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The Halls of Ivy (1954-55)
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with contributions by: Jim Brent, John King
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Television Programs of America (TPA)
Incorporated Television Company Ltd (ITC)
CBS (Tuesdays 8:30pm EST)
Executive Producer Leon Fromkess
Produced by William Frye
Based on the 1949 NBC radio series of the same name
Created by Don Quinn

US Comedy series 1954-55 38 or 39 episodes x 30 min bw
(38 listed here)
Ronald Colman as  Dr. William Todhunter Hall
Benita Hume as Victoria Cromwell 'Vicky' Hall

Herbert Butterfield as Dr. Clarence Wellman, chairman of the trustees
Ray Collins as Professor Merriweather
James Todd as Professor Merriweather
Mary Wickes as Alice, the Hall's housekeeper

Ronald Colman and his wife, Benita Hume, star as President and
Mrs. Hall of Ivy College. They are at home at Number One, Faculty Row,
to all who come with problems of campus life.

The budget for this series was $50,000 per episode, making it one
of the most expensive series of the early 50's.

Theme Music: "The Halls of Ivy" [same theme used on radio and TV]
Composers: Henry Russell (ASCAP) and Vick Knight (ASCAP)
Original Publisher: Ivy Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Current Publisher: Ivy Music Corp. (ASCAP)
c/o Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., and
Round Table Music (ASCAP)
Copyright Date: 1950, on Piano/Vocal sheet music
45rpm single Capitol F1505 (1951)
The Voices of Walter Schuman

############## The Halls of Ivy ##############
############### season 1954-55 ###############
CBS Tuesdays 8:30pm Eastern

[01] The Halls of Ivy: (pilot episode)
19Oct54 CBS Tue
In the opening episode, Dr. William Todhunter Hall awaits nervously
the verdict of the Board of Governors on a five-year extension of his
term as president of the ivy-walled Ivy College. As they wait, the
Halls recall events from the past. [JB]
Note: No laughter track on pilot episode.

26Oct54 CBS Tue
The campus at Ivy College is buzzing with news of a best-selling
historical novel. Even professor Warren doesn't know that he authored
the anonymous best-seller. His housekeeper rescued it from the
wastebasket and sent it to a publisher. [JB]

[03] The Halls of Ivy: PROFESSOR HALL'S BABY
2Nov54 CBS Tue
Guest Cast:
Connie Marshall (as mother-to-be)
It's Dr. William Todhunter Hall to the rescue when the stork upsets
a woman student's exam schedule. Her husband is in far-off Korea.
Note: Program sponsored by International Harvester. [JB]

[04] The Halls of Ivy: (title unknown)
09Nov54 CBS Tue
Guest Cast:
Sarah Selby (as Mrs. Wellman)
The Halls are settled down for a quiet night at home when the doorbell
rings, and in walk tomorrow night's dinner guests. Though they've
already eaten, "Toddy" and his wife prepare another meal in silence.
His mistake must be kept a secret from the guest-the chairman of Ivy's
board of directors.
Note: Program sponsored by National Biscuit Company. [JB]

[05] The Halls of Ivy: MRS. WHITNEY'S STATUE
16Nov54 CBS Tue
A wealthy, eccentric sculptress promises to donate funds for a large
gymnasium at Ivy College, provided her latest artistic effort is
prominently displayed on the campus. Dr. Hall has his doubts about
the stipulation.

23Nov54 CBS Tue
The Halls invite to dinner the college drama department head with
their friend, a TV executive. The professor arrives, with a play under
his arm. He thinks his work would be just fine on TV and needs the
money for his ailing wife. The Halls and their guest think the play
was written by a student. [JB]
Note: Program sponsored by National Biscuit Company.

[07] The Halls of Ivy: (title unknown)
30Nov54 CBS Tue
Dr. Hall plays the role of a campus Solomon to teach a lesson to a
smart-aleck student and to the flinty Clarence Wellman, chairman of
Ivy's board of governors. [JB]

[08] The Halls of Ivy: THE 11TH COMMANDMENT
07Dec54 CBS Tue
A young woman graduate student has the whole campus guessing when she
designs a new architectural building with a plaque indicating that
there are 11 Commandments.
Note: Program sponsored by National Biscuit Company. [JB]

[09] The Halls of Ivy: THE PRIZE FIGHTER
14Dec54 CBS Tue
Guest Cast:
Leonard Freeman (as Terry Ryan)
Dr. Hall and his wife are disturbed when they learn that a brilliant
pre-med student plans to abandon his education for the ring. Somehow
they must make the youth reconsider his rash decision. [JB]

