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 Season 4 (WNDT/WNET) (1969-70)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox, Tom Alger
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############## NET Playhouse ##############
############ season 4 1969-70 #############

Many NET stations aired "NET Playhouse" on Thursdays.
The NYC station, WNDT, channel 13, aired the series a day later, on Fridays.

 4.01 [---] NET Playhouse: THE FATHER (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK Friday 21-Sep-1962 - as a single play - not part of a series)
18Sep1969 NET network Thur
19Sep1969 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Robert Shaw ... Captain
Daphne Slater ... Laura
Michele Dotrice ... Bertha
Denis Quilley ... Dr. Ostermark
John Moore ... Pastor
Wynne Clark ... Margaret
Peter Jesson ... Nojd
Kathleen Saintsbury ... Grandmother
Phillip Howard ... Svard
Swedish playwright August Strindberg's psychological battle of the sexes. Robert Shaw, English playwright stars as
the Captain, a respected scientist whose sanity is undermined and eventually destroyed by his castrating wife. [TA]

[--] 25Sep1969 Thur NET (26Sep1969 NYC) - Repeat of "Dublin One" (first aired 01Dec1967 NYC)

4.02 [---] NET Playhouse: REMBRANDT (90 min) (UK-BBC Production)
(broadcast in the UK 18-Dec-1969 BBC2 - after its US premiere)
02Oct1969 Thur NET network Color
03Oct1969 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10pm Color
(rerun 01Jul1971 Thur)
Richard Johnson ..... Rembrandt
Jill Bennett ........ Geertje
Terri Stevens ....... Hendrickje
Wilfrid Brambell .... Beggar Saul
Cyril Shaps ......... Menasseh
Derek Aylward ....... Cocq
David Cargill ....... Ludwick
Robin Stewart ....... Titus
Synopsis 1:
The portrait is etched in somber tones, focusing on his personal and artistic frustrations following the death of his
wife. [RF]
*Note A remake of Carl Zuckmayer's 1936 British film about the Dutch artist.
Synopsis 2:
New production, staged especially for television, of the Carl Zuckmayer 1936 movie, with an all British cast.
Richard Johnson plays the original Charles Laughton role of Rembrandt. (New York Times) [TA]
Synopsis 3:
Though the facts of Rembrandt van Rijn's life are obscure, the film (which marks the 300th anniversary of the artist's
death) offers a lively portrait. The focus is on Rembrandt's life following the death of his wife Saskia (when despondency
inspired unpopular paintings, ridicule and poverty) and the brief period of happiness resulting from Rembrandt's marriage
to his maid. [TA]

[--] 09Oct1969 Thur NET (10Oct1969 NYC) - Repeat of "Ten Blocks on the Camino Real" (first aired 07Oct1966 NYC)

[--] 16Oct1969 Thur NET (17Oct1969 NYC) - Repeat of "Past Intruding" (first aired 31Mar1967 NYC)

[--] 23Oct1969 Thur NET (24Oct1969 NYC) - Repeat of "The Battle of Culloden" (first aired 10Mar1967 NYC)

4.03 [---] NET Playhouse: GLORY! HALLELUJAH!
30Oct1969 Thur NET network Color
31Oct1969 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10:30pm Color
The American Conservatory Theater production of a new Civil War drama contrasting the realities of the battlefield with
romantic view of war held by those bck home. (New York Times) [TA]
Excerpt from New York Times review (by George Gent):
A.M. Barlow's play is not really a play at all in any conventional sense, but a dramatic pageant of 27 scenes that drives
home its message of war's futility through the juxtaposition of the home front's romantic-partiotic attitudes toward the
Civil War with the grim reality of the battlefield. It doesn't work. The home-front scenes, because they deal with human
values in a human way, are generally brilliant. The battlefront scenes are cliches - stark, gory, sometimes poetically
evocative, but dramatically cliches.
The play tells of the changing fortunes of the Bowden Family of Louisiana as it is affected by the war. In the course
of the play, one son who wanted to be a minister and who hates killing turns a blasphemer and dies a hero; another son,
just a boy, dies uselessly and never reaches the battlefront; the daughter, a sweet, charming girl, awakens to first love,
marries, becomes embittered by the death of her brother and, finally, is widowed. At the end, Miss Barlow tells us that
the will to live is good but that men still prefer death. (New York Times) [TA]

