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Starring Wally Cox as Robinson J. Peepers
Season 3 (NBC) (1953-54)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:
Tom Alger, Robert B. Huggins
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   ################# Mr. Peepers ################

############## season 3 1953-54 ##############
NBC Sundays 7:30pm Eastern

3.01 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
13Sep1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Nancy repeatedly misses Mr. Peepers, and vice versa, as each seeks to welcome the other back after the long summer vacation.   [TA]

3.02 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
20Sep1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Wes and Marge simultaneously make plans to have a larger, more comfortable home built, each without telling the other.  [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Peepers' good friends, Harvey and Marge Weskit, have ambitious plans for building their own home. With his accustomed
self-assurance, Weskit designs his own set of plans, much to the distress of his wife, who calls upon Mr. Peepers to use
his tact and diplomacy in dissuading Weskit from his plans. (Dallas TX Morning News) [TA]

3.03 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
27Sep1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Wes is anxious to show his friends the motion picture film he and Marge shot on their vacation.   [TA]

3.04 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
04Oct1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Wes pressures Mr. Peepers into getting his recalcitrant locker repaired. 
Synopsis 2:
At long last, Robinson Peepers decides to do something about repairing his school locker door, well known for its
stubbornness. When his friend, Harvey Weskit, shames him into doing something about the door, Peepers goes to the school
janitor and superintendent, who offer only suggestions. In the end, Mr. Peepers takes the situation into his own skilled
hands. (Dallas TX Morning News)[TA]

3.05 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
11Oct1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers gets cornered by Mrs. Gurney's niece, a very intellectual and aggressive type, at a party. This show is
consistently delightful, and each new character has a fine, authentic flavor. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]

3.06 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
18Oct1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
When Aunt Lil comes to Jefferson City to watch Peepers teach, Mrs. Gurney kept her occupied with social functions.  [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Peepers' Aunt Lilliam pays him a visit Sunday, and Peepers conscientiously arranges a schedule of carefully planned
entertainment for his guest. Upon arrival, however, Aunt Lillian insists she has come for only one purpose, and that is
to watch her beloved nephew teach in his classroom. How to dissuade Aunt Lil from her self-appointed
mission becomes Peepers' chief problem during her visit. Reta Shaw will be seen as the visiting relative.
(Dallas TX Morning News)[TA]

3.07 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
25Oct1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Mr. Peepers' nature study group takes a field trip to the country, but loses track of one little boy who is fascinated
with a litter of puppies at the farm.  [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Peepers takes his "fall guys" for a trip and the whole outing is good fun. Among the things you'll learn are some of
the "niceties of bus behavior" and the difference between Canadian and Mexican cottontails.
(TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle) [TA]

3.08 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
01Nov1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Plans are made for the box social, for which Mr. Peepers is in charge of the music. As Marge, Nancy, and Mrs. Gurney pack
their box lunches, Mr. Peepers interviews a hep musician.  [TA]
Synopsis 2:
This week, Robinson and Marge cook up a little romance between Mrs. Gurney and lonely, grumpy principal, Mr. Bascom, at
the annual box lunch auction. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

3.09 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
08Nov1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Looking for lamp parts in Mrs. Murchison's basement, Mr. Peepers discovers a comfortable old leather chair. He takes it
up to his apartment, checks out some books at the school library, and plans a nice quiet evening at home.  [TA]

3.10 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
15Nov1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Jefferson High gets a new gym teacher. 
Synopsis 2:
This show continues in some miraculous fashion to be charming and well produced week after week. Tonight is no exception,
and during the course of a rehearsal we particularly enjoyed Peepers' talk on "Our friend, Kallima, the famous leaf
butterfly of India." And the new gym teacher is going to work out just fine. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]

3.11 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
22Nov1953 Sun 7:30pm NBC Sun 7:30pm
Marge finds out she's going to have a baby, and Peepers, Nancy, Wes, and Marge have Thanksgiving dinner with Mrs. Gurney.
3.12 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
29Nov1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
As always, nothing major happens. But it's always a pleasure. Robinson screws his courage to the sticking point and
attempts to buy a new suit; Aunt Lily and Mom appear on a surprise visit to Jefferson City; and, without laboring the
point, a good look at Mom tells us lots about how "Ace" got that way. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]

3.13 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
06Dec1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Mr. Peepers tries to find a job for one of his students.  [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Peepers introduces his class to the gentle art of dissecting the lowly crayfish, to which, he insists, one can become
very attached. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]

3.14 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
13Dec1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers and Frank T. Whip go Christmas shopping, as do Wes and Marge, but Mr. Peepers can't decide what to get for Wes.

