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Starring: Melissa Gilbert (as Laura Ingalls Wilder) & Dean Butler
(as Almanzo Wilder)
Season 9 (NBC) (1982-83)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
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####### Little House: A New Beginning ########
############## season 9 1982-83 ##############
(new title) ################
NBC Mondays 8:00-9:00pm Eastern
Melissa Gilbert (as Laura Ingalls Wilder)
Dean Butler (as Almanzo Wilder)
Katherine MacGregor as Harriet Oleson
Richard Bull as Nels Oleson
Victor French as Isiah Edwards
Kevin Hagen as Dr. Baker
Dabbs Greer as Reverend Alden
Jonathan Gilbert as Willie Oleson
Allison Balson as Nancy Oleson
Stan Ivar as John Carter
Pamela Roylance as Sarah Carter
Lindsay Kennedy as Jeb Carter
David Friedman as Jason Carter
Shannen Doherty as Jenny Wilder

The series continued without Michael Landon in the lead role, although he did write and direct several episodes

9.1 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Michael Landon
Directed by Maury Dexter
Guest Cast:
Nicholas Pryor .... Royal Wilder #2
The Ingalls have moved to Iowa in hopes of a better life and the Carters now reside in the Ingalls' old house. It's a
tough good-bye for Charles. Laura also says good-bye when she leaves the school in the care of a new teacher, Etta Plum,
and stays home to take care of her baby. Royal Wilder, Almanzo's older brother, and his daughter, Jenny, visits Walnut
Grove. We learn that Royal is terminally ill.
Comment: This Royal Wilder is completely different from the one who appeared previously.

9.2 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Michael Landon
Directed by Maury Dexter
Guest Cast:
Nicholas Pryor .... Royal Wilder #2
Laura and Almanzo promises Royal that they will take care of his daughter. Jenny is devastated when her father dies.
Wanting so much to be with him, she tries to commit suicide by drowning. Despite being unable to swim, Jeb Carter is
able to pull her to safety. Later, Jenny realizes how selfish she has been and promises to make her father proud.

9.3 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Paul W. Cooper
Directed by Maury Dexter
Guest Cast:
Lew Ayres .... Lem McCary
Charles Lane .... Jess Moffet
Noni White .... Elsie Moffet
Norma Ransom .... Maddy Sutherland
Elmore Vincent .... Floyd
Carl Pitti .... Dance Caller
Clyde Harper .... Pig Farmer
Doc Livingston .... Farmer #1
Thomas Murphy .... Farmer #2
When Harriet discover a bearer bond from Walnut Grove under the steps of an old building, she uses it to influence the
town council. One "suggestion" was to rename the town, Olesonville. When she makes Nels run for mayor, the elder residents
of Walnu--, er, I mean Olesonville, decide to support their own candidate. It turns out that Harriet's bearer bond has
secondary claim on payments and. thus, no power. So the town says good-bye to Olesonville and welcomes back Walnut Grove.

9.4 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by Maury Dexter
Guest Cast:
Tammy Lauren .... Elizabeth Stark
Robert Loggia .... Thomas Stark
Michele Marsh .... Constance Stark
J. Edward McKinley .... Phillips
Ronnie Scribner .... Randall Page
Kurt Smildsin .... Tracy
A desperate man facing financial ruin snaps and kills his wife and daughter. While Almanzo is out with the posse looking
for him, a delusional. The desperate man enters the Wilder home as if it were his own, treating Laura and Jenny as if they
were his wife and daughter. Jenny is able to get help from the posse. The desperate man steps out of the Wilder house to
face the posse and is killed.

9.5 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Michael Landon
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
Billy Barty .... Lou Bates
Patty Maloney .... Alice Bates
Susan French .... Mrs. Bates
Steve M. DeFrance .... Customer
A dwarf circus performer moves to Walnut Grove with his infant daughter, after his wife dies in childbirth. A prejudicial
Harriet is able to exert her influence and prevent performer from finding work. That forces him to revert to stealing and
receive the wrath of Harriet when he is caught. When Nancy falls into a well, only the dwarf is able to rescue her.
Harriet realizes her errors and tries to make up for it.

