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 Season 6 (CBS) (1953-54)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox
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############## season 6 1953-54 ##############
############### (final season) ###############

CBS Tuesdays 9:30-10:00pm Eastern

6.01 [--] Suspense: PARADISE JUNCTION
01Sep1953 CBS Tue
written by Meade Roberts
Tod Andrews
Dorothy Donahue
The story of a traveling circus and its unhappy owner. [RF]
*NOTE: Actual sideshow acts are featured, a fire eater, the strong man and the tattooed man.

6.02 [--] Suspense: REIGN OF TERROR
08Sep1953 CBS Tue
written by Michael Dyne
Leonard Barry
Peter Capell
Rose Stradner
An innocent woman is sentenced to death during the French Revolution. [RF]

6.03 [--] Suspense: THE DARKEST NIGHT
Written by Manya Starr ("The Runaway")
15Sep1953 CBS Tue
Sally Forrest
Murder and blackmail ruin a bride-to-be's bridal shower. [RF]

6.04 [--] Suspense: THE RIDDLE OF MAYERLING
22Sep1953 CBS Tue
written by Michael Dyne
Viveca Lindfors ... Maria Vetsera
Christopher Plummer
Ross Martin
Lilia Skala ....... Countess Larisch
A dramatic adaptation of the famous and true story of a commoner's ill-fated romance with the Archduke Rudolph
of Hapsburg. Maria Vetsera the young patriot whose love for Rudolph inspires him to join the movement to free
Hungary from the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1881. The romantic scenes and suspensful in its depiction of the struggle
between Rudolph and the Austrian prime minister which reaches a climax in the royal hunting lodge at Mayerling. [RF]

6.05 [--] Suspense: THE SISTERS
29Sep1953 CBS Tue
written by William K. Wells
Judith Evelyn
Martha Scott
The play tells the tragic tale of a pair of recluses whose lives are brought into focus for the first time
after years of frustration and jealousy. [RF]

6.06 [--] Suspense: DEATH AT SKIRKERUD POND
06Oct1953 CBS Tue
written by James P. Cavanagh
Narrated by Quentin Reynolds
The story of a tense trial in Norway when a jury was asked to remember what it was like in their homeland
during the war. The actual verdict is revealed at the end of the program. [RF]

*NOTE: It's a true incident of Word War 2, posing a question to the viewing audience was it murder or
patriotism when two members of the Norwegian underground killed their own countrymen to prevent exposure
of the resistance movement.

6.07 [--] Suspense: THE ACCOUNTING
13Oct1953 CBS Tue
written by Ben Radin
Based on the story "L'Honneur" by Emile Zola
Everett Sloane
Joseph Anthony
The story of a corrupt supply captain, son of an illustrious military hero and a fiercely loyal major who
challenges him to a duel to preserve the family's honor. Involved in the captain's peccadillos are a temptress
for whom he forges butcher's receipts and his young son who is being groomed for entrance into St. Cyr. France's
West Point. [RF]

6.08 [--] Suspense: THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS
20Oct1953 CBS Tue
Written by Lois Jacoby
Herbert Berghof
Jack Livesey
The tense story of an archeological expedition searching for the tomb of King Tutmose. They finally find it
and its treasures untouched; but then the curse of the Pharaoh on anyone defiling his tombs sacred precincts
begin to strike. [RF]

6.09 [--] Suspense: THE OTHERS
27Oct1953 CBS Tue
written by Richard Lortz
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Hugh Reilly
Doreen Lang
Roni Dengel
Donny Bilworth
A young married woman who with her husband revisits a newly bought country estate during a blizzard and is
terrified to see a ghostly family occupying the place. The hallucinations resolve into an ironic twist of fate. [RF]

6.10 [--] Suspense: THE INTERRUPTION
03Nov1953 CBS Tue
written by Denis Green
Cedric Hardwicke
Evelyn Varden
An English gentleman gloats over the murder of his wife only to learn that his evil housekeeper knows his secret. [RF]

6.11 [--] Suspense: NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK
(Back to the Mines, Boys written by Paul Monash)
10Nov1953 CBS Tue
Teleplay by Paul Monash
Based on Walter Karig's book "Battle Report"
Lee Marvin
Edwin Cooper
Ross Martin
The behind-the-scenes story of how the U. S. Navy ferreted out the secret of Communist minefields in Wonsan Harbor.
Central figure in this account is a courageous officer who went behind enemy lines to get information which
enabled minesweepers to clear the way for the safe landing of 22,000 Marines. [RF]

*NOTE: The sponsors will devote its middle commercial time to the first public showing of official films of the
Navy's latest guided missiles and research.

