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THE AVENGERS (26 black-and-white filmed episodes with Diana Rigg)
ABC Films Ltd / Associated-British Pictures

UK Crime Adventures Series 161 episodes x 60 min

Patrick Macnee as John Steed (season 1-6)
Diana Rigg  as Mrs. Emma Peel (season 4-5)
 Diana  (1973-74) US Comedy Series - starring Diana Rigg
Opening narration for the black and white Diana Rigg episodes:

"Extraordinary crimes against the people and the State have to be
avenged by agents extraordinary. Two such people are John Steed,
top professional, and his partner Emma Peel, talented amateur
-- otherwise known as the Avengers."

SERIES FOUR 1965-66 Diana Rigg's 1st season (black-and-white film)

 4.1 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): THE TOWN OF NO RETURN (b&w film)
28-Sep-1965 ITV London Tue (this was the first Diana Rigg episode shown in the UK)
02-Oct-1965 ITV Midlands
US: 01Sep1966 ABC (American Broadcasting Company)
Written by Brian Clemens / Directed by Roy Baker / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Finds A Town Full Of Ghosts / Emma Gets Into Harness
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Alan MacNaughtan … 'Mark Brandon'
Patrick Newell … Smallwood
Terence Alexander … Flying Officer 'Piggy' Warren
Jeremy Burnham … Rev Jonathan Anesbury
Robert Brown … Saul
Juliet Harmer … Jill Manson
Walter Horsbrugh … Mark Brandon
On a Norfolk beach, a man steps from the sea - a plastic bag covering his suit. Cheerfully, the man walks off towards Little Bazeley.
After the disappearance of four agents, it is the turn of Steed and Mrs Peel to stay at 'The Inebriated Gremlin' in Little Bazeley.
Another visitor, Smallwood, has perished by the following morning; his only crime being a visit to his brother. However, nobody is who
they seem anymore - the whole village has been infiltrated by enemy agents. Using underground bunkers at a nearby airfield, a vast arsenal
of weapons is being amassed. Only after an unholy row with the agents trapped in their own bunker can the Avengers exit on a moped.

4.2 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): THE GRAVEDIGGERS (b&w film)
07-Oct-1965 ITV London Thurs
09-Oct-1965 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 04Aug1966
Written by Malcolm Hulke / Directed by Quentin Lawrence / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Drives A Train / Emma Is Tied To The Tracks
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Ronald Fraser … Sir Horace Winslip
Paul Massie … Johnson
Caroline Blakiston … Miss Thirwell
Victor Platt … Sexton
Charles Lamb … Fred
Wanda Ventham … Nurse Spray
Ray Austin … Baron
Steven Berkoff … Sager
Bryan Moseley … Miller
Lloyd Lamble … Dr Marlow
Frustrated by lack of funding, Dr Marlow stages his own death in Pringby and retreats to Winslip Hospital for Retired and Ailing Railwaymen.
Steed and Mrs Peel visit Pringby and follow his exhumed coffin back to the hospital. Steed's arrival causes panic. Marlow has been burying
equipment in graveyards around Pringby, so that he can jam the nation's early-warning system. It isn't long before Emma finds herself tied to
a railway line, hoping that the train will be delayed, or Steed will rescue her. He does so by running the grave-diggers to earth and shunting
their plans into the sideline. Exit the avengers on Sir Horace Winslip's miniature steam-driven train.

4.3 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): THE CYBERNAUTS (b&w film)
14-Oct-1965 ITV London Thurs
16-Oct-1965 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 28Mar1966 (US premiere)
Written by Philip Levene / Directed by Sidney Hayers / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Receives a Deadly Gift / Emma Pockets It
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Michael Gough … Dr Clement Armstrong
Frederick Jaeger … Benson
Bernard Horsfall … Jephcott
Bert Kwouk … Tusamo
John Hollis … Sensai
Ronald Leigh-Hunt … Lambert
Gordon Whiting … Hammond
Like a hot knife through butter, several businessmen have been given the chop in spectacular fashion. Is karate the secret? Every businessman
wanted to buy a new Japanese circuit system and soon only United Automation and its chairman Armstrong are left alive. He has invented
the perfect killing machine: the Cybernaut. Robotic assassins that stalk their victims by homing into radio-pens.....like the one that Mrs Peel
is carrying. Steed escapes from captivity in time to warn Mrs Peel, but Armstrong's advanced prototype kills on site and the Avengers are
surrounded by two mechanical monsters. Clipping the pen to the advanced model, the Avengers duck out as the two giants clash. Berserk with rage,
Armstrong dies trying to stop the two machines. With the pen crushed, the remaining Cybernaut deactivates, proving to Emma there is more might
in her finger than any other part of her body. Exit Emma in her Lotus whilst Steed, in his Bentley, ponders over a crossword puzzle, without a pen.

