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 Season 1 (NBC) (1948-49)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Tom Alger,  Rina Fox
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######## Philco Television Playhouse ########
########### season 1 1948-49 ###############
NBC Sundays 9:00-10:00 (weekly)

[01] Philco Television Playhouse: DINNER AT EIGHT
Play by George S. Kaufman & Edna Ferber
Directed by Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Peggy Wood ..... Mrs. Oliver Jordan
Dennis King ...... Oliver Jordan
Mary Boland ..... Carlotta Vance
Royal Beal
Matt Briggs
Vicki Cummings
Judson Laire
Philip Loeb
Jane Seymour
Joyce Van Patten
Social-climbing Mrs. Oliver Jordan, whose husband's firm is in financial trouble, feels obligated to
reciprocate hospitality for a visiting British aristocratic couple by arranging a small dinner party.
The guests are chosen both to impress--a faded stage star, a well-known if over-the-hill alcoholic actor
--and to meet certain social obligations. This means the necessary inclusion of a philandering doctor
and his wife, and a gauche, nouveau-riche couple who are loathed but powerful.
The originally Broadway production of "Dinner at Eight" by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber opened
at the Music Box Thater on Octobeer 22, 1932 and ran for 232 performances.

[02] Philco Television Playhouse: REBECCA
Producer Fred Coe
Story by Daphne du Maurier
Directed by Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Mary Anderson ...... Mrs. de Winter
Bramwell Fletcher .. Maxim de Winter
Florence Reed ....... Mrs. Danvers
Brooding and moody Maxim de Winter returns from an extended trip to the continent with a young bride,
less than a year after the tragic death of hi first wife, Rebecca. The staff of Manderley, his country home,
including Mrs Danvers the housekeeper who rules over the house, are still devoted to their former mistress,
the socialite Rebecca and they find it difficult to accept the new, shy Mrs deWinter who is inexperienced
running a large home.

Rebecca Broadway debut January 18, 1945 closing February 1945 after 20 performances starred Bramwell Fletcher and Diana Barrymore.
Alfred Hitchcock directed the 1940 version starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine.
"Rebecca" episode of "Robert Montgomery Presents" aired May 22, 1950 starring Barbara Bel Geddes and Peter Cookson.
"Rebecca" episode of "Broadway Television Theatre" aired September 1, 1952 starring Patricia Breslin and Scott Forbes.

[03] Philco Television Playhouse: COUNSELLOR-AT-LAW
Producer Fred Coe
Play by Elmer Rice
Host Bert Lytell
Paul Muni ........ George Simon (his TV debut)
Olive Deering
An upscale Manhattan attorney torn between his greedy practices of insider trading and embezzlement and his
desire to help the working-class Jews from his old neighborhood.

[04] Philco Television Playhouse: ANGEL IN THE WINGS
Host Bert Lytell
Grace Hartman .... Nettie
Paul Hartman ..... Horace
Hank Ladd ........
A understudy for a stage show's star takes over when an accident circumvents the stars performance.
The understudy takes over and brings down the house.
Paul Hartman won the first Best Actor Tony musical Broadway performance of "Angel in the Wings".

[05] Philco Television Playhouse: STREET SCENE
Story by Elmer Rice
Host Bert Lytell
Betty Field ...... Rose
Erin O'Brien-Moore .. Anna
Abraham Kaplan lives with his family in a row house populated by a kaleidoscope of characters looking to break
out of poverty. Kaplan's revolutionary, socialist views grate against some of his neighbors.
The original Broadway production of "Street Scene" by Elmer Rice opened on January 10, 1929 at the Playhouse Theater,
ran for 601 performances and won the Pulitzer Prize in Drama in 1929.

[06] Philco Television Playhouse: THIS THING CALLED LOVE
Based on the play by Edwin J. Burke
Director Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Ralph Bellamy ...... Tice Collins (TV debut)
Peggy Conklin ...... Ann Winters
Hope Miller
Marta Linden
Reed Brown Jr.
Hiram Sherman
Ann Lee
Ernest Cossart
Ruth Carpenning
A professional couple marry and the wife insists on celibacy for three months to see if they really are compatible or not.
The husband tries to lure her with all kinds of excuses and tricks to the marital bed.

