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Starring Charlton Heston (as Jason Colby)
Season 2 (ABC) (1986-87)
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   ############## The Colbys ##################
############# Season 2 1986-87 ###############
ABC Thursdays 9:00 pm EST

Stephanie Beacham as Sable Scott Colby (1985-1987)
Katherine Ross as Francesca Scott Colby Hamilton Langdon (1985-1987)
John James as Jeff Colby (1985-1987)
Emma Samms as Fallon Carrington Colby (1985-1987)
Tracy Scoggins as Monica Colby (1985-1987)
Maxwell Caulfield as Miles Colby (1985-1987)
Claire Yarlett as Bliss Colby (1985-1987)
Ricardo Montalban as Zachary Powers (1985-1987)
David Hedison as Lord Roger Langdon (1985-1987)
also season 2 only:
Kim Morgan Greene as Channing Carter Colby (1986-1987)
James Houghton as Sen. Cash Cassidy (1986-1987)
Shanna Reed as Adrienne Cassidy (1986-1987)
Adrian Paul as Kolya (Nikolai) Rostov (1986-1987)
Anna Levine as Anna Rostov (1986-1987)
Judson Scott as Sacha Malenkov (1986)
Kevin McCarthy as Lucas Carter (1986-1987)
Georgann Johnson as Dr. Waverly (1986-1987)
Michael Parks as Phillip Colby (a.k.a. Hoyt Parker) (1987)

2.01 [25] The Colbys: THE GATHERING STORM
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Harry Falk.
Assistant D.A. John Moretti whisks Jason off to jail, charging him with
attempted murder on the basis of Sable's false testimony. Sable sleeps
with Zach, thinking he will back up in court her version of the shooting.
Afterwards, though, Zach tells Sable he will tell the truth, and then
refuses to let her go, saying he has more than enough to make her happy.
Monica's plane crashes in the wilderness and she is found unconscious
by a forest ranger. A pregnant Fallon grapples with the possibility that
her baby's father may not be Jeff. Miles is troubled by the news of
Fallon's pregnancy because he still loves her, but he is soon distracted
by a beautiful reporter, Channing Carter.

2.02 [26] The Colbys: NO EXIT
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Gabrielle Beaumont.
Sable retracts her lies about Jason's murder attempt, but Jason learns that
the real reason behind Sable's change of heart was Zach's refusal to lie
about the incident. Jason tells Sable to move out and, as she leaves with
her bags, she collapses in a dead faint. Fallon tells Jeff that Miles might
be the father of her unborn child. Jeff accepts the news but insists on her
having a risky medical test as soon as possible to determine the father.
After recovering from her near-fatal plane crash, Monica returns to Titania
Records -- only to learn that owner Dominique Devereaux plans to sell the
company to help her financially ruined half-brother, Blake Carrington.
After another rejection from Dominique, Colby attorney Garrett Boydston
decides it's time to leave Colby Enterprises.

2.03 [27] The Colbys: JASON'S CHOICE
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Robert Scheerer.
After collapsing in shock when Jason orders her out of the house, Sable
recuperates in her room while scheming to play on her children's sympathies
and eventually coerce them into helping her remain indefinitely at the Colby
mansion. When Jason agrees to let Sable stay at the mansion under the
condition that she agree to a no-contest divorce, Francesca is outraged
and demands that Jason choose between her and Sable. After buying Titania
Records and the hotel put up for sale by Dominique, Zach visits Jason and
vows he will someday sit at the helm of Colby Enterprises. Channing is
determined to make Miles forget Fallon, but Monica is suspicious when she
catches Channing rifling desk drawers in the mansion.