4.4 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): DEATH AT BARGAIN PRICES (b&w film)
21-Oct-1965 ITV London Thurs
23-Oct-1965 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 11Apr1966
Written by Brian Clemens / Directed by Charles Crichton / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Fights In Ladies Underwear / Emma Tries 'Feinting'
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Andre Morrell … Horatio Kane
T P McKenna … Wentworth
Allan Cuthbertson … Farthingale
George Selway … Massey
Harvey Ashby … Tony Marco
John Cater … Jarvis
Peter Howell … Professor Popple
Ronnie Stevens … Glynn
Diane Clare … Julie Thompson
Arthur Gross … Moran
"How ostentatious to be shot six times". Death going down, leads Steed and Mrs Peel to investigate a Pinter's receipt for Department 19, dated
on a Sunday. On the top floor, in the Department of Discontinued Lines, the new shop owner 'King' Kane has no time for Steed, whilst the new
lingerie lady - Mrs Peel - finds staff meetings where the staff are not invited. Jarvis, the store dick invites himself with terminal finality. The
receipt for Dept 19 is in fact a feed card for the giant atomic bomb that Kane has created around the store. With the work of Popple finished the
store renovations are completed. The descent of the North Lift, temporarily out-of-order, will act as the detonator. Kane's price is simple -
he wants Britain. Whilst avenging the many deaths of their colleagues, Kane attempts to create a fifty-mile wide crater anyway, but the lift's
down mechanism is jammed and the gang rounded up. Exit the Avengers by bicycle.

4.5 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): CASTLE DE'ATH (b&w film)
28-Oct-1965 ITV London Thurs
30-Oct-1965 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 02May1966
Written by John Lucarotti / Directed by James Hill / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Becomes A Strapping Jock / Emma Lays A Ghost
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Gordon Jackson … Ian
Robert Urquhart … Angus
Jack Lambert … McNab
James Copeland … Roberton
Russell Waters … Controller
The mournful wail of bagpipes dissuades visitors from going to Castle De'Ath, but if the ghostly Black Jamie on the battlements doesn't
scare people, then the very real torture chamber below probably will. Steed and Mrs Peel go undercover to investigate the death of a
diver who was four inches taller when they put him in the morgue. In the lair of the Lairds they discover an unusual new method of fish
farming. Before the night is finished, a high body count will have been amassed and a ghost laid to rest, forcing the Chief to seek
comfort in the arms of his Iron Maiden. Exit the Avengers in an amphibious vehicle.

4.6 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): THE MASTER MINDS (b&w film)
04-Nov-1965 ITV London Thurs
06-Nov-1965 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 11July1966
Written by Robert Banks Stewart / Directed by Peter Graham Scott / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Becomes A Genius / Emma Loses Her Mind
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Laurence Hardy … Sir Clive Todd
Patricia Haines … Holly Trent
Ian McNaughton … Dr Fergus Campbell
Georgina Ward … Davinia Todd
Bernard Archard … Desmond Leeming
John Wentworth … Sir Jeremy
Manning Wilson … Major Plessy
Serious acts of treason committed by eminent officials lead Steed to deduce that the Ransack Club is the only common denominator.
Deciding it's time that he enrolled for the intellectual challenge, he attends a special course at their country hideout. Holly Trent,
the local archery instructor, also seems suspicious of Ransack, as does the new school secretary Mrs Peel. Physical fitness and
academic brainstorming by day gives way to mass hypnosis and brainwashing at night as radiowaves induce deep-conditioned sleep.
However, Steed's trance is false (having previously disconnected the sleep-inducer) and Mrs Peel is ordered to dispose of him.
She is the better actress, but her trance is also a fake and plans are made to kill her as well. Steed to the rescue! The voice from
behind the screen is Holly Trent and, after ransacking the gang's plans, exit the Avengers in a Bentley.