06Nov1969 Thur NET network
07Nov1969 NYC WNDT-13 Fri Color
NET Playhouse has an avant-garde production, directed by Tom O'Horgan and acted by the La Mama Troupe. It's
"Helmskringla! or The Stoned Angels" and it's about the discovery of North America by Leif Ericsson. What's really
exciting about this is the photography, a process called videospace which allows great effects, like people being
swallowed by a whale. (Yonkers NY Herald Statesman) [TA]

[---] 13Nov1969 Thur NET (14Nov1969 NYC) - Rerun of "Theatre America - New Theater for Now" (first aired 15Nov1968)

[---] 21Nov1969 NYC - Repeat of "A Celebration for William Jennings Bryan" (first aired 06Dec1968 NYC) Color

27Nov1969 Thur NET network
28Nov1969 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Executive Producer: Jac Venza
Associate Producer: David Loxton
Written by Brothers Grimm
Directed by Paul Sills
Directed for television by Christopher Sarson
Cast (members of the Yale Repertory Theatre Company):
Mildred Dunnock
David Clennon
Alvin Epstein
Joan Pape
Barbara Damashek
Jim Brick
David Ackroyd
Pamela Jones
Michael Lombard
David Spielberg
Synopsis 1:
Taking simple, narrative stories - such classics as "The Golden Goose,"
"The Blue Light," "The Clever Gretel," "The Goose Girl," and "The Bremen Town Musicians"
Paul Sills eliminated the customary use of sets and costumes and relied instead on the transforming talents of his
gifted actors. Utilizing gestures, mime, music and the actors' own imaginations, he has created a fresh and unique
theater piece to present these timeless tales. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
The cast of the plays includes professionals, who were in residence in Yale at that time, graduates and students.
The idea behind the Story Theatre is to bring to life narrative fables and stories — from medieval legend and fairy
tales — and to uncover their dreamlike quality through gesture, mime and spoken narrative. The dialogue and detail of
each story is as it appears in the original story—nothing is rewritten. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
"Theatre America: Story Theatre." If you're in the mood for charming entertainment, you'll be increasingly intrigued
by this 90-minute adventure with "Story Theatre" tonight. What you'll be seeing are performances of five Grimm's Fairy
Tales, presumably produced for adults, played without sets or props, but with a delightful variety of movement, pantomime,
speech and sound effects, by members of the Yale Repertory Theatre Company. As the actors themselves will tell you between
some of the tales, the focus of "Story Theatre" is "just tell the story," and let the characters and relationships fall
into place. Actually, it's not your intellect which will be stimulated or aroused, but rather the simple joy of watching
actors exercising their imagination in a novel extension of their talent (TV Key column, Auburn NY Citizen Advertiser
newspaper) [TA]

[--] 04Dec1969 Thur NET (05Dec1969 NYC) - Repeat of "The Tin Whistle" (first aired 10Jan1969 NYC)

4.06 [---] NET Playhouse: THE DUEL (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Festival" series 16Oct63)
11Dec1969 Thur NET network Color
12Dec1969 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10pm Color
(rerun 18Aug70)
Adaptation of Chekhov's short story
John Wood ........... Laevsky
Katharine Blake ..... Nadia
Philip Madoc ........ Von Koren
Paul Rogers ......... Samolienko
John Brown .......... Boiko
John Harvey ......... Kirilin
John Quentin ........ Deacon
Barbara Ogilivia .... Maria
Jonathan Elsom ...... Atamov
Francis Attard ...... Kostia
Linda Harvey ........ Katia
The story of a decaying love affair between a Russian civil servant and a married woman in this tale of boredom and
frustration. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A television adaptation of Chekov's short story of a waning love affair in a Crimean seaside town. [TA]

