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8.20 [221]
"No War For The Warrior"

NBC Broadcast -18 February 1970

Universal City Studios, Inc.
Executive Producer Norman MacDonnell
Produced by James Duff McAdams
Teleplay by Alvin Sapinsley and Robert Earll
Story by Robert Earll
Directed by Don McDougall

(shown on the ride-in)
John McIntire as Clay Grainger (not in this episode)
Doug McClure as Trampas
Tim Matheson as Jim Horn
Sara Lane as Elizabeth Grainger (not in this episode)
James Drury as The Virginian

Guest Stars:
Henry Jones [Ned Cochran]
Charles Aidman [William Webb]
Charles Robinson [John Wood-aka-Sitkonga] (Indian name to be verified)
David Sheiner [Cully]

Complete ending credits:
Larry Ward as Sheriff Gray
Patricia Hyland as Kgoy-Ma
Barney Phillips  -  Major Heller
Harper Flaherty  - Harper
Associate Producers
Robert Van Scoyk
John Choy
Music Score Oliver Nelson
Theme Percy Faith
Director of Photography Robert Wyckoff
Art Director  . . .  William J. Kenney
Set Decorations  . . .  John McCarthy and Perry Murdock
Unit Manager  . . .  Henry Kline
Assistant Director  . . .  Ralph Ferrin
Technical Advisors
Melvin B. Deer
Arthur Daugoman
Film Editor . . .  Jack W. Schoengarth
Music Supervision  . . .  Stanley Wilson  
Sound  . . .  Earl Crain, Jr.
Color Coordinator  . . .  Robert Brower
Titles and Optical Effects Universal Title
Editorial Supervision  . . .  Richard Belding
Costumes by  . . .  Helen Colvig
Makeup  . . .  Bud Westmore
Hair Stylist  . . .  Larry Germain
The Title "THE VIRGINIAN" by permission of EMKA, LTD.

Series Regulars:
Jim Horn, Virginian, Trampas, Harper

Writers Earll and Sapinsley present a sympathetic understanding
of Indian affairs in their story of a half Kiowa who has escaped from the
reservation with a desire to be free in his expression of the old Indian
ways. Charged not only with escape but with murder, John (Robinson) hides
himself among the Shiloh hands who are taking a herd of cattle to Fort
Dawkins. Jim Horn befriends him--even to the point of going to jail as an
accomplice to a second escape when the greedy sutler (Jones) who turned
John in for the reward is killed. Faced with the prospect of going back to
town to prevent Jim's hanging or running on to Canada, John finally takes
to heart Kgoy-Ma's (Hyland) statement that a true warrior never abandons a
man that has fought for him and rides into town to do battle for his white
"brother." At the end we are left to ponder Webb's (Aidman) statement,
"Will the day ever come, my friends, when it will no longer be necessary
for a man to be dead to find peace." (bj)

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