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Starring Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson, Dave Nelson (31) & Ricky Nelson (25)
Season 14 (ABC) (1965-66)
(in color)
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#### The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet #####
############# season 14 1965-66 ##############
####################  (in color)  ####################
(final season)
ABC Wednesdays 7:30-8:00 (15Sep65 through 5Jan66)
ABC Saturdays 7:30-8:00 (from 15Jan1966)

Dave Nelson (Age 31) / Ricky Nelson (Age 25) 

14.01 [411] Ozzie & Harriet: TANGLED WEB  (in color)
Prod. no. 27-411 / 15Sep65 ABC Wed
first episode of the 14th season. 
**episode description unavailable**

14.02 [412] Ozzie & Harriet: A ROSE A DAY (in color)
Prod. no. 27-412 / 22Sep65 ABC Wed
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet - A Rose a Day (1/3 ...
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet - A Rose a Day (2/3 ...
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet - A Rose a Day (3/3 ...
Guest cast:
Robert Jellison (as delivery boy)
Ben Bennett (as florist)
Amzie Strickland (as Mrs. Tyler)
Kathleen Field (as Mrs. Clark)
June Fenley (as customer)
Harriet tells a story of how Ozzie sent her a rose every day when he was away on a trip,
but Ozzie doesn't remember doing it, and if he didn't, who did? a secret admirer?

14.03 [412] Ozzie & Harriet: KRIS AND THE QUEEN (in color)
Prod. no. 27-416 /  29Sep65 ABC Wed
A scheme to patch up a quarrel between Wally and Ginger backfires, and
Rick finds himself involved with a shapely prom queen.
Skip Young (as Wally)
Guest Cast:
Charlene Salerno (as Ginger)
Laurie Sibbald (as Sally Parker)
Jack Warner (as Jack)
Greg Dawson (as Greg)

14.04 [413] Ozzie & Harriet: HELPFUL JUNE  (in color)
Prod. no. 27-418 /  06Oct65 ABC Wed
June decides to help Dave in his law work by functioning as his
unofficial private eye. Rick sings "Love and Kisses"
Guest cast:
June Vincent (as Mrs. Murtrie)
Harry Lauter (as Murtrie)
Barbara Stuart (as secretary)
Angelo Brovelli (as policeman)
Russ Thompson (as milkman)
(Repeated 23Apr66)

14.05 [414] Ozzie & Harriet: THE PROWLER  (in color)
Prod. no. 27-422  / 13Oct65 ABC Wed
Ozzie tries to get out of playing bridge with neighbors Joe and Clara by
pretending to go fishing.
Lyle Tabot (as Joe)
Mary Jane Croft (as Clara)
Parley Baer (as Darby)
Dick Lane (as derby announcer)

14.06 [415] Ozzie & Harriet: THE NELSONS REVISITED 
[B&W, delayed from 13th Season]
Prod. no. 27-400  / 20Oct65 ABC Wed
The fraternity brothers have begun to feel that they have been
neglecting Ozzie and Harriet. They throw a party to make amends. Rick sings
"Say You Love Me."
Regular cast:
Skip Young (as Wally)
Greg Dawson (as Greg)
Sean Morgan (as Sean)
Jack Wagner (as Jack)
Marlin McKeever (as Marlin)
Steve Terrell (as Steve)
Dick Tyler (as Dick)
Karl George (as Dink)
Kent McWhirter (as Kent)
Guest Cast:
Reb Foster (as salesman)
Walter Reed (as archade owner)

14.07 [416] Ozzie & Harriet: SECRET PASSAGE   (in color)
Prod. no. 27-415 /  27Oct65 ABC Wed
Rick and his fraternity brothers use a secret tunnel in a scheme to
retaliate against the Betas, who stole their blue moose head.