4.07 [---] NET Playhouse: TRAVELER WITHOUT LUGGAGE (Canadian CBC production)
18Dec1969 Thur NET network
19Dec1969 NYC WNDT-13 Fri (repeated 19Aug1971 Thur)
Gordon Pinsent .... Gaston
Hilary Vernon .... Mme. Renald
Hugh Webster .... Georges
Dawn Greenhalgh .... Valentine
Synopsis 1:
Peter Donat's TV adaptation of Jean Anouilh's drama about a man with no past and no identity. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
This TV adaptation of Jean Anouilh's play becomes a fascinating detective story about a man in search of his past,
and therefore, himself, once we find him in the Renaud household. Anouilh, who harbors denigrating thoughts about
the morals of the whole human race in all of his works, focuses in this drama on an amnesia victim wounded during
World War II, who spent 18 years in an asylum in retreat, and comes face-to-face in the outside world with a character
he loathes who may be himself. This Canadian Broadcasting Company's production is uneven in style, and playwright
Anouilh is superficial in the end, but tune in for a stimulating and enterprising evening.
(Auburn NY Citizen Advertiser newspaper) [TA]

 [--] 25Dec1969 Thur NET (26Dec1969 NYC) - Repeat of "The Soldier's Tale" (first aired 18Oct1968 NYC)

01Jan1970 Thur NET network Color
02Jan1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri Color
Newspaper article:
"Educational TV to Offer Thoughts on 60s"
The talents of Edward Albee, Dick Gregory, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Nelson Algren, Jessica Tandy,
Mason Williams and Misterogers will be spread on a broad television canvas in (the) New Year's special "Thoughts of the
Artist on Leaving the Sixties."
NET affiliates around the country contributed to the 90-minute color "variety show" which ranges the art and entertainment
world of the past decade.
Humor in the sixties, as presented by Hershey station WITF, features entertainers Dick Gregory and George Carlin, and
Mad Magazine editor Al Feldstein. Another humorist, Smothers Brothers' writer Mason Williams, reads from his own
privately-printed "FCC Report" when KCET Los Angeles takes an amusing look at the media.
Theater trends of the sixties will be seen in Edward Albee's "The Sandbox" presented by WNDT's New York Television Theater.
This short play, first staged in 1960, indicated many of the major directions theater would take in the following years.
A critical view of the
American Dream, "The Sandbox" is performed by John C. Becher, Sudie Bond, Alice Drummond, Hal McKusick and Christopher
WGBH, Boston, looks at the exploding music scene and pop culture of the sixties, with rock, folk, and soul music by the
Beatles, Bob Dylan and Taj Mahal. And the film explosion of the sixties is satirized by young filmmakers for KLRN, Austin,
Texas, as they do a take-off on the cliches of the "new cinema."
On the literary scene, KQED, San Francisco, examines the role of the poet as social critic in the sixties, with poet
Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading a selection from his recently-published "Tyrannus Nix." WTTW,
Chicago's Robert Cromie, popular host of "Book Beat" comments on the loss during the past 10 years of some of the great
authors who shaped modern American literature, as Nelson Algren, Jessica Tandy and Ira Rogers read selections from
Hemingway, Flannery O'Connor, and Langston Hughes respectively.
And then there is that special group of children who have only known the world of the past decade. Fred Rogers of
"Misterogers' Neighborhood" fame is creating a special piece on the world through their eyes. "Misterogers" producer
is WOED, Pittsburgh.
(newspaper article, Amsterdam NY Daily Democrat and Recorder) [TA]

