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Starring Michael Landon (as Charles Ingalls) & Karen Grassle (as Caroline Ingalls)

Season 2 (NBC) (1975-76)
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######### Little House On The Prairie ########
############## season 2 1975-76 ##############
NBC Wednesdays 8:00-9:00pm Eastern

2.1 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written & Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Lars Hanson is forced to close the mill due to bankruptcy, leaving Charles unable to pay his debt at the mercantile.
Refusing to grovel to Harriet, he takes three jobs, including digging in the mud and shoveling horse manure while Mary
leaves school to work as a seamstress, Laura does all the chores, and Caroline and Carrie tend to the farm. Charles
comforts Laura when she becomes upset by Nellie's vicious teasing. The next time Nellie makes a comment, Laura gives her
a big wallop that brings Nellie's aloft nose back to the ground. When the bill is paid, Nels is very proud of the Ingalls
family and he says the he thinks that Charles is the richest man in Walnut Grove ... the richest in love.

2.2 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Ford Rainey .... Dr. Burke
Brian Richards .... John Stacey
Mary is failing in school and Charles discovers that her poor performance is due to her poor eyesight. She is excited
to receive eyeglasses until the children at school begin to tease her. Afraid of becoming an unwed spinster, she purposely
loses her glasses. When she sees that her teacher, Ms. Beadle, who also wears glasses, has a handsome lawyer boyfriend,
Mary realizes how silly she was acting. She retrieves her glasses and goes on to beat Nellie in a history contest.

2.3 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
24-Sep-1975 (some sources say 8-Oct-1975)
Teleplay by B.W. Sandefur, John Hawkins, Ray Goldrup; Story by Ray Goldrup
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
John Anderson .... Amos Pike
Lisa Lyon .... Lilly Baldwin
Karen Nicoletti .... Jane
Steffen Zacharias .... Jamie Dent
On a dare from Nellie, Laura approaches a haunted house and accidentally befriends the strange old man, Mr. Pike, who
lives there. She learns that Mr. Pike has been waiting for his wife, Lily, to return home for twenty years. She
later learns that Mrs. Pike has been dead all this time but that Mr. Pike refused to accept it. With Laura's help,
Mr. Pike deals with the loss of his wife and comes to terms with it.

2.4 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
June Dayton .... Margaret Mumfort
Karl Lukas .... Jebediah Mumfort
Chuck Hayward .... Cosby
Gregory Walcott .... Slick McBurney
After a humiliating loss the previous year, Walnut Grove is confident about the upcoming baseball game with their new
ace pitcher, Jebediah Mumford. So confident that there are wagers on the game. However, when Jebediah's very religious
wife, Margaret finds out of the gambling, she forbids Jebediah to play. Caroline comes up with a compromise to donate
the winning to the church fund if Jebediah could play. Baseball wackiness ensues leading to a big brawl with Walnut Grove
winning the game on a inside-the-park grand-slam by Charles.

2.5 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
8-Oct-1975 (some sources say 19-Nov-1975)
Teleplay by Gerry Day; Story by Joseph Bonaduce
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Camping Oleson style! Mrs. Oleson, worried that the Ingalls children will better her Nellie and Willie in a leaf-gathering
project for school, decides to accompany the Ingalls on a campout. Not used to roughing it, the Olesons make it a miserable
time for everyone. Laura leads the Oleson'ss to a poison ivy patch. Harriet and Willie get poison ivy and Nellie falls into
the river.

2.6 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by Gerry Day
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Clay O'Brien .... Henry Henderson
Laura and Grace Snider share a common problem: getting a particular person to ask them to the spring dance. Laura wants
to invite Henry Sanderson to the Spring Dance, but he is not at all interested in girls. Grave Snider wants to go with
Isiah Edwards but he doesn't seem interested either. Laura makes a deal with Willie to get her schoolmate, Henry, jealous.
Meanwhile, Grace uses Doc Baker to get Mr. Edwards jealous. Their respective plan backfires on them and they end up asking
the men to the dance.