[07] Philco Television Playhouse: CAMILLE
Based on the story by Alexander Dumas
Host Bert Lytell
Judith Evelyn
John Alberts
Rex O'Malley
Edwin Jerome
Doris Rich
George Lambrose
Florence Eldridge
Roland Hogue
Bram Nossen
Timothy Lynn Kearse
Harry Worth
Helen Ray
Reesa Stevens
Camille, a beautiful courtesan and Armand Duval, a young man in the foreign service, are in love. Their relationship
jeopardizes his career and prevents the marriage of his sister into a "respectable"family, if Duval marries Camille.
Camille becomes ill and dies.
Camille Broadway debut December 9, 1853 starring Frederick B. Conway and Jean Davenport.
Camille 1921 silent film starred Rudolph Valentino, Alla Nazimova and Rex Cherryman.
Camille 1936 film directed by George Cukor starred Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor and Lionel Barrymore.
Camille episode of "Theatre of Romance" aired November 3, 1949 starring Ruth Ford, Malcolm Keen and Richard Hylton.
Camille episode of "Studio One" aired November 9, 1953 starring Michele Morgan, Frederick Worlock, Romney Brent and Arthur Franz.
Camille episode of "Kraft Theatre" aired December 1, 1954 starring Signe Hasso, Jacques Bergerac, Charles Andre and Lilia Skala.

[08] Philco Television Playhouse: AN INSPECTOR CALLS
Story by J.B. Priestley
Directed by Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Walter Abel
George Coulouris
Margery Maude
Oliver Thorndike
Naomi Campbell
Philip Saville
Jeanne MacIntryre
When Inspector Goole calls unexpectedly on the prosperous Birling family, his startling revelations not only shatter the very
foundations of their lives, but challenge us all to examine our consciences.
An Inspector Calls Broadway debut October 21, 1947 closing January 10, 1948 after 95 performances starred Thomas Mitchell,
Melville Cooper, John Merivale, Patricia Marmont and Doris Lloyd.
An Inspector Calls 1954 film starred Alastair Sim, Jane Wenham, Brian Worth and Eileen Moore.
An Inspector Calls episode of "Robert Montgomery Presents" aired November 5, 1951 starring Herbert Marshall and Faith Brook.

[09] Philco Television Playhouse: I LIKE IT HERE
Based on a play by A.B. Shiffrin
Oscar Karlweis ..... Willie Kringle
Bert Lytell ........ Sebastian Merriweather
Willie is a refugee, he works as a houseman at a professor's home. He's a sweet and lovable character even when he's
interfering in other people's lives. The Professor's daughter is in love with Brad a young lawyer and of course Willie
sees fit to give Brad all kinds of advice.
"I Like It Here" appeared on Broadway from March 22, 1946 until May 4, 1946 for 52 performances and also starred Bert Lytell and Oscar Karlweis.

[10] Philco Television Playhouse: SUSPECT
Writers Edward Percy, Reginald Denham
Director Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Ruth Chatterton
Bramwell Fletcher
Vaughn Taylor
Mary Orr
Louis Hector
Peg Mayo
Michael Duane
Louise Prussing
A Scotswoman some 20 years ago was accused of an ax murder and let off with the ignominious Scottish verdict of Not Proven.
She changes her name and lives down her past, but when her son becomes engaged, his fiancee's godfather spots the mother and
recognizes her. In his efforts to trap her, and hers not to be trapped trouble arises.
"Suspect" ran on Broadway from April 9, 1940 until May 4, 1940 for 31 performances.
"Suspect" was also an episode of "Broadway Television Theatre" on October 6, 1952 starring Florence Reed.

[11] Philco Television Playhouse: PARLOR STORY
Written by William McCleery
Director Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Edith Atwater ....... Marian Burnett
Dean Jagger ......... Charles Burnett
Walter Greaza
Paul Huber
Richard Noyes
Patricia Jenkins
Joan Gray
Frances Woodbury
An ambitious professor wants to become President of his University. He soon is so caught up in the political opportunism
of the State Governor, the wiles of an unscrupulous newspaper publisher and the parlor tricks of his own meddling wife.
"Parlor Story" ran from March 4, 1947 until March 22, 1947 for 23 performances on Broadway starring Edith Atwater and
Walter Abel in the lead roles.