3.15 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown) (Christmas Episode)
20Dec1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers goes to the orphanage to sing Christmas carols with his friends before taking the late bus home for Christmas.
 Synopsis 2:
Our favorite professor tackles Christmas in his own inimitable way: First, a trip to Charley's the barber with conviction;
then to Mrs. Guerney's for some oddly-organized carol singing; and home for Christmas to the bosom of his other-wordly
family. This continues to be one of the best and funniest. (TV Key column, Brooklyn NY Daily Eagle)

3.16 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
27Dec1953 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Our scholarly friend is awarded the bronze bird by "Bird" magazine for his history-making article, "A Sparrow Speaks His
Mind." This leads to a remarkable trip to New York, and a phone encounter with an old friend
of Mrs. Gurney. This couldn't happen to anyone but our favorite professor. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle) [TA]

3.17 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
03Jan1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers returns from a whirl in Manhattan where he received the Bronze Bird crinthological award. He is glad to be
back in Jefferson City, so he visits with his old friends, Harvey and Marge Weskit. However Peepers soon discovers that
their relationship has changed markedly. It appears that the chief topic of conversation for the Weskits is their
impending blessed event - a limited topic of conversation for poor Peepers. (Dallas Morning News)

3.18 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
10Jan1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
No details

3.19 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
17Jan1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
The annual faculty festival of fun is coming up in Jefferson City, and, of course, the preparations are extensive.
(TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

3.20 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
24Jan1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers is upset by the report that his friend, the school nurse, plans to live the life of a "bachelor girl."
(New York Times)

3.21 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
31Jan1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers is dismayed when his colleague refuses to accompany him to a parent-teachers meeting. (New York Times)

3.22 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
07Feb1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Another choice new character is added to the already, ineffable Peepers gallery...this time it's a new janitor, Mr. Hubacher,
who as a graduate of the L.B.M. University (Learn by Mail), takes pride in his profession...and is desperately unhappy at
having been demoted from high school janitoring to jr. high. However, Peepers can cope and does through a happy series of
coincidences. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle) [TA]

3.23 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
14Feb1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Peepers has a photograph taken for Nancy, and meets a sexy Southern belle. Continues to be the funniest and freshest comedy
series on record. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle) [TA]

3.24 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
21Feb1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
The grand old sport of duck hunting is under consideration, as practiced by Weskit, Remington and Peepers.
(TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle) [TA]

3.25 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
28Feb1954 Sun 7:30pm NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Mr. Peepers uses television to reach his science students. (New York Times)
Synopsis 2:
Jefferson City High School is closed because of a big storm, but the students needn't plan on a vacation. There'll be
classes as usual through the courtesy of the local television station with Mr. Peepers "on camera" for the first time
using TV to reach his science students. Just what a poor student without a TV set does is beside the point in the script.
And joining Peerers in the new medium will be his colleagues, Mr. Gurney the English instructor (Marion Lorne); Mr. Weskit,
the history instructor (Tony Randall); the school nurse, Nancy Remington (Patricia Benoit); and the school's coach,
Frank T. Whip (Jack Warden).
Something else for the Sunday Peepers show will be a four-and-a-half minute filmed appeal by President Eisenhower for the
American Red Cross drive, which will be integrated into the regular live telecast of the show. (Dallas TX Morning News) [TA]

3.26 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
07Mar1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mrs. Gurney, feeling like a fuddyduddy in comparison with adventurous Aunt Lil, decides to take driving lessons. Weskit
and Aunt Lil lend a hand, and the results are sheer madness, and one of the funniest yet.
[TA] (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

