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 Season 2 (NBC Daytime) (1956-57)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox
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############### Matinee Theater ##############
############## season 2 1956-57 ##############
  NBC Daytime (Daily) (Weekdays) (Monday - Friday)

2.01 [200] Matinee Theater: THE HOUSE ON 5TH AVENUE
Written by Henry Misrock
Karen Sharpe
Richard Crane
A young girl is picked up for passing counterfeit bills and

tells a strange story of how she acquired them.

2.02 [201] Matinee Theater: YANKEE DOODLER


Written by Allen Swift


Kurt Kasznar


2.03 [202] Matinee Theater: THE PINK HIPPOPOTAMUS



Lawrence Dobkin

John Wengraf


2.04 [203] Matinee Theater: SEPTEMBER TIDE
Adapted by Richard McCracken
From the play by Daphne du Maurier
Directed by Larry Schwab (Laurence Schwab Jr.)

A mother and her son-in-law fall in love destroying her daughter

who is desperate to please her husband.


2.05 [204] Matinee Theater: ARE YOU LISTENING?
Conrad Janis
Jack Nicholson (8th of 9 performers billed, played a musician's son)
A Dixieland trumpeter trades off his father's fame as a jazz virtuoso.

*Note: Jack Nicholson's first television appearance.


2.06 [205] Matinee Theater: THE LADY'S MAID'S BELL
Teleplay by Robert Esson
Story by Edith Wharton
Maureen O'Sullivan
A devoted housemaid tries as a ghost what she failed to do as a

 person - to resolve the complex love life of her mistress.


2.07 [206] Matinee Theater: ONE HUNDRED RED CONVERTIBLES
John Baragrey

A couple decide on divorcing when their teenage daughter acts up.

2.08 [207] Matinee Theater: THE IVY CURTAIN

06Sep1956 (rerun 06Nov57)

Written by Anthony Spinner

Directed by Albert McCleery


Gene Raymond ......... Conley
Josephine Hutchinson.. Agnes Harper
Addison Richards ..... Simons
College officials want a local attorney to help whitewash a fatal hazing incident. [RF]


2.09 [208] Matinee Theater: GRAMERCY GHOST
Adapted by Richard McCracken
Based on a story by John Cecil Holm
Directed by Arthur Hiller
Sarah Churchill

A pretty young woman whose hand is sought by a strange

trio of rivals—two young men and a ghost.


2.10 [209] Matinee Theater: THE LOVERS
Written by Marion C. Baker
Mary Astor
A young woman is taken by her mother on a trip to Spain

so that the daughter might forget her suitor.

2.11 [210] Matinee Theater: REACH FOR THE STARS
The story of a young chemist's dilemma between devotion to the

 scientific side of his profession versus the financially profitable side.

2.12 [211] Matinee Theater: I LIKE IT HERE
12Sep1956 (rerun 08Oct56, 26Oct56)
Written by A.B. Shiffrin
Directed by Sherman Marks

John Hoyt ........... Sebastian
June Vincent ........ Matilda
Steven Geray ........ Willy
Joel Marston ........ Brad
William Allyn ....... David

A European refugee finds freedom so agreeable that he tries, from his position

as a servant, to inject large doses of it into the lives of his employers. [RF]


2.13 [212] Matinee Theater: A QUESTION OF BALANCE
Paul Langton ........ Paul McLean
Helen Westcott ...... Kay


2.14 [213] Matinee Theater: MARRIAGE ROYAL
Written by Robert Wallsten
Jacques Sernas
Franklin Pangborn
An exiled empress commits her son to a princess only to learn that

he secretly has long been in love with an actress.


[--] Matinee Theater: GREYBEARDS AND WITCHES
17Sep1956 (rerun from 01May56)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE AMATEUR
18Sep1956 (rerun from 26Jan56)

2.15 [214] Matinee Theater: MAD MONEY
The story of professional loafer and an amateur inventor who

accidentally discover how to synthetically make gold.

2.16 [215] Matinee Theater: A LETTER FROM JOHNNY BRACK
Written by Harold Callen
The story of an unheroic World War II amputee who so completely

plays the role of a heroic return that his fiancee leaves him in disgust.

2.17 [216] Matinee Theater: UNCLE HARRY
Based on the play by Thomas Job
A meek man is dominated by his two sisters.


2.18 [217] Matinee Theater: AT MRS. LELAND'S
Written by Elizabeth Hart
A young girl learns of life and love from a spinster school-teacher.

2.19 [218] Matinee Theater: THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR
Written by Vera Blackwell
A young woman whose happy marriage is upset by the ghostly

reappearance of a former soldier sweetheart, supposedly dead.


2.20 [219] Matinee Theater: ALUMNI REUNION
26Sep1956 (rerun 06Jun57)
Producer George M. Cahan
Written by Nicholas E. Baehr
Directed by Boris Sagal
Director of photography Lester Schorr
Don Keefer
Constance Ford
Carol Veazie
Fredd Wayne
Benny Baker
Larry Kerr
Robert Karnes
Stafford Repp
Frank Kreig
Eddie Ryder
A young man is trying to keep up pretenses even though the business

 he inherited from his father is failing. He is furious when a practical joker

 at the alumni reunion asks him if he needs a job.
A college graduate fails so miserably at taking over his father's business

 that his wife tries to use a college reunion to find him a new career.


2.21 [220] Matinee Theater: SOUND OF FEAR
Jerry Paris
A young playboy can only defend himself against a murder

 charge only by baring his father's past.

2.22 [221] Matinee Theater: LATE DATE
A grandmother with illusions of youthfulness and an aging son with

illusions of talent are both jarred into reality by one of grandma's old flames.


2.23 [222] Matinee Theater: PRIDE & PREJUDICE
Adapted by Helene Hanff
Based on Jane Austen's novel
Directed by Sherman Marks
Marcia Henderson
Anthony Dearden
Doris Lloyd
Joan Elan

A mother is anxious to marry off her five daughters

and encounters numerous pitfalls.


2.24 [223] Matinee Theater: PEARLS OF SHEBA
Eva Gabor
A Riviera based girl tries to help her millionaire boyfriend retrieve

a $300,000 pearl necklace from his fourth ex-wife.


  [--] Matinee Theater: DAUGHTER OF THE SEVENTH
03Oct1956 (rerun from 03May56)


[--] Matinee Theater: HEART OF A HUSBAND
04Oct1956 (rerun from 03Apr56)


[--] Matinee Theater: SPARE ROOM
05Oct1956 (rerun from 21May56)


[--] Matinee Theater: I LIKE IT HERE
08Oct1956 (rerun 26Oct56)(possibly postponed from 12Sep56)

[--] Matinee Theater: HOUSE OF SEVEN GABLES
09Oct1956 (rerun from 06Apr56)

[--] Matinee Theater: ONE OF THE FAMILY
10Oct1956 (rerun 25Oct56)(first aired 12Apr56)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE HOLLOW WOMAN
11Oct1956 (rerun from 10Apr56)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE BABYLONIAN HEART
12Oct1956 (rerun from 20Apr56)


2.25 [224] Matinee Theater: THE STAMP CADDY
Anita Louise

A schoolteacher long cured of kleptomania seems to suffer a relapse.

2.26 [225] Matinee Theater: THE EGOIST
Adapted by Richard McCracken
Story by George Meredith
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Patrick Macnee
Joan Elan
Isobel Elsom
Edward Everett Horton


An egotistical 18th-century Englishman repeatedly walks the

thin ice of first wooing then jilting his fiancees.


2.27 [226] Matinee Theater: THE FAMILY MAN
Written by William McCleery

A teenage daughter tries to provide her father with the

companionship she thinks he needs.


2.28 [227] Matinee Theater: SIGHT UNSEEN
Written by Warner Law


A beautiful young owner of a haunted castle undergoes

matchmaking by the ghosts.


2.29 [228] Matinee Theater: EYE OF THE STORM
19Oct1956 (rerun 07Jun57)
Written by Norman Jacob
Directed by Sherman Marks
Marian Seldes ...... Stella
Ray Danton ......... Ben
Barbara Drew ....... Bess Carlson
Robert Karnes ...... Frank Wilson
Peggy McCay ........ Jane Wilson
Ron Greenway ....... Harper
Theodore Newton .... Mr. Wallace
Will J. White ...... Attendant

A young backwoods bride is forced by violence from her

 husband to flee to home of her jealous sister.

Synopsis 2:
A young wife leaves her husband, taking their child with her back to her family.

Then the old rivalry between her sister and herself starts up again.

*Note: Syndication airing on Cameo Theater 04Jun60.


