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Warner Bros. Television (1966 - present)
Previously -  Warner Brothers Television - Executive Producer Wm. T. Orr (1955 - 1965)


WARNER BROS. TELEVISION Crime/ Adventure/ Drama series

The F.B.I. (Quinn Martin/WB/ABC)(1965-74) starring Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Tarzan (Banner/WB/NBC)(1966-68) starring Ron Ely

The Men (ABC)(1972-73)
3 mini-series in one slot - Assignment Vienna (MGM) / The Delphi Bureau (WB)/ Jigsaw (Universal)


Search (Leslie Stevens/WB/NBC)(1972-73) starring Hugh O'Brian, Doug McClure, Tony Franciosa, Burgess Meredith

Harry O (WB/ABC)(1974-76) starring David Janssen

Code R (WB/CBS)(1977) starring James Houghton, Tom Simcox, Martin Kove

Rafferty (WB/CBS)(1977-78) Medical-Crime series starring Patrick McGoohan

The Fitzpatricks (WB/CBS)(1977-78) starring Bert Kramer & Mariclare Costello

California Fever (WB/Lou-Step/CBS)(1979) Adventure series
starring  Jimmy McNichol, Marc McClure, Michele Tobin, Lorenzo Lamas

The Dukes Of Hazard (WB/Lou-Step/CBS)(1979-85)
starring Tom Wopat, John Schneider, Catherine Bach, Denver Pyle, James Best, Sorrell Booke, Waylon Jennings

Enos (WB/Lou-Step/CBS)(1980-81) starring Sonny Shroyer  (Spin-off from "The Dukes of Hazzard")

The Yellow Rose (WB/NBC)(1983-84) starring Sam Elliot, David Soul, Susan Anspach, Cybil Shepherd

The Mississippi (WB/CBS)(1983-84) starring Ralph Waite & Linda G. Miller

Scarecrow And Mrs. King (WB/CBS)(1983-87) Spy Adventure series starring Kate Jackson & Bruce Boxleitner

  Spenser: For Hire (Warner Bros/ABC)(1985-88) starring Robert Urich

A Man Called Hawk  (Warner Bros/ABC)(1989) starring Avery Brooks (spin-off from "Spenser For Hire")  


Kung Fu (WB/Jerry Thorpe/ABC) (1972-75) starring David Carradine

The Cowboys (WB/ABC)(1974) Moses Gunn, Diana Douglas, Jim Davis

The New Land (WB/William Blinn/Philip Leacock/ABC)(1974) Family Western series starring Scott Thomas

Young Maverick (WB/CBS)(1978 pilot)(1979-80 series) starring Charles Frank

Bret Maverick (WB/NBC)(1981-82) starring James Garner

WARNER BROS. TELEVISION Sci-Fi/ Super Hero series

Wonder Woman  (Douglas S. Cramer/WB/ABC)(1975-77) staring Lynda Carter
The New Adventures of Wonder Woman (Douglas S. Cramer/WB/ABC)(1977-79) staring Lynda Carter


The Chicago Teddy Bears (WB/CBS)(fall 1971) starring Dean Jones

The Jimmy Stewart Show (WB/NBC)(1971-72) starring James Stewart & Julie Adams

The Little People (WB/NBC) (1972-73) The Brian Keith Show (WB/NBC) (1973-74)

Friends (Warner Brothers/NBC)(1994-2004)
starring Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer

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