[12] Philco Television Playhouse: A CHRISTMAS CAROL
Producer Fred Coe
Teleplay by Samuel Taylor
Story by Charles Dickens
Directed by Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Dennis King Jr. ..... Ebenezer Scrooge
Frank M. Thomas ..... Marley's Ghost
James MacColl ....... Bob Cratchit
Harry Sothern ....... Ghost of Christmas Past
Loring Smith ........ Ghost of Christmas Present
Valerie Cossart ..... Mrs. Cratchit
Judson Rees ......... Ghost of Christmas Things to Come
Tom Emlyn Williams,
Eric Burtis,
Artie Quinn,
Ben Laughlin,
John Baragrey,
Marie Kenny,
Naomi Riordan
Charles Dickens introduces the story of Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge and Bob Cratchit are working in Scrooge’s office.
"Silent Night" sung by Bing Crosby and the Mitchell Boys Choir.
Variety review, December 22, 1948: The familiar "Christmas Carol" story was mainly powered by Dennis King's brilliant
performance as Scrooge. King projected the role so forcibly that it broke out of the small screen limitations into
a three-dimensional portrait with a terrific emotional kick. There were some incidental flaws in the camera angles
but these did not materially detract from the overall impact. More serious, however, was the repetitious use of a
tricky photographic effect for the ghostly flights through time and space.

[13] Philco Television Playhouse: THE OLD LADY SHOWS HER MEDALS
Story by James M. Barrie
Host Bert Lytell
Cameron Mitchell ... Private K. Dowey
Lucile Watson ...... Mrs. Dowey
The basement flat of Mrs Dowey, a Scottish charwoman who lives and works in London, during World War I, and Mrs Dowey
and her guests - three other charwomen whom she has invited for tea - are discussing the tactics of trench warfare
with the confidence of people who have never been near the Front.
"The Old Lady Shows Her Medals" also was telecast on "Lux Video Theatre" on April 2, 1951 starring Margaret Wycherly
and Robert Preston in the lead roles.
"The Old Lady Shows Her Medals" was also telecast on "The United States Steel Hour" on May 23, 1956 with Lynn Fontanne
and Donald Madden in the lead roles and again on June 18, 1963 with Cathleen Nesbitt and Jackie Cooper.
This episode is based on James M. Barrie's 1917 one-act play of the same title.

[14] Philco Television Playhouse: RAMSHACKLE INN
Story by George Baston
Host Bert Lytell
Joseph Downing ..... Patton
Zasu Pitts ......... Belinda Pryde
Vivian Vance
Dorrit Kelton
Gordon Peters
Richard Bishop
Michael Lawson
Joseph Sweeny
Nancy Davis
Robert Toms
Lewis Charles
George Haggerty
Don DeLeo
An old maid librarian has saved her money for twenty years, in order to buy a hotel where she can meet interesting people.
She purchases a strange rundown place near the ocean and gets what she bargains for.
"Ramshackle Inn" appeared on Broadway from January 5, 1944 until July 8, 1944 for 216 performances starring ZaSu Pitts
and Joseph Downing in the lead roles.

[15] Philco Television Playhouse: CYRANO DE BERGERAC
Producer Fred Coe
Based on a play by Edmund Rostand
Host Bert Lytell
José Ferrer ....... Cyrano de Bergerac
Ernest Graves ..... Christian de Neuvillette
Frances Reid ...... Roxanne
Robert Carroll .... Le Bret
The poetry-spouting soldier with the oversized nose, Cyrano uses the handsome but inarticulate Christian as a conduit for
his feelings, the ugly but eloquent Cyrano pours his heart out to the lovely Roxanne. And she, wooed by the beauty of the words,
falls in love with Christian, not realizing that it is Cyrano whose voice has aroused her passion.
Jose Ferrer also starred in the Broadway play "Cyrano de Bergerac" from October 6, 1946 until March 22, 1947 for 193 performances.
He won the 1947 TONY for his performance.
Jose Ferrer also starred in the 1950 film version of Cyrano de Bergerac" which won him an Academy Award (OSCAR).
The historical production of "Cyrano De Bergerac" debuted in Paris in 1897. A translated Broadway production opened in 1899 and
was revived in 1923, 1946 and 1984.
Cyrano de Bergerac" is a play written in 1897 by Edmond Rostand.