9.6 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
WILD BOY (Part 1)
Written by Vince R. Gutierrez
Directed by Victor French
Guest Stars:
Jonathan Hall Kovacs .... Matthew
David Hooks .... Luther
Walter Brooke .... Judge
Special Cast Star:
Anthony Zerbe .... Doctor Joshua McQueen
Steve M. DeFrance .... Farmer Tom
Ancel Cook .... Farmer #1 
A traveling side-show comes to Walnut Grove advertising a wild boy. The wild boy escapes and befriends Jenny and the
Wilders. We learn that he is Matthew Roger, a mute boy, caged against his will, and acts wild because he is given morphine.
Mr. Edwards hides Matthew but Nancy Oleson finds out and causes trouble. The side-show owner tries to regain custody but
a judge rules that Matthew belongs in an institution. Mr. Edwards makes a moving statement that convinces the judge to let
the case get lost in the system allowing Matthew to remain with Mr. Edwards.
Comment: Matthew will make another appearance in a later episode.

9.7 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
WILD BOY (Part 2)
Written by Vince R.Gutierrez
Directed by Victor French
Guest Stars:
Jonathan Hall Kovacs .... Matthew
David Hooks .... Luther
Walter Brooke .... Judge
Special Cast Star:
Anthony Zerbe .... Doctor Joshua McQueen
(see above)

9.8 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Don Balluck
Directed by Maury Dexter
Guest Cast:
Alison Arngrim .... Nellie
Nellie returns to Walnut Grove for a visit. No longer the attention of the Oleson family, Nancy runs away from home.
Nels and Nellie searches her and eventually finds a lost and frightened Nancy. When it seems that Nancy has finally
learned her lesson, she shows she hasn't learned a thing.

9.9 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Larry Jensen
Directed by Joseph Pevney
Guest Cast:
Ross Elliott .... Atty. Webb
Taylor Lacher .... Harlam Wilkins
Stephen Elliott .... Spencer Hollingsworth
James O'Sullivan .... Stewart Hobson
Chuck Hicks .... Big Arnie
Robert Balderson .... Lester
leroy Sweet .... Collins
Bob Terhune .... Herb
R.L. Tolbert .... Hank
Steve Jesse Starr .... Express Manager
James L. Kelly .... Foreman
Hugh Warden .... Ticket Agent
David Wiley .... Businessman
Dan McBride .... 1st Man
Charles Young .... 1st Thug
Walnut Grove is excited when the railroad decides to make it the town a major depot. However, the enthusiasm is short-lived
when several farmers are forced to sell their land to make way for the tracks. The law is on the of the railroad company
and that causes the farmers to make a stand at the Carter farm. There they are able to make the railroad to reroute the
tracks, or less take a financial loss for the delay.

9.10 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Paul W. Cooper
Directed by Victor Lobl
Guest Cast:
Jill Schoelen .... Jane Canfield
Walker Edmiston .... Dr. Vanderan
Elmore Vincent .... Floyd
M.E. Loree .... Woman on Stagecoach
Justin Bayly .... Boy
Lorrie Blower .... Nurse
Fred Downs .... Storekeeper
Laura's childhood friend Jane Canfield from the blind school moves back to Walnut Grove and becomes very good friends
with Mr. Edwards. Before undergoing an operation that will allow her to see again, she expresses her love for Mr. Edwards,
who is old enough to be her father. Despite being in love with Jane as well, Mr. Edwards realizes that she would have
a better life without him.

