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 Season 3 (NBC) (1951-52)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox
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######### Robert Montgomery Presents #########

############## season 3 1951-52 ##############


 NBC Mondays 9:30 pm (Hour Long)

  alternated with  "Somerset Maugham Theatre"  (season 3) 


3.01 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: BUBBLES

10-Sep-1951 Original airdate


Richard Derr

Denise Alexander

J. Pat O'Malley


3.01 [--] Somerset Maugham TV Theatre: THE MOTHER

17-Sep-1951  NBC Mon


3.02 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: I AM STILL ALIVE

 24-Sep-1951 Original airdate


Audra Lindley

Donald Woods

Judith Parrish

Hollis Irving
Arthur Hanson
John McGovern
When a woman rear-ends another driver, he loses consciousness

and she searches his person for identification, they only clue leads

 her to suspect that he is a spy. [RF]


3.02 [--] Somerset Maugham TV Theatre: GRACE

01-Oct-1951  NBC Mon


3.03 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: TO WALK THE NIGHT

08-Oct-1951 Original airdate


Geraldine Fitzgerald

John Baragrey

Frank Rowan
Viola Roche
Don Briggs
Matt Briggs
Alan MacAteer
A scientist believes another scientists death to be murder.


3.03 [--] Somerset Maugham TV Theatre: MASQUERADE

15-Oct-1951  NBC Mon


3.04 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: I WOULDN'T WANT TO BE IN YOUR SHOES

22-Oct-1951 Original airdate


Katherine Squire

Vaughn Taylor

James Milhollin
Harry Worth
George Kluge
Jack Arthur
Ralph Hertz


3.04 [--] Somerset Maugham TV Theatre: THE FALL OF EDWARD BERNARD

29-Oct-1951  NBC Mon


3.05 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: AN INSPECTOR CALLS

05-Nov-1951 Original airdate


Herbert Marshall

Faith Brook

Sarah Marshall
Jennifer Raine
Isolbe Elsom

Notes: Adapted from the play by J.B. Priestley.


3.05 [--] Somerset Maugham TV Theatre: BEFORE THE PARTY

12-Nov-1951  NBC Mon


3.06 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE KIMBALLS

19-Nov-1951 Original airdate


Boris Karloff

Vanessa Brown

Richard Waring
Louis Sorin
Jo Graham
Pat Malone
Ruth Maynard


3.06 [--] Somerset Maugham TV Theatre: HOME AND BEAUTY

26-Nov-1951  NBC Mon


3.07 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: TOP SECRET

03-Dec-1951 Original airdate

Sponsor: Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Director: Norman Felton

Writer: Thomas W. Phipps


Robert Montgomery ......... Mr. Ward

Elizabeth Montgomery ......... Susan Ward

Margaret Phillips ........ Maria Dorne

James Van Dyk ....... Edmund Gerry

John D. Seymour ....... Dawson

Patrick O'Neal ....... Brooks

Reese Taylor ....... General Connors

Edward Harvey ....... Ambassador

Joseph Holland ........ Rex

Anthony Dawson

A foreign service agent takes his daughter to a country

 nearing a revolution to the mission that he is to run.
Notes: This was Elizabeth Montgomery's TV debut

and the first time a story was written directly for the series.


3.07 [--] Somerset Maugham TV Theatre: SMITH SERVES (final episode)

10-Dec-1951  NBC Mon


3.08 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: A CHRISTMAS GIFT

17-Dec-1951 Original airdate


Cast: Jean Pierre Aumont


 3.09 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE FARMER'S HOTEL

07-Jan-1952  Original airdate


Thomas Mitchell


3.10 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: CASHEL BYRON'S PROFESSION

14-Jan-1952  Original airdate

directed by Norman Felton


Charlton Heston

June Lockhart

Melville Cooper

J. Pat O'Malley
Robert Coote
Miriam Stovall


3.11 [--] Robert Montgomery presents:  THE TENDER MAN

21-Jan-1952  Original airdate


Skip Homeier

Jean Gillespie

Anthony Ross


3.12 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: EVA? CAROLINE?

28-Jan-1952  Original airdate

Sponsor: Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Director: Norman Felton

Writer: Thomas W. Phipps

prod #52-504


Richard Carlson

Jayne Meadows

Raymond Bramley

Frederic Worlock

John Harvey

Viola Roache


A tale of deception between twins.

Notes: Adapted from Allan Vaughan Elston short story.


3.13 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: RISE UP AND WALK

04-Feb-1952  Original airdate


Kim Hunter

Lloyd Bridges


3.14 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE MOONSTONE

11-Feb-1952 Original airdate


Richard Greene

Stella Andrew

Noel Leslie
Alexander Clark
Leslie Harris


3.15 [--]  Robert Montgomery presents. THOSE IN FAVOR

18-Feb-1952 Original airdate

[1952-02-25] (Gianakos has this date) 

a Robert Montgomery production ; producer, Robert Montgomery ;

director-writer, Norman Felton. 