4.09 [---] NET Playhouse: VOLPONE
08Jan1970 Thur NET network
09Jan1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30pm Color
A new Canadian production of Ben Jonson's classic 17th century farce starring veteran stage and screen star
Jack Creley. (New York Times) [TA]

4.10 {---] NET Playhouse: HAMILE
15Jan1970 Thur NET network
16Jan1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10pm
Story of Hamlet, told in Ghanaian dress (originally presented by the National Theater of Ghana). (New York Times) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Shakespeare's universallity is demonstrated by the African interpretation of "Hamlet." In Ghanian playwright
Joe de Graft's adaptation, the text (spoken in English) remains basically unchanged; the Danish castle becomes
a Ghanian town; and props, costumes and gestures are distinctly African. The cast is composed of drama students
from the University of Ghana's Institute for African Studies. This filmed performance was originally presented at
the 1965 Commonwealth Arts Festival in Britain. [TA]

[--] 22Jan1970 Thur NET (23Jan1970 NYC) - Repeat of "A Song of Summer"
(followed by a short film, "People of the Road" from Poland)
4.11 {---] NET Playhouse: THE WRITE-OFF (Canada-CBC production)
(original Canadian airdate on CBC not known)
(shown in the UK after its Canadian premier on BBC's "Play For Today" series 12-Nov-1970)
29Jan1970 Thur NET network Color
30Jan1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10pm Color
Gerard Parkes ... Walter Denning
Cec Linder ... Larry
Sandra Scott ... Olive
Maggie Morris ... Sandra
Henry Ramer ... Mr. X
William Needles ... David
Trudy Young ... Anne Denning
Ron Coroon ... Denning child
Barry Pierce (or Barby Pierce) ... Jean Denning
Story of an advertising executive, who, after 16 years of productive service, is fired because he is growing older.
(New York Times) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
"The Write-Off," a Canadian produced drama, focuses on the struggle of Walter Denning, who is forced to find a new job
at the age of 49. Denning has an impressive record, but he's faced with a world where employers court youth.
Playwright George Salverson based his story on a friend's experiences. [TA]

4.12 [---] NET Playhouse: FIVE TOMORROWS
05Feb1970 Thur NET network
06Feb1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
(Repeated 26Aug1971 Thur)
Kurt Vonnegut Jr. is host to five short foreign films which depict the world of the future where violence, suppression
and irrationality reign.
The films are:
"The Scream" (Italy) A "1984"-ish state tracks down a nonconformist.
"The Other Side" (Belgium) An eerie, omnipotent force terrorizes a town.
"Silo" (Australia) Two men, trapped in a missile silo, are at odds over starting a nuclear war.
"The Fall of Varema" (Italy) A bleak panorama of a city in ruins.
"Faster, Faster!" (France) Aimless activity is dramatized in witty, fast-paced animation.

[--] 12Feb1970 Thur NET (13Feb1970 NYC) - Repeat of "The Changeling" (first aired 26Apr1968 NYC)

NET Playhouse: A Generation of Leaves

4.13 [---] NET Playhouse - A Generation of Leaves: AMERICA, INC.
19Feb1970 Thur NET network
20Feb1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Executive Producer, Jac Venza
Producer. David Loxton
Directed by Fred Barzyk
Narrated by Jean Shepherd
David Silver
Karen Silver
Vickie Sue Robinson
Michael O'Neil ... the Voice of America
James Seawright
Abbie Hoffman
A young British TV actor/producer, David Silver who, after parting with his wife, Karen, leaves England in search
of America along with his friend Edward. David and Edward, once in New York, visit derelicts on the Bowery, meet
with members of the Hare Krishna movement, and travel to Ellis Island where they imagine the experience of the
immigrants. Edward returns to England and David travels on to Washington. where he participates in the November 1969
anti-Vietnam War demonstration and sees Abbie Hoffman. Afterwards, he is reunited with his wife, Karen. Interwoven
with Silver’s viewpoint is commentary by radio humorist Jean Shepherd, who gives his thoughts on Americana such as
drive-in movie theaters and turnpikes. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A three-pronged view of the U.S.: cinema-verite films of a cross-country odyssey by young British actor-producer
David Silver; ironic commentary by humorist Jean Shepherd; and mock public-service commercials. (TV Guide) [TA]