2.7 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written & Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Patricia Neal .... Julia Sanderson
Sheldon Allman .... Jason Anders
Gerry Gaylor .... Sylvia Anders
Jim Goodwin .... Tyler
The Ingalls' neighbor, the widow Julia Sanderson, learns that she is going to die. She asks Charles to make sure that her
three children find a good home. Despite the solemn situation, Julia refuses to succumb to sadness and makes the most of
the few days she has left. And when she dies, her last words to her children and friends are for them to remember her with
joy not sadness.
Note: Henry Sanderson suddenly becomes Carl Sanderson.
Introduces John Jr., Carl, and Alicia Sanderson, reccurring characters.

2.8 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written & Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Patricia Neal .... Julia Sanderson
Sheldon Allman .... Jason Anders
Gerry Gaylor .... Sylvia Anders
Irene Tedrow .... Minerva Farnsworth
Charles has a difficult time finding a home for Julia Anderson's three orphaned children. Reluctantly, he decides to
separate them to different families. Mr. Edwards, who has been helping Grace Snider take care of the children in the
interim, doesn't want the children to suffer from being separated and realizes his own pain from being alone. He decides
he doesn't want to be alone any longer....he asks Grace to marry him and they adopt all three children.

2.9 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
19-Nov-1975 (some sources say 24-Sep-1975)
Written by Hindi Brooks
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
Ted Gehring .... Ebenezer Sprague
Janice Carroll .... Mrs. Kennedy
Ed Crick .... Mr. Taylor
Lloyd 'Sunshine' Parker .... Freight Man
Donna Anderson .... Woman
Walnut Grove now has a bank, built by Hansen and Charles. The new banker, Mr. Ebenezer Sprague, is a cold and unfriendly
man who believes everyone has a hidden agenda. He refuses a loan to Charles and refuses to make a donation intended to buy
new books for the school. Laura unknowingly befriends Mr. Sprague while fishing but when he finds out her name, he believes
Charles has sent her to persuade him to give her father the loan. But Laura was simply looking for a friend. Charles pays
Sprague a visit and tells him he feels sorry for him because he has no friends and cannot give or take anything but money.
Later on, a big box of new books arrive at the school from an unknown donor. But Laura knows it came from Mr. Sprague, who
loosens up a little and becomes more likable.

2.10 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by Arthur Heinemann
Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Ted Gehring .... Ebenezer Sprague
Shane Sinutko .... Jonah
While fishing in a stream, Laura and her friend think they've found gold. Laura is excited by the thought of all the
wonderful things she would be able to buy for her family. They spends several weeks sifting the stream for gold in
secrecy. Laura has fantasies of Walnut Grove becoming Ingallsville because of her wealth and she dreams of riding in a
white horse drawn carriage wearing a fancy white dress. She also dreams of living in a beautiful white castle. When
they try to cash in, they learn it's fool's gold.

2.11 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by Rocci Chatfield
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Lurene Tuttle .... Agnes Molson
Anne Gee Byrd .... Mrs. Hobson
Eve McVeagh .... Mrs. Hillstrom
David Byrd .... Faubus
Peter Haas .... David
The children have collected some money to buy Reverend Alden a nice birthday present. The only ones not to chip in are
Willie and Nellie, who,according to their mother are "different from all the other kids". They want to buy a beautiful
leather bound Bible. The rest of thekids have $1.67 and Mary is in charge of choosing the present and ordering it. Laura
has an idea that would allow them to buy an expensive Bible for the Reverend. They buy a set of homeopathic medecine that
they try to sell and earn money with. Unfortunately, they can't sell any, and are stuck with the bottles of medicine,
minus a couple that they broke or lost. They are forced to go see the Reverend, explain the situation and gave him the
box containing the bottles of medicine. Sunday, at Mass, the Reverend tells thecongregation that he has one Bible that
he cherishes above anything else,a very old Bible given to him by his father. It's the only one he uses (hint to the
Olesons who were going to give him the superb leather bound Bible. he then thanks all the children for giving him...
a wooden box to put his Bible in and protect it.

2.12 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written & Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
E.J. André .... Amos Thoms
Peter Haas .... Tad Coty
Bing Russell .... Len Coty
John Sanderson, who was adopted by Mr and Mrs Edwards, is more of a poet than a farmer and is always lost in his books.
Isaiah would like him to be different. He buys him a Winchester '73 for his birthday. Unfortunately, John doesn't like
guns or hunting but doesn't want to hurt Isaiah. He gives him a letter, explaining why he does not want to go hunting.
Isaiah "reads"it but doesn't react, leaving John thinking that he doesn't love him and doesnot care about his feelings.
While hunting, they run into a bear, but John freezes and doesn't kill it. He runs home to get help, leaving Mr Edwards
in a pool of blood. Afterwards, John feels guilty and is certain that Isaiah doesn't love him because of his lack of
reaction to the letter. But he finds out that Isiah cannot read, and thus did not understand what was written on the letter.
He reads it to him, and they finally understand each others intentions, and John realizes he does love him very much.

