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 Season 5 (NBC) (1953-54)
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with contributions by: Rina Fox
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US Network Schedules  1953-1954
 ########## Armstrong Circle Theatre ##########
############## season 5 1953-54 ##############
NBC Tuesdays 9:30-10:00pm (weekly)(30min)
Bob Sherry

5.01 [150] Armstrong Circle Theater: JUDGMENT
01Sep1953 NBC Tue
Host: Bob Sherry
Madge Evans
Brian Keith (as Robert Keith)
Larry Robinson
When College student Bob Douglass returns home he finds his parents at odds with each other. His suspicion leads
him to find her at another man's apartment. [RF]
*NOTE: New season begins with the drama "Judgment". [Syracuse Herald listing]

5.02 [151] Armstrong Circle Theater: TWO PRISONERS
08Sep1953 NBC Tue
written by Frank O'Neill
William Prince
Louisa Horton

5.03 [152] Armstrong Circle Theater: A STORY TO WHISPER
15Sep1953 NBC Tue
written by Wilson Bower
Betsy Palmer
Leslie Nielsen
Ethel Owen
Joseph Foley
Rusty Lane
A society matron is exposed when her supposedly spotless private life is revealed. [RF]

5.04 [153] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE LAST TOUR
22Sep1953 NBC Tue
written by Alice French
Vaughn Taylor
Jo Van Fleet
Jessie Royce Landis
Melville Ruick

5.05 [154] Armstrong Circle Theater: A TIME TO LIVE
29Sep1953 NBC Tue
written by Theodore W. Case
Leora Dana
Hugh Reilly
The story of a widow of a World War II flier and her realization that she's "grown up now" and has a life of her
own to live. [RF]

5.06 [155] Armstrong Circle Theater: TOUR OF DUTY
06Oct1953 NBC Tue
Ed Begley
Jackie Cooper
Joseph Wiseman
Thomas Coley
The story of a conflict between family affection of a young doctor and his duty as a naval officer. [RF]

5.07 [156] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE FREE CHOICE
13Oct1953 NBC Tue
written by Hamilton Benz
Kent Smith
Douglas Dick
A minister's daughter discovers the depth of her father's love after she falls for a musician. [RF]

5.08 [157] Armstrong Circle Theater: HERMAN
20Oct1953 NBC Tue
Larry Blyden
Sally Gracie
A taxi driver thoroughly infatuated with his new wife has her accompany him on all his trips to the utter indignation
of his fellow hackies. [RF]

5.09 [158] Armstrong Circle Theater: JULIE'S CASTLE
27Oct1953 NBC Tue
written by Roger Vornholt
Lili Darvas
Joe Maross
Sally Forrest
A young girl tries to break free from a smoke-covered mill town where she was born. [RF]

5.10 [159] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE HONOR OF LITTORNO
03Nov1953 NBC Tue
written by Carey Wilber
Geraldine Brooks
Martin Brooks
Robert H. Harris
A former Italian soldier returns to his native land seeking vengeance and finds it is a weapon of many sharp edges. [RF]

5.11 [160] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE RIGHT APPROACH
10Nov1953 NBC Tue
written by Ruth Woodman
Elizabeth Montgomery
Ona Munson
Claudia Morgan
Before the parents of a young couple can deside what their attitude should be toward the younger generation they
are faced with a major revolt in the comedy. Allowing themselves to be guided in their attitude toward the young
couple by a "how to" book instead of their real emotions, the parents appear indifferent to their children's wish
to get married. [RF]

5.12 [161] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE BELLS OF COCKAIGNE
17Nov1953 NBC Tue
Producer Hudson Faussett
Written by George Lowther
Directed by James Sheldon
guest stars
James Dean ....... Joey Frasier
Gene Lockhart ... Pat
Vaughn Taylor
Donalee Marans
John Dennis
Karl Lukas
William Thunhurst
Si Vario
Tige Andrews
James Dean portrays a young warehouseman with a wife and sick child. Lockhart, also employed at the warehouse, dreams
of winning a newspaper-sponsored lottery so that he can journey back to Ireland. When Dean, desperate for money to
buy medicine for his child, gambles away his earnings, Lockhart, having won the lottery, gives the money away to Dean
and his wife" [RF]
Synopsis 2:
The tale concerns Pat, kindly old man who longs to see his native Ireland before he dies. His only hope of ever
making the voyage is to find a "lucky dollar" in his pay envelope. Pat's gentle philosophy reaches everyone on the
docks but Joey, an embittered stevedore. His young son is sick. Doctor bills are mounting, the druggist will no
longer give him credit. Desperately Joey gambles his pay-check and loses it all. Pat aware that Joey's wife is
waiting at the pay office to get money for medicine, gives Joey a dollar which not only changes his life, but brings
great happiness to Pat as well. [RF]
Armstrong Cork Company presented by Kay Campbell and Bob Sherry.