4.14 [---] NET Playhouse - A Generation of Leaves: YESTERDAY THE CHILDREN WERE DANCING (Canada-CBC Production)
(first broadcast in Canada 6Nov1968 on the CBC series "Festival")
26Feb1970 Thur NET network Color
27Feb1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri Color
Producer: David Gardner
Exec. producer: Robert Allen
Art director: Trevor Williams
Gratien Gelinas ..... Pierre Gravel
Huguette Oligny ..... Louise Gravel
Yves Gelinas ........ André Gravel
Suzanne Levesque/Uvesque ..... Nichole Chartier
Jacques Auger ....... Paul O'Brien
Yvon Dufour ......... Raoul Roberge
Alain Gelinas ....... Larry Gravel
Collette Courtois ... Miss Leroux
Second in a series of plays about the rift between today's youth and their parental legacy. Tonight's drama is about
a French Canadian family torn apart by Quebec separatism. (New York Times) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Second of eight plays exploring the generation gap. Montreal 1964: French Canadians advocating a separate Quebec
province have unleased a reign of terror. Caught in the conflict are a prominent lawyer, earmarked for a high government
post, and his son - a terrorist. Canadian playwright Gratien Gélinas and his son Yves star in the drama, which was
adapted by the CBC from Gélinas' successful stage play. (TV Guide) [TA]

4.15 [---] NET Playhouse - A Generation of Leaves: STOPPED RUNNING
05Mar1970 Thur NET network Color
06Mar1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri Color
Craig Bovia ... Ed
Elayne Heilveil ... Tracy
Terry Evans ... Neil
Don Brockett ... Sheriff
Continuing series of dramas revolving around the growing rift between generations. Tonight's story is about two young
people who set out together, in California commune, but wind up on very different paths. (New York Times) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Two youths en route to a California commune are detained in Pennsylvania for a traffic violation. Forced to earn money
to reclaim their car, the pair have time to decide where they're heading in life. (TV Guide) [TA]

4.16 [---] NET Playhouse - A Generation of Leaves: WALLS
(German title: "Mauern," a TV movie which premiered 30May1963 West German ARD network, repeated 12Nov1965 NDR/SFB.)
12Mar1970 NET network Thur B&W
13Mar1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10 B&W
Written by Gunther R. Lys
Director: Egon Monk

Siegfried Wischnewski ..... Werner Nast
Camilla Spira .......... Trude Nast
Ernst Jacobi ........... Hans Nast
Ernst Ronnecker ........ Paul Koslowski
Erika Dannhoff ......... Else Koslowski
Hartmut Reck ........... Walter Koslowski
Lis Verhoeven .......... Hilde Weiss
Max Buxbaum ............ Prützmann
Wolfgang Condrus ....... East German Policeman
Hermann Ebeling ........ Policeman
Synopsis 1:
NET Playhouse continues "A Generation of Leaves" with 'Walls," a play set in divided Germany which, through flashbacks,
goes back to 1931 to tell its story. Dubbed in English. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
NET Playhouse - "A Generation of Leaves: Walls" is a drama about the barrier dividing Berlin that brings tragedy to
two East German families. [TA]
Synopsis 3:
"Walls," by German playwright Gunther Lys, explores the relationship between two feuding East Berliners and their sons.
The story opens in the Thirties as a Communist and a Nazi begin a short-lived friendship. Years later, their sons are
close friends - and contemplating escape to the West. Filmed in Germany. (TV Guide) [TA]
Synopsis 4:
Two young East Berliners swim though a militarized channel in hopes of escaping to the western part of the city. One
of them gets shot, while the other, who worked as an East German officer, reaches his destination safely. Hearings,
taking place in both East and West Berlin, uncover the 30-year history of two Berlin families. During the political
turmoil of the 1930s, Paul Koslowski and Werner Nast met for the first time. One man was a Communist and the other a
Nazi Stormtrooper. Despite these vast differences, they developed a friendship which benefited both of them during the
Second World War. But once the war ended, their relationship changed from friends to bitter enemies. In spite of this
feud, their sons, Walter Koslowski and Hans Nast, became close friends. The younger men desire a better future, free of
their fathers' hate. But fate has other plans for them. (translated from a German TV listing) [TA]