2.13 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by Harold Swanton
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
Eric Shea .... Jason
George Furth .... Hannibal Godfrey
Jason, a handsome young man, is very interested in new technologies, and in electricity, and Laura often helps him with
his inventions. He flies kites with keys. Laura and Nellie are both infatuated with him and are trying to get his attention.
Laura is jealous of Nellie because she feels Nellie can get anything she wants with her money. (Except friends, as Nels
points out.) Nellie is furious because Jason accepted an invitation from Laura to have dinner with them. Nellie decides to
get even, and uses a talking machine which records peoples voices. She gets Laura to her room and makes her talk about
Jason, about how they are going to become scientists together and such, while Willie is secretly recording. Laura tells
Nellie that she's in love with Jason and is even thinking about marriage. Nellie lets the whole class listen to the
recording and Laura, ashamed, runs to her hiding place. She doesn't dare face Jason anymore. When she finally does, in
school, she realizes that Jason feels the same for her.

2.14 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by Arthur Heinemann
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Mindy Dow .... Mary O'Donnell
Gracia Lee .... Mrs. Bell
Beth Howland .... Clerk
Doris Martin .... Monitor #1
Peggy Drier .... Monitor #2
Ricky Segall .... Small Boy
Mary has earned the right to compete in a state wide math competition in Minneapolis but Charles can't afford to pay for
the hotel and the train tickets. The Town Council decides to pay those costs because Mary will be representing Walnut Grove.
Laura, who's jealous of Mary because she thinks she's much better than herself in many aspects. Charles decides to give
Laura responsibilities in the house while Ma is away with Mary. She does her best to do everything right, and so does Mary,
in Minneapolis. Laura does not succeed in everything she does (cooking, sewing, etc.) and Mary finishes second in the
competition. She feels that she let down the whole town because she didn't finish first, but they don't really mind because
she did the best she could, and she retuns home to a hero's welcome.

2.15 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Kenneth Tobey .... Barrett
John Alderson .... Turnbull
Alan Decker .... Toby Cullers
Moosie Drier .... Junior Barrett
Morgan Jones .... Brad Cullers
K.T. Stevens .... Mrs. Cullers
Pa and the girls go on a trip and leave Ma alone at the house so she can finish baking pies for the church fair. She notices
a little scratch on her leg but doesn't think much of it. That scratch seems to exhaust her and gets more serious. At night,
she has to go outside to bring the cow back in the barn and she collapses under the rain. The wound gets more and more
serious and she keeps fainting. Reverend Alden and Mrs. Foster come over to pick her up but the door is closed. He thinks
she's left the house when in fact, she's right behind the door, in pain. He sees Charles and they both wonder what's up
with Caroline, and Charles rushes back home. In the meantime, we think Caroline is ready to cut off her foot or part of her
leg as she had read in the Bible. In fact, she was lancing her leg to make the infection go away. After a good hard prayer,
and with the help of Doc Baker, the family manages to keep the Lord from calling Caroline by His side.

2.16 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Teleplay by John Hawkins; Story by Ernie Durham
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Parley Baer .... Diamond
Larry J. Blake .... Asa Dunn
Paul Bryar .... Kelly
James Chandler .... Hotchkiss
Don Collier .... Schultz
Jerry Gatlin .... Steve Ames
Arch Johnson .... Shell
Sean McClory .... Sandy Nelson
Troy Melton .... Homer Greenwood
Skip Riley .... Jim Fox
Robert Hoy .... Fireman
Mary, Laura, and Mr. Edwards' adopted son, Carl, accompany Charles and Edwards to the train depot in Springfield. The
children wander into a caboose that starts to roll downhill. Mr. Edwards rides to a rail switch to divert that train uphill
but does not make it on time. Charles rides to catch up with a train from Sleepy Eye on a collision course with the caboose.
He is able to board the train in time for it to reverse course and slow down the caboose.