In 1945 a "Cyrano de Bergerac" French-language black-and-white film version was made, starring Claude Dauphin.
"Cyrano de Bergerac" was also made into a 1925 film version starring Pierre Magnier and was notable for its laborious hand
coloring using the Pathécolor stencil process, in which groundstone glass is cut with a pantograph in the shape of an object to
conform with what is on the 35mm print.
In 1900 a silent version of Cyrano de Bergerac" was made starring Constant Coquelin who originally created the role. A sound-on-
cylinder recording was made of Coquelin reciting Cyrano's speech.
The story was adapted into a 1987 comedy film entitled Roxanne which starred Steve Martin as the nose of affection and admirer
of Daryl Hannah.

[16] Philco Television Playhouse: PAPA IS ALL
Written by Patterson Greene
Director Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Mady Christians ..... Mama
Carl Benton Reid .... Papa
Mary MacArthur,
Walter Starkey,
Edmon Ryan,
Philippa Bevans
Papa is an ugly tempered, overly strict, scrupulously religious Pennsylvanian Dutch, his wife and children rebel.
"Papa Is All" also appeared on "The United States Steel Hour" on February 2, 1954 and starred Walter Slezak and
Jessie Royce Landis in the lead roles.
"Papa Is All" ran on Broadway from January 6, 1942 until February 28, 1942 for 63 performances with Carl Benton Reid
and Jessie Royce Landis in the lead roles.

[17] Philco Television Playhouse: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE
Adapted by Samuel Taylor
Based on the novel by Jane Austen
Directed by Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Madge Evans ....... Elizabeth Bennet
John Baragrey ..... Fitzwilliam Darcy
Viola Roache
Louis Hector
The trials of a woman trying to find husbands for her five daughters in 18th-century England.
"Pride and Prejudice" the 1940 film version starred Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier.
The film won an OSCAR for Best Art Direction in Black-and-White.

[18] Philco Television Playhouse: DARK HAMMOCK
Play by Mary Orr & Reginald Denham
Directed by Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Sidney Blackmer ... Marvin Platt
Mary Orr .......... Coral Platt
Mary Wickes ....... Amelia Coop
Peggy Wood ........ Florence McDavid
Mort Stevens,
Roy Fant,
Mabel Bergen
In a remote part of Florida, Coral Platt, a sinister woman has married a man considerably older than she. For reasons
sufficient to her, she wants him out of the way and plans an ingenious though slow murder by poison. She has succeeded
in making it seem that Marvin is dying through natural causes. However, she is forced unexpectedly to play hostess to
two women who have come to Florida. The women stay longer than they planned because they have begun to suspect what Coral
is up to. In a series of exciting scenes they discover just what is going on and prevent Marvin's death.
Dark Hammond Broadway debut on December 11, 1944 closing December 12, 1944, starred Marry Orr, Charles McClelland,
Mary Wickes and Arthur Hunnicutt.
Dark Hammock episode of "Lux Video Theatre" aired August 1, 1957 starring Jack Carson, Frances Reid, Mary Wickes and Barton MacLane.

[19] Philco Television Playhouse: THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN
Story by Sidney Howard
Directed by Fred Coe
Host Bob Stanton
Lillian Gish ....... Abby
Bert Lytell ........ Dr. Milton Haggett
Clarence Derwent
Helen Carew
Ellen Cobb Hill
Perry Wilson
Louis Sorin
Philip Collidge
Dr. Haggett and his family, who have some of Bean's canvases, suddenly realize their value, and become hard, selfish, and ill-tempered.
It is Abby, the family servant, who ultimately holds them all in her power; she has one of the greatest paintings, which she cannot be
persuaded into selling or giving away. She is the only one who really understood the artist -- besides, she had been married to him!
"Christopher Bean" was also made for "The Pulitzer Prize Playhouse" starring Helen Hayes and Charles Dingle in the lead roles.
"The Late Christopher Bean" film version in 1933 starred Marie Dressler and Lionel Barrymore.
"Christopher Bean" was also made for "The 20th Century-Fox Hour" starring Thelma Ritter and Gene Lockhart.
"The Late Christopher Bean" ran on Broadway from October 31, 1932 until May 1933 for a total of 224 performances, starring Beulah Bondi
and Walter Connolly.