  Source: From a play by Christopher Mayhew.


     Raymond Massey

Herbert Berghof

Robert Emhardt

Kurt Katch

    Stuart McIntosh

Martin Brandt

Guy Sorel

Will Hussung

    Francois Grimard

Hosted by Robert Montgomery.


Cold War political drama about an episode in a U.N. meeting in

Paris, and the relationship between the U.S. and Soviet delegates.

  Contents:  Commercials: Lucky Strike Cigarettes -- Johnson's Wax.

  Broadcast on NBC.


3.16 [--]  Robert Montgomery presents. STORM

25-Feb-1952 Original airdate

 (Gianakos has 01Jun53) possibly rerun/restaged

 a Robert Montgomery production

 producer, Robert Montgomery

director-writer, Norman Felton. 

  Source: From a novel by George R. Stewart.


  Harry Eno

Bill Daniels

Frank Thomas Sr.

Addison Richards

Jean Stapleton
Jim Boles

Harry Sheppard

Elizabeth Ross

Kay Strozzi

Charles Eggleston

Ralph Dunn

Don Grusso

Hosted by Robert Montgomery.


Whitney Burke has named an unusual storm which has

started in the Pacific, 'Maria,' and follows it from beginning to end.

 We see how 'Maria' affects various people across the U.S. as

she moves from west to east, among them telephone linemen,

powerhouse workers, farmer, travelers, industrialists. A total cast

of 36 appears in the production, among them an unbilled Jean Stapleton.

  Contents:  Commercials: Lucky Strike Cigarettes -- Prevent forest fires.

  Broadcast on NBC. [UCLA]


3.14 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEORGE

03-Mar-1952 Original airdate


Leslie Nielsen

Jeffrey Lynn

Gaby Rodgers

An American soldier spends three birthdays overseas during World War II,

each birthday meeting a different girl. [RF]


3.15 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: GUARDIAN OF THE CLOCK

10-Mar-1952 Original airdate

Teleplay by Irving Gaynor Neiman
Based on the short story by Robert Zacks
Jack Hartley
Marcia Van Dyke
Helen Shields
A prank played by a maintenance man of a huge skyscraper

 clock changes the lives of several people. [RF]

3.16 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE WALL

17-Mar-1952 Original airdate

Based on Mary Robert Rinehart's thriller

Jane Wyatt

Douglass Montgomery

Nydia Westman

Joseph Boland
Ann Dere
Joan Chandler
Ethel Remy (as Ethel Everett)
Perry Wilson

A family in a decaying mansion and a murder lead to further intrigue. [RF]

3.17 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: CLAIRE AMBLER

24-Mar-1952  Original airdate


Peggy Ann Garner

Margalo Gillmore

Isobel Elsom
Gene Lyons
Alan Marshal
Zolya Talma
Anthony Dawson

Stan Shayne
A 1920's flapper, whose belief in her father's morality is suddenly

shattered and she starts a confused pattern of revenge. [RF]


3.18 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: SEE NO EVIL

31-Mar-1952  Original airdate


Tom Ewell

Betty Field

A man finds himself and his family the objects of gangland

vengeance just because he saw a murder. [RF]


3.19 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: O EVENING STAR

07-Apr-1952  Original airdate


Fay Bainter

Gene Raymond
Robert H. Harris
A once-famous actress who tries to rise to the top of her profession once again. [RF]

3.20 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: OPERATION HITCHHIKE

14-Apr-1952  Original airdate


June Lockhart

The story tells of a Red Cross hostess and three GI hitchhikers who

might possibly be German soldiers during wartime France. [RF]


3.21 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: AND NEVER COME BACK

21-Apr-1952  Original airdate


 Teresa Wright

Mike Kellin

Audra Lindley

Adele Newton
Parker Fennelly
Stuart Macintosh
Two former wives of a man strive to outdo each other

to regain their former husband. [RF]


3.22 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE TRUTH ABOUT BLAYDS

28-Apr-1952  Original airdate

Adapted from the play by A.A. Milne.


Robert Cummings (Guest Host)

Anna Lee

Leslie Barry

Romney Brent

Isobel Elsom

Michael McAloney
A venerated poet for 60 years finally confesses that he

did not write the poetry he is credited with. [RF]


3.23 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE LONELY

05-May-1952 Original airdate

Based on Paul Gallico's war story

Robert Sterling

Leueen McGrath

Dorothy Peterson


3.24 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: LILA, MY LOVE

12-May-1952 Original airdate


Robert Cummings

Gaby Rodgers

A man is forced to change his passive viewpoint of love or give up his girl. [RF]


3.25 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE LONGEST NIGHT

19-May-1952 Original airdate


Joan Caufield

John Newland

Eva Condon

Alice Frost

A promising concert pianist is guided by her ambitious

mother into rejecting the man she loves. [RF]