2.30 [229] Matinee Theater: MAN IN SEVEN LEAGUE BOOTS
Written by Anthony Spinner
Lillian Roth
A man hospitalized following an accident also suffers from trying to follow

 in his father's footsteps. A kindly nurse tries to help him live his own life. [RF]

2.31 [230] Matinee Theater: WOMAN ACROSS THE HALL
Written by Robert Wallsten
The friendliness of a middle-aged woman is rebuffed by the glamorous

new tenant across the hall in the apartment house. In spite of the cool reception,

she tries to learn all she can about this mysterious woman. [RF]

2.32 [231] Matinee Theater: AND THEN THERE WERE THREE
Written by S.V.P. Rand
A stepmother, bent on finding out more about a prospective son-in-law,

 finds herself faced with unexpected problems. [RF]

[--] Matinee Theater: ONE OF THE FAMILY
25Oct1956 (rerun or postponed from 10Oct56)

[--] Matinee Theater: I LIKE IT HERE
26Oct1956 (rerun or postponed from 08Oct56)

2.33 [232] Matinee Theater: SHAKE THE STARS DOWN



A charming young housewife struggles with finances to help her husband earn

his Ph.D. She quickly accepts a highly lucrative offer from a cosmetic firm to

pose as the mythical French namesake for their brand of make-up. [RF]


2.34 [233] Matinee Theater: HORSEPOWER

30Oct1956 (rerun 18Apr57 & 19Aug57)


Dean Stockwell

Alex Gerry .......... Hiram

Walter Sande ........ Fred


A teenage farm boy rebels against his father's old fashioned ways when

he is denied permission to use the family car for an important date. [RF]

Synopsis 2:
The rebellious son of an old-fashioned and tyrannical farmer come to heads. [RF]


2.35 [234] Matinee Theater: WITHOUT SANCTION
Teleplay by Theodore Apstein
Based on the novel by Hans Kades
A former medical student returns to Germany after a long interment

in Russia where he had performed hundreds of operations.

[--] Matinee Theater: SAVROLA

31Oct1956 (postponed to 15Nov56)(first anniversary episode)


[--] Matinee Theater: GEORGE HAS A BIRTHDAY
01Nov1956 (rerun from 11Jun56 copyright date)


2.36 [235] Matinee Theater: THE OUTING

02Nov1956 (rerun 17Mar57)

written by Arnold Rabin


Ann Doran ....... Bess

Tommy Kirk ....... Walter

Robert Karnes ....... Matt

Lydia Reed ....... Ruthie

Amzie Strickland ....... Sarah


A young boy proves a disappointment to his athletic-minded father

because he prefers books to sports. [RF]


2.37 [236] Matinee Theater: THANK YOU, EDMONDO
Written by Mac Shoub
Directed by Allan Buckhantz
Warren Berlinger
Jay Novello


Four impoverished Italian peasants become bitterly divided over whether

to plow a field that has just been returned to them or let it remain the

cemetery of a Canadian soldier who helped win it back for them from the Fascists.


*NOTE: This was the sixth and final Lutheran production.


2.38 [237] Matinee Theater: THE TELL-TALE HEART


Adapted by William Templeton
Based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe
Directed by Boris Sagal
John Barrymore, Jr.
John Carradine
John Abbott


After killing a man, the murderer hears his victim's relentless

heartbeat until he himself cannot bear another moment.
*Note: First published in James Russell Lowell's The Pioneer in January 1843.


2.39 [238] Matinee Theater: STRANGERS ON A HONEYMOON
Written by Robert Freud Rodgers
A young couple are pushed into marriage by parents who have

over-sheltered them and discover on their honeymoon

that they have nothing in common.


2.40 [239] Matinee Theater: A DRAM OF POISON
Adapted by Henry Misrock
Based on the novel by Charlotte Armstrong
Directed by Pace Woods
John Hoyt
Mary Anderson

When a man loses his position, his dignity and now his health,

 there is no alternative when things are so hopeless or is there?

 Just ask his sister-in-law and wife.


2.41 [240] Matinee Theater: THE SHINING HOUR

prod #56-1122


Produced by Albert McCleery

Adapted by Richard McCracken

Based on a play by Keith Winter

Directed by Sherman O. Marks

Host: John Conte


Richard Long

Doris Singleton

Peggy McCay

David Linden

Mariella Linden

When the son of a Wisconsin family returns with his new wife,

 things go terribly wrong when they find out she is a common dancer.


2.42 [241] Matinee Theater: LOVE, MARRIAGE & FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS

prod #13539


Produced by Albert McCleery

Adapted by Kathleen and Robert Howard Lindsay

Based on a play by Alfred Brenner

Directed by Walter Grauman


Virginia Vincent ....... Mim

Bart Burns ....... Dave

Joe di Reda ....... Harry

Rolfe Sedan ....... Gorsky

Paul Lambert ....... Joe

A post office clerk dreams of striking out on his own as a professional

photographer but lacks the courage. He also lacks the courage

to propose to the girl he's been dating. [RF]


2.43 [242] Matinee Theater: STEP INTO DARKNESS
Written by Elizabeth Denham

During the war the British War Office assigns a woman to work with a French

 contact to aid English soldiers and fliers in escaping occupied France. [RF]
*Note: Based on actual events in Miss Elizabeth Denham's life.

2.44 [243] Matinee Theater: A CANDLE IN THE DARK
Written by Paul Tabori
The true story of Louis Braille, a blind Frenchman. Braille discovers a method

whereby those who cannot see will be able to learn to read by touch. [RF]

2.45 [244] Matinee Theater: SAVROLA
15Nov1956 (postponed from 31Oct56)(first anniversary episode)
Adapted by Frank & Doris Hursley
Written by Winston Churchill
Sarah Churchill ..... Lucile
Lamont Johnson ...... Savrola
Victor Jory ......... Molara
Geoffrey Toone
The mythical country of Laurania is ruled by Molara, a ruthless and unpopular dictator.

 The people elect Savrola, their liberal leader, to act as emissary to the dictator and

protest his lawlessness. On this mission, Savrola meets and is enchanted by the

dictator's lovely young wife, Lucile. And with this turn of events, Molara sees a chance

 to use his wife to discredit Savrola with the people. [RF]
*Note: Sarah Churchill is the daughter of Winston Churchill.

2.46 [245] Matinee Theater: A TABLE SET AT NIGHT
Written by Peter Berneis
After many years a woman returns to the scene of a love affair.

She is disturbed when her daughter becomes involved in a romance

 much in the same way her mother had years before. [RF]


2.47 [246] Matinee Theater: MADAME DE TREYMES
19Nov1956 NBC Mon

Adapted by William Templeton
Based on the short novel by Edith Wharton
Directed by Walter Grauman
Lisa Ferraday
William Hopper
Mary Anderson

A wealthy American courts a beautiful compatriot now living in Paris. Though she is

attracted to him, she hesitates to seek a divorce from her present husband, a marquis,

because she fears he will reclaim custody of their little son. [RF]

2.48 [247] Matinee Theater: THE PEOPLE VS. JOHN TARR
20Nov1956 NBC Tue
Written by Eunice Luccock Corfman
A young musician returns to his home town as choir director. The only person who

does not resent the ambitious young man's methods is the town's woman librarian. [RF]

21Nov1956 NBC Wed
Written by Malcolm Shaw & Dan Blue
For the first time in years a women's college breaks precedent by hiring a young

bachelor professor. Because of the scarcity of men in the vicinity of the college,

 the professor becomes the center of attention not only for the students, but for

the women faculty members as well. [RF]

[--] 22Nov1956 NBC Thur pre-empted for Thanksgiving Day Pro Football Game

2.50 [249] Matinee Theater: DRACULA
Adapted by Robert Esson
Based on Bram Stoker's novel
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Guest cast:
John Carradine........ Count Dracula
Lisa Daniels....... Lucy Weston
A man pays a visit to the castle of the Count Dracula.


2.51 [250] Matinee Theater: CEASE FROM ANGER
Written by Eugene Francis

2.52 [251] Matinee Theater: THE EMPTY NEST
Written by Josephine Lawrence
With their children married, a middle-aged couple hope to live alone,

 independent of their offspring. One crisis leads to another until the parents

find themselves practically supporting both couples and their newborn children. [RF]

2.53 [252] Matinee Theater: SPARE YOUR PITY
Written by C. Stafford Dickens
Suspects in the murder of a domineering old woman include her son,

her nurse, a tutor with a prison record and even her 11-year-old grandson. [RF]

*NOTE: Listed in TV-guide as Share Your Pity.

