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PM East - PM West (ii) (02Oct1961 to 02Feb1962)
 Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Rina Fox
Info from: Los Angeles Times, Press Telegram, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,
Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, Newsday, Citizen News.

Group W Productions / Westinghouse Broadcasting Company
for Syndication

US Talk Show 1961-62 Grand Total 252 episodes x 90 min (12Jun1961 to 25Jun1962)
PM East - PM West total 167 episodes (12Jun1961 to 02Feb1962)
pt 1: 80 episodes (12Jun1961 to 29Sep1961)
pt 2: 87 episodes (02Oct1961 to 02Feb1962)
PM starring Mike Wallace 85 episodes (05Feb1962 to 01Jun1962)

"PM East" New York Host: Mike Wallace , with Joyce Davidson (60min)

"PM West" San Francisco Host: Terrence O'Flaherty (30min)

Replaced by "The Steve Allen Show".

############## PM East - PM West ###############
########### 02Oct1961 to 02Feb1962 #############

[81] PM East - PM West
02Oct1961 Mon [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Buyer Beware".
Guests are U.S. Senator Philip Hart of Michigan;
Mrs. Mildred Brady, managing editor of Consumers Union;
Paul Rand Dixon, chairman Federal Trade Commission and
Norman Gottlieb. vice president, National Better Business Bureau.

PM West: "A Night at the Opera".
Guests are soprano Leontyne Price,
music critic Alfred Frankenstein and composer Norman Dello Joio.

[82] PM East - PM West
03Oct1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Profile of Art Linkletter".
Guests are TV personality Art Linkletter
and Clyde Vandenberg, Linkletter's business associate.

PM West: "Early Days of TV".
Guest is Richard Boone star of TV's "Have Gun, Will Travel".

[83] PM East - PM West
04Oct1961 [Los Angeles Times]
PM East: "Suicide".
Guests are Harry Warren, Edward Ellis
and George Allen with a discussion on suicide.

PM West:
Guests are George Leonard, San Francisco editor of Look magazine
and singer Carol Brent.

[84] PM East - PM West
05Oct1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Growing Old".
Guests are Jolie Gabor, mother of the three actresses, Zsa Zsa, Eva and Magda;
Harry Hershfield, a 75-year old comedian,
Dr. Lin Yutang, noted Chinese philosopher,
Dr. Michael Dacso of Goldwater Memorial Hospital
and a Jesuit priest discuss the problems of growing old.

PM West: "Gambling".
The tricks of the trade.
Guests are Bob Haskell, card expert and lecturer
and Sherlock Feldman, pit boss at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas.

[85] PM East - PM West
06Oct1961 Fri [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East:
Guests are actor Dick Powell, comedian Dick Gregory
singer Chubby Checker and Jazz singer Gloria Lynne.

PM West: "What women should wear in bed".
Guests are columnist Count Marco,
singer-dancer Betty Bruce
and songstress Barbara McNair.

[86] PM East - PM West
09Oct1961 Mon [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "America in Bed".
Guests are William Bornheutter, Hale Bedding Company executive;
mattress demonstrator Bella Fischer.

PM West:
Guest is Merla Zellerbach who underwent an artifically induced state
of psychosis to do research for a novel
and pianist-composer Kip Walton.

[87] PM East - PM West
10Oct1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Musical Evening with Count Basie". [rerun 11Jan62]
Guests are Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake, song collaborators for 50 years
and Count Basie.

PM West:
Guests are Ted Patrick, editor of Holiday Magazine
and Bill Ryan, publisher of the pocket magazine, Contact.
Discussion of "The Little Magazine".

[88] PM East - PM West
11Oct1961 [Newsday]
PM East: "Profile of Stanley Kramer".
Guests are producer-director Stanley Kramer
and Max Youngstein, vice president of United Artists.

PM West:
Guests are Celedonio Romero, his wife and three sons,
who sing, dance and play guitar.

[89] PM East - PM West
12Oct1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Respectable Crooks".
Guests are authors Frank Gibney and Norman Jaspan,
Dr. Ralph Sockman of Christ Church, New York City,
Max Sloan, president of Sloan supermarkets
and William Wallach, president of Robert Agency.

PM West: "Ernest Hemingway"
Guests are Jack Hemingway, the late author's son and his widow Mary,
who talk about Ernest Hemingway.

[90] PM East - PM West
13Oct1961 Fri [Newsday]
PM East: "Women Entertainers".
Guests are singers Barbra Streisand and Julie Wilson, pianist Rose Murphy
and comedienne Jean Carroll who discuss "women are better entertainers".
Barbra Streisand who sings "When the Sun Comes Out", "I Stayed Too Long at the Fair"
and "Come to the Supermarket in Old Peking".

PM West:
Guest is travelling balladeer George Alexander.

[91] PM East - PM West
16Oct1961 Mon [Los Angeles Mirror]
PM East:
Guests are actress Julie Newmar, comedian Woody Allen,
and the Joe Bushkin Trio perform for Mike Wallace as
prelude to the first of 15 straight performances from L.A.

PM West:
Terrence O'Flaherty features sketches from the Billy Barnes Revue.