2.04 [28] The Colbys: THE MATCHMAKER
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Harry Falk.
After Jason offers to move to a new house with Francesca, she agrees to
stay at the mansion with Sable there too. Jason gives Sable her divorce
papers and warns her not to interfere while Francesca takes over the running
of the Colby household. Fallon refuses to take a paternity test that would
endanger her unborn baby's life. Sable finds an ally in Channing Carter
and is impressed with her family's status, while Channing's debt-ridden
Uncle Lucas is impressed with the Colby fortune. Despite Sable's advice
against proceeding too hastily, Miles elopes with Channing to Las Vegas.
Zach reminds Sable that she will be a powerful woman when she receives
shares of Colby Enterprises from the divorce settlement. He mesmerizes
Sable with a plan to help her strike at Jason where it hurts most, the boardroom.

produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Don Medford.
Lucas Carter and Sable arrive in Las Vegas too late to stop Miles and
Channing from getting married. On the airplane back, though, Sable warns
her new daughter-in-law not to hurt Miles or she'll have Sable to answer
to. Bliss gets closer to Soviet dancer Nikolai (Kolya) Rostov but has to
get around the supervision of Sacha, a KGB agent assigned to keep Nikolai
from mixing with Americans. When Jason receives congressional approval
for his satellite project, he gets the good news from ex-Senator Cash
Cassidy, Monica's former lover and the son of one of Jason's old enemies.
Jason gives Miles a wedding gift, a promotion to executive assistant in
charge of Colby Enterprises' aerospace division.

2.06 [30] The Colbys: THE GALA
Sable and her lawyer, Arthur Cates, adopt a strategy of dragging out the
divorce to make Jason give Sable choice shares of Colby Enterprises --
and a seat on the board of directors. Believing that having children would
make Miles a better candidate for the board in Jason's eyes, Sable talks
Miles into discussing children with Channing, who resists the idea. With
deep fears stemming from her mother's death during childbirth, Channing
tells Miles she is infertile. At the opening night gala for the Colby
Dance Theater, Monica resists the advances of former love Cash Cassidy.
As Monica forces herself to pull away from Cash, she spies among the
crowd lawyer Arthur Cates, who insists Cash will never learn her shameful
secret -- that she had Cash's child.

2.07 [31] The Colbys: BLOODLINES
Eager for Miles and Channing to produce heirs to the Colby fortune, Sable
arranges for Channing to get a second opinion on her infertility. While the
doctor is out of the room, Channing finds Fallon's file and discovers that
Fallon's baby might belong to Miles. Fallon emotionally confesses to
Francesca that Miles might be her baby's father, and Sable starts to suspect
something about Fallon's baby, given the reactions Sable gets when bringing
up the subject. Learning of Cash's past with Monica, Jason vows to get him
off his IMOS (Internationally Manned Orbital Satellite) project, but Zach's
intervention behind the scenes keeps Cash involved. As Monica's job continues
to bring her into contact with Cash, his wife, Adrienne, reminds Monica to
honor their secret agreement that got Monica out of Cash's life years before.
Kolya escapes for a romantic day with Bliss, despite Sacha's threats to
report Kolya to the KGB.

2.08 [32] The Colbys: DECEPTIONS
Facing an information leak that has resulted in Zach Powers trying to buy out
a company in the IMOS project, Jason assigns Monica to keep Cash quiet about
the deal. When Cash gets passionate with Monica, she discovers she's still
in love with him. After Kolya's sister, Anna, warns Bliss that her affair
with Kolya is endangering his career, Bliss tells Kolya she can't see him
anymore. Sable reveals to the entire family that Fallon may be carrying Miles'
child. After Sable consults with lawyer Arthur Cates, Miles and his mother
determine that Miles is legally the father of Fallon's baby until proven
otherwise. Jeff and Miles get into a fistfight on the Colby Towers helicopter
pad, and Jeff lands a punch that sends Miles over the edge of the roof.

