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Profile - Actor - Leslie Nielsen  imdb

    Leslie Nielsen (1926-2010)  (Died 28 Nov 2010Age 84)

Just some credits from  his long career in TV and Movies ......

Walt Disney presents The Swamp Fox
Walt Disney Production  A segment of the 'Walt Disney presents ...' series
US western mini-series 1959-61 8 episodes x 60 min
starring Leslie Nielsen as. General Francis Marion (The Swamp Fox)

The New Breed (Quinn Martin /ABC)(1961-62) Police Drama series starring Leslie Nielsen

.The Virginian  Leslie Nielsen Guest Starred in 4 episodes

 3.01 [061] The Virginian: RYKER 16-Sep-1964  -  Guest Star: Leslie Nielsen
4.12 [102] The Virginian: THE LARAMIE ROAD
8-Dec-1965  -  Guest Star: Leslie Nielsen

6.15 [164] The Virginian: THE FORTRESS
27-Dec-1967  -  Guest Star: Leslie Nielsen

8.01 [202] The Virginian: THE LONG RIDE HOME
 17-Sep-1969  -  Guest Star: Leslie Nielsen

Bracken's World (TCF/NBC)(1969-70) Drama series starring Leslie Nielsen

The Streets of San Francisco (Quinn Martin/ABC)(1972-77) starring Karl Malden & Michael Douglas

Leslie Nielsen Guest Starred in 3 episodes:
1.26 [--] The Streets of San Francisco: LEGION OF THE LOST: 12-Apr-1973
2.04 [30] The Streets of San Francisco: BEFORE I DIE: 4-Oct-1973
3.01 [50] The Streets of San Francisco: ONE LAST SHOT: 12-Sep-1974  **** excellent performance

Police Squad! (ABC) (Summer 1982) Spoof Police series starring Leslie Nielsen as Detective Lieutenant Sergeant Frank Drebin

Shaping Up (ABC)(Spring 1984) Comedy series starring Leslie Nielsen

and of  course The Movies:

The Forbidden Planet

The Poseiden Adventure


The Naked Gun

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