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Regular Cast & Characters

James Drury  (More Info)

Vimg_JamesDrury.jpg (141371 bytes)
as The Virginian (1962-71) (all 9 seasons)
Shiloh Foreman
entry - 1.01
final appearance - 9.24 [249] "Jump Up" (final episode of the series)

Doug McClure  (More Info)

Vimg_DougMcClure2.jpg (39305 bytes)
as Trampas (1962-71) (all 9 seasons)
Top Shiloh Ranch hand
entry 1.01

Lee J. Cobb 

Vimg_LeeJCobb.jpg (130262 bytes)
as Judge Henry Garth (1962-66)(seasons 1 - 4)
1st Shiloh Ranch Owner
entry 1.01
exit   4.16 [106] "Nobody Said Hello" (5 Jan 1966)

Gary Clarke  

Vimg_GaryClarke.jpg (45152 bytes)

as Steve Hill (1962-64)(seasons 1 - 2)
Shiloh Ranch hand
entry - 1.01
exit - ?? sometime near end of season2
returned for a couple of episodes in season 3  as  a special guest star:
3.05 (065} "Felicity's Spring"
3.09 [069] "The Girl From Yesterday."  

Roberta Shore

Vimg_RobertaShore2.jpg (63002 bytes)
as Betsy Garth (1962-65)(seasons 1 - 3)
entry - 1.01
exit - 13Oct65 4.05 'The Awakening'

The Virginian (season 1) (NBC) (1962-1963) [001-030]

The Virginian (season 2) (NBC) (1963-1964) [031-060]

The Virginian (season 3) (NBC) (1964-1965) [061-090] 

Pippa Scott

Vimg_PippaScott.jpg (60061 bytes)
s Molly Wood (1962-63)(season 1 only)
Owner and editor of the newspaper called "The Medicine Bow Banner,"
inherited from her father. She called herself "a newspaper woman."
entry 1.01
exit - 1.14
Co-star - never shown on the ride-in

The Virginian (season 1) (NBC) (1962-1963) [001-030]

Pippa Scott's absence from further episodes of the series was resolved in
2.11 "The Fatal Journey" when her character Molly Wood was killed by outlaws
who shot up "The Medicine Bow Banner" office after she printed an editorial
in which she stated she had asked the President to send troops to rout out
the gang from their hideout in the badlands and bring them to justice.

Randy Boone  

Vimg_RandyBoone.jpg (40835 bytes)
as Randy Benton (1963-66)(seasons 2 - 4)
Shiloh Ranch hand
entry - 12Feb64 - 2.20 [050] "First to Thine Own Self"
exit -  13Apr66 -  4.29 [119] "A Bald Faced Boy"

Clu Gulager

Vimg_CluGulager.jpg (37295 bytes)

As Emmett Ryker (1964-68)(seasons 3, 4, last half of 5, and 6)
Medicine Bow's Deputy Sheriff--in some episodes Sheriff
entry  -  3.01 "Ryker" 16Sep64
Gulager appeared through season 4 then was absent for the first half of
season 5 in both the ride-in credits and the episodes themselves.  
He returned to the series in 5.16 "Sue Ann", although he appeared
on the ride in credits for 5.14 "The Girl on the Glass Mountain" and 5.15
"Vengeance Trail"
exit  - 24Jan68 6.19 [168] "Gentle Tamers"
Gulager remained on the ride-in for the rest of season 6, but Ross Elliott
once again took over the role of Medicine Bow's Sheriff in 6.24 "The Handy Man."

L.Q. Jones
Vimg_LQJones.jpg (68997 bytes)
[Photo Courtesy of Glenda S. Law]

as Belden (1963- 1967)(seasons 2 through 6)
Possible entry 2.05 "The Evil That Men Do"
Possible exit 6.10 "Paid in Full"
Co-star never shown on the ride in.  Belden was a ranch hand who seemed to
take over some of the comedic trouble- making scenes in the series which had
formally been associated with Trampas.

Diane Roter  

Vimg_DianeRoter.jpg (119239 bytes)

as Jennifer Sommers (1965-66)(season 4)
Orphaned  child of Judge Garth's sister
entry - 3Nov65  4.07 "'Jennifer"
exit - 20 Apr66 4.30 [120] "The Mark of a Man"
The Virginian (season 4) (NBC) (1965-1966) [091-120]

John Dehner
as Morgan Starr (1965-66)(season 4 - entry 4.21)
temporary boss of Shiloh Ranch between Judge Garth & John Grainger
entry - 9Feb66 4.21 "Morgan Starr"
exit (possibly?)-20Apr66 4.30 "The Mark of a Man" (final ep of season4)

Charles Bickford

Vimg_CharlesBickford.jpg (53662 bytes)
as John Grainger (1966-67)(season 5 + early 6)
2nd Shiloh Ranch Owner
entry - 14Sep66 5.01 "Legacy of Hate"
exit - 25Oct67 6.07 "Ah Sing vs. Wyoming"
Charles Bickford  was replaced by John McIntire on his death