9.11 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Don Balluck
Directed by Maury Dexter
Guest Cast:
David Huffman .... Reverend Addison Hale
Rodney Kageyama .... Agishi
Richard Kennedy .... Policeman
Thomas Murphy .... Customer
Kellye Nakahara .... Japanese Woman
Saachiko .... Second Japanese Girl
Ken Scott .... Guard
Tom Spratley .... Hotel Clerk
Professor Toru Tanaka .... Japanese sumo
R.L. Tolbert .... Stage Driver
Margaret Wheeler .... Old Woman
A visiting reverend arouses the suspicions of Reverend Alden and Mr. Edwards. Reverend Alden is fearful he may lose his
congregation to him. Mr. Edwards believes the visiting reverend to be seducing Mrs. Carter and Laura. As it turns out,
the visiting reverend was sent by the archdiocese to present Reverend Alden with a new house...which Mrs. Carter and Laura
help fix up. Meanwhile, John Carter and Almanzo visit San Francisco for a convention where they encounter all sorts of
"big-city" problems.

9.12 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Michael Landon
Directed by Michael Ray Rhodes
Guest Cast:
Ralph Bellamy .... Dr. Marvin Haynes
Victor Izay .... Dr. Jenkins
Helen Kleeb .... Miss Conley
Jon Lormer .... Mr. Jedediah Thoms
Jenny suffers physical disabilities after almost drowning. Laura loses hope that Jenny will never get better. However,
Jenny's friend, an elder retired doctor, Marvin Haynes, knows better than to give up and pushes Jenny to keep trying.
After a few months, Jenny makes a complete recovery.
Note: The theme to "Highway to Heaven" is played in this episode.

9.13 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Ernie Wallengren
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
Sheila Larken .... Linda McAndrews
John McLiam .... Elliott Reed
R.L. Tolbert .... Stage Driver
Sarah Carter's father comes to Walnut Grove when her mother passes away. He attempts to bring the Carter family back
with him to New York but his actions drives them further away. Despite the conflicts, Sarah and her father reach an
understanding and a new respect for each other.

9.14 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Michael Landon
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
Robert Donner .... Bart Younger
Geoffrey Lewis .... Cole Younger
Timothy Scott .... Lonnie Younger
Harry Middlebrooks .... Frank James
Sunshine Parker .... Sheriff
Owen Bush .... Hotel Manager
Ray Guth .... Stage Guard
Carl Pitti .... Stage Driver
Ross Sherman .... Man
The criminal gang, the Older Brothers have a fearsome reputation they don't deserve. Trying desperately to live up to
that reputation, they hold up Mr. Edwards but lose the money. They then ransom Mr. Edwards but also lose the money.
Finally, they decide to turn themselves in so they can receive the reward for their own capture. Again, no luck.

9.15 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Don Balluck
Directed by Maury Dexter
Guest Cast:
William Prince .... Mr. Amos L. Broxton
John Bennett Perry .... Russell Matthews
Patrick Waddell .... Robert Holmes
Ron Doyle .... Bellman
Ralph Manza .... Hugo
Casey Erickson .... Young Man
Kay Howell .... Secretary
Albert Lord .... Waiter
Shawna Landon .... Little Girl in the Library (uncredited)
No longer a teacher, Laura uses her spare time to write a story for a book contest. When she wins, she travels to
Minneapolis to sign a contract with a publisher. However, the publisher has some reservations about the story and
requests some changes. When the changes become too much that the story no longer feels true to Laura, she withdraws
from the contest and cancels her contract.

9.16/9.17 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
HOME AGAIN (2hr episode)
Written & Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Michael Landon .... Charles Ingalls
Matthew Laborteaux .... Albert Ingalls
Colin Drake .... Mr. Hawkins
Claude Earl Jones .... Mr. Gibson
Jason Tucker .... Stuart Bayless
Charles Tyner .... Mr. Janes
Georgia Schmidt .... Adel Colie
Hugo Stanger .... Zeb Colie
Shonda Whipple .... Tami Cook
Michael Griswold .... Sergeant Bates
Gavin Mooney .... Officer Coogan
Jon M. Benson .... Officer
Now living in the big city, Charles has to deal with Albert's consistent trouble with the law. He decides to bring Albert
back to Walnut Grove hoping that will help. However, Albert's attitude does not change and we learn it is because he is
addicted to morphine. Suspicions of morphine addition from Doc Baker prompts Charles to confront his son. Despite promising
to stop using, Albert continues to abuse morphine and becomes violent. Charles forces Albert to stop and must watch him
suffer through extreme withdrawal pains. Albert survives the ordeal and is no longer addicted. With the support of his
family, he fights the desire to start again.
Comment: It is revealed the Albert goes on to medical school and returns to Walnut Grove as Dr. Albert Ingalls.

