 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: WHAT PAPER DO YOU READ?
10-Feb-1951 ABC Sat
June and Adele Bliss enroll in Stu’s evening government civics class to be as politically
up to date as he. [JB]

1.18[--] The Stu Erwin Show: HOT ROD
17-Feb-1951 ABC Sat
Stu’s extra curricular activities in the motor club almost lead to disaster when the kids
start souping up their automobiles. The school board thinks that he is responsible for an
increase in juvenile delinquency. [JB]

1.19 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: COUSIN STEVE PAYS A VISIT
24-Feb-1951 ABC Sat
Stu expounds on necessity of close knit, cooperative, self-sacrificing family group and
then has to make good on those words. [JB]

1.20 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: HIGH FINANCE
03-Mar-1951 ABC Sat
The Erwins get into great financial difficulty when Stu discovers there is only $8 in their
bank account, so he sells an antique clock. He later discovers that it originally belonged
to Abe Lincoln and is worth a small fortune. [JB]

1.21 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: THE HELPING HAND
10-Mar-1951 ABC Sat
When one of the teachers at Stu’s school requests a transfer, the Erwins try to help the
lovesick teacher. [JB]

1.22 [] The Stu Erwin Show: WEDDING BELLS
17-Mar-1951 ABC Sat
Stu thinks Joyce and Drexel are planning to elope, so he gets Willie to help him stop
them. [JB]

1.23 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: BLACK SATURDAY
24-Mar-1951 ABC Sat
When the neighbors get a dishwasher, June becomes jealous so Stu decides to build her a
dishwasher from of a do-it-yourself kit with help of handyman Willie. [JB]

1.24 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: FATHER & SHAKESPEARE
31-Mar-1951 ABC Sat
Stu is asked by the Mayor to entertain a psychiatrist for the weekend. Stu comes up with
a case of mistaken identity while attempting to settle the problem of who really wrote the
Bard’s plays. [JB]

1.25 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: STU'S PRIVATE EYE
07-Apr-1951 ABC Sat
Stu and Willie investigate what Joyce is up to when she goes out every night without a
hint of an explanation. The fact that Joyce secretly works at night to earn money for
Stu’s and June’s anniversary, when at the same time the anniversary slips Stu’s mind
completely, creates an uproarious situation. [JB]

1.26 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: CLASS REUNION
14-Apr-1951 ABC Sat
A wave of practical jokes hits the Erwin home when two classmates of Stu’s from college
drop in just after he has given a lecture on tidiness and punctuality. [JB]

1.27 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: ERWIN GOES TO THE DOGS (aka "Stu Goes to the Dogs")
21-Apr-1951 ABC Sat
His neighbor’s new hunting dog inspires Stu with the idea that he should have one too.
Hearing this, Jackie heads for the City Pound to find a dog for Stu. [JB]

1.28 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: INTERIOR DECORATING
28-Apr-1951 ABC Sat
Stu decides to join in on the do-it-yourself craze with a little wallpaper and paint job to
surprise the missus only to hang out some comic pandemonium. [JB]

1.29 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS
05-May-1951 ABC Sat
Stu stirs up a family fracas by inviting a homeless juvenile to share the Erwins’ hitherto
happy home. [JB]

1.30 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: BABY KNOWS BEST
12-May-1951 ABC Sat
Stu decides to double for Joyce on a baby sitting job and ends up with a black-eye. He
has to cope with an unpredictable baby and hassle with the uncooperative parents who are
on the verge of a marital split. [JB]

1.31 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: WEIGHTY PROBLEM
19-May-1951 ABC Sat
An old school chum of Stu’s drops in for a weekend visit and in the line of his profession
tries to sell some additional insurance to Stu by taunting him about his poor physical
condition. Stu doesn’t want the insurance but starts training and unknowingly outwits
his friend. [JB]

1.32 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: FATHER PICKS A QUEEN
26-May-1951 ABC Sat
Stu confuses peroxide for hair oil and becomes a blonde and Joyce confuses herself with
a glamorous beauty queen and buys a too brief bathing suit. [JB]

1.33 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: GREAT DEBATE
02-Jun-1951 ABC Sat

Stu and the other men of the community protest against their wives’ activities in clubs
that take up too much of their time. Stu runs an anonymous “irate husband” letter in the
newspaper, which results in him trying to defend his position on the radio against June. [JB]

1.34 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: BURGLAR ALARM
09-Jun-1951 ABC Sat
Stu rigs up an alarm system at home which backfires when the cat accidentally sets it off.
After two false alarms, June disconnects it. [JB]

1.35 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: MANY HAPPY RETURNS
16-Jun-1951 ABC Sat