2.09 [33] The Colbys: AND BABY MAKES FOUR
After coming to blows on the roof of Colby Towers, Jeff saves Miles from
falling over the edge. Later, Miles tells Fallon that next time it will be
Jeff's turn. After meeting with his lawyer, Miles informs Jeff and Fallon of
his rights as the "presumptive" father of Fallon's baby. Monica is unnerved
when Cash brings his family to California, but she strikes up a friendship
with Cash's young son Scott. Cash's wife, Adrienne, knows her husband still
wants Monica, and although Scott is the illegitimate son Monica gave up for
adoption, Adrienne vows that Monica will never find out. Kolya tells Bliss
he would give his life for her and hints at defection. Jason brings Francesca
to Brussels for his IMOS meeting with the Soviets. Zach offers to take Sable
away for a few days, and Sable chooses Brussels.

2.10 [34] The Colbys: BID FOR FREEDOM
Adrienne asks Jason to send her husband back to Washington to save her family
from the seductive influence of Monica, but Jason refuses to interfere. When
Jeff and Fallon go to the Colby family ski lodge for the weekend, Miles fears
that Fallon is planning an "accident" to terminate her pregnancy. To keep an
eye on Fallon, Miles also takes a trip to the lodge with Channing. Snowed in
together, Jeff and Miles argue bitterly. Both unable to sleep, Jeff and Channing
meet downstairs, and Channing confesses that their lives would be easier if
there wasn't a baby to fight over. Jason, Sable, and even Zach Powers assist
in the defection effort of Bliss' lover, Russian dancer Kolya Rostov. With Bliss
at his side and KGB agents in pursuit, Kolya stands poised to jump from his
hotel balcony.

2.11 [35] The Colbys: SANCTUARY
Jason calls a press conference to pressure the Soviets to allow Kolya's sister,
Anna, to stay in the U.S. However, Anna decides she has to go back to Russia
anyway. Jason's confrontation with the Soviets results in their canceling the
IMOS talks in Brussels. Zach tries to blackmail IMOS secrets out of Cash with
the information that Monica is Scott's mother. Assuming that Cash has told Monica,
Adrienne confronts Monica about Scott. Deeply upset that Cash would withhold
this fact from her, Monica orders Cash to stay out of her life. Francesca takes
the Colby helicopter to the snowed-in ski lodge to rescue Fallon, who is
experiencing abdominal pains. When Channing lies about the telephone lines
being dead, Francesca suspects Channing of plotting against Fallon and her unborn baby.

2.12 [36] The Colbys: REACHING OUT
Monica reels from the discovery that Scott Cassidy is the child she gave up for
adoption eight years earlier. Monica resigns from Colby Enterprises, but Jason
refuses to accept her resignation, telling Monica he needs her help on the
IMOS project. Jason receives disturbing news that his sister, Constance,
inexplicably ordered $2 million cabled to her in New Delhi. Later, Jason
receives an urgent telegram, supposedly from Constance, asking him to come to
New Delhi. Jason makes it a condition of his renewed IMOS talks with the
Soviets that they allow Kolya to talk to his family. Sable urges Miles to
create the impression of a stable family with Channing in order to eventually
win custody of Fallon's baby. Sable also talks to her lawyer about reuniting
Scott with Monica to make Jason's first-born grandchild hers rather than Francesca's.

2.13 [37] The Colbys: POWER PLAY
Sable alienates both her daughters, Monica and Bliss. Over lunch with Adrienne,
Sable suggests she give her adoptive son, Scott, to Monica. A furious Adrienne
confronts Monica, who is equally shocked by Sable's audacity. Sable also has
a hand in pairing up Kolya with seductive dance star Georgina Sinclair. A
sleazy tabloid, owned by Channing's uncle, portrays Jason as selling out to
the Soviets. Sam Erskine, her uncle's lawyer, threatens to expose Channing's
lies about her infertility if she reveals to anyone her uncle's interest in
Jason's dealings with the Soviets. Jason sends Miles and Jeff to India to find
Constance. Once there, Jeff and Miles are told that their aunt charted a
flight to Nepal. Jason gets a call from Miles and Jeff in Nepal informing him
that his sister, Constance, is dead.