[20] Philco Television Playhouse: THE STORY OF MARY SURRATT
Based on the play by John Patrick
Host Bert Lytell
Dorothy Gish ........ Mary Surratt
Kent Smith .......... John Wilkes Booth
After the death of her husband Mary opened a boardinghouse to pay the debts owed by her husband. .. There she began a respectable boardinghouse
business and met the man who would ultimately lead to her inglorious place in history - John Wilkes Booth.
Mary Surratt was the first woman executed in the U.S
John Patrick wrote the play in 1940 under the title "This Gentle Ghost", by 1947 it was renamed "The Story of Mary Surratt".
On February 8, 1947 "The Story of Mary Surratt" was first presented at Henry Miller's Theatre in New York. The cast consisted of Dorothy Gish
and James Monks.
"On Trial" the television series aired the episode "The Trial of Mary Surratt" on November 23, 1956 starring Virginia Gregg and Joseph Cotten.

[21] Philco Television Playhouse: TWELFTH NIGHT
Based on the play by William Shakespeare
Host Bert Lytell
John Carradine ...... Malvolio
Richard Goode ....... Sir Toby Belch
Marsha Hunt ......... Viola
Vaughn Taylor ....... Sir Andrew Aguecheek
John McQuade ........ Feste
Viola, a young woman who disguises herself as a man to work as a page in the court of Count Orsino. Orsino is hopelessly in love with a
woman named Olivia, and soon Viola finds herself hopelessly in love with Orsino. But Orsino thinks she's a man, and her predicament worsens
when she realizes that Olivia has fallen in love with her.

[22] Philco Television Playhouse: ST. HELENA
Written by R.C. Sherriff and Jeanne de Casalis
Directed by Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Frances Tannehill ... Madame de Montholon
Dennis King
Neva Patterson
Whitford Kane
Stephen Courtleigh
Nicholas Saunders
Kendall Clark
Guy Repp
Philip Coolidge
Robin Crave
The story unfolds around the last years of Napoleon Bonaparte's life on the rocky island of St. Helena. The exiled emperor is grim when his
faithful Corscian attendant Cipriani dies. In his confinement he's suffering from a bad liver and a sulking mistress all this begins to weigh
heavy on him as he continues to be haunted by spectres of his mistakes. He cannot forget, he says, that if he had not attacked so soon at
Waterloo, he would have had 12,000 more men. The imperial manners gradually give way to those of a lonely and embittered country squire.
Feeling death upon him at last, he hears that a comet has appeared in the sky
"St. Helena" the Broadway play ran from October 6, 1936 until November 1936 for a total of 63 performances. The play starred Maurice Evans,
Barry Sullivan, Jack Kelly and Kay Strozzi.
Robert Cedric Sherriff is best known for his play "Journey's End".

[23] Philco Television Playhouse: THE DRUID CIRCLE
Adapted by Samuel Taylor
Based on the play by John Van Druten
Host Bert Lytell
Leo G. Carroll ..... Professor White
Ethel Griffies ..... Mrs. White
Lillian Bronson .... Miss Dagnall
Philip Faversham
Mary Alice Moore
James Dobson
Elinor Randel
Katherine Squire
Reynolds Evans
Merle Maddern
Guy Spaull
An embittered professor comes near to wrecking the lives of a young man and young woman whose love for each other has been accidentally
revealed to him through a letter written by the boy to the girl. The professor uses this to humiliate the young people, unconsciously
venting upon them his own perverse cruelty for the disappointment suffered in his own life.
"The Druid Circle" appeared on Broadway from October 22, 1947 until December 20, 1947 for a total of 69 performances; starring Leo G. Carroll,
Ethel Griffies and Lillian Bronson.