14.08 [417] Ozzie & Harriet: WALLY, THE AUTHOR   (in color)
Prod. no. 27-426 /  3Nov65 ABC Wed
The Nelsons and Rick's fraternity brothers panic when they learn that
Wally has included embarrassing tidbits about all of them in a book he is
trying to sell to a publisher.

14.09 [418] Ozzie & Harriet: A MESSAGE FOR KRIS   (in color)
Prod. no. 27-423 / 10Nov65 ABC Wed
**episode description unavailable**

14.10 [419] Ozzie & Harriet: FLYING DOWN TO LUNCH   (in color)
Prod. no. 27-417  /  17Nov65 ABC Wed
Although Ozzie and Joe have a dinner date with their wives, they
impulsively accept an invitation to fly to Mexico City for lunch.
Guest cast:
Ben Bennett (as Ted)
Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez (as Pancho)

14.11 [420] Ozzie & Harriet: THE EQUESTRIANS (aka Ricky's Horse)    (in color)
Prod. no. 27-414 /  24Nov65 ABC Wed
Rick hopes to curb Kris's extravagance by pretending to go her one
better: He threatens to buy a horse!
Skip Young (as Wally)
Harry Lauter (as Simpson)

14.12 [421] Ozzie & Harriet: DAVE, THE WORRIER  (in color)
Prod. no. 27-419 /  01Dec65 ABC Wed /  (Repeated 7May66)
Dave's vacation is spoiled by his persistent feeling that Rick is
goofing off back at the office.
Connie Harper (as Miss Edwards)
James Nolan (as policeman)

14.13 [422] Ozzie & Harriet: GHOST TOWN   (in color)
Prod. no. 27-421 / 08Dec65 ABC Wed
Harriet talks Ozzie into visiting a ghost town to search for antiques.
Rick sings "Truck-Driving Man" and "I Catch Myself Crying."
Paul Hartman (as old-timer)
Skip Young (as Wally)

14.14 [423] Ozzie & Harriet: DAVID PICKS A PIE  (in color)
Prod. no. 27-424 /  15Dec65 ABC Wed
June has volunteered Dave's services as a pie taster on a TV show - and
he'd better be able to pick out his wife's pie.
Connie Harper (as Miss Edwards)
Jack Wagner (as Jack)

22Dec65 - Re-Run [black & white] :
episode title? - On this rerun, first telecast in 1953, youngsters Dave
and Ricky take on a morning paper route to earn Christmas gift money.
Don DeFore (as Thorny)

29Dec65 - Re-Run [black & white]:
episode title? - The Nelsons are puzzled when a Christmas gift from Grandpa
Nelson arrives late.

14.15 [424] Ozzie & Harriet: KRIS, THE LITTLE HELPER  (in color)
Prod. no. 27-428  / 5Jan66  ABC Wed /  (re-run 2Jul66)
Kris begins to resent doing the laundering and sock-darning for the
members of Rick's fraternity.
Skip Young (as Wally)
Jack Wagner (as Jack)
Sean Morgan (as Sean)
Greg Dawson (as Greg)
Kathy Hoslet (as Gloria)
Karl George (as Dink)
Oaky Miller (as Andy)
Kent McWhirter (as Kent)
Last Wednesday night show. Next show airs Saturday 15Jan66.

Moves from ABC Wednesdays to ABC Saturdays

14.16 [425] Ozzie & Harriet: SHEIK OF ARABY! (in color)
Prod. no. 27-429 / 15Jan66 ABC Sat (Saturday - new day) (re-run 9Jul66)
Ozzie and Harriet are chosen to entertain an Arabian Prince and one of
his wives. A party is planned, but when the Sheik fails to arrive, the
Nelsons come up with a last minute substitute. The Foothill Four, a
barbershop quartet, appear in this episode.