2.14 [38] The Colbys: THE LEGACY
Jeff and Miles return from Nepal and inform Jason that Constance died when her
chartered plane exploded. Sable forgives Constance after her will is read and
Constance's remaining voting shares are left to Miles. Cash suggests to
Adrienne that they get a divorce. Bliss and Kolya's relationship is put to the
test when Bliss discovers Kolya in the arms of the seductive dancer, Georgina.
A mysterious bearded man, Hoyt Parker, possibly involved in Constance's death,
stalks Jason.

2.15 [39] The Colbys: THE HOME-WRECKER
The mysterious Hoyt Parker tracks Jason and Francesca on a horseback ride in
the wilderness and shoots at them. Fallon and Jeff argue over Fallon's desire
to become more active despite her pregnancy. Cash announces that he's leaving
Adrienne, which drives his troubled son, Scott, to run away. Cash then proposes
to Monica. A drunk Adrienne informs Jason that Scott is Monica's child. Georgina
successfully schemes to make Bliss think she and Kolya are sleeping together.
Zach presents an uncertain Sable with an engagement ring.

2.16 [40] The Colbys: THE MANHUNT
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Bruce Bilson.
Monica searches for Scott, who has run away. Monica's distress is compounded when
Jason learns that Scott is really her son. Sable digs up some damaging information
about Adrienne regarding her mental stability. Bliss confronts her rival, Kolya's
dance partner, Georgina, and threatens to send her back to the chorus line where
she belongs. As Jason prepares for the IMOS conference, Francesca receives a
phone call threatening his life. At the conference an assassin, hired by Lucas
Carter's lawyer, fires at Jason, but Cash intercepts the bullet.

2.17 [41] The Colbys: ALL FALL DOWN
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Kim Friedman.
After taking a bullet intended for Jason, Cash is in critical condition. At the
hospital Monica maintains a vigil, though Adrienne is the only one allowed to visit.
When Sable hears about the shooting and rushes to Jason's side, a frustrated Zach
gives her 24 hours to decide on his marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Jason has given
Francesca an engagement ring. Jeff and Jason learn that someone has bought up
$2 million of Colby Enterprises stock as a back-door takeover strategy. Jeff
accuses Zach, but the mystery buyer is really Hoyt Parker. Channing angrily
accuses Fallon of ruining her marriage and her life. Distraught, Fallon falls
down a flight of stairs and is knocked unconscious, for which Miles immediately
blames Channing.

2.18 [42] The Colbys: GUILTY PARTY
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Roy Campanella
After her accident Fallon has to have an emergency Cesarean section. It's
uncertain whether the baby will survive -- or whether the father is Jeff or
Miles. Zach contacts Hoyt Parker about taking over Colby Enterprises, but
Parker claims to have only bought up the stocks for their profitability. After
her 24 hours are up, Sable is still unable to decide whether she will accept
Zach's marriage proposal. Zach won't say how much longer he's willing to wait
for an answer. When it comes out that Fallon's young son, L.B., was responsible
for the accident, Miles has to apologize to Channing, who now threatens to leave him.

2.19 [43] The Colbys: FALLON'S BABY
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Harry Falk.
Fallon and Jeff torture themselves with worry as Fallon's
premature daughter fights to breathe in a respirator. Fallon and
Jeff still mistakenly believe Channing to be responsible for her
accident and turn her away when she tries to visit Fallon in the
hospital. Sable is determined to use Adrienne's history of
psychological problems and substance abuse to have custody of
Scott transferred to Monica. Cash is troubled by Sable's scheming,
knowing how important Scott is to Adrienne. Tensions mount as
Miles and Jeff await the results of the paternity test for
Fallon's new baby daughter.