4.7 [---] The Avengers (1965-66): THE MURDER MARKET (b&w film)
12-Nov-1965 ITV London (series moves to Fridays?)
13-Nov-1965 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 30May1966
Written by Tony Williamson / Directed by Peter Graham Scott / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Takes A Wife / Emma Gets Buried
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Patrick Cargill … Mr Adrian Lovejoy
Peter Bayliss … Walter Dinsford
Suzanne Lloyd … Barbara Wakefield
Naomi Chance … Mrs Jessica Stone
John Woodvine … Robert Stone
Edward Underdown … Jonathan Stone
Barbara Roscoe … Receptionist
John Forgham … Fred Beale
John Moore … J.G. Henshaw (uncredited)
Lyric for "Togetherness" by Herbert Kretzmer
Why is Steed, London's most eligible bachelor, visiting the Togetherness Marriage Bureau? The attractions of his beautiful escort,
Barbara Wakefield, proved fatal for her previous partners - Jonathan Stone, Henshaw and other men before them. Lovejoy and
Dinsford, believing Steed to be genuine, offer him their most exclusive service: if he will commit a murder for them they will kill
his cousin allowing an inheritance to pass to Steed. His victim will be.... Emma Peel - whose investigations have led her to suspect
Robert Stone is in league with Barbara Wakefield. Henshaw's floating corpse in the bath was a very convincing argument. Steed
'kills' Mrs Peel and her burial seems to convince Togetherness that Steed is a callous killer. In future he will take his orders from
the real boss - Jessica Stone, wife of the late Jonathan. His interest in female clients proved fatal. With Robert Stone exonerated
from suspicion, together Steed and Emma close down the agency, exiting the scene in a hearse!

4.8 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): A SURFEIT OF H20 (b&w film)
19-Nov-1965 ITV London Fri
20-Nov-1965 ITV Midlands Sat
US: not shown until 1969-70 rerun syndication
Written by Colin Finbow / Directed by Sidney Hayers / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Plans A Boat Trip / Emma Gets Very Wet
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Noel Purcell … Jonah Barnard
Albert Lieven … Dr Sturm
Sue LLoyd … Joyce Jason
Talfryn Thomas … Eli Barker
John Kidd … Sir Arnold Kelly
Geoffrey Palmer … Martin Smythe
Jonah's Ark is nearly finished, which is jolly good news because the rain clouds above Grannie Gregson's wine-making factory
just keep on growing. The new business proprietor, Dr Sturm, seems reluctant to show visitors around and all intruders seem to
drown in localised storms. Sir Arnold Kelly, the meteorlogical expert, confirms his theories by drowning as well, though his
compatriot Mrs Peel has already reached the same conclusion, but too late. Facing imminent pulping, Sturm reveals his rain-making
device to her, but Steed is already closing down the factory - determined that Mrs Peel won't become their latest table wine.
After a heavy downpour of action in comes the clear skies of resolution. Exit the Avengers in a mini-buggy.

4.9 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): THE HOUR THAT NEVER WAS (b&w film)
26-Nov-1965 ITV London Fri
27-Nov-1965 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 25Apr1966
Written by Roger Marshall / Directed by Gerry O'Hara / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Has To Face The Music / Emma Disappears
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Gerald Harper … Geoffrey Ridsdale
Dudley Foster … Philip Leas
Roy Kinnear … Hickey
Roger Booth … 'Porky' Purser
Daniel Moynihan … Corporal Barman
David Morrell … Wiggins
Fred Haggerty … Driver
On their way to the closing-down party of RAF Camp 472 - Hamelin, a car accident seems to freeze time. Upon arrival at the camp
all the clocks have stopped at 11.00am and the place is deserted. A thorough examination of these funny circumstances only reveals
a dead milkman with a live milk-float, strange high-pitched noises and a tramp. Then, after another bump, Steed awakes again to find,
funnily, Emma has disappeared this time, but the rest of the camp has returned! Only Hickey's dead body convinces him that the previous
hour was real. Using the milk float as a cover, somebody is abducting officers and using C11 to brainwash secrets from them. Subduing
the new camp dentist, Leas, and his henchman proves to be the funniest experience of the day. Exit the Avengers on a milk float.

4.10 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): DIAL A DEADLY NUMBER (b&w film)
03-Dec-1965 ITV London Fri
04-Dec-1965 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 21July1966
Written by Roger Marshall / Directed by Don Leaver / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Plays Bulls And Bears / Emma Has No Option
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Clifford Evans … Henry Boardman
Jan Holden … Ruth Boardman
Anthony Newlands … Ben Jago
John Carson … Fitch
Peter Bowles … John Harvey
Gerald Sim … Frederick Yuill
Michael Trubshawe … The General
Norman Chappell … Macombie
John Bailey … Warner
Edward Cast … Waiter
Henry Boardman's clients may be rich, but find that death keeps on preventing them from spending it. Steed's attempt to invest 2000,000
pounds gains the brokerage services of Yuill, a skillful operator who along with Jago has made considerable money from recent deaths.
However, he suffers a terminal dose of the same illness, before Steed can elicit the truth. Yuill, along with Todhunter and all the other
fatalities, was carrying a bleeper and Mrs Peel's investigations lead her to Fitch, the mechanic responsible for all the high-tech equipment.
His latest project is a lethal replica of Steed's watch! Before he can be warned, by a now-captive Mrs Peel, the switch is made and
Steed is now only a phone call away from death by capillary needle. Steed, however, has spotted the change and comes to Mrs Peel's aid,
with fatal consequences for Fitch. With every suspect carrying a bleeper, Steed soon discovers that Ruth Boardman and Jago are the real
deadly diallers. Exit the Avengers in a taxi-cab with a bottle to uncork.