3.26 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE RINGMASTER

26-May-1952 Original airdate

Written by Keith Winter
Vincent Price
Anna Lee
Paul Lukas
A former actor who was crippled at the beginning of a brilliant career now

runs an inn and takes delight in cruelly influencing the lives of his guests. [RF]

3.27[--] Robert Montgomery presents: CANDLES FOR THERESE

02-Jun-1952 Original airdate

Based on I.A.R. Wylie's story

Grace Kelly ..... Therese

Robert Sterling

Jacques Aubuchon
Nils Asther
Marcel Hillaire
A tale of hatred and suspicion in a war-ravaged French village. [RF]

3.28 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: PENNY

09-Jun-1952 Original airdate

Sponsor: Johnson's Wax

Writer: Emily Kimbrough


Joanne Woodward ....... Penny

Walter Abel ....... Father

Anne Seymour

The harassed but patient father of a distraught 15-year-old

daughter causes drama in her family. [RF]
Notes: Based on the New York Herald Tribune comic strip "Penny".

*Note: This was Joanne Woodward's television debut.


3.29 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: OF LENA GEYER

16-Jun-1952 Original airdate

 Adapted from the 1936 novel by Marcia Davenport.


Mimi Benzell ..... Lena Geyer

Cameron Prud'Homme

Anthony Dawson

A gifted young woman who wins acclaim for her voice

 but fights a losing battle with love. [RF]


3.30 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: TIL NEXT WE MEET

23-Jun-1952 Original airdate


Barbara Britton

James Daly

Roland Winters

A rich girl has difficulty in convincing her hard-boiled boyfriend

 that she can love him despite social differences.[RF]


3.31 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: KING OF THE CASTLE

30-Jun-1952 Original airdate


Melville Cooper

J. Pat O'Malley
Frederic Worlock
Robert Coote

Leslie Barrie
Francis Compton
Rex O'Malley

The last descendant of a line of Scottish lords takes precautions

 to escape a curse that has plagued his family. [RF]


3.32[--] Robert Montgomery presents: SHEPPY
07-Jul-1952 Original airdate

(postponed from 18Feb52)
Written by Norman Felton

Directed by Norman Felton

Melville Cooper

Geraldine Fitzgerald
Robert Coote


An English barber wins the Irish Sweepstakes and decides

to spread his wealth around to those less fortunate. [RF]

3.33 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: THE CATBIRD SEAT
14Jul1952 Original airdate
Based on James Thurber's novel
John Newland
Vaughn Taylor
Margaret Hayes

Erwin Martin has been an exemplary and respected head of the filing department

for the past 30 years in the advertising agency of "Fitweiler and Schlosser". [RF]

 Robert Montgomery presents pre-empted for Convention broadcasting

3.35 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: ADVICE TO THE LOVELORN
28Jul1952 Original airdate
Margaret Hayes
Vaughn Taylor
John Newlandynopsis:
A newspaper publisher has no time for romance and tries to get his paper's

 "Advice to the Lovelorn" column a try on a more scientific basis. [RF]


 3.36 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: MR. DOBIE TAKES A POWDER

04-Aug-1952 Original airdate

Sponsor: Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Director: Norman Felton

Writer: Mathilde and Theodore Ferro


John Newland

Margaret Hayes

Vaughn Taylor

Jack Lemmon

J. Pat O'Malley

Marjorie Eaton

Joseph Boland

Harrison Dowd

Charles Jordan

Rock Rogers

Jim McMahon

Harriet McGibbon

Helen Donaldson


Mr. Dobie, the extremely capable manager of the household furnishings section of

a department store, is upset when an efficiency expert is forced upon him.

 He rebels, but through a series of events, is rewarded for his loyalty to the

company and the efficiency expert is fired. [TA]

Synopsis 2:
The reliable, meticulous, autocratic Mr. Dobie who takes his first unauthorized

day off from his duties in a department store. He is embroiled in a barroom brawl,

an altercation with the police, and a new experience in life. [RF]


3.37 [--] Robert Montgomery presents:  SUMMER STORY
11-Aug-1952 Original airdate
Vaughn Taylor
John Newland
Margaret Hayes

A girl seeks a husband while on vacation at a summer resort. [RF]


3.38 [--] Robert Montgomery presents:  STAND-IN BRIDE
18-Aug-1952 Original airdate
John Newland
Vaughn Taylor
Margaret Hayes

A dressmaker's employee delivers a bridal gown and finds

herself playing decoy for the wedding party.[RF]


3.38 [--] Robert Montgomery presents: NOSTRADAMUS BERRY

25-Aug-1952 Original airdate


John Newland

Margaret Hayes

Vaughn Taylor

A man has the gift of being able to predict the future. [RF]

######### Robert Montgomery Presents #########
############## end of season 3 ###############

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