[---] Matinee Theater: HOUSE OF SEVEN GABLES
29Nov1956 (rerun from 06Apr56)

2.54 [253] Matinee Theater: THE LAST LEAF
30Nov1956 (rerun 22Mar57)
Written by Ross Claiborne and Frances Banks
Evelyn Varden
Sally Moffatt
Eve McVeagh

An elderly matriarch in a small Southern town fears all her friends

 will die before she does. She decides to hold her own funeral

 while there are still enough alive to attend. [RF]

Synopsis 2:
An eccentric matriarch plans to hold her own funeral while

she and her cronies are still alive. [RF]


2.55 [254] Matinee Theater: THERESE

Adapted by Emile Zola
Based on the Thomas Job story by Elizabeth Hart
Directed by Walter Grauman

Hosted by Ruth Conte (wife of regular host John Conte)
John Conte
Constance Ford
Helen Wallace
Eric Sinclair


Set in 19th century Paris, tells of a wife and lover who successfully dispose

 of the woman's husband but then must battle their own consuming feelings of guilt.


2.56 [255] Matinee Theater: THE HOUSE OF MIRTH
Based on Edith Wharton's 1905 novel "The House of Mirth".
The story of an attractive woman who is torn between making a strategic

marriage into the wealthy circles she covets or following her heart

 into the arms of the man she really loves.


2.57 [256] Matinee Theater: JULIE
Written by David Davidson
Dean Stockwell
A teenage boy, unhappy because of a broken home,

gets into trouble for stealing a car. [RF]


2.58 [257] Matinee Theater: THE REFUGEE
Teleplay Nicholas E. Baehr
Based on a story by Thelma Nurenberg

A romance between a non-Jewish American veteran of World War II and

a half-Jewish concentration camp survivor have an unorthodox relationship.


2.59 [258] Matinee Theater: JENNY KISSED ME
Based on a play by Jean Kerr
Rudy Vallee .... Father Moynihan
Father Moynihan finds himself face to face with the challenge

of the younger generation when Jenny the orphaned teenaged

niece of his housekeeper comes to live at the rectory.


2.60 [259] Matinee Theater: MIRACLE AT CARVILLE
Based on the autobiography by Betty Martin
The spoiled young daughter of a prominent southern family

discovers she is suffering from leprosy. [RF]

2.61 [260] Matinee Theater: THE UPPER HAND
Written by Nathaniel Benchley
When a little boy runs away from home, both parents assume he'll return by nightfall.

 When the youngster doesn't show up they blame each other for his leaving. [RF]

2.62 [261] Matinee Theater: LOVE IS A LOCKSMITH
Written by William McCleery
A professor of psychology fails to understand why he has been unsuccessful

in using psychology to win his lady love. [RF]

Adapted & Directed by Boris Sagal

Based on the comedy by George Bernard Shaw
Val Dufour
Patricia Cutts

Captain Brassbound, a vindictive sea captain, swears revenge on a visiting

Englishman whom he blames for his mother's death. [RF]

2.64 [263] Matinee Theater: THE WISP END
14Dec1956 (rerun 27Jun57)
Written by Richard Wendley
Gene Raymond ......... Edward Dudley
Will Hutchins ........ Robert Dudley
Karen Sharpe ......... Ellen Sidney
Jean Owens ........... Grace
A father tries to help his son realize he should try for something

other than concert work as a profession. [RF]

Synopsis 2:
An aspiring violinist and his father disagree over the son's ability as

a musician. The son looks down on his father's career as a builder.
Synopsis 3:
Ambition exceeds the talent of a pianist who vows to have

 a career less mundane than his contractor dad's.


2.65 [264] Matinee Theater: PROMINENT CITIZENS
Adapted by A.B. Shiffrin
A wealthy industrialist offers to revive the dwindling industry in a small town. In his ruthless

business dealings he threatens to ruin the town banker. The other prominent citizens

are forced to choose between the banker and the industry the town needs so badly. [RF]


2.66 [265] Matinee Theater: HEAD OF THE FAMILY
Written by S.S. Schweitzer

A man suffers a heart attack and must ask

for his incompetent brother's help with the business.


2.67 [266] Matinee Theater: THE PASSWORD
A young spinster's search for something that will move

her cautious suitor to propose marriage.

2.68 [267] Matinee Theater: LATE LOVE
Based on the Broadway play by Rosemary Casey
The story of an older girl's rebellion against a strict household that she

mistakenly thinks is being regimented by her outwardly stern grandmother.


2.69 [268] Matinee Theater: EUGENIE GRANDET
21Dec1956 (rerun 12Aug57)
Teleplay by Betty Ulius
Story by Honore de Balzac
Peggy McCay .......... Eugenie Grandet
Dayton Lummis ........ Cesar Grandet
Val Dufour ........... Charles

A young heiress becomes engaged to her cousin, her father is against this

 union and insists that it can only end in tragedy. She finds out he's bankrupt.

*Syndication airing on Cameo Theater 05Mar1961.


2.70 [269] Matinee Theater: COLD CHRISTMAS
Written by Theodore Apstein
The story of a family Christmas reunion that is suddenly marred by

disclosure that one of the family's sons, a college basketball star,

has accepted a bribe to throw a game.

2.71 [270] Matinee Theater: LITTLE WOMEN
Teleplay by Elaine Ryan
adapted from novel by Louisa May Alcott
Judith Braun
Lili Gentle
Diane Jergens
Irene Hervey
Alexander Lockwood
Set at the time of the Civil War, this is the well-known story of the

 Marches of New England and their four daughters, particularly Jo who

strives to keep her sisters' reappearances from breaking up the family

 only to find that she too, has fallen in love.

2.72 [271] Matinee Theater: SWEETHEART, WIFE OR MOTHER
Written by Helene Hanff
A drama of how a young boy's yuletide efforts to sell his last three beauty

boxes kindles the flame of love in a sweetheart, a wife, and a mother.


2.73 [272] Matinee Theater: SMILIN' THRU
Written by Richard McCracken
Story by Allan Langdon Martin
Directed by Sherman Marks
Margaret O'Brien
Patrick O'Neal
Richard Erdman
Liam Sullivan

John has lead a solitary life when he is asked to care for a friend's

 niece Kathleen. But when Kathleen falls in love with the son of the man

 responsible for John's loved ones death he steps in to severe their relationship.


2.74 [273] Matinee Theater: STRONG MEDICINE

28Dec1956 (rerun 10Jul57)

Written by William Mourne


Patrick O'Neal

Myron Healy

Joe Maross

Mary Webster

The inheritance of frontier territory prompts an Easterner's struggle with settlers.


2.75 [274] Matinee Theater: EVERYTHING IS RELATIVE
Written by Dan Beaumont
A confirmed bachelor finally agrees to marry the girl he has

been going with for several years. After he takes the fatal step, however,

he finds he has to deal with mother-in-law problems. [RF]

01Jan1957 Matinee Theater was pre-empted for the Cotton Bowl

2.76 [275] Matinee Theater: MISS MORISSA
Adapted by Helene Hanff
From Mari Sandoz's novel
A young woman is accepted as a frontier doctor, but rejected by the man she loves.

She marries, on the rebound, a man of dubious character. [RF]

2.77 [276] Matinee Theater: THE SCANDALOUS PRIEST
Written by Frank and Doris Hursley
In a small South American country, a parish priest sides

 with the peasants against a landowner. [RF]

2.78 [277] Matinee Theater: DARK VICTORY
Written by George Brewer Jr.
Directed by Walter Grauman
Patricia Barry
John Baragrey
Bertram Block

A woman falls in love and marries a doctor. She develops a

brain tumor which changes the course of her life. [RF]

*Note Patricia Barry received an EMMY nomination for her performance.


2.79 [278] Matinee Theater: THE LONELY LOOK
Written by Herman Raucher
A young but deaf sculptor vies with a glib comedian for the love of a dancing girl.

2.80 [279] Matinee Theater: THE SUDDEN TRUTH
Written by Charles Cagle
A widow travels to France ten years after her boy was killed in

the war, to seek the last man to see him alive.


2.81 [280] Matinee Theater: THE MAN IN HALF-MOON STREET
Written by Kathleen Lindsay & Robert Howard Lindsay
John Baragrey

A strange painter, living in an area where murder has been committed

regularly even 10 years, who plans mysterious surgery in which

he will exchange glands with an ex-convict.


2.82 [281] Matinee Theater: THE HEX
Written by Gene Feldman

A motherless 12-year-old boy who turns to a voodoo

woman to dispel his father's despondency.


2.83 [282] Matinee Theater: IF THIS BE ERROR
The story of a woman who tries to keep her past from the family of her new husband.

2.84 [283] Matinee Theater: ON THE TRAIL OF THE KLINGSFELD
Written by Philip Kalfur
The many misadventures of a New Englander decide whether to take

over the family insurance business or raise horses on a Western ranch.


2.85 [284] Matinee Theater: HERE WE ARE
Four grown children fight back against the domination of their meddling mother.

