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[10]  "Fire In The Hole"
Original NBC Airdate April 17, 1960
Stagecoach Productions

Opening Credits:
William Bendix [Kelly]
Doug McClure [Flip]

Ending Credits:
Directed by Tay Garnett
Written by Borden Chase
Produced by Samuel A. Peeples
Executive Producer Nat Holt
William Bendix
Doug McClure
Also Starring
Claude Akins [Jumbo]
Susan Cummings [Nitro Nell, manager of the Snow Water Saloon tent]
Robert Bray [Matt Peak, whom Kelly had schooled in railroad construction,
now of the rival Great Western Stage Company]
Don O'Kelly [Red Kingman, Matt's Assistant]
John Pickard [Cavanaugh, Tunnel Boss]
Lane Chandler
Frank Warren
Tom Steele
Dale Van Sickle
Grace Whitney
filmed in hollywood at revue studios
mca tv exclusive distributor
Director of Photography William A. Sickner, A.S.C.
Art Director . . . Ray Beal
Editorial Supervisor . . . David J. O'Connell
Film Editor . . . Lee Huntington
Music Supervisor . . . Joseph E. Romero
Sound . . . Earl Crain, Jr.
Assistant Director . . . Ben Bishop
Set Decorator . . . Hal Gausman
Costume Supervisor . . . Vincent Dee
Makeup . . . Jack Barron
Hair Stylist . . . Florence Bush

The Overland is running behind schedule and in danger of
losing its mail subsidy. But Mr. Kelly has a plan to cut three days off
the route to Salt Lake City and hires "old and very dear friend" Jumbo
(Akins) with his
group of "hard rock men" to dynamite a tunnel through Spruce Mountain.
Trouble starts when Jumbo insists he'll get more work from a happy crew if
they're able to keep the tent saloon with its bar girls, and Nell
(Cummings), tired of her man's attention toward the other women, threatens
to stop the project unless Kelly makes Jumbo jealous. The tunnel driver,
angry at what he believes to be the stageman's advances toward his gal,
vows never again to help his former comrade "even if the tunnel fell in on
his head."
As if that weren't problem enough in meeting the deadline the Great Western
Stage Company,
hoping to take over the Overland's franchise, tries to sabotage the
excavation by destroying the diversion dam that's holding water out of the
shaft and "bottom loading" the dynamite holes resulting in a cave in which
traps Kelly. Forgetting his grievance, it's Jumbo who leads the rescue

The title of the episode "Fire in the Hole" came from the
yell the blaster used after lighting the dynamite fuses to warn others in
the tunnel to take cover.

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