4.11 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): MAN-EATER OF SURREY GREEN (b&w film)
10-Dec-1965 ITV London Fri
17-Dec-1965 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 25Aug1966
Written by by Philip Levene / Directed by Sidney Hayers / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Kills A Climber / Emma Becomes A Vegetable
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Derek Farr … Sir Lyle Peterson
Athene Seyler … Dr Sheldon
Gillian Lewis … Laura Burford
William Job … Alan Carter
David Hutcheson … Wing Comm Davies
Joe Ritchie … Publican
Donald Oliver … Bob Pearson
Joby Blanshard … Joe Mercer
The strangest things fall from the skies and a previous space-shot brought back an intelligent man-eating vegetable! The whereabouts of
the plant now is unknown, but Sir Lyle Peterson seems to know more than he tells. Steed and Mrs Peel stumble upon the plant's existence
whilst searching for missing scientists - who now all appear to be at work cultivating the plant. As the plant reaches germination stage
and grows taller than a house, the Avengers rush to the scene with weed-killer and the only defence from the plant's hypnotic powers:
hearing aids. As the plant resists the invaders, Mrs Peel becomes dish of the day, but this early lunch has a weed-killer dressing and
the plant dies from food poisoning. Exit the Avengers in a haycart.

4.12 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): TWO'S A CROWD (b&w film)
17-Dec-1965 ITV London Fri
18-Dec-1965 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 09May1966
Written by Philip Levene / Directed by Roy Baker / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Is Single Minded / Emma Sees Double
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Webster & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Warren Mitchell … Brodny
Maria Machado … Alicia Elena
Alec Mango … Shvedloff
Wolfe Morris … Pudeshkin
Julian Glover … Vogel
John Bluthal … Ivenko
Eric Lander … Major Carson
Are there really two Steeds wandering around London? Colonel Psev, the major spy-master appears to have found the perfect entrance
ticket to a top secret defence conference. His four agents have found a duplicate Steed. Mrs Peel is not fooled though and her abduction
is assured. The real Steed, however, has been less lucky and Webster has permanently disposed of him. His spying completed, Webster
returns and insists on giving his prize information to Psev himself. Psev is a myth - the four agents who work for him are, in fact, him.
The truth unveiled, the spies have another shock: Webster died earlier and they are talking to the real Steed. Steed and Mrs Peel hurry
to escape with their prize info, but PSEV's model aeroplanes pursue them. These kiddies' toys have adult weapons, the Avengers are
lucky, but PSEV find their own technology used against them...for the last time. Exit on horseback... with the real Steed?

4.13 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): TOO MANY CHRISTMAS TREES (b&w film)
23-Dec-1965 ITV London Thur
25-Dec-1965 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 11Aug1966
Written by Tony Williamson / Directed by Roy Baker / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Hangs Up His Stocking / Emma Asks For More
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Mervyn Johns … Brandon Storey
Edwin Richfield … Dr Felix Teasel
Jeanette Sterke … Janice Crane
Alex Scott … Martin Trasker
Robert James … Jenkins
Barry Warren … Jeremy Wade
Christmas, a time for mirth and merriment, mistletoe and recurring nightmares, as Steed is discovering. "Mrs Gale...what can she
be doing in Fort Knox?" After opening a few cards from abroad, it's off to a houseparty hosted by Brandon Storey which seems all
too-familiar: motifs of white cardboard Christmas trees and a jolly Santa with a dead Freddy Marshall seem too uncanny to be
coincidence. Like Freddy before him, Steed's mind is being assailed by the telepathic Trasker and Wade. With the arrival of the medium
Janice Crane, the final stage of their Dickensian plan can begin and a mind-reading act at the witching hour seems to be unlocking
the state secrets in Steed's mind. Mrs Peel witnessing this mental breakdown finds she can trust no-one it seems and Wade is murdered
before he can change sides. However, she needn't have worried, because Steed has always known the score - the breakdown is a trick
to reveal Brandon Storey as the Santa of his dreams. The distortion of Steed's mind is over and Trasker's condition mirrors the
other do-badders once the tussle is over. Exit the Avengers in an open-topped Surrey carriage.