5.13 [162] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE BEARD
24Nov1953 NBC Tue
written by Philip Kalfur
Sir Cedric Hardwicke
Leslie Nielsen
A young man home from college on holiday, rebels at last, after years of being tied to his mother's apron strings.
The symbol of his new independence is a bearch which causes his parents no little consternation. His father tries
in vain to reason with him to shave it off. [RF]

5.14 [163] Armstrong Circle Theater: A LITTLE MORNING TO SELL
01Dec1953 NBC Tue
Hugh Reilly
Lola Montez
Luis Van Rooten
A top Hollywood star realizes his greatest triumph is off-screen. [RF]

5.15 [164] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE MARSHAL OF MISERY GULCH
08Dec1953 NBC Tue
written by Carey Wilber
Peter Lind Hayes
Wallace Ford
Mary Healy
A comedy play that pokes fun at the Western movies of Hollywood is told. [RF]
*NOTE: Married couple Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy are making their dramatic TV debut.

5.16 [165] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE DEBT
15Dec1953 NBC Tue
William Prince
Murray Hamilton
Louisa Horton
An ex-GI must decide between telling a lie to save a friend from jail and telling a truth to free himself from an
evil situation. John Van Owen is saved from death in World War II by his buddy George. After the war they become
business partners, but George's instability eventually leads to bankruptcy for the concern, though it is John who
eventually pays off the creditors. Despite John's wife's objections, he continues to help George through many
vicissitudes. Eventually George imposes on his friend to provide him a false alibi in a criminal action. John is
faced with the greatest test of friendship. [RF]

5.17 [166] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE TREE IN THE EMPTY ROOM
22Dec1953 NBC Tue
written by George H. Faulkner
Margaret Hayes
Arthur Cassell
Barbara Karen
A poor, but proud man, whose family suffers because of the chip on his shoulder, finds that Christmas can be wonderful. [RF]

5.18 [167] Armstrong Circle Theater: GLOOMTH IN BALLYGALLY
written by George Lowther
Scott Forbes
Maureen Hurley
Melville Cooper
The story of how an Irish girl, after waiting five years. for her fiance to return, is faced with an unexpected
decision three days before marrying another man. [RF]
*NOTE: Titles also listed as "Ballygally" and "Return to Ballygally".

5.19 [168] Armstrong Circle Theater: FOR EVER AND EVER
05Jan1954 NBC Tue
Kevin Coughlin
Marcia Van Dyke
Richard Kendrick
A young couple whose son was killed in an auto accident encounter heart-breaking resistance when they attempt
to adopt an orphan they've fallen in love with. [RF]

5.20 [169] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE PIANO TUNER
12Jan1954 NBC Tue
written by Joseph Schull
Fay Bainter
Otto Kruger
A man returns to the family he deserted thirty years before. [RF]

5.21 [170] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE MILESTONE
19Jan1954 NBC Tue
directed by Cort Stein
guest stars
Elizabeth Montgomery .... Ellen Craig
Walter Brooke
Rebecca Sand
A young wife believes that she is not good enough for her successful husband. [RF]

5.22 [171] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE OLD MAN'S GOLD
26Jan1954 NBC Tue
James Gregory
Catherine McLeod
Three gold-hungry adults are thwarted by a young boy. [RF]

5.23 [172] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE PRIDE OF JONATHAN CRAIG
02Feb1954 NBC Tue
written by Butler Sheldon
Jack Whiting
Valerie Cossart
Addison Richards
Byron Russell
A businessman down on his luck lands a job in sales. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A once-successful business man who swallows his pride to work as a sales man in a store to support his family. [RF]

5.24 [173] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE FIGHT
09Feb1954 NBC Tue
Tod Andrews
Joey Walsh
Jean Carson
Mary Fickett
Judson Rees
A confused and depressed teenager rebels by announcing that he's a Communist. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A teenager boasts about being a Communist sympathizer to cover his psychological confusion. [RF]

5.25 [174] Armstrong Circle Theater: RUN TO MAGIC
16Feb1954 NBC Tue
written by Dorcas Durkee
Melville Ruick
John Archer
Anna Lee
The story of ill-fated lovers who drift apart but find that memory has a way of haunting one's life. [RF]

5.26 [175] Armstrong Circle Theater: EVENING STAR (In Color)
23Feb1954 NBC Tue
written by Anne Howard Bailey
directed by Ed Roberts
Jarmila Novotna
Arthur Franz
Sarah Marshall
Richard Kollmar
Jonathan Harris
Fredd Wayne
An aging opera star makes her first TV appearance. [RF]

*NOTE: This episode was the first Circle Theater telecast in color. (TV Guide)
*NOTE: Metropolitan Opera star Jarmila Novotna, makes her first television appearance.