2.86 [285] Matinee Theater: ARMS AND THE MAN
Based on the George Bernard Shaw novel
Directed by Alan Cooke
Marcia Henderson
Fred Beir
Peter Hansen
Mary Scott
Norma Varden

Taking place during the 1885 Serbo-Bulgarian War, Raina who is

 engaged to Sergius, falls for a soldier she hides during the war.


2.87 [286] Matinee Theater: HOME IS THE HUNTER
Written by Howard Berk
A flashy young man returns to the small town he had fled and the broken family that he felt rejected him in "Home Is the Hunter".

2.88 [287] Matinee Theater: MADAM AVA
Two sisters, a spinster and a worldly carnival fortune teller each decide to adopt the other's way of life.


2.89 [288] Matinee Theater: THE CUTTING
A sensitive 11-year-old boy's father is ashamed of him because of his failure to develop as an athlete.


2.90 [289] Matinee Theater: NIGHT TRAIN TO CHICAGO
written by Franklin Barton
An ailing boy and his doctor and a captured criminal handcuffed to a police officer are among eight persons thrown together by circumstances.

2.91 [290] Matinee Theater: THIS LANGUAGE CALLED LOVE
Written by Barbara Davidson
An able woman fights the battle of career vs. motherhood.

2.92 [291] Matinee Theater: THE THIRTEENTH CRYPT
Written by Anthony Spinner
The spoiled scion of an old French family strives to cover his impassioned murder of his American wife by hiding her body in the thirteenth crypt.


2.93 [292] Matinee Theater: MR. PIRN PASSES BY
Story by A.A. Milne
Edward Everett Horton ..... Mr. Pirn
The Marden family welcome quaint elderly gentleman Mr. Pirn to their

country home, unaware that the Marden family have a few skeletons in their closets.


[--] Matinee Theater: DAUGHTER OF THE SEVENTH
28Jan1957 (rerun from 03May56)

2.94 [293] Matinee Theater: ANYTHING FOR A LAUGH
Written by Eva Greene
Story by Doris Gilbert
A habitual practical joker's crowning gag leads to a murder charge against an innocent person.

2.95 [294] Matinee Theater: THE REALMS OF GOLD
written by Howard Lawrence Davis
A poor farm boy's yearning for a college education brings a new life outlook to his hard-pressed father.

2.96 [295] Matinee Theater: DEACON OF OAK RIDGE
An atomic physicist upon learning that his research has contributed to the incineration of Japanese cities turns from laboratory to pulpit.

2.97 [296] Matinee Theater: ACCENT ON YOUTH
Play by Samson Raphaelson
A middle-aged playwright finds that his romance with his young secretary parallels his latest dramatic work but complicates his personal life.


2.98 [297] Matinee Theater: THREE KIDS
Written by Martin Donovan
Julius LaRosa (both roles)
Things become extremely mixed up when two men, one a singer, the other a look-alike are pursued by a girl who worships the singer.

*NOTE: Singer Julius LaRosa made his dramatic acting debut in this episode.


2.99 [298] Matinee Theater: FRANKENSTEIN
05Feb1957 (rerun 07Oct57)
Producer Albert McCleery
Teleplay by Robert Esson
Based on the novel by Mary Shelley
Primo Camera ......... The Monster (Primo Carnera in news article)
The tale of a scientist who creates a living man — a huge and revolting monster who proves to be his creator's undoing.

*Note: Producer Albert McCleery decided that when a fellow needs a fiend,

 he can hardly do better than ex-Heavyweight Champion Primo Camera (6 ft. 6 in., 270 lbs.).

 Camera, 50, wore elevator shoes, a snowsuit, and an unhealthy complexion that

 ranged from green to mauve, depending on the receiver's color-knob. Out of a

wealth of dramatic experience as a wrestler, he emitted horrible noises and

 (unlike the film version) even some dialogue. [RF]


2.100 [299] Matinee Theater: THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN
Written by Irving Richin
A young man recognizes a FBI reward poster as a friend of his and is tempted to turn him in.


2.101 [300] Matinee Theater: ONE
written by David Karp
A college professor is striving for free expression during a time when the state
is supreme and any individuality has been stamped out.

 2.102 [301] Matinee Theater: THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST
Written by Oscar Wilde
Directed by Alan Cooke
Hermione Gingold ........... Lady Bracknell
Roger Moore
Roberta Haynes
Philip Tonge
The formidable Lady Bracknell is quite willing that Algernon shall marry

Cecily and her fortune. Jack, however, as Cecily's guardian, refuses his

consent unless Lady Bracknell permits his marriage to Gwendolyn. [RF]

2.103 [302] Matinee Theater: THE BRAT'S HOUSE
Written by Roy Hargrave
In a Korean battle five Americans become detached from their company. They take
over a hut in which they find and capture two North Korean soldiers, and an
orphaned youngster. The boy soon becomes their mascot.
Synopsis 2:
A Korean orphan boy risks his life for stranded American soldiers.


2.104 [303] Matinee Theater: THE MYSTERIOUS MR. TODD
Story by George Sumner Albee

A tall, gaunt guest in a present-day Catskill Mountain
boarding house intervenes in a town crisis and a three-sided romance in "The
Mysterious Mr. Todd".


2.105 [304] Matinee Theater: A CASE OF PURE FICTION
Adapted by Jerome Ross
A well-known woman mystery writer believes she has found the way to commit

the perfect murder. Unknown to her, a greedy nephew, who stands to inherit

 her money, plans to make her the victim of her own ingenuity. [RF]


2.106 [305] Matinee Theater: THE MASTER BUILDER


Based on the story by Henrik Ibsen

Directed by Sherman Marks


Oskar Homolka ........ Halvard Solness

Joan Tetzel

Halvard Solness a brilliant architect and builder, becomes moody and afraid

of life as he grows old. Hilda a girl who represents the younger generation

comes into his life at this point and inspires him to change his attitude. [RF]


2.107 [306] Matinee Theater: THE OTHERS
15Feb1957 (rerun 30Sep57)
Adapted by Michael Dyne
Based on a story by Henry James
Sarah Churchill ....... Nina Varden
Geoffrey Toone

The governess of two motherless children believes they are possessed

by the spirits of two deceased servants. [RF]


2.108 [307] Matinee Theater: THE REMARKABLE MR. JEROME
19Feb1957 (rerun 08Jul57)
Teleplay by Helene Hanff
Story by Anita Leslie
The true story of beautiful Jennie Jerome's courtship by Lord Randolph Churchill
over objections of her father, a celebrated American lawyer and Sir Winston's
father, the Duke of Marlborough.

The story of the romance of Jennie Jerome, an American girl, who fell in love

with the son of the Duke of Marlborough, Lord Randolph Churchill.
Against the wishes of their parents, the young sweethearts plan to marry.  [RF]

Based on the biography by Anita Leslie of the parents of Sir Winston Churchill.

2.109 [308] Matinee Theater:

A teenage tomboy finds out its fun to be feminine.

2.110 [309] Matinee Theater: THE HICKORY LIMB
Adapted by John Van Druten
Story by Meade Roberts
A teenage daughter tries to effect a reconciliation between her divorced parents.

 The father is a famous author who has never had time for his family. [RF]


2.111 [310] Matinee Theater: THE BRIDGE
Adapted by Joseph Caldwell
Story by Narda Stokes
Directed by Alan Hanson
Natalie Trundy
Fred Beir

A 15-year-old boy who suffers from lack of attention tries to get attention

 from his mother by showing off a watch he has stolen. [RF]


2.112 [311] Matinee Theater: THE SERPENT'S TOOTH


Written by B.M. Atkinson Jr.


Bill Goodwin

Johnny Crawford


A harassed father tries to teach his young sons responsibility by

advising them to earn the money to repair their bicycles. [RF]


2.113 [312] Matinee Theater: VOYAGE TO MANDOK


Written by Peter Barry


An investigator in disguise arrives in a small country in the Middle East to look

into discrepancies in the reports of the manager of an oil refinery. [RF]


2.114 [313] Matinee Theater: THE DAY BEFORE THE WEDDING


Written by Anthony Spinner

Frank McHugh

A young girl must contend with a storm of family disputes the day before her wedding. [RF]


2.115 [314] Matinee Theater: QUEEN OF SPADES


Adapted by Michael Dyne

Based on the story by the great 19th century Russian poet Alexander S. Pushkin


A young army officer meets with tragedy when he attempts to force the

secret of winning at cards from an aging countess. [RF]


2.116 [315] Matinee Theater: SHADOW AND SUBSTANCE


Written by Paul Vincent Carroll


Sir Cedric Hardwicke


Canon Skerritt finds it impossible to believe that his servant

girl has received visitations from St. Brigid. [RF]


2.117 [316] Matinee Theater: YOU TOUCHED ME
Written by Tennessee Williams & Donald Windham
Based on Tennessee Williams' play

Oskar Homolka ............. Capt. Cornelius Rockley
John Drew Barrymore ....... Hadrian
Joan Tetzel ............... Emmie
Captain Cornelius Rockley was retired from the sea after a spectacular binge in the Caribbean.