[24] Philco Television Playhouse: QUALITY STREET
Story by James M. Barrie
Host Bert Lytell
Alfred Drake ....... Capt. Brown
Marsha Hunt ........ Phoebe Throssel
Phoebe Throssel is nearly 30 and still unwed, this is regarded as an over-the-hill spinster. She and her sister decide to open up a school
for genteel children. Things become complicated when Phoebe is offered the opportunity for a reunion with Captain Brown, whom she hasn't
seen in years. Phoebe desperately wants to rekindle his affections.
"Quality Street" first appeared on Broadway from January 6, 1908 and lasted only 7 performances.
"Quality Street" first filmed in 1927 starred Marion Davies and Conrad Nagel.
"Quality Street" was filmed again in 1937 with Katherine Hepburn and Franchot Tone.

[25] Philco Television Playhouse: DINNER AT ANTOINE'S
Story by Frances Parkinson Keyes
Directed by Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Janet Blair ........ Amelie
William Eythe ...... Foxworth
Lawrence Fletcher
Ruth Matteson
James Whitmore
Edgar Stehli
Augusta Dabney
Steve Cochran
Richard Coogan
Evelyn Ellis
James Little
Timothy Keats
The murder of a woman at a dinner party unveils a multitude of twists and turns as the murderer is uncovered
"Dinner at Antoine's" was also made for Matinee Theatre on March 5, 1956 and starred Jean Parker and Vinton Hayworth.
Francis Parkinson Keyes wrote "Dinner at Antoine's" in her Chartres Street, the Beauregard Home, about the circa 1840 famed New Orleans
restaurant. Some of the famous guests at the restaurant were five American Presidents, two British Princesses; Helen Keller, Al Jolson,
Bob Hope, Rex Harrison, Elizabeth Taylor, Bing Crosby, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and numerous others. When Pope
John Paul II visited New Orleans in 1988, it was Antoine's that prepared his meals.

[26] Philco Television Playhouse: BECKY SHARPE
Story by William Makepeace Thackeray
Host Bert Lytell
Francis Bethencourt.. Rawdon Crawley
Claire Luce ........ Becky Sharpe
A scheming illegitimate girl trying to claw her way up in English society. However, fate never seems to give her an even break.
Based on William Makepeace Thackeray's novel "Vanity Fair".
"Becky Sharp" the film from 1935 starred Miriam Hopkins and Cedrick Hardwicke. Miriam Hopkins was nominated for the Academy Award
(OSCAR) for her leading role.
"Vanity Fair" the 1932 film version starred Myrna Loy and Conway Tearle.
"Vanity Fair" the British film version is from 1922 and starred Cosmo Kyrle Bellew and Clive Brook.
"Vanity Fair" was filmed the following year (1923) with Mabel Ballin and George Walsh.
There are also two silent versions of "Vanity Fair" one from 1911 and the other 1915.

[27] Philco Television Playhouse: AND NEVER BEEN KISSED
Based on the play by Aurand Harris
Host Bert Lytell
Patricia Kirkland .... Flory Patterson
William Redfield
A sixteen year old girl tries everything to attract the opposite sex.

[28] Philco Television Playhouse: WHAT MAKES SAMMY RUN?
Producer Fred Coe
Adapted by Paddy Chayefsky
Story by Budd Schulberg
Directed by Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
José Ferrer ........ Sammy Glick
Phyllis Hill ....... Kit Sargent
Philip Bourneuf .... Al Manheim
Doe Avedon ......... Laurette Harrington
Howard Smith ....... H.L. Harrington
Louis Gilbert ...... Sidney Fineman
John Marley
Fredd Wayne
Solen Burry
Earl George
The story of Sammy Glick, the man with a positive genius for being a heel, who runs through New York's East Side,
through newspaper ranks and finally through Hollywood, leaving in his wake the wrecked careers of his associates;
for this is his tragedy and his chief characteristic-his congenital incapacity for friendship.
When published in 1941, What Makes Sammy Run? was a best seller and was praised by Scott Fitzgerald, John O'Hara, and
Dorothy Parker who said the book captured the "shittiness" of the film business.
Samuel Goldwyn offered Schulberg money to not have it published, because Goldwyn felt that the author was "doublecrossing
the Jews" and perpetuating an anti-Semitic stereotype by making Sammy Glick so venal.
A two-part episode on NBC's Sunday Showcase aired on September 27, 1959 & October 4, 1959 starring Larry Blyden as Sammy
Glick with John Forsythe played Al Manheim, Barbara Rush was Kit Sargent and Dina Merrill was Laurette Harrington.
This program was thought lost until 2004 when 8 cans of film were found at LOC (Library of Congress) containing the two-part
program. "What Makes Sammy Run?" was remastered and screened in New York on April 6, 2005 with Budd Schulberg, Delbert Mann,
Dina Merrill and Barbara Rush present.
Broadway version on February 27, 1964 which ran for 540 performances starring Steve Lawrence as Sammy Glick with Robert Alda
played Al Manheim and Sally Ann Howes played Kit Sargent.
Dreamworks paid US $2.6 million to acquire the rights to the novel from Warner Bros. for a proposed movie version starring
and/or directed by Ben Stiller.