3.27 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
14Mar1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Peepers and Weskit volunteer to baby sit and, to their chagrin, meet up with one of the more terrifying characters in
this perpetually inventive and delightful show. This one is a precocious child named Buster.
(TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle) [TA]

3.28 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
21Mar1954 Sun 7:30pm NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers has a birthday, and his relatives visit to help celebrate. (New York Times)[TA]

3.29 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
28Mar1954 Sun 7:30pm NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Mr. Peepers has a visit from two former Army buddies. (New York Times)
Synopsis 2:
Two old Army buddies of our hero materialize, and Peepers is confronted with the problem of getting them dates.
(TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]

3.30 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
04Apr1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
With a devil-may-care glint on his glasses, our hero buys a motorcycle. He takes Mrs. Gurney, coach whip, and Mr. Weskit
for rides on his new infernal machine, and there are some tense moments all around. Tops for comedy.
(TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]

3.31 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
11Apr1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Our gentle hero decides to pick up some stray cash selling encyclopedias. We delve into his training course with him
attended by various disasters: and a small girl with a jelly sandwich figures prominently.
(TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]

3.32 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
18Apr1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Our hero is dangerously close to matrimony, egged on by the insidious, wife-happy Weskit.
(TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]

3.33 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
25Apr1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Mr. Peepers makes the most important decision of his life. (New York Times)
Synopsis 2:
This is it - our hero buys an engagement ring, confides in Weskit (and inadvertently, the whole town) and goes off to
propose. Hearts, flowers, fun. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]

3.34 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
02May1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Mr. Peepers and his fiance go apartment hunting. (New York Times)
Synopsis 2:
Nancy and Mr. Peepers go apartment hunting and take a mild skinning. Mrs. Gurney considers selling her house until
Peepers gets a brainstorm. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]

3.35 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
09May1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Busy, busy, busy, there's lots going on this week, what with wedding invitations being sent to some odd places and new
developments in the Weskit menage. Mrs. Gurney, too, has some strange experiences. For security reasons, we can't say
any more. Up to par. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Peepers exercises in the local gym. With Wally Cox, Tony Randall, Jack Warden. (New York Times)

3.36 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
16May1954 NBC Sunday 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers' relatives and prospective in-laws come to town to greet the future bride and groom. (New York Times)
Synopsis 2:
As the dread day draws near, the Peepers family and the Remingtons must meet -- which they do, at a barbecue chez
Remington. This series shows no sign of deteriorating into a "situation comedy," praise be!
(TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]

3.37 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
23May1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers gets married, with Wally Cox, Patricia Benott, Tony Randall, Ernest Truex, Marion Lorne, and others.
(New York Times)[TA]

3.38 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
30May1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Mr. Peepers and his bride are off on their honeymoon. (New York Times)
Synopsis 2:
Nancy and Peepers undergo a few of the inevitable horrors visited on shy newlyweds by well meaning bystanders;
including an old farmhouse lady, an over-enthusiastic hotel staff and a fiendish magician. Still the best comedy series
running. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

3.39 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
06Jun1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
The newlyweds pause briefly at Robinson's home overnight on their way to up-State Teachers College. Aunt Lil provides
advice and Robinson's getting used to calling Nancy's folks Mother and Dad. Last show of the season before reruns
begin next week. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)[TA]

Summer Reruns:
13Jun1954 - unknown
20Jun1954 - Mr. Peepers' Album, with Wally Cox. (New York Times)
27Jun1954 - Mr. Peepers' Album: Wedding of Wes and Marge Weskit, situation comedy, with Wally Cox. (New York Times)
04Jul1954 - Mr. Peepers' Album: A nature trek through the woods. Wally Cox, Tony Randall (New York Times)
11Jul1954 - Mr. Peepers' Album: A visit from Aunt Lillian, with Wally Cox, Tony Randall (New York Times)
25Jul1954 - Mr. Peepers' Album: Christmas shopping provides some embarrassing moments. Wally Cox (New York Times)
15Aug1954 - Mr. Peepers' Album: An old beau of Nancy's resumes his courting. (New York Times)

################# Mr. Peepers ################
############### end of season 3 ##############

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