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Minder (1979-94)
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Minder - Must See TV ( Pt 1 of 3)
Minder - Must See TV ( Pt 2 of 3)
Minder - Must See TV ( Pt 3 of 3)

Euston Films production / Thames Television
for the ITV network
Executive Producer Verity Lambert
Produced by Lloyd Shirley, George Taylor, Ian Toynton
Script Executive Linda Agran
Written by Leon Griffiths, Andrew Payne, Willis Hall, + others
Directed by Peter Sasdy, Roy Ward Baker, + others
UK Comedy Crime Drama series     1979-94 10 series, 103 episodes x 60 min + 5 specials mainly 90min
George Cole  as Arthur Daley
Dennis Waterman as Terry McCann (Series 1-7)
Gary Webster  as Ray Daley (Series 8-10)
Glynn Edwards  as Dave
Patrick Malahide  as DS Chisholm
Peter Childs  as Sgt Rycott
Nicholas Day  as DS Morley
Michael Troughton as DI Melsip

2.10 [21] Minder: THE OLD SCHOOL TIE

One of Terry's old school pals escapes from prison and expects Terry
to provide him with a hiding place.

Series Premise:
Ex-boxer Terry McCann (Denis Waterman) has spent some time in prison.
Now he just wants to go straight and earn a reasonable living. He'll
be lucky if he can do either working for the 'King of the Dodgy Deals',
Arthur Daley (George Cole).
At the end of the seventh series, Terry went off to Australia and
Arthur hired his nephew Ray Daley (Gary Webster) to be his new 'minder'.
A particular feature of this programme, which added phrases like
"a nice little earner" to everyday English speech, was the impressive
list of guest stars, which reads like a "Who's Who" of British actors and actresses.

Series 1 (Oct 1979 - Jan 1980)

1.01 [--] Minder: Gunfight At The OK Launderette
Terry gets caught up in the hostilities when a group of black militants
decides to hold an Italian wedding party hostage. Arthur sees achance for
a 'nice little earner' selling the story to the tabloid press.
Also appearing:
Dave King
1.02 [--] Minder: Bury My Half At Waltham Green
Terry is minding an ex-con who knows where the loot from a robbery is hidden.
Also appearing:
Tony Selby, Nicky Henson, Kenneth Cope
1.03 [--] Minder: The Smaller They Are ...
Arthur has problems with some 'funny money'.
1.04 [--] Minder: A Tethered Goat
Terry is minding an Arab banker.

1.05 [--] Minder: The Bounty Hunter
A young widow is swindled out of her savings by a con merchant. Terry and Arthur come to the rescue.
Also appearing:
June Ritchie, Christopher Biggins, Derek Jacobi
1.06 [--] Minder: Aces High - And Sometime Very Low
A professional gambler is mugged and his winnings are stolen. He asks
Arthur and Terry to help him to recover the money.
Also appearing:
Anthony Valentine

1.07 [--] Minder: The Bengal Tiger
Arthur and Terry help an Indian newsagent who's having trouble with his young daughter.
Also appearing:
Saeed Jaffrey
1.08 [--] Minder: Come In T-64, Your Time Is Ticking Away
Arthur is part-owner of a minicab firm. When its cars and drivers come
under attack, Terry is given the job of finding out who's responsible.
Also appearing:
Alfred Burke, Diana Malin

1.09 [--] Minder: Monday Night Fever
Arthur tells a beautiful young girl that he's going to make her a singing
star. Unfortunately, she can't sing.
Also appearing:
Sheila White, Brian Croucher
1.10 [10] Minder: The Dessert Song
Terry intervenes to stop a mugging. As a result, he and Arthur become
involved in a battle over a restaurant.
Also appearing:
Diane Keen
1.11 [--] Minder: You Gotta Have Friends
Arthur does a favour for an old friend and 'it all goes pear-shaped'.
Also appearing:
George Baker, Deborah Grant
Series 2 (Sep - Dec 1980)