[29] Philco Television Playhouse: MR. MERGENTHWICKER'S LOBBLIES
Written by Nelson Bond
Host Bert Lytell
Vaughn Taylor
Only Mr. Mergenthwirker, a person pure of heart, can see the lobblies, which are invisible fairy-like creatures.
The Lobblies were created by Nelson Bond in a 1937 short story published in "Scribner's Magazine".

[30] Philco Television Playhouse: BURLESQUE
no. 49-987
Produced by Owen Davis, Jr.
Adaptation from the play written by George Manker Waters and Arthur Hopkins
Directed by Vic McLeod
Musical director, Mike Keene
Host Bert Lytell
Bert Lahr .......... Skid
Vicki Cummings ..... Bonnie
Ann Thomas
This program tells the story of Skid, a song and dance man on Broadway.
Based on the Broadway play also starring Bert Lahr but his wife was played by Jean Parker.
"Burlesque" appeared on Broadway Television Theatre on June 30, 1952 with Buddy Ebsen,Jean Bartel and Gloria McGehee.

[31] Philco Television Playhouse: MACBETH
Based on the play by William Shakespeare
Host Bert Lytell
Walter Hampden ...... Macbeth
Joyce Redman ........ Lady Macbeth
Leo G. Carroll ...... Duncan
Walter Abel
Scottish nobleman who prompted by his own prophecy and ambitions, kills a king to wear his crown.
Walter Hampden's TV debut at age 69.

[32] Philco Television Playhouse: ROMEO AND JULIET
no. 49-1103
Produced by Owen Davis Jr.
Based on a play by William Shakespeare
Host Bert Lytell
Patricia Breslin .... Juliet
Kevin McCarthy ...... Romeo
William Windom
Robert Geiringer
Star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet are doomed from the start by the hatred of their families.

[33] Philco Television Playhouse: THIS TIME, NEXT YEAR
05Jun1949 (restaged 02Sep51)
Written by Fred Coe
Host Bert Lytell
Dennis King ........ Ulysses S. Grant
The ghost of Ulysses S. Grant materializes every year at Grant's Tomb.
Dennis King, the actor playing Grant was to jump into an NBC limo and get uptown in time for the "remote." But there
was no limo. So the actor hailed a cab and, in full Grant regalia, ordered, "Take me to Grant's Tomb!"

[34] Philco Television Playhouse: IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE
Written by Walter C. Hackett
Host Bert Lytell
Frank Albertson
Jean Sincere
With the aide of his secretary and an ad man, he creates an enormously popular product and cant keep up with the demand.

[35] Philco Television Playhouse: SUMMER FORMAL
Host Bert Lytell
George Canely
Kay Coulter
Jordan Bentley

[36] Philco Television Playhouse: JENNY KISSED ME
Story by Jean Kerr
Host Bert Lytell
Leo G. Carroll ...... Father Moynihan
A charming young girl comes to live in a household of an elderly priest. Jenny, 18, is the precise opposite of the kind
of smart sophisticated young miss that puzzles and exasperates Father Moynihan. The plot is concerned with the priest's
clumsy endeavors to make Jenny attractive to the boys.
First produced for the stage, Jenny Kissed Me debuted at the Hudson Theater in New York on December 23, 1948. Starring Leo G. Carroll
in the role of Father Moynihan with Pamela Rivers as Jenny, Frances Bavier as Mrs. Deazy, Alan Baxter as Michael Saunders
and Sara Taft as Sister Mary.