9.18 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Don Balluck
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
Elmore Vincent .... Floyd
R.L. Tolbert .... Stage Driver
Laura gives birth to a baby boy who appears to be healthy according to Doc Baker. However, the baby dies for no apparent
reason and Laura blames the Doc. His reputation declines and he is forced to leave town. Before leaving, Rose becomes
seriously ill and Doc Baker quarantines himself at the Wilders. Doing everything he can, he is able to save Rose. Laura
and the town realize their misdirected anger and asks for Doc Baker's forgiveness.

9.19 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Duke Sandefur
Directed by Maury Dexter
Guest Cast:
Vera Miles .... Ruthy Leland
Eric Christmas .... Dewey
Jason Carter begins working for an elderly women, Ruthie Leighland, who treats him very well. Too nicely for Sarah Carter
who thinks Ruthie is spoiling him. A little jealous of their relationship, Sarah forbids Jason from working for Ruthie.
Later, Sarah learns Ruthie is dying and really valued Jason's friendship. Jason spends the rest of the summer with Ruthie
and treasures her gifts after she passes away.

9.20 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written & Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Don Collier .... Sheriff
Don Michaelson .... Mr. Paine
Strawberry the Monkey .... Blanche
Eddie Quillan .... Buffalo Bill
Elmore Vincent .... Old Man
After befriending a stranger, Mr. Edwards promises to take care of Blanche, a circus orangutan. Before he could find a
zoo to take Blanche, Nancy Oleson causes trouble which results in Mrs. Oleson calling for the Sleepy Eye sheriff to have
Blanche put to sleep. At the last second, word arrives that a zoo wants Blanche and she is spared.

9.21 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Chris Abbott
Directed by Victor French
Guest Cast:
Jack Ging .... Mr. Brown
Sherri Stoner .... Rachel Brown Oleson
Barbara Townsend .... Mrs. Mae Flannery
When a elder of friend of Laura passes away, she inherits a large house and decides to turn it into a boarding house.
Upon graduation, Willie decides not to attend college and to marry his sweetheart, Rachel Brown. Of course, Mrs. Oleson,
vehemently disapproves of the marriage and causes grief for everyone. When Willie learns Mrs. Oleson has upset Rachel,
he stands up to his mother. Willie and Rachel get married and move into the Wilder boarding house.

9.22 [--] Little House: A New Beginning:
Written by Don Balluck
Directed by Michael Landon
Guest Cast:
Robert Casper .... Sherwood Montague
Robert Darnell .... Philip Rogers
Sherri Stoner .... Rachel Brown Oleson
Robert Urich .... Customer
Peter Kwong .... Employee
Jim Lau .... Proprietor
Willie and Rachel are enjoying marriage. Sherwood Montague is a well-educated, well-mannered, well-connected, well-traveled
man who comes to Walnut Grove to research a book he is writing. He decides to stay at the Wilder boarding house and
disorients the community with his "sophisticated" peculiarities. Matthew Roger's biological father comes to Walnut Grove.
Matthew does not want to hurt Mr. Edwards but eventually decides to give his father a chance and leaves town with him.
Not wanting to be alone again, Mr. Edwards moves into the Wilder boarding house.
Comment: Sherwood Montague will be a reccurring character.

####### Little House: A New Beginning ########
############## end of season 9 ###############

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