[---] 19Mar1970 Thur NET (20Mar1970 NYC) - Repeat of "The Boss' Son" (first aired 07Feb1969 NYC)
This time shown as part of the "A Generation of Leaves" series.

4.17 [---] NET Playhouse - A Generation of Leaves: JESUS: A PASSION PLAY FOR AMERICANS
26Mar1970 Thur NET network
27Mar1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
(repeated 08Apr1971 Thur)
Synopsis 1:
This TV adaptation of a 1969 stage production is a contemporary interpretation of the life and death of Christ, set in
an abandoned Boston warehouse. Biblical text is accompanied by modern blues. (Waterville Times, NY) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Stay with this strangely compelling version of the Passion Play of Jesus. It will grip you after a while, despite its
contemporary setting on the roof and interior of a warehouse; its rock-like musical score; and the hippy look of its
youthful cast.
What commands your attention and then holds it like a magnet throughout, is Jesus, played with extraordinary authority,
gentleness, strength, and compassion by Andreas Teuber. Even though most of the other characters have little facility in
speaking the Biblical text, Mr. Teuber is wonderfully at home with every word he speaks so brilliantly adapted by
playwright Tim Mayer, from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Mr. Teuber's Jesus is so magnificent an achievement, in voice, manner, intellect, economy of movement and infinite grace,
that he transcends his surroundings and makes every ingredient mesh. (TV Key Previews column) [TA]

[---] 02Apr1970 Thur NET (03Apr1970 NYC) - Repeat of "Infancy and Childhood" (first aired 15Dec1967 NYC).
This time shown as part of the "A Generation of Leaves" series.

4.18 [---] NET Playhouse - A Generation of Leaves: THE BOND (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "The Wednesday Play" series 1-Dec-1965)
09Apr1970 Thur NET network 8:30-10pm B&W
10Apr1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri 8:30-10pm B&W
Hannah Gordon ... Sally Marchant
Barry Lowe ... Christopher
William Marlowe ... Jeff
"The Bond," a BBC-produced drama about a young marriage turned sour. Frustration is the name of the game when
Sally Marchant trades a promising career as a fashion designer for the role of housewife. Complicating matters:
Sally's husband and parents, who can't understand her restlessness. [TA]

4.19 [---] NET Playhouse - A Generation of Leaves: THEY
16Apr1970 Thur NET network Color
17Apr1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri (repeated 25Mar71 Thur)
Taped on Long Island, NY
Executive producer, Jac Venza
Produced by Jack Kuney
Script by Harding Lemay
Adapted from Marya Mannes' futuristic novel
Directed by Marc Daniels
Director of photography, John Meiklejohn
Cornelia Otis Skinner ... Kate
Gary Merrill ............ Barney
Carmen Mathews .......... Annie
Jack Gilford ............ Joey
Joseph Wiseman .......... Lev
Robert McLane ........... Michael
Linda Decoff ............ Aide
Synopsis 1:
The year is 1990 and America's youth-oriented government has proclaimed that middle-aged people are a drain on society.
At age 55, citizens are carted off to detention camps and given a maximum of 10 years to live. The drama focuses on
five artists in their 60's living out their remaining days in a seaside cottage. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
Don't miss this enchanted visit with a group of veteran characters, played with consummate taste and sensitivity by
an eloquent cast of actors. Their play is an adaptation of Marya Manties' novel about a world in which the computerized
"now" generation has, by the year 1990, successfully decreed that all people over 50 are absolutely expendable. By
some accident of fate or uncommon appreciation for artistic accomplishment, five elderly famous souls - a writer,
musician, musical comedy playwright, painter, and a marvelously caring woman — are permitted to live in carefully
disciplined exile in a deserted beach-front house. Tune in and listen, to them talk about life, love, art, and the
treasures of the earth, and be enriched by their endurance and integrity. It's really a simple tale they have to tell,
but listening to Cornelia Otis Skinner, Carmen Mathews, Jack Gilford. Joseph Wiseman, and Gary Merrill project their
love of life and art to the willing ears of a wide-eyed young man washed up on the beach, is a memorable experience
indeed. [TA]