6.12 [--] Suspense: THE NEWCOMER
17Nov1953 CBS Tue
written by Robert Skutch
Zachary Scott
Jane Sutherland
A story of a brash stranger in a small Western town who changes his ways when arrested for the murder of a local belle.[RF]

6.13 [--] Suspense: MY SHORT WALK TO FREEDOM
24Nov1953 CBS Tue
written by James P. Cavanagh
Joseph Anthony
John Baragrey
Nehemiah Persoff
A Hungarian patriot escapes from a Communist concentration camp by simply walking out. Geza Garamy plans his
escape. He slugs a guard, puts on his uniform, then joins a group of off-duty soldiers strolling through the
front gate on their way to a night of revelry in nearby Budapest. Safely arriving in his home in that city,
Garamy must then achieve the most difficult part of his flight to freedom, evading the inevitable search for
him and getting safely out of the city. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A fugitive from a Russian concentration camp is cornered in his Budapest home and disguises himself and his
brother to try a get beyond the Iron Curtain. [RF]

6.14 [--] Suspense: LAUGH IT OFF
01Dec1953 CBS Tue
Teleplay by Philip Barry Jr. and Lorenzo Semple Jr.
Story by Charlotte Armstrong
Dick Haymes
A kindly young man believes a girl's story that she is marked for murder and risks his life to save her,
despite warnings from friends that she is a habitual liar and thrill-seeker. [RF]

6.15 [--] Suspense: DAY NEVER CAME
08Dec1953 CBS Tue
written by Ben Radin
Charles Korvin
An imprisoned spy faces trial and plots to kill the only witness against him. [RF]

15Dec1953 CBS Tue
Written by Michael Dyne
Jack Palance
The weird tragedy of a monstrous mechanical chess player, based on the adventures of Count Alessandro di
Cagliostro, 18th Century Italian magician is dramatized.
The story is set in Poland where the cunning magician inveigles King Stanislaus into a chess game with his
mechanical genius. Meanwhile Cagliostro's intriguing carries him into a love affair with a beautiful countess
who agrees to run away with him bringing her jewels of course. The secret of the chess player is revealed
as Cagliostro sets the stage for his greatest coup: a triumph over the chess loving King and a midnight flight
with the Countess. But the charlatan underestimates his opponent, for the King's encyclopedic knowledge of
chess proves to be the magician's downfall. [RF]

6.17 [--] Suspense: THE GIFT OF FEAR
22Dec1953 CBS Tue
written by James P. Cavanagh
Paul Hartman
Dennis O'Keefe
Pud Flanagan
A little boy in a department store and a night watchman who likes toys better than people are featured in this
odd Christmas tale. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A youngster while visiting toyland, is warned by his mother that bad little boys get locked in dark closets
by watchmen.
Later that day the boy slips out of his home and goes back to the story to buy his mother a Christmas gift.
He is locked in and suddenly confronted in the toy department by the man he had been warned against. Terrified,
the boy tries to get away, leading to a suspenseful sequence against a background of toys. [RF]

6.18 [--] Suspense: MR. NOBODY
29Dec1953 CBS Tue
written by Richard Lortz
Constance Bennett
Art Carney
A wealthy vicious woman turns a good-hearted but naive tramp into a pawn in her evil plans. [RF]

6.19 [--] Suspense: DIAMONDS IN THE SKY
05Jan1954 CBS Tue
written by John Clare
Annabella ......... Nina Marrais
Eddie Garr
Jackson Young
A gang of smugglers, diamonds and a beautiful woman add up to trouble for the pilot on a trans-Atlantic flight.[RF]
Synopsis 2:
Beautiful Nina Marrais formerly of the French underground gets involved with an American airline pilot and
involves him with a gang of gems smugglers on his route from Paris to Montreal.
*NOTE: French star Annabella first television appearance.