4.14 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): SILENT DUST (b&w film)
31-Dec-1965 ITV London Fri
01-Jan-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: not shown until 1969-70 rerun syndication
Written by Roger Marshall / Directed by Roy Baker / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Watches Birds / Emma Goes Hunting
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
William Franklyn … Omrod
Jack Watson … Juggins
Conrad Phillips … Mellors
Norman Bird … Croft
Joanna Wake … Miss Snow
Isobel Black … Clare Prendergast
Charles Lloyd Pack … Sir Manfred Fellows
Aubrey Morris … Quince
Hilary Wontner … Minister
Robert Dorning … Howard
It was supposed to be the greatest discovery in modern agriculture, but the wonder-fertiliser 'Silent Dust' caused such devastation at
Manderley that the area was never inhabited again. The inventor, Prendergast, was discredited and sacked. It killed everything and
now it's happening again. Local bird-watcher Quince alerts Mrs Peel that the birds are dying on Omrod's estate and is it a
coincidence that Prendergast's daughter is supported by this country squire? County by county, unless Omrod's demands are met,
'Silent Dust' will once again wreak havoc on nature. Invited to the local Hunt, Steed and Mrs Peel find themselves on the list of prey,
before cutting Omrod and his cronies down to size. Exit the Avengers in a hot-air balloon. 

4.15 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): ROOM WITHOUT A VIEW (b&w film)
07-Jan-1966 ITV London Fri
08-Jan-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 27June1966
Written by Roger Marshall / Directed by Roy Baker / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Becomes A Gourmet / Emma Awakes In Manchuria
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Paul Whitsun-Jones … Max Chessman
Peter Jeffrey … Varnals
Richard Bebb … Dr Cullen
Philip Latham … Carter
Peter Arne … Pascold
Vernon Dobtcheff … Pushkin
Peter Madden … Dr Wadkin
Jeanne Roland … Anna Wadkin
The service in a Chessman Hotel is quite unlike any other: eminent scientists arrive for a night's sleep and awake in Manchuria. John
Wadkin managed to return to civilisation, before the Chinese laundry cleaned up their mistake, but Dr Cullen has also followed him
into Room 621 for the longest overnight stay in history. Pascold, pursuing Cullen to work for his firm, finds that the hotel has a lethal
room service, whilst the new hotel receptionist Mrs Peel finds herself in the same prison camp as Cullen. In exchange for exclusive
hotel rights inside the Eastern Block, Chessman is offering top scientists, all held inside the hotel in a replica concentration camp.
Steed, meanwhile, has discovered his secret in the room without a view: another Room 621. Fracas over, exit the Avengers in a rickshaw.

4.16 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): SMALL GAME FOR BIG HUNTERS (b&w film)
14-Jan-1966 ITV London Fri
15-Jan-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 04Apr1966
Written by Philip Levene / Directed by Gerry O'Hara / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Joins The Natives / Emma Gets The Evil Eye
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Bill Fraser … Colonel Rawlings
James Villiers … Simon Trent
Liam Redmond … Professor Swain
A J Brown … Dr Gibson
Peter Burton … Fleming
Paul Danquah … Razafi
Tom Gill … Tropical Outfitter
Esther Anderson … Lala
Peter Thomas … Kendrick
Unfamiliar with cases of sleeping sickness in the British Isles, Steed calls in Professor Swain, an expert on tropical matters. He
pronounces that Kendrick is suffering from The Curse of Sleep, induced by the Shirenzai cult in Kalaya. Is it a coincidence that Kendrick,
found in full tropical kit, was close to the Kalayan Ex-Serviceman's Headquarters? The Avengers find a touch of the tropics amongst
the English countryside: "They breed like flies" reveals Swain and his ex-colonials as they plot to re-conquer Kalaya by spreading
disease in a new strain of tsetse fly. However, their plans are washed away by the Avengers, who exit in a rowing boat.