[37] Philco Television Playhouse: DARK OF THE MOON
Producer Fred Coe
Written by Howard Richardson, William Berney
Directed by Delbert Mann
Host Bert Lytell
Richard Hart ...... John
Carol Stone ...... Barbara Allen
Marge Champion
Conrad Janis
A witch boy named John who falls in love with a beautiful girl named Barbara Allen. John has a conjur woman turn him into a human.
The only condition of the spell is that Barbara must remain faithful to John for one full year after they are married. If Barbara
is not faithful, then John will turn back into a witch boy.

[38] Philco Television Playhouse: FOR LOVE OR MONEY
Based on a play by F. Hugh Herbert
Host Bert Lytell
William Post Jr.
A young woman shows up during a thunderstorm at the country home of an over forty famous actor.

[39] Philco Television Playhouse: THE FIVE LIVES OF RICHARD GORDON
Directed by Garry Simpson
Host Bert Lytell
Melvyn Douglas ...... Richard Gordon
Jean Alexander ...... Katie (as Jean Pugsley)
Katie Gordon, Richard's long suffering wife has put up with his shenanigans to the point where she seeks a divorce. Her restless and
bored spouse just keeps finding himself in hot water.

[40] Philco Television Playhouse: YOU TOUCHED ME!
Story by D.H. Lawrence
Host Bert Lytell
Dennis King
William Prince
A retired sea captain now a drunk makes an alliance with a young man to marry his daughter so she doesn't have to care for him.
Synopsis 2:
Two spinster sisters, quietly nursing their dying father in their family home, find their lives disrupted by the reappearance of
a former charity boy, now a young soldier, whom their father had raised as a son.

[41] Philco Television Playhouse: THE FOURTH WALL
Story by A.R. Gurney
Host Bert Lytell
Douglas Clarke-Smith
Frances Reid
Philip Tonge
The life of a middle-aged couple has become to complacent and empty.

[42] Philco Television Playhouse: ENTER MADAME
Story by Dolly Byrne
Host Bert Lytell
Philip Bourneuf
Carol Goodner
A grand opera prima donna who practically deserts her husband to follow her career, even though she loves her better half. While
the pampered pet of a suite of servants and receiving the homage of operatic mad foreigners, she believes he is sitting at home
in Boston immersed in his work. Instead he has fallen for a designing widow and has about decided to divorce his songbird wife.

[43] Philco Television Playhouse: A MURDER HAS BEEN ARRANGED
Story by Emlyn Williams
Host Bert Lytell
Donald Cook
Louisa Horton
Nancy Sheridan
William Terry
A ghost story set in a theatre, legend claims a dumb woman will appear on stage and reveal the identity of a murderer.

[44] Philco Television Playhouse: PRETTY LITTLE PARLOR
Written by Ethel Frank
Story by Claiborne Foster
Directed by Garry Simpson
Host Bert Lytell
William Windom
Peggy McCay
Alexander Campbell
Marta Linden
Charles McClelland
Betty Furness
Homer Smith
Paul Parks
A little soire is interrupted by a murder and the guests are all suspect in the pretty little parlor.
Pretty Little Parlor Broadway debut April 17, 1944 closing April 22, 1944 after 8 performances, directed by Ralph Bellamy
and starred Ed Begley Sr., Marilyn Erskine, Sidney Blackmer and Joan Tetzel.

[45] Philco Television Playhouse: THREE CORNERED MOON
Story by Gertrude Tonkonogy
Host Bert Lytell
Nina Foch
Lilia Skala
Nellie Rimpleger tries to hold together her eccentric family (including her children, saucy daughter Elizabeth, law student
Kenneth, and Eddie, a would-be actor) after they lose their fortune in the stock-market crash. While Elizabeth works in a shoe
factory and tries to help her brothers find jobs, she falls in love with a melancholy writer, but marries a wealthy doctor.

######### Philco Television Playhouse ########
############### end of season 1 ##############

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