[10] The Halls of Ivy: MRS. WHY
21Dec54 CBS Tue
Guest Cast:
Charlotte Knight (as Felicia Yates)
Olan Soule (as Addison Yates, her son)
A college-going grandma who has a question to ask on almost every
schoolroom statement, is a great cause of embarrassment to her
socially prominent son. He appeals to Dr. Hall to quiet his mother
down. [JB]

28Dec54 CBS Tue
Professor Warren meets a sweet little widow while he is on a lecture
tour. He makes the mistake of inviting her to visit him when he
returns to Ivy College. [JB]

[12] The Halls of Ivy: (title unknown)
04Jan55 CBS Tue
The stuffy chairman of Ivy's board of governors is made the butt of
campus jokes when the campus goes wild on Pinkerton Day. Even his
grandfather's portly statue sports a big black mustache. [JB]

[13] The Halls of Ivy: TRAFFIC IN COCONUTS
11Jan55 CBS Tue
Featured in a musical number are:
Bill Thompson, Joe Hamilton, Gene Puerling and Clark Burroughs.
While Vicky is out buying a thermometer for virus-plagued Dr. Hall,
board member Merriweather cheers him up with a secretly made recording
of Vicky's song from the Junior Follies. [JB]

[14] The Halls of Ivy: THE CHINESE STUDENT
18Jan55 CBS
Guest Cast:
Barbara Jean Wong.
Synopsis 1:
Although she has been elected to the student council, a young Chinese
girl still keenly feels the prejudice of her fellow students.
Dr. Hall tries to make her and the student body understand her problem.
Synopsis 2:
A young Chinese student runs away from Ivy college when she feels
beset by some of the prejudice of her fellow students.

[15] The Halls of Ivy: THE TRACK STAR
25Jan55 CBS
The track coach and the chairman of the board of directors are in an
uproar when they learn that Ivy's track star has quit the team in
favor of concentrating on an all-"A" average. Dr. Hall hears their
cries of woe. [JB]

[16] The Halls of Ivy: (title unknown)
01Feb55 CBS
A friend tells Dr. Hall that he has won a huge cash prize for a
biography he submitted to a New York publisher. Hall celebrates,
unaware that one of his students had submitted a book on the very same
subject. [JB]

[17] The Halls of Ivy: THE MUMMY NAPPERS
08Feb55 CBS
Dr. Hall is both private eye and accessory after the fact when the
prized campus mummy is missing from the museum. [JB]

[18] The Halls of Ivy: NOTE THE QUOTE
15Feb55 CBS
Guest Cast:
Robert Nichols (as Bradley, the soda jerk at the college hangout)
When a radio quiz program comes to the campus for a broadcast, its
producers seek the two most intelligent persons to appear as panelists.
Their choices are Dr. William Todhunter Hall and Mr. Bradley Bartlett

[19] The Halls of Ivy: FACULTY FOLLIES part I
22Feb55 CBS
The faculty of Ivy decides to stage a variety show to raise funds to
send the Ivy Players, the student drama group, on a nation-wide tour.
Tonight's drama concerns the preparations for the big event. [JB]

[20] The Halls of Ivy: FACULTY FOLLIES part II
1Mar55 CBS
It's the night of the "Faculty Follies."
Among the performers are:
"Vicky," in numbers she did on the London stage;
"Toddy," in a dramatic monologue about "The Three Blind Mice;"
and Professor Warren in a cornet solo. [JB]

8Mar55 CBS
Dr. Hall tries to find some way to prevent the forced retirement of
Professor Warren who has reached the compulsory retirement age. [JB]

[22] The Halls of Ivy: STOLEN FIRST EDITION
15Mar55 CBS
It's too good to be true when Vicky picks up a rare first edition for
under a dollar. [JB]

22Mar55 CBS
Guest Cast:
Gladys Hollan (as Student)
The Halls don't quite get what they expected when they ask a beautiful
French exchange student to write a comparison of the U.S. and the
French University campus. [JB]

[24] The Halls of Ivy: CALHOUN GADDY
29Mar55 CBS
Guest Cast:
Jimmy Weldon (as Calhoun Gaddy)
A Southern student of rather advanced age causes a campus uproar when
he learns that he's been made a father for the fifth time. [JB]

[25] The Halls of Ivy: THE OLDEST ALUMNUS
05Apr55 CBS
Guest Cast:
Erville Alderson (as Alumnus)
There's an elaborate founder's day fete for the oldest alumnus of Ivy
College. The members of the commette for the day sense that a huge
endowment is in the offering. [JB]