2.17 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by John Hawkins
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
Richard Basehart .... Hannibal Applewood
Cooper Huckabee .... Herman Stone
Sean Kelly .... Sven Jacobsen
Jack McCulloch .... George Jackson
Ms. Beadle has trouble maintaining order in the classroom when the older students return to school after harvest season.
The school board decides to hire a new teacher, Hannibal Applewood, to handle the problem. Applewood develops a dislike for
Laura and she unjustly bears the brunt of his quick temper. When Charles sees Applewood's behavior in class, he calls a
school board meeting. When his methods are questioned, Applewood explodes into a ramble about order and then resigns.
Charles convince Ms. Beadle to return to school with the promise that children would behave.

2.18 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by John Hawkins
Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Richard Jaeckel .... Murphy
Lou Gossett (Jr.) .... Henry Hill
Frank Ferguson .... Calder
John Mitchum .... Sam Benson
Judson Pratt .... Sam Wallace
Bill Quinn .... James Frazer
Larry Golden .... Bodeen
Jim Boles .... Garvey
Robert Doyle .... Homer
Guy Raymond .... Conductor
Charles and Mr. Edwards take a job delivering explosives along with two other men, Murphy and Henry Hill. On their trek,
they deal with road obstructions, bandits, animosity between Murphy (who is white) and Henry (who is black), and, of course,
possibly getting blown up by the nitroglycerin. At the end, the men share a bond from their experience.

2.19 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Mariette Hartley .... Elizabeth Thurmond
Ted Gehring .... Ebenezer Sprague
Richard Collier .... Burnside
Charles takes a job refinishing woodwork for the lovely, young, widow Thurman in exchange for a set of fine china. He tries
to keep it a secret to surprise Caroline and has to tell a few white lies. Caroline and the girls hear conflicting stories
and suspects the worst -- that Charles is having an affair with the widow Thurman. Their fears are laid to rest when
Charles surprises Caroline with the china.

2.20 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by John Hawkins
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Rayford Barnes .... Taylor
Theodore Bikel .... Yuli Pyatakov
Ike Eisenmann .... Viktor Pyatakov
Lisa Pera .... Fanya Pyatakov
William Schallert .... Snell
A property tax increase causes turmoil in Walnut Grove which threatens the Independence Day celebration. Charles' co-worker
at the mill, Yuri, a recent Russian immigrant loses his property when he unable to pay. Despite his misfortune, Yuri is
still happy to be in America and explains to the town that in Russia there are no freedoms under the czar's rule. For all
its' faults, America is still the best place to live.

2.21 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by William F. Claxton
Guest Cast:
Richard Mulligan .... Granville Whipple
Eddie Hice .... Roy Collins
Kelly Jean Peters .... Vera Collins
Michael-James Wixted .... Roy Collins Jr.
Ganville Whipple, the son of Mrs. Whipple, the town seamstress, returns home to Walnut Grove after serving in the Civil War.
He is still haunted by memories of the war. His best friend, Roy, died when Ganville ran away and hit instead of fighting
witht he rest of the troops. When his best friends son, Roy Jr. sees him, he begins asking questions, which brings back
haunting memories of leaving Roy Sr. on his deathbed. He begins giving music lessons, and gives Mary free lessons on his
toy piano in exchange for her writing out music sheets for him. When Ganville later needs morphine, which he began taking
in the war, Doc Baker refuses. Later that night he goes back and steals it. Wen he relives the experience of leaving Roy Sr.,
he overdoses on morphine.

2.22 [--] Little House On The Prairie:
Written & Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
E.J. André .... Matthew Simms
Lurene Tuttle .... Anna Simms
After a tornado destroys his crop, Charles decides to sell the land to a couple who previously owned the land, and return
to the Big Woods of Wisconsin. Mary and John Jr. (Edwards' adopted son) share their first kiss when they express their love
for one another before she leaves. After reminiscing about their time in Walnut Grove, Charles realizes that he made the
decision without considering the rest of the family. The older couple sees the Ingalls really wants to stay, and change
their mind about buying the property. With their support, he gains the strength to try again and decides to stay in
Walnut Grove.

######### Little House On The Prairie ########
############## end of season 2 ###############

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