14.17 [426] Ozzie & Harriet: WALLY'S TRAFFIC TICKET  (in color)
Prod. no. 27-413 / 22Jan66 ABC Sat/  (re-run 23Jul66)

14.18 [427] Ozzie & Harriet: AN HONOR FOR OZ (a.k.a. "An Honor for Ozzie")    (in color)
Prod. no. 27-425 / 29Jan66 ABC Sat
Guest cast:
Barbara Eiler (as Mrs. Hopkins)
Joel Davison, Darby Hinton, Randy Whipple and Dana Latham (as the Tigers)
The neighborhood Tigers Club decides to splurge on an unusual gift of
appreciation for Ozzie.

14.19 [428] Ozzie & Harriet: HONG KONG SUIT  (in color)
Prod. no. 27-420 /  05Feb66 ABC Sat
episode description unavailable

14.20 [429] Ozzie & Harriet: OZZIE-A-GO-GO  (in color)
Prod. no. 27-427 /  12Feb66 ABC Sat
Lyle Talbot (as Joe)
Mary Jane Croft (as Clara)
Sean Morgan (as Sean)
The Nelsons and the Randolphs are a bit out of step when they visit a
swinging discotheque.

14.21 [430] Ozzie & Harriet: TRIP TRAP  (in color)
Prod. no. 27-430 /19Feb66 ABC Sat / (re-run 13Aug66)
Skip Young (as Wally)
--June Nelson tries to maneuver husband Dave into taking her on a vacation
trip to Hawaii.
-- June tries to get Dave to take a trip to Hawaii, and Ozzie gives Dave
advice on how to handle the situation.

14.22 [431] Ozzie & Harriet: WAITING FOR JOE   (in color) 
Prod. no. 27-431 /  26Feb66 ABC Sat / (re-run 20Aug66)

14.23 [432] Ozzie & Harriet: RICK'S ASSISTANT  (in color) 
05March66 ABC Sat
Guest cast:
Joel Davison (as Joel)
Sarah Selby (as teacher)
Joel, a neighborhood youngster who wants to go into business, isn't
fairing well with his lemonade stand, so Ozzie suggests he might study law by
helping in Dave and Rick's office.

14.24 [433] Ozzie & Harriet: DAVID'S OTHER OFFICE  (in color) 
Prod. no. 27-433 /12Mar66 ABC Sat
While their law office is being repaired, Dave and Rick try to continue
business as usual in Dave's apartment.
Connie Harper (as Miss Edwards)
Guest cast:
Reta Shaw (as Mrs. Lockwood)
Elvia Allman (as Mrs. Bradley)

14.25 [434] Ozzie & Harriet: OZZIE, THE SITTER (a.k.a. "Ozzie, the Babysitter")  (in color) 
Prod. no. 27-434   / 19Mar66 ABC Sat
Ozzie's in big trouble after damaging a slot car set, a surprise birthday
present for the 9 year old boy he's been babysitting.

14.26 [435] Ozzie & Harriet: OZZIE GAME ROOM   (in color)  (final episode)
26Mar66 ABC Sat
- no details available

02Apr66 - RE-RUN (start of "Summer" repeats)

[--] 02Apr66 - no detials
[--] 09Apr66 - no details
[--] 16Apr66 - no details
[--] 23Apr66 re-run of "Helpful June" (first aired 6Oct65)
[--] 30Apr66 - no details
[--] 07May66 re-run of "Dave, the Worrier" (first aired 1Dec65)

[--] 02Jul66 re-run of "Kris, the Little Helper" (first aired 5Jan66)
[--] 09Jul66 re-run of "Sheik of Araby!" (first aired 15Jan66)
[--] 16Jul66 - no details
[--] 23Jul66 re-run of "An Honor for Oz" ???? - check (first aired 22Jan66)
(OR "Wally's Traffic Ticket")
[--] 30Jul66 - no details
[--] 06Aug66 - no details
[--] 13Aug66 re-run of "Trip Trap" (first aired 19Feb66)
[--] 20Aug66 re-run of "Waiting for Joe" (first aired 26Feb66)

#### The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet #####
################# the end ##################

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