2.01 [12] Minder:
National Pelmet
Terry just wants a quiet day at the seaside, but he ends up 'minding'
a racehorse. Meanwhile, Arthur is busy trying to sell a lorryload of dodgy pottery figurines.
Also appearing:
Liza Goddard, Jeremy Young

2.02 [13] Minder:
Whose Wife Is It Anyway?
Arthur's old friend Alex is beaten up and has to go into hospital. Terry
is given the job of 'minding' Alex's antique shop.
Also appearing:
David Daker, Alan Lewis

2.03 [14] Minder:
You Lose Some, You Win Some
Maurice the gambler asks Terry and Arthur to help him to organise a
gambling school.
Also appearing:
Anthony Valentine, Lynda Baron

2.04 [15] Minder:
Don't Tell Them Willie Boy Was Here
Terry gets involved with a boxer who's planning to make a comeback.
Also appearing:
Paul Barber, Alfred Marks, Jackie Collins

2.05 [16] Minder:
Not A Bad Lad, Dad
A nine year old boy claims that Terry is his father.
Also appearing:
Sharon Duce, Warren O'Neill

2.06 [17] Minder:
The Beer Hunter
One of Arthur's old friends comes to London for 'a night on the town'.
Also appearing:
Brian Glover

2.07 [18] Minder:
A Nice Little Wine
Arthur buys some wine, then his supplier is robbed and Arthur's 'in
the frame'.
Also appearing:
Burt Kwouk

2.08 [19] Minder:
All Mod Cons
Terry has problems with a couple of squatters. Meanwhile, Arthur is
trying to sell Terry's flat without telling him.
Also appearing:
Toyah Wilcox, Tony Osoba

2.09 [20] Minder:
Diamonds Are A Girl's Worst Enemy
Terry is in trouble after a Mercedes he's supposed to be keeping an eye
on is stolen. The car contains a small fortune in diamonds and Terry
begins to suspect it's an 'inside job'.
Also appearing:
Ann Lynn, Tony Selby

2.10 [21] Minder: THE OLD SCHOOL TIE

One of Terry's old school pals escapes from prison and expects Terry
to provide him with a hiding place.

2.11 [22] Minder:
All About Scoring, Innit?
Terry has to look after a football player .
Also appearing:
Adrienne Posta

2.12 [23] Minder:
Caught In The Act, Fact
Terry is minding a lady magistrate when he gets arrested for shoplifting.
Also appearing:
Glyn Houston

2.13 [24] Minder:
A Lot Of Bull And A Pat On The Back
Two men who claim to be farmers ask Arthur to help them to repossess a
bull. Terry has to deal with problems at a strip club.
Also appearing:
Diana Malin


Series 3 (Jan - Apr 1982)

3.01 [25] Minder:
Dead Men Do Tell Tales
Arthur agrees to look after a coffin containing the body of a jewel
thief. He decides to store the body in Terry's flat. Terry thinks that
his rock singer girlfriend has been smoking grass.
Also appearing:
Harry Fowler, Suzi Quattro

3.02 [26] Minder:
You Need Hands
Terry has an injured hand, so Arthur hires another minder to look after
a diamond shipment. He comes to wish he hadn't.
Also appearing:
Mike Reid, Julian Holloway

3.03 [27] Minder:
Rembrandt Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Arthur gets involved in the art world.
Also appearing:
George Sewell

3.04 [28] Minder:
Looking For Mickey
An old friend of Terry's escapes from prison and hides out in the strip
club where Terry's working. Arthur thinks he's on to a 'nice little earner' selling the story to a Fleet Street newspaper.
Also appearing:
Diana Malin

3.05 [29] Minder:
Terry is minding a luxury house belonging to a pop singer. Arthur gets
his fingers burned when he tries to make a killing with some "Flying Pig"
Also appearing:
Richard Griffiths, Wanda Ventham