[---] 23Apr1970 Thur NET (24Apr1970 NYC) - Repeat of "A Crack in the Ice" (first aired 13Dec1968)
4.20 [---] NET Playhouse: TRAIL OF TEARS (90 min)
30Apr1970 Thur NET network (repeated 08Jul1971 Thur)
01May1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Produced, Directed & Written by Lane Slate
Narrated by Joseph Cotten
Johnny Cash ............. John Ross
Jack Palance ............ President Jackson
Pat Hingle .............. President Washington
William Redfield ........ Reverend Samuel Worcestor
Vic Mohica .............. John Ridge
Mike Crow ............... Elias Boudinot
Paulette Smart .......... Mrs. Ross
Melvyn Douglas
June Carter Cash (cameo appearance)
John Ross, chief of the Cherokees in the early 1800's armed only with worthless treaties, Ross fought a Georgia state
law that annexed his people's lands and denied them any legal recourse. The play ends with the Cherokees on a forced
march from Georgia to Oklahoma - the 1838 journey along the "Trail of Tears", where more than 4000 Cherokees died. [RF]
*Note: For more information & pictures on this special. http://www.stevenmenke.com/TrailOftears.htm

[---] 07May1970 Thur NET (08May1970 NYC) - Repeat of "Cathy Come Home" (first aired 28Mar1969 NYC)

4.21 [---] NET Playhouse: SISTER SALONIKA (or Sister Balonika)
14May1970 Thur NET network
15May1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
Focuses on the life at a remote Indian school in the Yukon, a teaching nun and her pupils. [TA]

[---] 21May1970 Thur NET (22May1970 NYC) - Repeat of "Confrontation" (first aired 13June1969)

4.22 [---] NET Playhouse: THE TAKING
28May1970 Thur NET network
29May1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
(repeated 09Sep1971 Thur)
Jewel Walker ... Jules Renick
Gilmer McCormick ...Karen
Craig Bova .... Karen's boyfriend
"The Taking" a documentary drama about a widower and his daughter who face a crisis In their relationship. [TA]
Synopsis 2:
In 1969, townspeople in Greenfield, Pa., protested against a proposed highway that would uproot many residents.
In this real setting, producer-director Matt von Brauchitsch has staged a drama about a crumbling relationship between
a possessive widower and his restless daughter. Intertwined are true stories of people who feel that their lives have
been unjustly disrupted. [TA]

4.23 [---] NET Playhouse: EL TENLRO CAMPESINO
04Jun1970 Thur NET network
05Jun1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri
"El Teatro Campesino" is music, drama and puppetry performed by striking California farm laborers. [TA]