The good captain, under the influence of a certain amount of rum, foundered his ship

 and lost his skipper's certificate. Since that time, he's lived with his self-righteous spinster

sister Emmie, and his shy and gentle daughter Matilda. The captain doesn't like to see his

daughter turning into a younger replica of Emmie, but the older woman's tyrannical rule

and self-pitying attitude keep him from doing much about it. The his foster son Hadrian

 returns for a short visit and the captain sees a ray of hope. [RF]

2.118 [317] Matinee Theater: THE HEMLOCK CUP
Adapted by Richard McCracken
Based on a story by Edward Hunt
Directed by Alan Hanson
James Dunn
Peg Hillias
Douglas Rodgers
Cathy Downs
An elderly schoolteacher disapproves of the system of standard education used in his town.

 He submits a report to the City Council, but it is violently rejected by the members. [RF]

2.119 [318] Matinee Theater: PAPA'S WIFE
Adapted by Elizabeth Hart
from the novel by Thyra Ferre Bjorn
A Lapland preacher's pretty young housekeeper falls in love with him. Because he

doesn't return her affection, she runs away to New York to begin a new life. [RF]

2.120 [319] Matinee Theater: THE PRIZEWINNER
Written by Jerome Ross
Mona Freeman
A girl who thinks of herself as being plain wins a two-week cruise for two. Not wanting to

go alone, she invites a popular girl from her office to keep her company. But once aboard ship,

 she is left alone while her friend seeks entertainment with a handsome fellow passenger. [RF]

2.121 [320] Matinee Theater: DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE
08Mar1957 (rerun 16Aug57)
Teleplay by Robert Esson
Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's novel

Directed by Allan Buckhantz


Douglass Montgomery ... Henry Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
Lisa Daniels ...... Polly Bannon
Patrick Macnee .... Peter
Lumsden Hare ...... Poole
Chet Stratton ..... Utterson
A highly respected London physician is very much interested in scientific research.

 He chances upon the discovery of a drug which, when he takes it, transforms him

into a repulsive and evil killer. Another dose of the drug returns him to the

personality and body of the gentle doctor. [RF]


[--] Matinee Theater: THE CAREFREE TREE
11Mar1957 (rerun from 30Apr56)

[--] Matinee Theater: BREAD UPON THE WATERS
12Mar1957 (rerun from 28Mar56)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE OUTING
13Mar1957 (rerun from 02Nov56)


2.122 [321] Matinee Theater: YESTERDAY'S MAGIC


Teleplay by Michael Dyne
Based on a story by Pamela F. Service

When Evaline's husband is sent to prison, she marries another man.

 Later, the first husband returns. [RF]


2.123 [322] Matinee Theater: TONGUE OF SILVER


Written by Michael Dyne
Directed by Sherman Marks
Robert Horton ....... The Traveller
Marcia Henderson .... Miss Miller
J.M. Kerrigan ....... Farmer Finney
Juney Ellis ......... Miss Prynn
Marjorie Bennett .... Mrs. Mappin
William Fawcett ..... Willy Figg
Beryl Machin ........ Lady Malmoney
Claire Meade ........ Mother Sixpence

The small and obscure town of Ballykilty in Ireland is visited by a mysterious stranger.

The man offers to sell the townsfolk shares of heaven with

proceeds going to the church in the town. [RF]


2.124 [323] Matinee Theater: THE PEACEABLE KINGDOM
Written by Arthur Arent
Victor Jory ......... Edward Hicks
Victor Jory stars as Edward Hicks, artist. In the factual story of the life

of a man who started out bad, became a minister and ultimately a famed painter.


2.125 [324] Matinee Theater: THE NINETEENTH HOLE
19Mar1957 (rerun 23Jul57)
Adapted by Warner Law
Story by Frank Craven
Wally Cox .......... Vernon Chase
Betty Lynn ......... Emmy Chase
Tommy Farrell ...... George Hill
John Craven ........ Trumbull

William E. Green .... Colonel Hammer
Emmy Chase realizes that her husband has time for only

one thing, golf. She decides to do something about it. [RF]


2.126 [325] Matinee Theater: WEDDING OF THE FAMILY
A confirmed bachelor tries to deflect a pretty girl's love to his best friend.

[--] Matinee Theater: MR. KRANE
21Mar1957 (rerun from 03Jan56)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE LAST LEAF
22Mar1957 (rerun from 30Nov56)


2.127 [326] Matinee Theater: THE WAYS OF COURAGE
25Mar1957 Mon
Written by Will Lorin

An American atomic scientist goes to occupied Vienna to start

tracing a missing colleague behind the Iron Curtain.


2.128 [327] (previous number)
2.124 [328] (new number)

Matinee Theater: JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS [Updated Jan 2020-RF]
26-Mar-1957 NBC Tue (rerun 24Jun58 & 07Mar58)
Teleplay by Theodore Apstein / Based on a story by Selwyn James
Directed by Walter Grauman
Host John Conte
Skip Homeier ....... Mitchell Dayton
Peggy McCay ....... Irene Dayton
Peter Whitney ...... Lt. Burroughs
Lynette Bernay ..... Bettie
Strother Martin .... Phil
Donald Gamble ...... Bobbie
Jerry Hartleben ..... Tim
Ruth March ..... Dr. Denham
Gretchen Thomas .... Mrs. Brannigan
Ruth Swanson ..... Clerk
Russell Whitney ..... Druggist
After years of carrying the responsibilities of two jobs, Mitchell Dayton has a nervous breakdown.
Synopsis 2:
A hard-working mechanic is knocked unconscious during a holdup and wakes up with amnesia.
Synopsis 3:
Young hardworking mechanic, father of two children, suffers a 'headblow in a holdup
and loses all memory of who he is in 'Journey Into Darkness."
Synopsis 4:
An amnesia victim who laboriously traces his own identity after his memory loss from a blow
on the head, but psychiatrists tell him it was years of work in dual jobs trying to earn money to
"keep up with the Joneses" that prepared the ground for his illness..


2.129 [328] Matinee Theater: BARRICADE AT THE BIG BLACK

27Mar1957 (rerun 26Aug57)

Teleplay by Anthony Spinner


Andrew Duggan
Mary LaRoche
Richard Crenna ...... James
George Gilbreth ..... Egan

An embittered middle-aged Army major takes out a life-long grudge

against the Indians, who massacred his family. [RF]

Synopsis 2:
An Army major (Andrew Duggan) tries to take out a lifelong grudge

 against the Indians who massacred his family. [RF]

*Note: Syndication airing on Cameo Theater 12Mar61.


2.130 [329] Matinee Theater: THE VICARIOUS YEARS


Teleplay by Peggy Lamson
Based on the novel by John Van Druten
Roddy McDowall

A young man searches for the meaning of life

and begins a writing career in England.


2.131 [330] Matinee Theater: THE FIRST YEAR
Based on the Broadway play by Frank Craven
Peggy King
Darryl Hickman
Eddie Foy Jr.
A small-town girl who marries one of her two suitors only to have the other try to avenge his loss.


2.132 [331] Matinee Theater: END OF A ROPE

01Apr1957 (rerun 24Mar58 & 27Jun58)

Written by Sheldon Stark

Directed by Alan Hanson
George Peppard .... Kincaid
Parley Baer ....... Oldham
John Barrymore II (John Drew Barrymore)
Susan Oliver
Strother Martin
Harvey Stephens
Norma Moore
Synopsis 1:
In a small Arizona mining town, enraged townsfolk refuse to believe a stranger.

 He claims that the man they think committed a murder was 60 miles away at the time of the killing. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A stranger claims that the man the townspeople think committed a murder was miles

away at the time of the killing.

Enraged townsfolk won't believe a stranger's claim that he was miles away at the time of a murder. [RF]
*NOTE: Syndication airing on Cameo Theater 11Apr64. [RF]


2.133 [332] Matinee Theater: WE WON'T BE ANY TROUBLE


Teleplay by George Lowther

Story by John & Ward Hawkins


Patty McCormick


The four O'Brien children, ages two to 10, have recently lost both parents.

