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1.28 [--]
"The Mountain Of The Sun"

Original NBC Broadcast - 17 April 1963

Revue Studios
Executive Producer Roy Huggins
Produced by Warren Duff
Teleplay by Harry Kleiner / Story by Louis Morheim
Directed by Bernard McEveety

(shown on the ride-in)
Lee J. Cobb as Judge Henry Garth (not in this episode)
Doug McClure as Trampas (not in this episode)
Gary Clarke as Steve Hill (not in this episode)
James Drury as The Virginian

Guest Star (credited during ride-in)
Delores Hart

Full ending credits:
Jeanette Nolan as Helen Dyer
Amzie Strickland as Ruth Arlen
Joe De Santis as General Rodello
Rico Alaniz as The Bandido Leader
George Wallace as Dixon
Carlos Romero as Pedro
Clancy Cooper as Murphy
King Calder as Myers
Dale Johnson as The Hotel Clerk
K. L. Smith as The Bartender
Alex Montoya as Rafael
Gil Barreto as the Mexican Peasant
Ida Angustain as The Mexican Child
Rodolfo Acosta
The Yaqui Leader
Virginian Theme
Percy Faith

Music Score
Sidney Fine
Morton Stevens
and Richard Shores
Director of Photography
Lionel Lindon A.S.C.
Supervising Producer
Frank Price
Art Director George Patrick
Film Editor Edward Haire, ACE
Editorial Dept. Head
David J. O'Connell
Musical Supervision
Stanley Wilson
Set Decorators John McCarthy
and James M. Walters
Color Consultant Alex Quiroga
Color Processing by
Consolidated Film Industries
Assistant Director James H. Brown
Sound Ed Somers
Costume Supervision
Vincent Dee
Makeup Leo Lotito, Jr.
Hair Stylist Florence Bush
The title "The Virginian" by permission of EMKA, Ltd.
(full credits submitted by B.G.)

Series regular characters appearing in this episode: The Virginian

Brief Synopsis:
On a business trip for the Judge, the Virginian meets 3 missionary women
on the train to San Pablo. Trying desperately to convince them not to
continue with their plans to travel to Sonora and into Yaqui territory,
which holds almost certain death for them all, he finds they go against
his wise advice and continue their search for a guide. When the only man
who is willing to guide them robs and deserts them in the middle of the
desert, the Virginian reluctantly agrees to escort them. What they didn't
tell him was the Indians they are going to witness to are the same
Indians who murdered their husbands just one year ago. The episode takes
some interesting turn of events as the Virginian and the youngest widow
fall in love, and she questions her dedication to her quest and to the
other 2 women whom she took a no-turn-back vow with. (arl)

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