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1.27 [--]
"Strangers At Sundown"

NBC Broadcast - 3 April 1963.
Revue Studios
Executive Producer Roy Huggins
Produced by Morton Fine and David Friedkin
Teleplay by Morton Fine and David Friedkin / Story by Thomas Fitzroy
Directed by David Friedkin

(shown on the ride-in)
Lee J. Cobb as Judge Henry Garth
Doug McClure as Trampas (not in this episode)
Gary Clarke as Steve Hill (not in this episode)
James Drury as The Virginian (not in this episode)

Guest Star:
Harry Morgan [Kendall Jones]

End Credits (complete)
Roberta Shore as Betsy
Paul Richards as Pauk
Skip Homeier as Jed Carter
Also starring:
Arthur Hunnicutt as Tom Croft
Evans Evans as Phyllis Carter
Jocelyn Brando as Lucy Wallace
Malcolm Atterbury as John Wallace
Berkeley Harris as Theo
Don Kennedy as The 1st Driver
Leonard P. Geer as The 1st Outlaw
Bill Catching as The 2nd Outlaw
Boyd Stockman as The 2nd Driver
Richard Anderson as Harry Clark
Virginian theme - Percy Faith
Director of Photography - John L. Russell A.S.C.
Supervising Producer - Frank Price
Art Director - George Patrick
Film Editor - Joseph Harrison
Editorial Dept. Head - David J. O'Connell
Musical Supervision - Stanley Wilson
Set Decorators - John McCarthy and James M. Walters
Color Consultant Alex Quiroga
Color Processing by Consolidated Film Industries
Asisstant Director - Donald Baer
Sound - Lyle Cain
Costume Supervisor - Vincent Dee
Make Up - Leo Lotito, Jr.
Hair Stylist - Florence Bush
The title "The Virginian" by permission of EMKA, Ltd.
Judge Garth and Betsy are riding home from Cattlemen's Association meetings
in Montana on an overcrowded stagecoach. Jonsey is a drummer trying to
introduce the latest automatic sewing machine to the west. John and Lucy
Wallace are two embittered farmers who have just watched their farm turn
to dust after 25 years and are heading to Oklahoma Territory for a new start.
Harry Clark is a Philadelphia businessman who has been diagnosed with a
terminal illness and is trying to run away from his family and his death.
Jed and Phyllis Carter are heading south to find a new home after being
shunned by the citizens in their former town.

In the middle of the Montana Badlands, an outlaw gang attacks killing the
stage driver. Judge Garth manages to drive the stage to the Sundown way
station just ahead of the marauding gang. Sundown used to be an army prison
that is now run by its last prisoner, Tom Croft. Croft had been imprisoned
for cowardice in battle. The outlaw gang surrounds the way station and its
leader, Pauk, announces that one of the passengers is really George Wilson,
a former member of his gang. Wilson had betrayed the gang to the law during
a bank robbery and caused three gang members to be killed. Now Pauk intends
to kill Wilson. Unless the passengers find out who is really Wilson and
turn him over to Pauk within the hour, the outlaws will storm the station
and kill everyone inside. (rgm)

This was Harry Morgan's only appearance on the series. He had just finished
8 years on the sitcoms "December Bride" and "Pete and Gladys" in the role
of Pete Porter. He would go on to play Officer Bill Gannon on "Dragnet"
(1967-70) and Colonel Sherman Potter on "M*A*S*H" (1975-83) and
"After M*A*S*H" (1983-84). (rgm)

Skip Homeier also appeared in "A Portrait of Marie Vallone"
(2.8), "The Brazos Kid" (3.6) and "The Price of Love" (7.18). (rgm)

Jocelyn Brando is the older sister of Marlon Brando. She also appeared in
"To Make This Place Remember" (2.2), "A Welcoming Town" (5.26) and
"Last Grave at Socorro Creek" (7.16). (rgm)

This was Richard Anderson's only appearance on the series. He is probably
best remembered as Oscar Goldman on "The Six Million Dollar Man" (1974-78).
He also played Lt. Steve Drumm on "Perry Mason" (1965-66). (rgm)

Evans Evans was the wife of director John Frankenheimer. (rgm)

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