They are sent to stay with a distant relative, Mrs. Johnson. [RF]


2.134 [333] Matinee Theater: THE DAUGHTER OF MATA HARI

03Apr1957 (rerun 03Oct57)

Teleplay by Alvin Boretz


Rita Moreno

Anna Maria Alberghetti

A young girl is shocked to learn that her mother was the infamous Mata Hari. [RF]


2.135 [334] Matinee Theater: TALK YOU OF KILLING


Written by Joe Barry


Roddy McDowall


A young co-ed is warned by her roommate against dating a handsome

young professor. He is suspected of murder. [RF]


2.136 [335] Matinee Theater: THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS


Based on the play Lawrence Langner & Armina Marshall Langner

A Hessian soldier, escaping from the British, makes his way to the Connecticut

 farm of Aaron Kirkland. There he falls in love with Prudence Kirkland and she with him,

even though she's already engaged to Sheriff Thaddeus Jennnings. [RF]


2.137 [336] Matinee Theater: WUTHERING HEIGHTS


Based on the novel by Daphne du Maurier


Tom Tryon ......... Heathcliffe

Johnny Crawford ..... Heathcliffe (as a child)
Reba Waters ......... Cathy (as a child)

*NOTE: Different cast than the 1955 version


.2.138 [337] Matinee Theater: THE LONG DISTANCE
Teleplay by George Lowther
Based on the play by Reita Lambert
A woman infatuated with a wealthy man impersonates

a French maid in order to get closer to him.


2.139 [338] Matinee Theater: POINT OF CLEARING
Written by Robert E. Thompson
A British soldier has deserted to the tropics, he falls in love with the

daughter of the man who is binding him to a life of crime.

2.140 [339] Matinee Theater: THE SPORT
Written by Helene Hanff
Two sisters vie for the attention of an adventurer.

2.141 [340] Matinee Theater: THE FLASHING STREAM
Play by Charles Morgan
A boy and girl each a brilliant young scientist are thrown together to

develop a top secret project on a remote island.


2.142 [341] Matinee Theater: THREAD THAT RUNS SO TRUE
Produced by Albert McCleery
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Written by Harold Gast

George Peppard ..... Jesse Stuart
Jesse, a Kentucky farm boy begins his new career teaching at the local

rural school, a small one-room building in poor state of disrepair.


2.143 [342] Matinee Theater: JAMIE PICKS A WIFE
Written by Peggy Phillips
An outspoken young woman seeks a dowager's approval of her

intended marriage to one of the stern old woman's grandsons.

2.144 [343] Matinee Theater: BLIND MAN'S BLUFF
Written by Richard Wendley
An accidental blindness threatens to disrupt the recent

marriage of a young college professor.

[--] Matinee Theater: HORSEPOWER
18Apr1957 (rerun from 30Oct56)


2.145 [344] Matinee Theater: THE STORY OF JOSEPH
Teleplay by Howard Rodman
Brett Halsey ........ Joseph
Forrest Taylor ...... Jacob


[--] Matinee Theater: WINTER IN APRIL
22Apr1957 (rerun from 27Mar56)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE SPARE ROOM
23Apr1957 (rerun from 21May56)


 2.146 [345] Matinee Theater: THE PUSHOVER
Written by Harriet Frank Jr.
Directed by Sherman Marks
Marshall Thompson
Kathleen Crowley
Les Tremayne

A pretty cub reporter is assigned to interview a mysterious

 author whom nobody has ever seen.


2.147 [346] Matinee Theater: ASHES IN THE WIND
Written by Mac Shoub
Directed by Walter Grauman
Edward Binns
Russell Conway
Vic Morrow
Claire Meade

An elderly matriarch is on death's bed and her family

struggles to make ends meet financially.


2.148 [347] Matinee Theater: A HAT, A COAT, A GLOVE
Teleplay by Luther Reed & Monique Jean
Based on Wilhelm Speyer's play
A woman's estranged husband defends her boyfriend against a murder charge.


2.149 [348] Matinee Theater: THE PROFESSIONAL
Written by Stan Cutler
Story of a onetime golf champ, now winless for years whose

home country club stops paying his way in tournament competition.

2.150 [349] Matinee Theater: GUARDIANS OF THE TEMPLE
Two men, after years of study, must face a compassionless

professor in their exams for the coveted Ph. D. degree.

2.151 [350] Matinee Theater: THE SHORT SAFARI OF B'WANA BEN
Written by Nicholas E. Baehr
A middle-aged businessman who has never vacationed farther away

than the nearby seaside resort, decides to shoot the works on an African safari.

2.152 [351] Matinee Theater: CHURCH ON MONDAY
Written by Marjorie Adler
A supervisor is given a bit of information that could remove

one of his aides as a competitor for a choice promotion.


2.153 [352] Matinee Theater: THE GIOCONDA SMILE
Teleplay Anthony Spinner
Story by Aldous Huxley
Directed by Boris Sagal
Maureen O'Sullivan
Tom Helmore

Henry Maurier is smitten by the young Doris, but is that enough motive

to murder his invalid wife. Dr. Libbard a family friend doesn't think so

 and finds the true murderer just before Maurier is about to be executed.


2.154 [353] Matinee Theater: SHOW OF STRENGTH


Written by Herman J. Epstein


Kerwin Matthews


A lone newcomer to a western town speaks out against the power wielded by

a ruthless rancher. When the man is forced to shoot one of the rancher's

henchmen in self-defense, he finds himself on trial in a kangaroo court.  [RF]


2.155 [354] Matinee Theater: MAKE-BELIEVE AFFAIR


Adapted by George Lowther

Story by Robert Standish


Francis Lederer

Phyllis Avery

Richard Long


A secretary, planning a vacation on the Riviera, writes to the head of a travel

agency with an unusual request. She wants a reliable man to accompany her to the tourist

spots and help her spend the money she has saved for the vacation!  [RF]


2.156 [355] Matinee Theater: HYMN TO THE DEDICATED



A man's genius is overshadowed by the ambitions of his friend.

The friend then falls in love with and marries his girl. [RF]


2.157 [356] Matinee Theater: THURSDAY'S CHILD


Adapted by Ellen McCracken
Story by Mary George Kochos


A 12 year old resents the fact her widower-father plans to remarry.

She and her younger brother plan to stay away on the day of the wedding.  [RF]


2.158 [357] Matinee Theater: BIG HEARTED HERBERT


Adapted for TV by Kay Arthur

Story by Sophie Kerr & Anna Steese Richardson


Herbert Kainess is a plain man, a fact which he tells his family repeatedly.

Convinced that his family must also be plain, he makes their lives miserable

with his selfish demands. Finally his wife decides to do something. [RF]


2.159 [358] Matinee Theater: EMBATTLED MAIDEN
Teleplay by Betty Ulius
Adaptation of a biography by Giraud Chester of Anna Dickinson,

19th century oratorical prodigy, will start, the week.
This is the story of Miss Dickinson's rise from obscurity to fame as the

first woman ever to address Congress and then of her descent

to ignoble confinement in an asylum.

2.160 [359] Matinee Theater: THE MIDDLE-AGED FRESHMAN
Teleplay by Robert J. Shaw
Based on a short story by Samson Raphaelson (author of "Skylark" and "Susan and God")
Will Rogers Jr.
A druggist whose dream of being-able to afford to go back to school

comes true, but falls short of its imagined perfection.

2.161 [360] Matinee Theater: THE BEST FRIEND IN TOWN
Written by Theodore Apstein
An ambitious assistant district attorney vows to expose the beloved

town banker, who has been loosely doling out money for years.

2.162 [361] Matinee Theater: JANE EYRE

16May1957 (rerun 08Oct57)

Teleplay by Robert Esson
Based on the Classic novel by Charlotte Bronte

Directed by Lamont Johnson


Joan Elan ............ Jane Eyre
Patrick MacNee ....... Rochester
Isobel Elsom ......... Mrs. Fairfax

Marcia Henderson

Tita Purdom

Jeanne Gerson
Jeffeson Searles
Theoni Trangas

When Jane Eyre (Joan Elan) becomes governess to the ward

of a rich Englishman, she encounters some strange happenings.

Based on Charlotte Bronte's classic novel. [RF]


2.163 [362] Matinee Theater: THE STARMASTER
Victor Jory
Marianne Stewart
Raymond Bailey
There's strong opposition to a general's tactics in

handling factory production-line problems.

2.164 [363] Matinee Theater: AFTERMATH


Teleplay by Howard Berk


George Peppard

An American soldier encounters hatred from his former neighbors

when he is stationed in the German town in which he was born.


2.165 [364] Matinee Theater: A GUEST AT THE EMBASSY
Written by Jerome Ross
An ambassador's daughter who learns that her new fiance is her girl friend's old fiance.

2.166 [365] Matinee Theater: SECOND HAND LOVER
22May1957 (rerun 11Oct57)
Written by George Lowther
A successful author vows to marry the first girl with love strong

enough to start his father's old clock running again.

2.167 [366] Matinee Theater: THE AVENGING OF ANNE LEETE
Producer Albert McCleery
Adapted by Robert Esson
Story by Marjorie Bowen
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Roger Moore
Lisa Daniels


A man is caught in a mystery by the portrait of a dead woman he once loved.


