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2.12 [042]
"A Time Remembered"

NBC Broadcast - 11 December 1963

Revue Productions
Executive Producer Frank Price
Written by Peter Germano
Directed by William Witney

Starring (shown on ride in)
Lee J. Cobb as Judge Henry Garth
Doug McClure as Trampas
Gary Clarke as Steve Hill
James Drury as The Virginian (not in this episode)

Guest Star (during ride in)
Yvonne DeCarlo [Helen Haldeman AKA "Elena"]

End Credits (complete):

Roberta Shore as Betsy
Melinda Plowman as Karen
Paul Comi as Elliott Powers
Ross Elliott (in larger letters than the following credits) as Sheriff
Bill Zuckert as George Kingston
Oliver McGowan as Judge Benson
John Bryant as The Doctor (credited as Dr. Spaulding in several episodes)
Sam Edwards as The Hotel Clerk
William Bakewell as Nate
John Hale as Kelly
John Duke as Carl
Vince Williams as The Court Clerk
Virginian Theme Percy Faith
Director of Photography Robert Tobey, A.S.C.
Story Editor Cy Chermak
Art Director - George Patrick
Film Editor - Ray C. de Vally, A.C.E.
Editorial Dept. Head - David J. O'Connell
Musical Supervision - Stanley Wilson
Set Decorators - John McCarthy and Perry Murdock
Color Coordinator - Robert Brower
Color by Pathé
Assistant Director - Ben Bishop
Sound - Corson Jowett
Costume Supervisor - Vincent Dee
Makeup - Leo Lotito, Jr.
Hair Stylist - Florence Bush
The title "The Virginian" by permission of EMKA, LTD.

No Musical Score credit was given, but I did notice some of Lennie Hayton's
composition from "Ride a Dark Trail" 2.01 in this episode (bj)

Series regular characters appearing in the episode: 
Judge Garth, Betsy, Trampas, Steve
with recurring characters Sheriff Abbott and Dr. Spaulding 

Medicine Bow is abuzz at the arrival of noted opera singer
"Elena" (DeCarlo).  During her performance Judge Garth recognizes her as
Helen Haldeman, his flame from the days when he was but a struggling young
lawyer.  Both the rancher and singer congratulate each other on their
success in life and seem to enjoy their re-acquaintance, the Judge even
desiring to ask Helen to marry him.  But matrimonial plans are halted when
Helen is accused of murdering a man she insists she'd never seen before and
whom she says had broken in to her room and tried to assault her.  At
Helen's wishes, when the best lawyer around is unavailable, the Judge comes
to her aid himself.  But the prosecutor (Comi) has facts to show that the
dead man was indeed known by Helen, having been her manager for five years.
This ruins Judge Garth's simple case of self defense, but new evidence
comes to his attention and he later calls Elena's secretary (Plowman) to
the stand barraging her with questions which reveal that she is actually
Helen's daughter and accusing her of killing the man because she was
jealous of his advances toward her mother.  It is then that the truth comes
out as Helen steps in to shield her daughter: Elena had never been to the
big cities that were on her playbill.  In fact, she and her manager had
barely gotten by until he devised a scheme to defraud men of money by
introducing them to her and then, while they were visiting in her room,
breaking in claiming to be her husband.   Karen was in school during this
time but  joined them after graduating.  When it became apparent that Karen
was falling in love with Carl, Helen fired the manager to keep her daughter
from a bad relationship.  But Carl had followed them to Medicine Bow
planning to take Karen away with him.  When Helen tried to stop them Carl
turned on her.  It was then that she shot him to protect herself from his
beatings.  After the trial the Judge sees Helen and Karen off on the train
with "Elena" stating, "It almost happened--Our second chance." (bj)

Of note  (and corresponds to my thoughts that the producers scrapped
Betsy's adoption by the Judge in 1.02 "The Woman from White Wing"):  Judge
Garth tells Helen that he had been married but lost his wife some years
ago.  Betsy never mentioned having a step mother. (bj)

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