4.24 [---] NET Playhouse: THE CEREMONY OF INNOCENCE (US Production)
11Jun1970 Thur NET network
12Jun1970 NYC WNDT-13 Fri (rerun 29Oct70)
script by Ronald Ribman
directed by Arthur Seidelman
Richard Kiley .......... King Ethelred
Larry Gates ............ Kent
James Broderick ........ Sussex
Jessie Royce Landis .... Alfreda
Elizabeth Hubbard ...... Emma
Gilmer McCormick ....... Thulja
Ernest Graves .......... Sweyn
John Horn .............. Edmund
David Gwillim, Michael Lombard, Howard Green, Robert Gerringer.
The protagonist is King Ethelred the Unready (968-1016), whose reign told an unhappy tale of weakness and incompetence.
Ethelred a courageous but tragic figure is seeking a better life for his subjects, he engages in a desperate struggle
to avoid war with the Danes. [RF]

[---] 18Jun1970 Thur NET (19Jun1970 NYC) - Repeat of "A Generation of Leaves - America, Inc." (first aired 20Feb1970 NYC)

4.25 [---] NET Playhouse: NAKED ISLAND (90min) (UK-BBC Production)
(first broadcast in the UK on BBC's "Thursday Theatre" 11-Feb-1965 BBC2)
25Jun1970 Thur NET network / 26Jun1970 NYC Fri
John Breslin ........ Oscar
Alan White .......... Mum
Lewis Fiander ....... Ken
Ray Barrett ......... Jacko
Barry Lowe .......... Robbie
Burt Kwouk .......... Yamomoto
James Bolam ......... Magpie
This prisoner-of-war drama is set in the closing days of World War II. In Japanese-held Singapore, five Australian POWs
listen to radio reports of the Allies' advance toward the island. As the days pass and a Japanese surrender appears
imminent, the POWs situation becomes unbearable: they're caught between rumors of mass execution and the dangers of
attempting an escape. [RF]
*Note: Produced by the BBC for NET Playhouse this highly acclaimed drama was rerun June 25, 1970 and was based on the
novel by Russell Braddon, who himself was a POW in a Singapore prison. [TA]

[---] 02Jul1970 Thur NET (03Jul1970 NYC) - Repeat of "The Seagull" (first aired 08Nov1968 NYC)

[---] 09Jul1970 Thur NET (10Jul1970 NYC) - Repeat of "Rosemeisholm"/"Rosmersholm" (first aired 17May1968 NYC)

[---] 16Jul1970 Thur NET (17Jul1970 NYC) - Repeat of "The Father" (first aired 19Sep1969 NYC)

[---] 23Jul1970 Thur NET (24Jul1970 NYC) - Repeat of "The Duel" (first aired 12Dec1969)

[---] 30Jul1970 Thur NET (31Jul1970 NYC) - Repeat of "A Passage To India." (first aired 26Jan1968 NYC)

[---] 06Aug1970 Thur NET (07Aug1970 NYC) - Repeat of "The Mayfly and the Frog" (first aired 11Oct1968 NYC)

[---] 13Aug1970 Thur NET (14Aug1970 NYC) - Repeat of "Unman, Wittering and Zigo" (first aired 09Feb1968 NYC)

[---] 20Aug1970 Thur NET (21Aug1970 NYC) - Repeat of "Flowering Cherry" (first aired 11Apr1969 NYC)

[---] 27Aug1970 Thur NET (28Aug1970 NYC) - Repeat of "Anatol" (first aired 14Mar1969 NYC)

[---] 03Sep1970 Thur NET (04Sep1970 NYC) - Repeat of "Talking to a Stranger #1 - Anytime You're Ready I'll Sparkle" (first aired 14Feb1969 NYC)

[---] 10Sep1970 Thur NET (11Sep1970 NYC) - Repeat, probably "Talking to a Stranger #2" (first aired 21Feb1969 NYC)

[---] 17Sep1970 Thur NET (18Sep1970 NYC) - Repeat, probably "Talking to a Stranger #3" (first aired 28Feb1969 NYC)

[---] 24Sep1970 Thur NET (25Sep1970 NYC) - Repeat of "Talking to a Stranger #4 - The Innocent Must Suffer" (first aired 07Mar1969 NYC)


############## NET Playhouse ##############
############# end of season 4 #############

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