6.20 [--] Suspense: THE SCRAP IRON CURTAIN
12Jan1954 CBS Tue
written by Reginald Lawrence
Bart Burns ........ Baclav Uhlik
Dramatization of the true story of Baclav Uhlik, a Czech machinist who built an armored car, and last July
transported his wife, two children and four friends to the town of Waldmuenchen in the Western zone of Germany.[RF]

*NOTE: Presented in conjunction with Radio Free Europe.

6.21 [--] Suspense: THE HUNTED
19Jan1954 CBS Tue
Written by Ben Radin
John Archer
Augusta Dabney
Helmut Dantine
The second wife of a ski-lodge owner suspects her husband of the murder of his first wife.[RF]

6.22 [--] Suspense: AN AFFAIR WITH A GHOST
26Jan1954 CBS Tue
written by Ben Radin
Darren McGavin
Felicia Montealegre
A dead French underground leader returns to save a band of hostages when a Nazi collaborator goes back on his promise.[RF]

6.23 [--] Suspense: THE MAN WHO WOULDN'T TALK
02Feb1954 CBS Tue
Written by Paul Monash
Narrated by Quentin Reynolds
Harry Townes ...... George DuPre
Peter Capell
Stefan Schnabel
Karen Price
A drama based on the hoax of Canadian George DuPre, who claimed service in the French underground as a British
intelligence officer during World War II. [RF]

*NOTE: DuPre told an exciting and completely credible story to Reynolds. He said that he was a British
Intelligence agent who underwent fiendish tortures at the hands of the Nazis in Trance during World War 2.
Despite this he refused to reveal his identity and his work to the Gestapo.
Reynolds published a book relating the brave man's great work. Alter it'hit the stands. It was discovered
that the whole yarn was a figment of DuPre's imagination, DuPre was unmasked by a Calgary newspaperman
Douglas Collins.
George DuPre perpetrated the greatest hoax of modern times; and managed to "take in" world-famed Quentin
Reynolds as well as Bennett Cerf, astute publisher of Random House books.
The "Suspense" tale will show how the hoax was discovered and Reynolds will explain, at the end of the show,
what made a man like DuPre make up such a fantastic and believable story.
Quentin Reynolds had published the story he wrote about Dupre's story to November's Reader's Digest and then
published an apology for having presented pure-fiction.

6.24 [--] Suspense: THE MOONSTONE
09Feb1954 CBS Tue
Teleplay by Michael Dyne
Story by Wilkie Collins
Phyllis Kirk
Noel Leslie
A young girl inherits a collection of Far Eastern gems from her eccentric uncle. Among them is "The Moonstone,"
on which, she is told, there is a powerful curse. [RF]
*NOTE: This was the first detective story ever written.

6.25 [--] Suspense: THE EXECUTION
16Feb1954 CBS Tue
written by James P. Cavanagh
story by Faith Baldwin
Joseph Anthony
Katharine Bard
After a War department telegram reveals her son's heroic death in battle unseals the lips of a mother involved
in a 10-year-old tragedy involving her brutal husband. [RF]

6.26 [--] Suspense: DEATH OF THE SCREEN
23Feb1954 CBS Tue
written by James P. Cavanagh
Don Hanmer
Paul Langton
A frantic wife sits by her TV set, watching a public dinner where
a deranged man is getting ready to kill her husband. [RF]

6.27 [--] Suspense: I DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR
02Mar1954 CBS Tue
written by James P. Cavanagh
Nancy Kelly
Royal Dano
The story of the first woman juror in the United States in 1870 Laramie, Wyoming. A woman finds the man she
is to marry has been killed and the killer acquitted. Two more killings take place and she starts a crusade
that ends up with women on the jury. [RF]

*NOTE: The Mystery Writers of America, through it's executive vice president Will Oursler presents a special
award to "Suspens" in recognition of the program's contribution to the field of mystery and suspense writing.