4.17 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): THE GIRL FROM AUNTIE (b&w film)
21-Jan-1966 ITV London Fri
22-Jan-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 06June1966
Written by Roger Marshall / Directed by Roy Baker / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Almost Outbids Himself / Emma Is A Bird In A Gilded Cage
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Liz Frazer … Georgie Price-Jones
Alfred Burke … Gregorio Auntie
Bernard Cribbins … Arkwright
David Bauer … Ivanov
Sylvia Coleridge … Aunt Hetty
Mary Merrall … Old Lady
Yolande Turner … Receptionist
Ray Martine … Taxi Driver
Maurice Browning … Russian
John Rutland … Fred Jacques
Mrs Peel has been kidnapped - Steed's only clue is a female impersonator from a theatrical agency. Yet all her contacts seem to
share a passion for dying with knitting needles in their backs. Only one clue is forthcoming, "Auntie did it". Tracing the needles
to the Arkwright Knitting Circle Steed finds that the buildings other tenants are less-friendly and almost certainly involved.
It seems that the only way Steed will get Mrs Peel back is by bidding for her in the auction that Gregorio Auntie has arranged.
However, Lot 17 proves too wild for her cage and Art Incorporated are closed down permanently.
Exit the Avengers in a bubble-car, whilst Georgie steals Steed's Bentley.

4.18 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): THE THIRTEENTH HOLE (b&w film)
28-Jan-1966 ITV London Fri
29-Jan-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 18Aug1966
Written by Tony Williamson / Directed by Roy Baker / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Finds A Bogey / Emma Gets A Birdie
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Patrick Allen … Reed
Hugh Manning … Colonel Watson
Peter Jones … Dr Adams
Victor Maddern … Jackson
Francis Matthews … Collins
Norman Wynne … Professor Minley
Donald Hewlett … Waversham
Richard Marner … Man on TV Screen
The unusual death of Ted Murphy leads Steed and Mrs Peel to strange goings-on amongst the Greens at Cranleigh Golf Club.
Adams and Reed seem prepared to win the club tournament at any cost, whether with a three-iron or a 303 rifle, leaving Steed
to puzzle why it is par for the course that nobody ever finishes Hole 13? Eagle-eyed Steed soon uncovers the Colonel's plan
to steal Dr Adams' secrets by satellite (the 13th Hole has a bunker without any sand) and swings into action to save Mrs Peel.
Tournament to Steed. Exit the Avengers in a golf buggy.

4.19 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): QUICK-QUICK SLOW DEATH (b&w film)
04-Feb-1966 ITV London Fri
05-Feb-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: not shown until 1969-70 rerun syndication
Written by Robert Banks Stewart / Directed by James Hill / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Has Two Left Feet / Emma Dances With Danger
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Eunice Gayson … Lucille Banks
Maurice Kaufmann … Ivor Bracewell
Larry Cross … Chester Read
James Belchamber … Peever
Colin Ellis … Bernard
Michael Peake … Willi Fehr
Carole Gray … Nicki
John Woodnutt … Captain Noble
Alan Gerrard … Fintry
David Kernan … Piedi
Graham Armitage … Huggins
Charles Hodgson … Syder
Ronald Govey … Bank Manager
A body in a pram takes Steed and Mrs Peel on a tricky trail to trace a tattoo of 'Lucille'. Tattoos seem to reoccur throughout their
investigation with a "rose tattoo on the right wrist" pointing towards the killer. Enrolling at Terpsichorean Training Techniques
Mrs Peel takes all the right steps to graduate quickly with the truth: lonely dancers are dying - to be replaced by subversive elements.
With a quick-quick slow step, Steed and Mrs Peel teach Read a few dance steps he doesn't know. Exit the Avengers dancing to a Viennese waltz.

4.20 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): THE DANGER MAKERS (b&w film)
11-Feb-1966 ITV London Fri
12-Feb-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 04July1966
Written by Roger Marshall / Directed by Charles Crichton / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Joins A Secret Society / Emma Walks The Plank
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Nigel Davenport … Major Robertson
Douglas Wilmer … Dr Harold Lang (or Long)
Fabia Drake … Colonel Adams
Moray Watson … Peters
Adrian Ropes … Lieutenant Stanhope
Richard Coleman … RAF Officer
John Gatrell … Gordon Lamble
If the pace of civvy street is too slow, why not join The Danger Makers? Steed and Mrs Peel are puzzled by important military
officers risking their lives unnecessarily and the secret seems to reside in Manton House. Long is harnessing the desire of his
colleagues to live dangerously, so that he may fulfill Operation Grand Slam and steal the Crown Jewels. Whilst Steed is relieved to
discover that is is "too easy to kill a handcuffed man", Emma ensures that Long gets the shock of his life. Exit the Avengers in go-carts.

