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6.23 [172]

Original NBC Broadcast - 28 February 1968

Universal City Studios, Inc.
Executive Producer Norman MacDonnell
Produced by Joel Rogosin
Written by Douglas Morrow
Directed by Leo Penn

(shown on the ride-in)
John McIntire as Clay Grainger
Doug McClure as Trampas
Clu Gulager as Emmett Ryker (not in this episode)
Don Quine as Stacey Grainger
Sara Lane as Elizabeth Grainger
James Drury as The Virginian

No Guest Stars in this episode

Full ending credits:
Jeanette Nolan as Holly Grainger

V172_BarberaWerle.jpg (79721 bytes)
(pictured above Lee Kroeger and Barbara Werle)
Barbara Werle
as Mrs. Buell
Robert H. Harris
as Dr. Andrews
And Introducing
Lee Kroeger as Janie [Buell]
John Bryant  . . .  Dr. Spaulding.
(His Office sign reads Dr. R.J. Spaulding.   Compare with 3.28 [088] "Old Cowboy" sign which reads Dr. R.M. Spaulding)

Jean Peloquin  . . .  GENE
(contradiction in character name--in 7.15 and 7.18 Mr. Peloquin is credited as JEAN)
Dick Shane  . . .  Dick
Harper Flaherty  . . .  Harper
Associate Producer David Levinson
Theme Percy Faith
Director of Photography Enzo A. Martinelli
Art Director  . . .  George Patrick
Film Editor  . . .  Budd Small
Unit Manager  . . .  Henry Kline
Assistant Director  . . .  George Bisk
Set Decorations  . . .  John McCarthy and Ralph Sylos
Sound  . . .  Melvin M. Metcalfe, Sr.
Color Coordinator  . . .  Robert Brower
Editorial Supervision  . . .  Richard Belding
Musical Supervision  . . .  Stanley Wilson
Costume Supervision  . . .  Vincent Dee
Makeup  . . .  Bud Westmore
Hair Stylist  . . .  Larry Germain
The Title "The Virginian" by permission of EMKA, LTD.

Series Regulars:
Stacey, Clay, Holly, and Elizabeth Grainger;
Trampas, the Virginian, Dr. Spaulding, Jean, Harper, and Dick

Stacey seems quite taken with the new girl in town and she with
him. But after he breaks his arm and it seems the nerve damage and
paralysis might be permanent Janie (Kroeger), whose mother has tried to
shield her from disappointment, is unsure if she can love an "imperfect"
man. When there's a question as to whether an operation to restore the
arm's usefulness had been successful Stacey becomes despondent, and Clay,
believing that his nephew would be able to deal with what he knew as a
certainty, asks the Virginian to make the boy "fighting mad." (bj)

All my reference materials (if they mention Don Quine's character at all)
spell the name Stacy. However, the title on this episode is clearly STACEY.
It is strange that people who wrote about this series would spell the
name Stacy if it were meant to be Stacey. (bj)
The Copyright Notice for this episode is titled STACEY

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