6.28 [--] Suspense: BEFORE THE ACT
09Mar1954 CBS Tue
written by Ben Radin
Jeffrey Lynn
Jo Van Fleet
A young bank official is the intended scapegoat of a carefully designed plan to rob the vault of $100,000.
The plan is the brain child of the secretary of the embezzling bank president. [RF]

6.29 [--] Suspense: THE FOURTH DEGREE
16Mar1954 CBS Tue
written by Frank P. DeFelitta
Joseph Wiseman
Irene Cowan
Police try to get a confession without using the third degree. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A psychiatrist makes a weird experiment in a last ditch attempt to get a key witness in a homicide case to talk.[RF]

6.30 [--] Suspense: THE TENTH REUNION
23Mar1954 CBS Tue
Teleplay by Ellen Violett
Based on the novel "Whatever Happened to Daisy Ward?" by Augusta Rodgers.
Patricia Barry ... Daisy
John Dall ........ Ernest
Margaret Hayes
A college reunion crowd discover that one of the gang has been missing since graduation. Those present
have had reasons to do away with her.

6.31 [--] Suspense: TORMENT
30Mar1954 CBS Tue
written by Michael Dyne
Martin Kosleck .... Hagen
Luise Rainer
The wife of a condemned prisoner races against time to save him by appealing to his old friend, the
police chief of an Iron Curtain country. [RF]

[--] Suspense: THE OPEN TRANSOM
06Apr1954 CBS Tue [postponed]
written by James P. Cavanagh

Auto-Lite kills -"Suspense" for one time only tonight in order to present the "Easter. Parade of Stars"
from the automobile show in New York.
Featured on the KNXT (2) program at 9:30 will be Denise Lor, Peggy Ann Garner, Ann Rutherford, Buff Cobb,
Roxanne, Mary Sinclair, Eva Gabor, Miss America Evelyn Margaret Ay, Nancy Olson and hostess Irene Dunne.

6.32 [--] Suspense: OPERATION: BARRACUDA
13Apr1954 CBS Tue
written by Von Stuart
Frank Marth ...... Lt. Captain Richter
Otto Preminger ... Captain von Weissenborn
Dana Wynter ...... Patricia Richter
A German U-Boat Captain crashes his vessel along the Atlantic coast at the end of World War II. He and
his lieutenant escape the sinking vessel which contains the personal fortune of Nazi leader Herman Goering.
An attempted salvage years later turns into a bloodfest. [RF]

6.33 [--] Suspense: THE RETURN JOURNEY
20Apr1954 CBS Tue
Art Carney
Kay Medford
A window washer is tempted by an unguarded amount of money and realizes the error in his judgement
all too soon. [RF]

6.34 [--] Suspense: THE TERROR BEGINS
27Apr1954 CBS Tue
Teleplay by Paul Monash
Based on the book "The Secret History of Stalin's Crimes" by Alexander Orlov
Stefan Schnabel .. Stalin
Everett Sloane ... Nikolayev
Ben Astar
The story of how Stalin held a grip on the Russian people after assassinating S.M. Kirov. [RF]

6.35 [--] Suspense: SMOKE
04May1954 CBS Tue
Teleplay by Gore Vidal
Based on the story by William Faulkner
E.G. Marshall
George Mitchell
The residents of a sleepy southern town are convinced that a crotchety landowner was murdered by one of
his twin sons. The local prosecutor, however, has no evidence to charge his chief suspect with the crime.
That's when he sets a trap involving a safe deposit box and cigar smoke. [RF]

6.36 [--] Suspense: OPERATION: NIGHTMARE
11May1954 CBS Tue
written by James P. Cavanagh
Anne Burr ....... Ann Bernatitus
Douglas Rodgers
Dramatization of the heroics of nurse Ann Bernatitus during the Battle of Bataan is told. [RF]

6.37 [--] Suspense: BREAKOUT
18May1954 CBS Tue
written by George Bellak
Anthony Ross
A prison riot breaks out and a guard is taken hostage. The inmates want the keys to the main gate in
exchange for the guard. [RF]

6.38 [--] Suspense: FINGERPRINT
25May1954 CBS Tue
John Emery
A true story taken from the cases of Alfonse Bertillon, chief of the Identification Bureau of the Paris Police in
the early 1900's. Bertillon invented the first system of crime detection through the use of physical features.[RF]