3.06 [30] Minder:
Another Bride, Another Groom
Arthur's niece is getting married.Terry is given the job of 'minding'
the groom on his stag night and making sure he gets to the church on time.
Also appearing:
Warren Clarke

3.07 [31] Minder:
The Birdman Of Wormwood Scrubs
An ex-convict wants to borrow money from Arthur, using his hidden loot
as security for the loan.
Also appearing:
Stephen Grief, Max Wall, Rula Lenska, Maurice Denham

3.08 [32] Minder:
The Son Also Rises
The young son of one of Arthur's friends is attacked on his way home
from school. Terry is given the job of 'minding' the lad.
Also appearing:
Gareth Hunt, Alfie Bass

3.09 [33] Minder:
Why Pay Tax?
Arthur and Terry become involved with a dodgy bookmaker who's having
problems with the taxman.
Also appearing:
Michael Medwin, Kika Markham, Nigel Davenport

3.10 [34] Minder:
Broken Arrow
Arthur sponsors a darts tournament.
Also appearing:
Gary Olsen

3.11 [35] Minder:
Poetic Justice, Innit?
Terry has to 'mind the shop' when Arthur is called up for jury service.
Terry also has to help an old girlfriend after she's a witness to a robbery.
Also appearing:
Diana Malin

3.12 [36] Minder:
Back In Good Old England
One of Terry's old mates from prison returns to England and asks Arthur
and Terry to help him to set up a Spanish restaurant.
Also appearing:
Pete Postlethwaite, George Layton

3.13 [37] Minder:
Arthur is trying to sell a car for a client when he gets arrested for
drug running.
Also appearing:
Frederick Jaeger, Diane Langton, Russell Hunter

sp.1 [38] Minder:
Minder's Christmas Bonus
Extracts from earlier episodes, linked by some new material set in the
Winchester Club.


Series 4 (Jan - Mar 1984)

4.01 [39] Minder:
Rocky Eight And A Half
Terry gets involved in an illegal boxing match.
Also appearing:
George Innes, Christine Kavanagh, David Lodge, Peter Childs

4.02 [40] Minder:
Senior Citizen Caine
Terry is 'minding' a recently widowed garage owner to protect him from
his greedy relatives.
Also appearing:
Lionel Jeffries, Angela Richards, Keith Barron

4.03 [41] Minder:
High Drains Pilferer
Terry is working as a driver for the wife of a local villain. When some
jewels disappear, Terry gets the blame.
Also appearing:
David Caulder, Michael Povey

4.04 [42] Minder:
Sorry Pal, Wrong Number
Arthur and Terry become involved with a dodgy racing tipster. Terry has
to 'mind' three phone boxes.
Also appearing:
T.P. McKenna, Shaun Curry

4.05 [43] Minder:
Car Lot Baggers
When a used car lot is vandalised, Arthur suspects a group of gypsies.
Terry becomes convinced that they're innocent.
Also appearing:
June Whitfield, Jimmy Nail, Harry Scott, Colin Jeavons

4.06 [44] Minder:
If Money Be The Food Of Love, Play On
An Australian girl asks Terry and Arthur to help her to track down her
missing fiance.
Also appearing:
Penny Downie, Larry Lamb

4.07 [45] Minder:
A Star Is Gorn
Arthur's buying dodgy disks from someone who works at a recording studio.
When he finds the master tape of a hit record in the latest consignment,
Arthur sees a way of making big money. Instead, he gets big problems.
Also appearing:
Mel Smith, Mike Holoway

4.08 [46] Minder:
Willesden Suite
Terry is working as house detective at a hotel. Arhur is asked to speak
at a Rotary Club luncheon at the same hotel.
Also appearing:
Tony Robins, Bernard Kay, William Simmons

4.09 [47] Minder:
Arthur becomes involved in with a health club, while Terry has to deal
with domestic problems.
Also appearing:
Stephen Rea, Patrick Troughton, Tony Anholt, Catherine Rabbett