4.21 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): A TOUCH OF BRIMSTONE (b&w film)
18-Feb-1966 ITV London Fri
19-Feb-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: not shown until 1969-70 rerun syndication
Written by Brian Clemens / Directed by James Hill / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Joins The Hellfire Club / Emma Becomes The Queen Of Sin
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Peter Wyngarde … Hon John Cleverly Cartney
Colin Jeavons … Lord Darcy
Carol Cleveland … Sara
Robert Cawdron … Horace
Jeremy Young … Willy Frant
Art Thomas … Pierre
Alf Joint … Big Man
Bill Reed … Huge Man
Michael Latimer … Roger Winthrop
Bill Wallis … Tubby Bunn
Steve Plytas … Kartovski
Important VIPs are finding themselves the butt of practical jokes, much to the amusement of John Cartney. Deciding that
murder is not a laughing matter, Steed must intervene. However, membership of the Hellfire Club has far more sinister
purposes as Steed discovers when he enrols. The tests to become a 'Superior' Member convince him that Cartney's plan
to destroy Calverstone House is real enough. Whilst the Hellfire Club debauches upstairs it is left to Steed to foil the
gunpowder plotters, with help from the Queen of Sin and her snake! Cartney lashes out in vain, but cannot prevent
his downfall. Exit the Avengers via an eighteenth-century coach

4.22 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): WHAT THE BUTLER SAW (b&w film)
25-Feb-1966 ITV London Fri
26-Feb-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 28July1966
Written by Brian Clemens / Directed by Bill Bain / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Becomes A Gentleman's Gentleman / Emma Faces A Fate Worse Than Death
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Thorley Walters … Hemming
John Le Mesurier … Benson
Dennis Quilley … Group Captain Miles
Kynaston Reeve … Major General Goddard
Howard Marion Crawford … Brigadier Goddard
Humphrey Lestocq … Vice Admiral Willows
Ewan Hooper … Sgt Moran
David Swift … Barber
Norman Scace … Reeves
Leon Sinden … Squadron Leader Hogg
Peter Hughes … Walters
Steed has a whole host of eccentric suspects who may be selling defence secrets, but his barber is given a short-back-and-sides
before he can tell. All of the men seem to share a common factor: recent changes in their butlers (all supplied from the Butlers
and Gentleman's Association). Now in service, Steed finds that their unique laundry service does more than just wash clothes.
Microphones hidden in jackets record the secrets. As Steed suspected, "the butler did it!" A frontal attack from the army enables
Steed and Mrs Peel to quell the mutiny in the lower ranks, with a touch of class. Exit the Avengers by helicopter.

4.23 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT (b&w film)
04-Mar-1966 ITV London Fri
05-Mar-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 16May1966
Written by Brian Clemens / Directed by Don Leaver / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Takes A Wrong Turning / Emma Holds The Key To All
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Michael Goodliffe … Professor Jack Keller
Griffith Davies … Burton
Michael Wynne … Withers
Keith Pyott … Pennington
When Emma Knight stopped Professor Keller's research work for her father's firm many years before, she could hardly envisage
that the automation expert should leave a legacy for her many years later. Now, Mrs Peel has inherited Uncle Jack's present
and her only escape is the special suicide box which he left. Trapped in a madman's automated fantasy, can Emma discover the
key to finding her way out? After a successful short cut, she finds a worried Steed a-waiting. Exit the Avengers on a tandem.

4.24 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): A SENSE OF HISTORY (b&w film)
11-Mar-1966 ITV London Fri
12-Mar-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 20June1966
Written by Martin Woodhouse / Directed by Peter Graham Scott / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Dons A Gown / Emma Becomes A Don
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Nigel Stock … Richard Carlyon
John Barron … Dr Gordon Henge
John Glyn-Jones … Grindley
John Ringham … Professor David Acheson
Patrick Mower … Duboys
Robin Phillips … John Pettit
Peter Blythe … Millerson
Peter Bourne … Allen
Jacqueline Pearce … Marianne
The Rag Night Ball at St Bodes is the culmination of a week's jolly japes that began with the murder of James Broom and has
led to further deaths since. The lynch-pin seems to be the author of a Paper on 'Economics and a Sense of History'; a deranged
academic who wishes to finish Broom's Europa Plan and divert the course of the future. Tonight he will finish the task by
disposing of Carylon, Broom's assistant. Steed plays Sheriff and rounds up the merry band of outlaws, including the ringleader
Grindley who was thought dead. Exit the Avengers on a motorcycle and sidecar.