[26] The Halls of Ivy: SCANDAL
12Apr55 CBS
Guest Cast:
Maurice Marsac, Melinda Markey, Byron Foulger and Tamar Cooper.
Dr. Hall pays little attention to the gossipy barber's story of a
romance between the new Latin professor and one of his students. But
Clarence Wellman does and it takes Dr. Hall's calm hand to settle the
tongues. [JB]

[27] The Halls of Ivy: THE GANGSTER
19Apr55 CBS
The Halls of Ivy are a little less hallowed during the visit of the
notorious gangster Julius "Kid Gloves" Coster. He's come to find out
why his nephew's been taken off the football team. [JB]

[28] The Halls of Ivy: F. CANIS MINOR
26Apr55 CBS
As the new school year begins, the students and faculty discover that
there are far too many pupils per professor on Ivy's campus. The
students have a unique plan for proving their point, that the average
pupil can go unnoticed in a crowded classroom. [JB]

03May55 CBS
It is most unfortunate that the emissaries from the Fountaine
Foundation arrive at Ivy College during "hell week." The visitors are
looking for a respectable school to which to give an endowment. [JB]

[30] The Halls of Ivy: PROFESSOR GRIMES
10May55 CBS
Wellman is furious, he's discovered that Ivy's newest faculty member
is guilty of a serious crime-he hasn't had anything published in the
past five years! Dr. Hall and his wife try to intervene. [JB]

17May55 CBS
The elderly Professor Royce, who taught Dr. Hall during his undergrad
days, returns after man years in retirement in the South of France.
Chairman of the Board Wellman fears the old man will prove a liability
to the school. [JB]

[32] The Halls of Ivy: THE HONOR STUDENT
24May55 CBS
Guest Cast:
Carol Brannon (as Dale Anderson)
Dale Anderson has just been elected to Ivy's honor society has an
admission to make to Dr. Hall. She never graduated from school. The
rules say she should be expelled at once. [JB]

31May55 CBS
Dr. Hall tries to solve the problem of a student named Jerry Carter
who wishes to change classes because he doesn't like the professor.
Somehow, his efforts also help out the maid, Alice. [JB]

[34] The Halls of Ivy: THE VOICE OF IVY'S VINE
07Jun55 CBS
The campus traffic problem is highlighted by the gossip columnist on
the college radio station. She intimates that Chairman of the Board
Wellman has refused to pay a fine for a traffic violation. [JB]

[35] The Halls of Ivy: MAXWELL'S COMET
14Jun55 CBS
Guest Cast:
Jay Novello (as Maxwell)
The discovery of a "new" comet by the Ivy College astronomy department
saves the department from being shut down because only one student is
enrolled in it. [JB]

[36] The Halls of Ivy: DR. SPATZEN
21Jun55 CBS
Guest Cast:
Sig Ruman (as Dr. Spatzen)
Chairman of the Board Wellman is excited about his latest candidate
for the Ivy faculty, the eminent psychologist Dr. Spatzen. Dr. Hall
is a little suspicious of the so-called famous man. [JB]

[37] The Halls of Ivy: HOODLUISM
28Jun55 CBS
Guest Cast:
James Flavin, Jeff York (as the students)
The Halls are surprised and deeply disturbed to learn that two of
Ivy's best students have been arrested for "breaking and entering"
a theater. [JB]

[38] The Halls of Ivy: (title unknown)
05Jul55 CBS Tuesday
A faculty member inadvertently tells Dr. Hall that the Dean of women
has criticized they way in which the college is being run. Dr. Hall
and his wife are worried by the news. [JB]

"The Halls of Ivy" moves from Tuesday to Thursday beginning 14Jul55 on CBS
14Jul55 No information available
21Jul55    Rerun of "Note the Quote" (original air date 15Feb55)
28Jul55    No information available
04Aug55    Rerun of "Professor Barrett's Play" (original air date 23Nov54)
11Aug55    Rerun of "Dinner Guest" (original air date 09Nov54)
18Aug55    Rerun of "Professor Hall's Baby" (original air date 02Nov54)
25Aug55    Rerun of "Professor Warren's Novel" (original air date 26Oct54)
01Sep55    Rerun of "Professor Warren's Romance" (original air date 28Dec54)
08Sep55    No information available
15Sep55    No information available
22Sep55    Rerun of "Scandal" (original air date 12Apr55)
29Sep55    Rerun of "The Gangster" (original air date 19Apr55)

############## The Halls of Ivy ##############
################# the end ##################

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