2.168 [367] Matinee Theater: LONESOME HUSBAND
Written by Warner Law
A married man and married woman married are thrown together

for the duration of a sweltering New York summer.

2.169 [368] Matinee Theater: PUZZLE IN THE STARS
Teleplay by Harold Gast
Based on the short story by David Eynon
Johnny Crawford

A widower searches for the son he thought had been killed in the war.


2.170 [369] Matinee Theater: THE GWENDOLEN HARLETH STORY
Story by George Eliot
Directed by Walter Grauman
Lisa Daniels ....... Gwendolen
Geoffrey Toone ..... Daniel
Donald Buka ........ Henleigh

A selfish young woman of 19th century England who enters a marriage

of convenience with a nobleman she despises, then turns to

a warmhearted man she once had rejected.


2.171 [370] Matinee Theater: THREE GIRLS NAMED ALMAYNA
A trio of airline hostesses decide to take the same first name and pool

 boyfriends, depending on which girl is in town.

2.172 [371] Matinee Theater: THE DREAM THAT WAS FIXED
A father must force his boxer son to deliberately lose a title match or

face the fists and guns of threatening thugs.

2.173 [372] Matinee Theater: A GROWING WONDER
Written by Gail Ingram Clement
A scheming young blond who challenges a motherly, warm hearted

woman for the love of a starving artist.

2.174 [373] Matinee Theater: BACHELOR FATHER
Teleplay by Helene Hanff
Adapted from a magazine novel.
A father, long divorced, who inherits a teen-aged daughter when his ex-wife dies.

2.175 [374] Matinee Theater: THE GOLDEN DOOR
Teleplay by Melba Redman
Based on the novel by Sylvia Regan
A habitually helpful widow who houses a couple of homeless souls

despite the fact that she, herself, is facing eviction.

2.176 [375] Matinee Theater: RAIN IN THE MORNING

05Jun1957 (rerun 31Mar58 & 25Jun58)

Teleplay by Paula Fox
Story by Marjorie Kellogg


Barbara Drew ......... Bess Carlson
Robert Karnes ........ Frank Wilson
Robert Morse ..... Larry Wilson
Peggy McCay ...... Jane
Theodore Newton .. Wallace

Will J. White ........ Attendant


Frank Wilson coaches his shy wife on the tricks of being an

outgoing dinner hostess trying to impress his boss.

Synopsis 2:

Frank Wilson stresses to his wife Jane that when his boss arrives for dinner

that night, she should try to be more forceful and decisive. [RF]

Synopsis 3:

Frank Wilson is bringing his boss home for dinner and is anxious to make

 a good impression. He asks his wife Jane to try not to be so shy and tells her

she must be more decisive. During the day a strange young man comes to the

house posing as a magazine salesman. Jane feels that this is a good

opportunity to practice being forceful. [RF]

Synopsis 4:
Wanting to make a good impression on his boss, Larry Wilson

coaches his shy wife on the tricks of being an outgoing dinner hostess. [RF]


 [--] Matinee Theater: ALUMNI REUNION
06Jun1957 (rerun from 26Sep56)

[--] Matinee Theater: EYE OF THE STORM
07Jun1957 (rerun from 19Oct56)

2.177 [376] Matinee Theater: RICH MAN, POOR MAN
Written by Theodore Apstein
An impoverished Sicilian bridegroom fights with his conscience.

2.178 [377] Matinee Theater: THE PARTY DRESS
A girl invokes tragedy in order to avoid wearing an ugly dress to the dance.


2.179 [378] Matinee Theater: WHITE-HEADED BOY



Roddy McDowall

A large family sacrifices heavily for the sake of their favorite lad and

when he fails in medical school, the family rebels and demands

 he be sent to Canada to shift for himself.


2.180 [379] Matinee Theater: SOUND OF FEAR
Jerry Paris
Lewis Martin
Frances Helm
Robert F. Simon
A young playboy defends himself against a murder charge.

[---] Matinee Theater: THE ODD ONES
14Jun1957 (rerun from 09Mar56; rerun 07Feb58 & Jun58)

2.181 [380] Matinee Theater: THE MAN WITH POINTED TOES
17Jun1957 (rerun 28Jan58)
Written by Lynn and Helen Root
(as The Man With the Painted Toes)

Directed by Robert Ellis Miller
Earl Holliman ........ Tom Cotterell
Vanessa Brown ........ Pamela Wright
Joan Tabor
Young Tom Cotterell, a rich Texas oilman, is hurt when he is rebuffed

by a New York girl, Pamela Wright. Pamela can't stand Tom's crude ways,

so he hires a girl to teach him how to be a gentleman.

Synopsis 2:

Tom Cotterell, young and rich Texas Oilman is hurt and bewildered when a New York girl,

Pamela Wright, turns away from him in disgust at his crude and unpolished ways.

He hires a tutor named Florry, who falls in love with him and is dismayed when

he flies to New York to meet Pamela again. [RF]

2.182 [381] Matinee Theater: A QUESTION OF BALANCE
18Jun1957 (27Nov57 episode was recast and restaged)
Written by Wood Fitchette and Stuart Dunham
Paul Langton ........ Assistant DA Paul McLean
Helen Westcott ...... Kay
Willis Bouchey ...... Robertson
A happily married assistant attorney is assigned to a murder

 investigation which he knows will uncover his involvement with another woman.

2.183 [382] Matinee Theater: THE HEART'S DESIRE
19Jun1957 (rerun 21Feb58)
Written by Helene Hanff
Kuldip Singh ........ Omar Khayyam
Leon Askin .......... General Rabat
Pernell Roberts ..... Hassan
Lisa Montell ........ Yasmin
In ancient Persia, three boys, one of whom is Omar Khayyam,

 swear a solemn oath. Whoever first gains fame and fortune

promises to share his good luck with the others.

2.184 [383] Matinee Theater: THE MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY
20Jun1957 (rerun 06Feb58 & 20Jun58)
Produced by Albert McCleery

Teleplay by Elihu Winer
From a story by Edward Everett Hale

Directed by Lamont Johnson
Hosted by John Conte
Peter Hansen ........ Philip Nolan
Richard Shannon ..... Ingham
Ralph Clanton
Betty Lynn
Dayton Lummis
Douglass Dumbrille
This is the famous fictional story of a man who damned his country.

 Placed on board a U.S. naval vessel, Philip Nolan

was subjected to a strange sentence. [RF]

*NOTE: Syndication airing on Cameo Theater 09Jun60


2.185 [384] Matinee Theater: MR. WINDIGO
Written by S.S. Schweitzer
Johnny Crawford ..... Dickie Browning
Peggy Maurer
Peter Hansen
Addison Richards


2.186 [385] Matinee Theater: STOPOVER


Teleplay by Richard Wendley

Story by Samson Raphaelson


A motion picture producer calls to mind a lost love when he

stops off in Chicago on the spur of the moment. [RF]


2.187 [386] Matinee Theater: A LIGHT IN THE SKY


Teleplay by Harold Gast

From the play by Jim Davis

Will Rogers Jr.
Ann Doran
Venetia Stevenson

A farmer who has always longed to do something creative decides to

put up a lighthouse on his farm even though there is no water for miles around.

His shocked wife and daughter fear the man has lost his senses. [RF]


2.188 [387] Matinee Theater: THE CHARMER


Teleplay by Gertrude Schweitzer (based on her own novel)

Directed by Allan A. Buckhantz
Richard Long
Catherine McLeod
Peggy McCay
Ross Ford


A woman copywriter in an advertising agency resents the fact that a younger

brother of the firm's top executive is returning from the Army to take over. [RF]


[--] Matinee Theater: THE WISP END

27Jun1957 (rerun from 14Dec56)


2.189 [388] Matinee Theater: BRIEF CANDLE


Written by Richard McCracken

Will Hutchins
Gene Raymond
Karen Sharpe

A young man pays a visit to the family mansion in Newport, R.I.,

 now presided over by its sole occupant, his aunt. [RF]


2.190 [389] Matinee Theater: THE LAST VOYAGE
04Jul1957 (rerun 21Apr58)
Written by James Truex
Maurice Manson ..... Benjamin Franklin
Zsa Zsa Gabor ...... Mme. Brillon
Ralph Clanton ...... Arthur Lee
Eric Sinclair ...... Edward Bancroft

Madam Brillon became a friend and companion to America's

first ambassador to France, Benjamin Franklin.
Synopsis 2:
Even though he is getting along in years, Benjamin Franklin is asked to become

the third member of a special diplomatic mission being sent to France. The Colonies

hope to win French aid in the struggle with England. [RF]

[--] Matinee Theater: THE REMARKABLE MR. JEROME
08Jul1957 (rerun from 19Feb57)

[--] Matinee Theater: STRONG MEDICINE
10Jul1957 (rerun from 28Dec56)

2.191 [390] Matinee Theater: BUT WHEN SHE WAS BAD
Story by Marjorie Duhan Adler
Directed by Lamont Johnson
The child star of a TV show has her father convinced she is capable only of

angelic behavior. But when the father falls in love with a script girl and decides

 to marry her, his daughter attempts to cause trouble. [RF]

2.192 [391] Matinee Theater: THE FABLE OF HARRY
Harry Parker, a man who has spent his entire life traveling with carnivals learns that

the granddaughter of a woman he had once loved lives in the small town where the

carnival has stopped. The girl's finance comes to play the shell game with the money

the couple have saved for their wedding. [RF]


 2.193 [392] Matinee Theater: THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO
16Jul1957 (rerun 02Oct57, 09Oct57, 29Jan58)
Teleplay by Robert Esson
Based on Edgar Allen Poe's story
Directed by Walter Grauman
Eduardo Ciannelli
Joe DeSantis
Grace Raynor

A heartless Facist official is lured to the city's underground wine cellars

when he refuses to abandon his quest for a leading citizen's hand.