Actor Charles Bickford - died
9 November 1967, Los Angeles, California, USA. (blood infection)
but  was still shown on the 'ride-in' after his death, until episode 6.17

Don Quine  

Vimg_DonQuine.jpg (44549 bytes)
as Stacey Grainger (1966-68)(season 5 - 6)
entry- 5.01 14Sep66 "Legacy of Hate"
exit - 6.25 [174] 13Mar68 "The Decision"
Stacey Grainger was John Grainger's grandson and Clay and Holly's nephew.
He was to be treated as "just another hand, not the boss's grandson"

Sara Lane 
Vimg_SaraLane.jpg (44255 bytes)

Sara Lane as Elizabeth Grainger (1966-70)(season 5 - 8)
entry 5.01 14Sep66 "Legacy of Hate"
exit 8.23 11Mar70 "Rich Man, Poor Man"

The Virginian (season 5) (NBC) (1966-1967) [121-149]

The Virginian (season 6) (NBC) (1967-1968) [150-175]

The Virginian (season 7) (NBC) (1968-1969) [176-201]

The Virginian (season 8) (NBC) (1969-1970) [202-225]

Elizabeth Grainger ("Libby" to John and "Liz" to Stacey and the ranch hands)
was John Grainger's granddaughter and Clay and Holly's niece

John McIntire

Vimg_JohnMcIntire1.jpg (97082 bytes)
as Clay Grainger (1967-70)(seasons 6 - 8)
John Grainger's brother and 3rd Shiloh Ranch Owner
(see discrepancy in episode 7.24 "The Girl in the Shadows")
entry - 1Nov67 6.08 "Bitter Autumn"
exit - 18Mar70 8.24 "The Gift"

Jeanette Nolan

Vimg_JeanetteNolan.jpg (73728 bytes)
as Holly Grainger (1968-70)(seasons mid 6 - 8)
Clay Grainger's Wife
entry - 6.08 "Bitter Autumn".
exit - possibly 8.21 or 8.22

A leading character & Co-Star - but was not shown on the ride-in

The Virginian (season 6) (NBC) (1967-1968) [150-175]

The Virginian (season 7) (NBC) (1968-1969) [176-201]

The Virginian (season 8) (NBC) (1969-1970) [202-225]

David Hartman

Vimg_DavidHartman.jpg (48475 bytes)
as David Sutton (1968-69)(season 7)
entry - 7.01[176] 'The Saddle Warmer'
exit - 7.26 [201] "The Stranger"

Tim Matheson
 Ellen Wrend's Tim Matheson Tribute Site

Vimg_TimMatheson.jpg (47650 bytes)
as Jim Horn (James Joseph Horn) (1969-70)(season 8)
entry - 8.01 "The Long Ride Home"
exit - 18Mar70 8.24 "The Gift."
Jim Horn was a ranch hand who found a "home" and "family" at Shiloh.


Stewart Granger

Vimg_StewartGranger2.jpg (61655 bytes)
as Col. Alan Carrie MacKenzie (1970-71)(season 9)
4th owner of Shiloh Ranch
entry - 9.01
final appearance - 9.24 [249] "Jump Up" (final episode of the series)

Lee Majors

Vimg_LeeMajors2.jpg (69163 bytes)
as Roy Tate (1970-71)(season 9)
entry - 9.05 14Oct70  "The Mysterious Mr. Tate"
final appearance - 9.24 [249] "Jump Up" (final episode of the series)

############## The Virginian ###############
######### Recuring Minor Characters ##########

I think some of these lesser knowns in the series deserved some credit
since they added to the overall "family atmosphere" of the show as far as I
was concerned (bj).

Russell Thorson  
as Sheriff Evans .  (season 1)
He appeared in:
'West' (1.10) and 'Echo of Another Day' (1.26)
'The Devil's Children' (1.11)
and 'The Golden Door' (1.24).

Ross Elliott  
as Sheriff Mark Abbott (1967-70)(seasons 1- 2, 5 - 8)
A co-star - not shown on the ride-in

Ross Elliott was Sheriff Mark Abbott in part of
season one through most of season two (first appearance that I show him in
is 'The Big Deal' (1.04) although he is not called by the name Mark Abbott
(just the sheriff). He was the one that hired  Emmett Ryker as a Deputy
in 3.01 'Ryker' but then I think he wasn't around much in season 3 and 4.
He was then back pretty regularly in seasons 5-8 even appearing in the very
last one 'The Gift.'

Harlan Warde
  as Sheriff John Brannan or  Brannon (season 3-4)
I do not have any of these episodes on tape to check it for sure, but one
of some sources
lists Harlan Warde as John Brannon or Sheriff Brannan (or Brannon) in these
episodes of season 3: 'The Payment' (3.14 as John Brannon), 'Six Graves at
Cripple Creek' (3.19 as Sheriff Brannan), 'Lost Yesterday' (3.20), 'Shadows
of the Past' (3.23), and 'Laramie Road' (4.12). We  don't find him listed in
any other episodes as yet but that doesn't mean that he wasn't there.