2.20 [44] The Colbys: ANSWERED PRAYERS
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Robert Scheerer.
Grappling with the news that Jeff is the father of Fallon's baby, Miles lashes
out at him. Eventually Miles accepts his life with Channing, who is now
secretly determined to have a baby. As Jason and Francesca's wedding day
approaches, Sable fails in a last effort to get Jason back, then warns
Francesca that she'll never be able to fill her shoes. Zach takes Sable to
Morocco and away from the source of her pain, though she is far from convinced
that Zach is the man for her, especially given her children's objections to
the match. At Jason and Francesca's wedding, a shaved "Hoyt Parker" reveals
himself to be Phillip Colby, Jason's estranged brother and Francesca's
husband, presumed to have been killed in Vietnam.

2.21 [45] The Colbys: RETURN ENGAGEMENT
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Harry Falk.
The surprising appearance of Phillip Colby causes alarm for the family and splits
Colby loyalties into two camps. Jason and Fallon fume when Jeff decides to give
part of his inheritance to Phillip. On hearing the news, Sable rushes back from
Morocco. Zach is disappointed, and when Sable meets with Phillip, he becomes
jealous. After a nasty argument, Sable breaks off the engagement. Though Channing
has stopped taking birth control pills, Miles finds them and angrily confronts her
for having claimed to be infertile. When Phillip drops by as Francesca is getting
out of the shower, she is unable to resist a passionate embrace, which Sable
witnesses through the window.

2.22 [46] The Colbys: DEVIL'S ADVOCATE
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Robert Scheerer.
Phillip looks forward to Jeff's $150 million stock transfer to cover his debts, but
becomes uneasy when the family inquires into his past. In Singapore, Jason learns
from Phillip's former mistress, Maya, that he owes $2 million to certain Chinese
businessmen for an illegal arms deal gone bad. Jason brings Maya back to reveal
Phillip's "Hoyt Parker" identity to the whole family. Zach wines and dines Adrienne,
offering his help in fighting the Colby's for custody of Scott. In return, Zach
wants information about the IMOS project, in which Cash is closely involved. Bliss
fears she may be losing Kolya, who has been given the opportunity to start up a
new dance company in New York.

2.23 [47] The Colbys: BETRAYALS
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Harry Falk.
Jason threatens to report Phillip for entering the country with a false passport.
Phillip vows to take back from Jason his inheritance, his wife, and his son. Later,
Jason discovers Francesca and Phillip together in bed. Adrienne tells Cash that as
long as he is with Monica, he'll never see Scott again, while Monica swears she
would never try to take Scott away from Adrienne. Kolya asks Sable to release him
from the Colby Dance Company, then proposes to Bliss. Although Jeff decides against
giving Phillip one third of Colby Enterprises, he sympathizes with Phillip and wants
to help clear his debts, which alienates Jeff from his father and wife.

2.24 [48] The Colbys: DEAD END
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Richard Kinon
Having guided Jason to the room where Phillip and Francesca had their rendezvous,
Sable believes she's one step closer to winning Jason back. After Jason finds
Phillip and Francesca in bed, the two brothers come to blows. Kolya and Bliss
announce their plans to wed and move to New York. Expecting payment from Zach,
Phillip breaks into Jason's office and photographs confidential IMOS contracts.
Later, Zach breaks into Phillip's hotel room to take the documents, but finds
nothing except evidence linking Phillip to the shooting in Eureka. Francesca
admits to Jason that she still has feelings for Phillip, but claims Phillip
forced himself on her the night Jason found them together. Francesca and Jason
agree to call off the wedding, and she leaves. Jeff tracks her to a motel in
Malibu, only to find her on the verge of drowning in the waves.

2.25 [49] The Colbys: CROSSROADS (final episode)
produced by William Bast and Paul Huson and Dennis Hammer
directed by Don Medford.
Word spreads from Zach through the family that Phillip is the one trying to kill Jason.
(synopsis incomplete)

################ The Colbys ##################
################## the end ###################

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