2.194 [393] Matinee Theater: THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD


Produced by Darrell Ross, Ethel Frank, John Hinsey
Written by Warner Law
Directed by Alan Cooke


John Abbott

Gloria Castillo

John Carlyle
Naomi Stevens
Anthony Eustrel
Fred Kruger
Joseph Mell

A young girl's boy friend is appalled at the way she plays on people's emotions

for monetary rewards. She tries to make him understand that her meager salary will

not support her aunt, her uncle and herself. When a rich old man comes to their

small village, the girl goes immediately to strike up another friendship. [RF]


2.195 [394] Matinee Theater: THE FIRST CAPTAIN


Written by Henry Misrock


A student at a military academy makes trouble for a new instructor at the school.

 The youth brags to his friends that he will even win the instructor's girlfriend away from him. [RF]


[--] Matinee Theater: THE 19TH HOLE

23Jul1957 (rerun from 19Mar57)


2.196 [395] Matinee Theater: THE SHUTTERED HEART


Adapted by Ellen McCracken

Story by Mary Jane Waldo


A wife leaves her husband after the death of their first child.

The young man comes to attach deep feeling to the furniture in the nursery

 and refuses to part with it. [RF]


2.197 [396] Matinee Theater: ONE FOR ALL

25Jul1957 (rerun 17Mar58)

Teleplay by Harold Gast

Story by James Skardon

Directed by John Barrymore Jr.
Ben Holt

Dina Merrill
Raymond Bailey
Robert Gist
Robert Bray
Miriam Flood
Ezra Flood
Red Bailey

Two good friends take on jobs as co-sheriffs of a Western town. But soon their

differences of opinion cause trouble. Sheriff Holt feels that outlaws should be given

the trials they are entitled to by law. But the other, Sheriff Barker, is in favor of lynching

them on the spot. When two desperadoes escape from jail and are later found dead,

Holt suspects that his partner is responsible for their deaths. [RF]


2.198 [397] Matinee Theater: CALL IT A DAY


Written by Dodie Smith


A mother becomes quite concerned over her daughter's affection for an artist

who is married. But she has a clearer understanding of the situation when a friend of

 hers tries to persuade her to leave her husband and marry him. [RF]

2.199 [398] Matinee Theater: ANN VERONICA
Teleplay by Greer Johnson
Based on H.G. Wells' novel
Directed by Walter Grauman
Wendy Hiller
Patric Knowles


A rebellious girl who wavers between the suitor her

 family picked and the choice of her heart.


2.200 [399] Matinee Theater: BOYS WILL BE MEN
The story of conflict between a grandfather and daughter-in-law

 over whether to spare the rod in rearing her son.


2.201 [400] Matinee Theater: THE FORBIDDEN SEARCH
31Jul1957 (rerun 04Oct57)
A young widow of postwar Germany is forced by poverty to let her

son be adopted by strangers, but then realizes she is forced by love to find him.

2.202 [401] Matinee Theater: THE FAWN
Teleplay by Lucille Duffy
A boy who loves animals clashes with a father who loves hunting.


2.203 [402] Matinee Theater: SUNDAY IN SONORA
Written by Sheldon Stark
Johnny Crawford
Marshall Thompson


2.204 [403] Matinee Theater: THE ROSE BUSH

A married woman finds herself unaccountably attracted

at her 20th anniversary party to another man.


2.205 [404] Matinee Theater: FINLEY'S FAN CLUB
Written Robert Dozier
The story of an envious lad who finds a chink in

the moral armor of a small town's only hero.


2.206 [405] Matinee Theater: LAUGH A LITTLE TEAR
07Aug1957 (rerun 10Oct57, 19Feb58)
Teleplay by Robert E. Thompson
Based on a story by Gerald Sanford
Directed by Alan Hanson

Lawrence Dobkin
Virginia Christine
Susan Kohner

An immigrant father arranges to marry off his daughter to a man she has never seen.

Synopsis 2:

Old World customs prevail when Juliette meets Broc, who has been

betrothed to her since they were small children. [RF]


2.207 [406] Matinee Theater: THE INVISIBLE MAN
08Aug1957 (rerun 30Dec57)
Teleplay by Robert Esson
Based on the novel by H.G. Wells
Directed by Larry Schwab
Geoffrey Toone
Chester Stratton
Angela Thornton
Griffin, a brilliant medical student seeks out Dr. Kemp

to help him with an experiment that went wrong.

TV-Guide Jan25-31, listed this episode as a TV milestone

 in that the special effects were a TV first.


2.208 [407] Matinee Theater: WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD
Written by George Lowther
A broker switches jobs to an advertising man just to

 stay near a pretty girl he sees on the street.

[--] Matinee Theater: EUGENIE GRANDET
12Aug1957 (rerun from 21Dec56)

2.209 [408] Matinee Theater: FIRST LOVE
Based on the short story by Gertrude Schweitzer
A shy, clumsy 16-year-old lad's struggle to follow in the

footsteps of his handsome, football-hero brother.

2.210 [409] Matinee Theater: THE LOST SURVIVORS
14Aug1957 (rerun 07Apr58)
A man and a young woman, each harboring private reasons for

dreading the limelight of publicity, flee the scene of a plane crash.

2.211 [410] Matinee Theater: TIME FOR ACTION
Written by Greer Johnson
A 17-year-old girl fights the domination of a tyrannical

aunt with whom she has gone to live.


[--] Matinee Theater: DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE
16Aug1957 (rerun from 08Mar57)


[--] Matinee Theater: HORSEPOWER
19Aug1957 (rerun from 30Oct56)

2.212 [411] Matinee Theater: HAVEN'S END
Teleplay by David Davidson
Story by John P. Marquand
Here the long rivalry between two old American families takes

a new twist when two of their young, present-day

descendants fall in love with each other.

2.213 [412] Matinee Theater: HEED THE FALLING SPARROW
Written by Alvin Boretz
For political reasons an ambitious district attorney tries to hang a murder

rap on a helpless tramp, unaware, that a state-assigned defense attorney

and the victim's own father might not cooperate.

2.214 [413] Matinee Theater: THE PRESIDENT'S CHILD BRIDE
Teleplay by Abby Mann
The seldom-told story of Teddy Roosevelt's first love and marriage

 to Alice Hathaway Lee, the inspiration of the man who late was

 to become president, although she died at a tender age.

2.215 [414] Matinee Theater: NOW OR NEVER
A young woman who accidentally re-meets the man she reluctantly spurned two years earlier.

[--] Matinee Theater: BARRICADE ON THE BIG BLACK
26Aug1957 (rerun from 27Mar57)

2.216 [415] Matinee Theater: THE AWAKENING
Richard Jaeckel
Sue Randall
Alexander Lockwood
The story of a young woman who is crippled for life in

an auto accident on the eve of her marriage.

*NOTE: (California Independent has a repeat airing 30Jan58)

2.217 [416] Matinee Theater: ANGEL FACE
The story of a young girl whose determination always to tell the truth

complicates her older brother's romance with a sophisticated society girl.
Synopsis 2:
A girl's determination to tell the truth leads to complications

in her brother's romance with a society girl.

2.218 [417] Matinee Theater: THE STAR SAPPHIRE
Story by Ben Hecht
A ship's doctor, vacationing in Las Vegas, risks his life to keep a

murder rap from being hung on a pretty nightclub singer.

2.219 [418] Matinee Theater: WOMEN HAVE WAYS
A pair of city slickers, a pretty young girl and a smooth-Talking man,

compete at bilking a country bumpkin of his year's receipts.

############### Matinee Theater ##############
############### end of season 2 ##############

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