4.10 [48] Minder:
Get Daley!
Arthur has had an operation to remove an ingrowing toe nail . He discovers
that it isn't covered by his health insurance.
Also appearing:
Maureen O'Farrell, Ian Bartholomew

4.11 [49] Minder:
A Well Fashioned Fit-Up
Terry is busy working as a bouncer, so Arthur has to 'mind' a friend's
clothing store himself.
Also appearing:
Christopher Fulford, Trevor Steedman, Stanley Adams


Series 5 (Sep - Oct 1984)

5.01 [50] Minder:
Goodbye Sailor
Arthur and Terry get involved with smuggled tobacco and dodgy trainers.
Also appearing:
Moray Watson, Ray Winstone, Rashid Karpiet

5.02 [51] Minder:
What Makes Shamy Run?
When some 'funny money' is found at the Winchester Club, D.I. Chisholm
decides that Arthur and Terry are responsible.
Also appearing:
Art Malik, Madhav Sharna

5.03 [52] Minder:
A Number Of Old Wives' Tales
Terry is the best man at a posh wedding. Arthur ends up giving the
bride away.

5.04 [53] Minder:
The Second Time Around
Terry has to 'mind' an alcoholic novelist.
Also appearing:
Beryl Reid, John Landry, Bill Maynard

5.05 [54] Minder:
Second Hand Pose
After getting locked in a cold store, Terry decides that it's time he
found a new employer.
Also appearing:
Bill Murray, Stacy Dorning, Johnny Shannan

5.06 [55] Minder:
The Long Ride Back To Scratchwood
Arthur plans to make a killing on some tickets for an England-Scotland
football match.
Also appearing:
Mark Farmer, Peter Needham, Nicolas Cargin

5.07 [56] Minder:
Hypnotizing Rita
Arthur finds himself the owner of a cleaning business.
Also appearing:
Donald Sumpter, Nicola Cowper, Ray Burdis

5.08 [57] Minder:
The Balance Of Power
Arthur decides to run for election to the local council.
Also appearing:
Caroline Langshire, Michael Povey, Alex McAvey

sp.2 [58] Minder:
Around The Corner
Arthur buys a greyhound and expects Terry to train it. Unfortunately,
the dof doesn't seem to be interested in running.


Series 6 (Sep - Oct 1985)

6.01 [59] Minder:
Give Us This Day Arthur Daley's Bread
Terry and Arthur become involved with a group of vagrants who've moved
into the crypt of a local church.
Also appearing:
Ellis Dale

6.02 [60] Minder:
Life In The Fast Food Lane
D.I. Chisholm is very interested in Arthur's new carphone business.
Also appearing:
Jan Francis

6.03 [61] Minder:
Return Of The Invincible Man
Arthur ends up in hospital after trying to help a garment manufacturer.
Also appearing:
John Bluthal, Pat Roach

6.04 [62] Minder:
Arthur Is Dead, Long Live Arthur
The taxman is after Arthur for non-payment of tax, so Arthur has to go
into hiding.
Also appearing:
Penny Morrell, Robert Austin

6.05 [63] Minder:
From Fulham With Love
Arthur and Terry get involved with a defecting Russian seaman.
Also appearing:
Michael Gothand, Rula Lenska

6.06 [64] Minder:
Waiting For Goddard
Arthur becomes involved with an elderly eccentric who's apparently
inherited a fortune.
Also appearing:
Kenneth Cope, Ronald Fraser

Sp.3 [65] Minder:
Minder On The Orient Express
Terry is given tickets for the Orient Express after helping the daughter
of a dead villain. Arthur's on the run from D.I. Chisholm, so he decides
to go along for the ride. Meanwhile, Chisholm has been seconded to Interpol.
Also appearing:
Adam Faith, Honor Blackman, Maurice Denham, Ralph Bates, Ronald Lacey