Roy Engel
as Barney Wingate (1963-67)(seasons 2 - 5)
One of the neighboring ranchers

John Bryant
as Dr. Spaulding * (1963-68)(seasons 2 - 6)

*His office sign reads  R.M. Spaulding on episode 3.28 "Old Cowboy" and R.J.
Spaulding on episode 6.23 "Stacey"

Frank Sully
as Danny, the Bartender (2.13)

Stuart Nisbet  
as Bart, the Bartender

Royal Dano
Royal Dano as Faraway McPhail  was only in two episodes
(1.18 "Say Good Bye to AllThat" and 2.01 "Ride a Dark Trail"),
but he was an important part of the Shiloh Family.
It was he who befriended Trampas and tried to teach
him some things about ranching when the other hands wanted nothing to do
with him, and if it hadn't been for Faraway Trampas probably would have paid
the Judge back the money he owed him (which was why he was at Shiloh in the
first place) and left to "get on with" his "business," never having that
chance at "the start of a man's life."

Jan Stine  
as Eddy  in episodes 1.02 "The Woman From White Wing,"
1.07 "Riff Raff", and 1.10 "It Tolls for Thee"
Jan Stine's Eddy was a young cowhand that Trampas often talked in to doing
his chores.

Jean Peloquin
as Jean 
Jean was probably added for the musical touch--he was called the
singing cowboy and was a ranch hand. I think his first appearance was in
"The Gentle Tamers" 6.19 and he also appeared some in season 7.
6.19, 6.23, 7.01, 7.03, 7.15, 7.18

Harper Flaherty
as Harper, also Doug McClure's Stunt Double

Good old Harper Flaherty--probably the most uncredited guy in the series
for as long as he was in it. He appeared off and on starting out as
probably an extra on the show in the first season and was often McClure's
stunt double. Then sometime in season 6 I believe he became more of a cast
regular as a ranch hand and often the cook and clean up man and got his
name credited at the end of the shows continuing to the end of the series.

Dick Shane

Vimg_DickShane2.jpg (35813 bytes)

as Shiloh ranch hand Dick. (season 6)
Dick Shane was also an Action Coordinator, Technical Advisor, and Action
Director for the series.  In addition to being James Drury's stunt double,
he also doubled in many episodes for the guest stars.  The above photo was
taken while he was doubling for Fabian.

Cecil Combs
as Shiloh ranch hand Cecil (seasons 4 through 8)

Cecil was a minor character, most usually overlooked in the background.   He
seemed to be older than the others (especially for a ranch hand) and was
about 6 feet tall and rather thin.  We had previously listed him as "unknown
actor as Cecil," but thanks to Dick Shane he as been positively identified.
Like Mr. Shane and Harper Flaherty Mr. Combs began as an extra on the show
(seen standing in the street in 2.01 "Ride a Dark Trail" and driving one of
the Shannon trail herd wagons in 3.22 "You Take the High Road"). Though among
the ranch hands in episode 1.18 "Say Goodbye to All That," he
was first noticed as a more "official" member of the "Shiloh Family"  
during the 4th season in such episodes
as 4.13 "The Horse Fighter" and 4.16 "Nobody Said Hello."   Continuing into
season 8 he could often be seen in the bunkhouse, driving a Shiloh wagon, or
standing with Harper and Dick.  Although he didn't have speaking parts the
Virginian and Trampas did occasionally make the audience aware of his
presence by
addressing him as "Cecil" or "Cece" (episode 6.10 "Paid In Full" as an
Mr. Combs was never given a screen credit for his appearances.  It's time he
received recognition for his
contribution to the series.  So, here's to you, "Cece"!

Brendan Dillon
as Mr. Bemis  1.04 "The Big Deal"

Ken Swofford
as Seth Petit
Neighboring rancher appearing occasionally during seasons 6 and 7 in such
episodes as 6.16 "The Death Wagon" (as Wrengell), 6.17 "Jed," 7.08 "Ride to
Misadventure," 7.24 "The Girl in the Shadows"

John McLiam
as Parker #1 (1970-71)( Early season 9)
(not on opening sketch sequence)
entry - possibly 9.01
Entry of John McLiam as Parker 9.01 "The West vs. Col. MacKenzie"
Also appeared in 9.05 "The Mysterious Mr. Tate" (plus possibly other episodes)
Eric Christmas replaced John McLiam mid-way through season 9

Eric Christmas
as Parker #2 (1970-71)( Late season 9)
(not on opening sketch sequence)
Eric Christmas replaced John McLiam mid-way through  season 9.
Appeared in 9.14, 9.20, 9.21, 9.24 (plus possibly other episodes)
Final appearance - final episode of the series 9.24 "Jump-Up"

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