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6.09 [158]
"A Bad Place To Die"

NBC Broadcast - 8 November 1967

Universal City Studios, Inc.
Executive Producer Norman Macdonnell
Produced by Joel Rogosin
Written by Judith & Robert Guy Barrows
Directed by Don McDougall

(shown on the ride-in)
Charles Bickford as John Grainger (not in this episode)
(Bickford was gravely ill but remained on ride-in upto and including ep 6.16)
Doug McClure as Trampas
Clu Gulager as Emmett Ryker
Don Quine as Stacey Grainger
Sara Lane as Elizabeth Grainger
James Drury as The Virginian

Special Guest Star:
John McIntire [Clay Grainger]

Guest Star:
Victor Jory [Luke Nichols]

End Credits:

Susanne Benton as Lila Standish
Myron Healey as Potts
Henry Beckman as Corey
John Milford as John Kiley
Parley Baer as Pat Magill
Ken Lynch  . . .  Walt Standish
Harrison Ford  . . .  Young Rancher (very young)
E.J. Andre  . . .  Old Rancher (Mr. Andre had been featured as the Shiloh
Cook in at least two other episodes)
Med Flory  . . .  Finney
Robert J. Stevenson  . . .  Warden
Mark Tapscott  . . .  Blacksmith
Bill Quinn  . . .  Judge
Associate Producer David Levinson
Theme Percy Faith
Director of Photography Enzo A. Martinelli
Art Director  . . .  George Patrick
Film Editor  . . .  Budd Small
Unit Manager  . . .  Abby Singer
Assistant Director  . . .  Kenny Williams
Set Decorators  . . .  John McCarthy and James M. Walters, Sr.
Sound  . . .  Melvin M. Metcalfe, Sr.
Color Coordinator  . . .  Robert Brower
Editorial Supervision . . . Richard Belding
Musical Supervision . . . Stanley Wilson
Costume Supervision . . . Vincent Dee
Makeup . . . Bud Westmore
Hair Stylist . . . Larry Germain
The Title "THE VIRGINIAN" by permission of EMKA, LTD.
Regular characters appearing in this episode:
Trampas, the Virginian, Clay Grainger, Stacey Grainger,
with a brief appearance by Elizabeth Grainger and Sheriff Ryker

In this story of friendship, Trampas is sentenced to be hanged
after falsely being accused of murdering a rancher's son over a
right-of-way dispute. While Clay Grainger desperately tries to get a stay
of execution and the Virginian and Stacey endeavor to find the real killer,
Trampas decides his only hope is to join his cell mate Luke Nichols (Jory),
who has taken a liking to the "Boy," and two other convicts in Luke's
master-minded prison break. (Another one of my personal favorites) (bj)

The sequel to this episode was 'Fox, Hound and The Widow McCloud'(7.25)

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