Many Happy Returns
June gets a temporary job at a florist in order to buy Stu a long coveted shotgun for his
birthday. Her employer turns out to be a bookie and June finds herself in a jam. [JB]

1.36 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: THE PRESENT
23-Jun-1951 ABC Sat
June and Adele exchange birthday gifts. Neither likes the other’s gift and both decide to
change them at the store. Meanwhile, Stu tries to build a greenhouse with the help of
neighbor Harry. [JB]

1.37 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: PRIVATE ENTERPRISE
30-Jun-1951 ABC Sat
It all started when Jackie ordered and aquarium, to be paid for COD. When father points
out to his family the value of money and private enterprise, the family takes it big. What
Stu doesn’t realize is the complicated mess Jackie can get into by selling newspapers and
cookies to pay for her aquarium until the Internal Revenue Department catches up with

1.38 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: TV COMES TO THE ERWINS (aka "To Buy or Not to Buy a TV")
07-Jul-1951 ABC Sat
Stu reluctantly agrees to buy a set for the family and insists on installing the antenna
himself. Finally he succeeds in installing it, but not before almost fatal result occurs.

1.39 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: SPRINGTIME FOR FATHER
14-Jul-1951 ABC Sat

Spring for Father
Stu and Harry decide to go on a camping trip in the North Woods after talking about it for
years. They spend hundreds on a tent, guns and other equipment. June and Adele,
meanwhile, have their hearts set on a glamorous vacation to New York City.

1.40 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: DOCTOR'S EXAMINATION
21-Jul-1951 ABC Sat
When Stu becomes grumpy and out of sorts June sends him to the doctor for an
examination. Stu’s doctor gets his reports mixed-up, making the family think he is dying. [JB]

1.41 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: BARBECUE
28-Jul-1951 ABC Sat

Joyce and Nancy’s parents interfere in order to help their daughters in their feud over
Drexel. The Erwins give a barbecue in order to lure the boy to their house. [JB]

1.42 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: QUARANTINE
04-Aug-1951 ABC Sat
The Erwin household is in quarantine when Jackie comes down with the mumps.
Meanwhile, Stu is anxious for the school board to hire him a new full-time assistant. [JB]

1.43 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: DEAR DORA
11-Aug-1951 ABC Sat
The Erwins find their vacation plans ruined when an old friend of June’s arrives for a
visit. Since she is not married, Stu and June decide to find her a husband.

1.44 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: JUNE SERVES ON A JURY
18-Aug-1951 ABC Sat
June takes her civic responsibility seriously after she is called for jury duty and Stu
becomes jealous of the defending attorney on a trial case. [JB]

1.45 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH
25-Aug-1951 ABC Sat

Nothing But the Truth
Jackie follows Stu’s admonition too literally and ends up telling a deliberate falsehood in
order to go to the movies. [JB]

1.46 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: ROUGHING IT
01-Sep-1951 ABC Sat
Stu and Fred decide to rough it on a camping trip, but are surprised when the female
Erwins and Betty accidentally stumble on the outdoor camp. [JB]

1.47 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: CAFÉ SOCIETY
08-Sep-1951 ABC Sat
Joyce gets a dose of high living when her friend, a finishing school student, returns to
town. Joyce is invited to go to Miss Frittingham’s finishing school, all expenses paid, by
her friend’s father. [JB]

1.48 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: I SPY
15-Sep-1951 ABC Sat
Jackie makes up a secret code which leads the FBI to suspect the Erwins of divulging
vital information. [JB]

1.49 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: TRACK MEET
22-Sep-1951 ABC Sat
Stu volunteers to coach the school track team when they are left without a coach. [JB]

1.50 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: THAT'S MY MOTHER
29-Sep-1951 ABC Sat
June becomes the victim of a phony publicity racket after she is chosen mother of
the year by the Women’s Clubs of the community. [JB]

1.51 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: THE PEN IS MIGHTIER
06-Oct-1951 ABC Sat
Using the name Charlie Campus, Stu writes a gossip column for the school newspaper.
He makes up a story about Joyce’s best friend, Mary, meeting Joyce’s boyfriend, Bill, at
an ice cream shop. Without bothering to ask Bill or Mary if this is true, Joyce marches to
Mary’s house to tell her off and break up their friendship. News of this spreads through
the campus and the community, causing a wave of resentment toward “Campus Charlie.” [JB]

1.52 [--] The Stu Erwin Show: IT'S JUST MONEY
13-Oct-1951 ABC Sat
Jackie devises a peculiar system to pick the winning scores of football games and the
family makes plans to spend the $10,000 Jackie is sure she’s won in a football pool. [JB]

## The Stu Erwin Show: Trouble With Father ###
############## end of season 1 ###############

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