4.25 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): HOW TO SUCCEED.... AT MURDER (b&w film)
18-Mar-1966 ITV London Fri
19-Mar-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: 13June1966
Written by Brian Clemens / Directed by Don Leaver / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Becomes A Perfect Boss / Emma Goes Seeking Charm
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Sarah Lawson … Mary Merryweather
Angela Browne … Sara Penny
Anne Cunningham … Gladys Murkle
Artro Norris … Henry Throgbottom
Jerome Willis … Joshua Rudge
Christopher Benjamin … J J Hooter
Kevin Brennan … Sir George Morton
Robert Dean … Jack Finlay
Zeph Gladstone … Liz
David Garth … Barton
Sidonie Bond … Annie
"Leap into my fervid arms" is a delicate perfume that business executives just keep on dying for. Keeping-fit is the least of
Mrs Peel's worries when she joins Henrietta Throgbottom's aerobics classes, particularly since Henrietta died in 1951.
Emma is soon joining the advanced class - discovering how to kill her employer and take control of his business.
"Death to all men" is their by-word. Steed, meanwhile, finds that his new secretary has designs on changing jobs as well.
All avenues of enquiry lead back to Henrietta, a toy doll controlled by her husband Henry through simple ventriloquism.
With Henry exposed, Steed and Mrs Peel soon wind-up his business. Exit the Avengers in a high-speed caravan practicing
the art of throwing one's voice.

4.26 [--] The Avengers (1965-66): HONEY FOR THE PRINCE (b&w film)
25-Mar-1966 ITV London Fri
26-Mar-1966 ITV Midlands Sat
US: not shown until 1969-70 rerun syndication
Written by Brian Clemens / Directed by James Hill / Art Director: Harry Pottle
Steed Becomes A Genie / Emma Joins A Harem
Starring: Patrick Macnee as John Steed & Diana Rigg as Emma Peel
Guest Cast:
Ron Moody … Ponsonby-Hopkirk
Prince Ali Zia Mohyeddin … Prince Ali
George Pastell … Arkadi
Roland Curram … Vincent
Bruno Barnabe … Grand Vizier
Ken Parry … B Bumble
Jon Laurimore … Ronny Wescott
Reg Pritchard … Postman
Peter Diamond … Bernie
Carmen Dene … Eurasian Girl
Richard Graydon … George Reed
Whilst Mrs Peel distracts Prince Ali with the Dance of the Six Veils ("she couldn't count" says Steed), her partner struggles
to prevent the assassination of the royal figure. A deadly assassin, hidden in a huge jar of B Bumble Honey follows a carefully
-planned Quite Quite Fantastic plot. Mrs Peel proves her worth in goats by single-handedly saving the day, whilst Steed
waits outside the harem. Exit the Avengers on a magic carpet, perched on the roof of a van.

################ The Avengers ################
################# US Airdates ################

US air-dates ABC (American Broadcasting Company)
Mondays 10pm Eastern
28Mar1966 - 4.3 “The Cybernauts
04Apr1966 - 4.16 “Small Game For Big Hunters”
11Apr1966 - 4.4 “Death At Bargain Prices”
18Apr1966 - pre-empted for The Academy Awards.
25Apr1966 - 4.9 “The Hour That Never Was”
02May1966 - 4.5 “Castle De'ath”
09May1966 - 4.12 “Two's A Crowd”
16May1966 - 4.23 “The House That Jack Built”
23May1966 - pre-empted for special: “In Search of Man”
30May1966 - 4.7 “The Murder Market”
06June1966 - 4.17 “The Girl From Auntie”
13June1966 - 4.25 “How To Succeed.... At Murder”
20June1966 - 4.24 “A Sense Of History”
27June1966 - 4.15 “Room Without A View”
04July1966 - 4.20 “The Danger Makers”
11July1966 - 4.6 “The Master Minds”
18July1966 - replaced by series "The Big Valley."

Thursdays 10pm Eastern
21July1966 - 4.10 “Dial A Deadly Number”
28July1966 - 4.22 “What The Butler Saw”
04Aug1966 - 4.2 “The Gravediggers”
11Aug1966 - 4.13 “Too Many Christmas Trees”
18Aug1966 - 4.18 “The Thirteenth Hole”
25Aug1966 - 4.11 “Man-Eater Of Surrey Green”
01Sep1966 - 4.1 “The Town Of No Return”
08Sep1966 - replaced by series “Hawk.”

Five episodes not broadcast on the American Broadcasting Company network:
4.8 “A Surfeit Of H20”
4.14 “Silent Dust”
4.19 “Quick-Quick Slow Death”
4.21 “A Touch Of Brimstone”
4.26 “Honey For The Prince”
It appears that these five episodes were not shown in the U.S. until the 1969-70 season
(when The Avengers, Series 4 through 6, entered rerun syndication).

################ The Avengers ################
############## the end of series 4 ##############
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