6.39 [--] Suspense: RACE AGAINST MURDER
01Jun1954 CBS Tue
written by Ben Radin
A young doctor leaves his practice to find a cure for polio after watching his patients suffer. [RF]

6.40 [--] Suspense: NORTH SIDE
08Jun1954 CBS Tue
Adapted by Stanley Niss
Based on a magazine article by George Barrett called, "Dial LE 4-6466 for Murder"
Edward Binns
The true story of the workings of a New York homicide squad as it goes about the solution of a brutal murder. [RF]

6.41 [--] Suspense: THE PISTOL SHOT
15Jun1954 CBS Tue
Hurd Hatfield
Dana Wynter
An Army Captain wants revenge on a fellow officer in 19th century Russia. The young Captain has bested
him in cards and love. [RF]

6.42 [--] Suspense: STRING
22Jun1954 CBS Tue
Harry Townes .... Douglas Stringfellow
Jack Lord
Richard Merrill
A thirty man secret unit started by President Roosevelt during World War II is captured and tortured at
the Belsen concentration camp before escaping, this is their story. [RF]

6.43 [--] Suspense: THE HUNTED
29Jun1954 CBS Tue
Producer David Heilwell
written by Ben Radin
Directed by Robert Mulligan
Settings John Ward
Music Billy Halle
Ward Bond ....... Bill Meeker
John Kerr ....... Derek
Jane DuFrayne ... Sylvia Mason
Steve Parker .... John Mason
After a wild game is caught with killing animals at a wildlife refuge, the game warden sentences him to a
ten minute head start and three bullets as he becomes the target in "The Hunt". [RF]

6.44 [--] Suspense: THE GIRL IN CAR THIRTY-TWO
06Jul1954 CBS Tue
written by Thomas Walsh
Edie Adams
Gene Barry
An investigator puts his life in danger after he falls for the woman he is tailing. [RF]

6.45 [--] Suspense: CONVERSATIONS AT AN INN
13Jul1954 CBS Tue
written by Michael Dyne
Jacques Aubuchon
Mildred Natwick
Maria Riva
A bicyclist makes up fantastic tales of murder on "clues" she finds along her rides. She tells an elaborate
tale when she finds a shoe and a lighter which is very close to the truth. [RF]

6.46 [--] Suspense: ONCE A KILLER
20Jul1954 CBS Tue
Adapted for television by James P. Cavanagh
Based on a story by Gertrude Schweitzer
Martin E. Brooks
Lenka Peterson
Michael Strong
A woman's faith in a hoodlum is destroyed when the police prevail upon her to get him to surrender. [RF]

6.47 [--] Suspense: MAIN FEATURE: DEATH
(aka Weekend Special: Death)
27Jul1954 CBS Tue
written by Frank DeFelitta
Nina Foch
A woman gets locked in an empty theater by mistake and encounters a pair of killers who break in to rob the safe. [RF]

6.48 [--] Suspense: THE LAST STAND
03Aug1954 CBS Tue
written by George Bellak
Pat Hingle
Joan Lorring
A would-be recluse's best friend discovers gold on his land. He realizes his only security is his friend's
death but he is thwarted in the effort of murder by some fast-traveling news. [RF]

6.49 [--] Suspense: THE IRON COP
10Aug1954 CBS Tue
written by Frank DeFelitta
Ray Walston
J. Pat O'Malley
Sara Seegar
A policeman is about to reture when his niece is murdered. He resolves to find the killer but has to pit his
wits against an "electronic brain" to do so. [RF]

6.50 [--] Suspense: BARN BURNING (final episode)
17Aug1954 CBS Tue
Producer David Heilweil
Teleplay by Gore Vidal
Based on William Faulkner's short story
Directed by Robert Mulligan
E.G. Marshall ..... Abner Snopes
Beatrice Straight.. Mrs. de Spain
Peter Cookson ..... Major de Spain
Charles Taylor .... Boy
James Reese ....... Justice of the Peace
A mentally incapacitated war hero seeks revenge against society. [RF]

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################### the end ##################

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