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[17]  "Most Dangerous Gentleman"
working title - "Running Special" (final episode)
Original NBC Airdate - June 5, 1960
Stagecoach Productions

Opening Credits:
William Bendix [Kelly]
Doug McClure [Flip]

Ending Credits:
Directed by William Witney
Written and Produced by Samuel A. Peeples
Executive Producer Nat Holt
William Bendix
Doug McClure
Guest Stars
John McIntire [General Palmer]
Lang Jeffries [Mike Day]
Jeff Donnell [Jennifer Dean]
Also Starring
Ron Randell [William Oliver Jordan, the Most Dangerous Gentleman--actually
known "from one end of the Frontier to the other" as "The Deadliest
'Gentleman' alive")

Robert Emhardt [Jonathan Edwards]
Onslow Stevens [President Ulysses S. Grant]
Christine White
Wesley Lau [Major Daniels, "Presidential aide-de-camp"]
filmed in hollywood at revue studios
mca tv exclusive distributor
Director of Photography Bud Thackery, A.S.C.
Associate Producer . . . Frank Price
Art Director . . . Ray Beal
Editorial Supervisor . . . David J. O'Connell
Film Editor . . . Richard G. Wray, A.C.E.
Music Supervisor . . . Joseph E. Romero
Sound . . . Melvin M. Metcalfe, Sr.
Assistant Director . . . Edward K. Dodds
Set Decorator . . . Perry Murdock
Costume Supervisor . . . Vincent Dee
Makeup . . . Jack Barron
Hair Stylist . . . Florence Bush

Mr. Kelly, who had once worked for the railroad, agrees to help General
Palmer (McIntire) finish a branch line to Leadville. A competitor for the
franchise doesn't want the Denver and Rio Grande to make it on
schedule and hires a hit-man (Randell) to stop the special run carrying the
President (Stevens). It's Kelly's railroad protegé Mike Day (Jeffries) who overcomes
all obstacles to get the train to Leadville on time--with the aid of
President Grant who stokes the boiler. (bj)

The opening location and date for this episode was "Denver, 1873"

The title on the script used by Director William Witney was "Running
Special"-- This seemed a more appropriate
name since the episode had more to do with the "special" railroad run to
Leadville (which was mentioned several times) than with the character
Jordan. (bj)

A note of interest: At the end of the credits for this episode there was a
film clip of a modern (in 1960) train going down the track with the credit
"Produced through the Co-operation of the Denver and Rio Grande Western
Railroad." (bj)

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