Sp.4 [66] Minder:
An Officer And A Car Salesman
When Arthur stores some dodgy videos in Terry's flat, Terry ends up
in prison. This is too much for Terry, so he goes off and finds himself
a new job with a paramiltary group.
Also appearing:
Richard Briers, Diana Quick, Simon Williams


Series 7 (Jan - Feb 1989)

7.01 [67] Minder:
It's A Sorry Lorry, Morrie
Arthur asks Terry to shift a lorryload of electrical goods. Meanwhile,
the police are keeping watch on the vehiclle.
Also appearing:
Ronald Fraser, Roy Kinnear

7.02 [68] Minder:
Days Of Fines And Closures
Terry and Arthur have to look after the Winchester Club while Dave is away.

7.03 [69] Minder:
Fatal Impression
A gambler disappears after borrowing a hundred pounds from Arthur.

7.04 [70] Minder:
The Last Video Show
Arthur becomes owner of a video rental business and finds himself in
big trouble when he discovers a videotape showing a high ranking police
officer in a compromising situation.
Also appearing:
Ian McShane, Rula Lenska, Brian Blessed

7.05 [71] Minder:
Fiddler On The Hoof
Arthur and Terry try to protect a Maltese man who's in London to deliver
a large amount of money.
Also appearing:
Carole Ashby, Don Henderson, Michael Kitchen

7.06 [72] Minder:
The Wrong Goodbye
Arthur gets a very tempting offer for his car lot and lockup. Terry
is worried about his job. He begins to suspect that there's something
dodgy about the property deal.
Also appearing:
Paul Eddington, Simon Cadell, Iain Cuthbertson


Series 8 (Sep - Nov 1991)

8.01 [73] Minder:
The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Entrepreneur

8.02 [74] Minder:
A Bouquet Of Barbed Wire

8.03 [75] Minder:
Whatever Happened To Her Indoors?

8.04 [76] Minder:
Three Coins Make A Mountain

8.05 [77] Minder:
Guess Who's Coming To Pinner?

8.06 [78] Minder:
The Last Temptation Of Daley

8.07 [79] Minder:
A Bird In The Hand ...

8.08 [80] Minder:
Him Indoors

8.09 [81] Minder:
The Greatest Show In Willesden

8.10 [82] Minder:
Too Many Crooks

8.11 [83] Minder:
The Odds Couple

8.12 [84] Minder:
The Coach That Came In From The Cold

Sp.5 [85] Minder:
The Cruel Canal

Series 9 (Jan - Apr 1993)

9.01 [86] Minder:
I'll Never Forget Whats'ername

9.02 [87] Minder:
No Way To Treat A Daley

9.03 [88] Minder:
Uneasy Rider

9.04 [89] Minder:
Looking For Mr Goodtime

9.05 [90] Minder:
Opportunity Knocks And Bruises

9.06 [91] Minder:
Gone With The Winchester

9.07 [92] Minder:
How To Succeed In Business ...

9.08 [93] Minder:
The Root Of All Evil

9.09 [94] Minder:
Last Orders At The Winchester

9.10 [95] Minder:
Cars And Pints And Pains

9.11 [96] Minder:
The Great Trilby

9.12 [97] Minder:
A Taste Of Money

9.13 [98] Minder:
For A Few Dollars More


Series 10 (Jan - Mar 1994)

10.1 [99] Minder:
A Fridge Too Far

10.2 [100] Minder:
Another Case Of Van Blank

10.3 [101] Minder:
All Things Brighton Beautiful

10.4 [102] Minder:
One Flew Over The Parents' Nest

10.5 [103] Minder:
The Immaculate Contraption

10.6 [104] Minder:
All Quiet On The West End Front

10.7 [105] Minder:
The Great Depression Of 1994

10.8 [106] Minder:
On The Autofront

10.9 [107] Minder:
Bring Me The Head Of Arthur Daley

10.10 [108] Minder:
The Long Good Thursday (final episode)

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