[--] Armstrong Circle Theater: The Fugitive
02Mar1954 (postponed to 16Mar54)

5.27 [176] Armstrong Circle Theater: TAM O'SHANTER
09Mar1954 NBC Tue
written by George Lowther
Arthur Treacher
Mildred Natwick
A man who would rather dream up a get-rich-quick scheme than do an honest day's work, hits upon the idea of
having his wife's pet hen increase her egg production in an amazing fashion. [RF]

5.28 [177] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE FUGITIVE
16Mar1954 NBC Tue (postponed from 02Mar54)
written by Irene Foley
guest stars
Dolly Haas ....... Sister Madeleine
Anthony Perkins .. Philippe
Sister Madeleine, an orphange director who is forced to harbor a fugitive. [RF]

5.29 [178] Armstrong Circle Theater: SO CLOSE THE STARS
23Mar1954 NBC Tue
Biff McGuire
Leora Dana
The story of a widow and a man 10 years her junior who become involved in a shipboard romance as the man travels
to meet his fiance. [RF]

5.30 [179] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE MILITARY HEART
30Mar1954 NBC Tue
Sidney Blackmer
Lawrence Hugo
A colonel must make a tough decision about a friend into a situation which may almost certainly result in death. [RF]

5.31 [180] Armstrong Circle Theater: MY CLIENT, MCDUFF
06Apr1954 NBC Tue
Roddy McDowall ...... Tim
Patricia Breslin .... Jeannie McTavish
Brad Morrow (uncredited)
A champion Scottie, his young mistress and a law student get caught in international intrigue by a Pekingese. [RF]

5.32 [181] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE THREE TASKS
13Apr1954 NBC Tue
Arthur Treacher
Francis L. Sullivan
An Easter story of a child's faith is portrayed when the grief-stricken father tries to overcome the loss of his
wife. His daughter's strong faith in fairy tales gives the father courage, but he faces his own task of convincing
the child that her strong faith still cannot accomplish the impossible. [RF]

5.33 [182] Armstrong Circle Theater: TREASURE TROVE
20Apr1954 NBC Tue
written by Carey Wilber
Wallace Ford
Gene Lockhart
Mildred Dunnock
June Lockhart
Jubel Corbett has his farm, his house and reputation go to pieces all because he is obsessed with the idea that
somewhere on his land gold is to be found. [RF]

5.34 [183] Armstrong Circle Theater: GANG-UP
27Apr1954 NBC Tue
written by Nicolas E. Baehr
Ed Begley
Carmen Mathews
Walter Kinsella
Paul Roebling
Alan MacAteer
The Buckleys learn that their son Paul and the teenage gang of which he is a member plan to rob a neighborhood
jewelry store. Paul begs his parents not call the police, fearful of the wrath of his gang should he be branded
an informer. Nevertheless, the parents thwart the robbery plan, but the news leaks out to the gang. [RF]

5.35 [184] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE HAND OF THE HUNTER
04May1954 NBC Tue
written by Morton Wishengrad & Virginia Mazerr
Joseph Schildkraut
E.A. Krumschmidt
A broken man vows revenge against a Nazi named Krueger, after his wife and child were killed in the Dachau
concentration camp. [RF]

5.36 [185] Armstrong Circle Theater: MAN TALK
11May1954 NBC Tue
written by Ruth Woodman
Gage Clarke
Enid Markey
A shy woman sets her mind on finding Mr. Right, when she does she has to tackle the problem of a proposal. [RF]

5.37 [186] Armstrong Circle Theater: BREAKDOWN
18May1954 NBC Tue
written by Dave Allen
Patricia Smith
William Redfield
Carmen Mathews
After being released from a hospital after a nervous breakdown, a former patient tries to make his way in the world. [RF]

5.38 [187] Armstrong Circle Theater: THE USE OF DIGNITY
25May1954 NBC Tue
Written by John G. Hanley
Cliff Robertson .... John Robinson
Ed Begley Sr. ...... Louis Giordano
Albert Paulsen ..... Jim Boles
Joseph Downing ..... Mr. Allison
A longshoreman decides he has stood brutal treatment of dock racketeers long enough. [RF]

*During the summer "Top Plays of 1954" aired in place of  "Armstrong Circle Theatre"

 which were mostly reruns of "Ford Theatre".

######### Armstrong Circle Theatre ###########
############### end of season 5 ##############

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