[92] PM East - PM West
17Oct1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Living Dangerously".
Flirting with danger as a way of life is demonstrated in film clips.
Guests are Joakim Bonnier, Swedish auto racing champion,
Judy Joyce, skindiver and playmate of sharks; Arnold Boyance, power boat racer
and Jacques Istell, parachute jumper known as "Father of the Skydivers".

PM West:
Guests are actress Bonita Granville,
Dr. Frank Baxter, professor at the University of Southern California
and architect Welton Becket.

[93] PM East - PM West
18Oct1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Song Styles and Stylists".
Guests are singer Johnnie Ray, folksinger John Jacob Niles
and singer-dancer Paul Wallace.

PM West: "The Cartoon Boom".
Guests are Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera, creators of such new TV cartoons
as "Huckleberry Hound" and "The Flintstones".
Also voice actor Daws Butler (Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Quick-Draw McGraw
and several other cartoon characters).

[94] PM East - PM West
19Oct1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "The Violent World of Art".
Guests are Seymour Lipton, famed abstract sculptor;
Moses Seyer, anti-abstraction American painter;
John Canady, art critic and Leslie A. Hyam and Louis Marion,
of Parke-Bernet Gallery.

PM West: "Profile of Jerry Wald".
Guest is producer Jerry Wald who explains his battle with major studios,
defines Marlon Brando and Diane Varsi and announces plans for his next
two films - James Joyce's "Ulysses" and Hemingway's "Adventures of a Young Man".

[95] PM East - PM West
20Oct1961 Fri [Newsday]
PM East:
Mike Wallace discusses the phenomenon of the teenage star with
singer-actor Frankie Avalon, Cathy Carroll and Jeri Lynne Fraser.

PM West: "Profile of Lionel Hampton".
Jazz great Lionel Hampton tells anecdotes of his career
and plays a few numbers.

[96] PM East - PM West
23Oct1961 Mon [Newsday]
PM East: "Writing Needs Heroes"
Guests are mystery writer Mickey Spillane
and philosophic novelist Ayn Rand team up for
a broadside against writing in America and discuss
Tennessee Williams and Jack Kerouac.
The Brothers Four perform.

PM West: "Witchcraft".
Among those present are a self-confessed male witch;
a vendor of voodoo dolls and bats' blood; an author
researching the Devil and to top it off, some snake worshippers.

[97] PM East - PM West
24Oct1961 [Los Angeles Citizen News]
PM East:
Taped at the annual barbecue given by Edward Marcus on his 3,000 acre ranch in Texas.
Guests include former Mayor Thornton of Dallas, Texas
actors Jose Ferrer and Dale Robertson,
actress Arlene Dahl, soprano Lily Pons,
cosmetics manufacturer Elizabeth Arden,
Clint Jr. and John Murchinson and his brother Stanley Marcus, owner of Neiman Marcus department stores
and singer-actress Florence Henderson, star of the national company of "The Sound of Music".

PM West: "The Art of the Nudie Films".
Guests are producers Jerry Jackson and Will Dewar,
columnist Jim Henaghan
and model-actress June Wilkinson.

[98] PM East - PM West
25Oct1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "An Old Fashioned Variety Show"
Guests are humorist Abe Burrows,
entertainer Vivian Blaine and comedian Stubby Kaye.

PM West: "Epitaph for a Beatnik".
Guests are Rev. Pierre DeLatre, who ran the "Bread and Wine Mission" for Beatniks;
Eileen Kaufman, Shig Murao and Neal Cassidy.
Why the Beatniks began in San Francisco's North Beach,
what they did there and why they left.

[99] PM East - PM West
26Oct1961 [Newsday]
PM East: "The Two Faces of Hollywood".
Guests are producer Ross Hunter
producer-director Robert Rossen
actor Tony Randall
and actress Piper Laurie.
Discussion on Escape movies.

PM West: "I Cover Hollywood".
Guests are four noted film columnists:
Joe Hyams, Ruth Waterbury, Bertil Unger and Bob Thomas.

[100] PM East - PM West
27Oct1961 Fri [Evening Sun]
PM East:
Guests are singer Vaughan Monroe
comedian Will Jordan
and the Jonah Jones Quartet
and Anita Gillette who substituted for
Anna Maria Alberghetti in "Carnival".

PM West:
The Spanish influence on Los Angeles, past and present is
discussed by Senorita Consuel Castillo DeBonza
singer Salli Terri and demonstrated by the guitar solos of Lauzindo Almeida.

[101] PM East - PM West
30Oct1961 Mon [The Record]
PM East: "Monsters, Inc."
Guests are publisher Jim Warren
Nightclub ghoul Theodore tells a spooky tale or two.
and actor John Zacherley shows you a haunting thing and buries Joyce Davidson in a well for good measure.
The profitable horror industry in publishing, movies and television is explored.

PM West: "What Makes Texas Run?"
A talk with four Texan multi-millionaires.
Guests are Edward Marcus, Col. D.H. Byrd and Jim Ying.

[102] PM East - PM West
31Oct1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East:
Guests are Bob (Elliot) and Ray (Goulding), the well known radio comedy team,
pianist Hazel Scott, singer Rusty Draper
and Opera soprano Lisa Carrol.

PM West: "Texas, Fact and Fiction".
Guests are author Gwynne Wimberly,
newspaper writers Lon Tinkle, Dick Hitt and Paul Crume.

[103] PM East - PM West
01Nov1961 [Pasadena Independent]
PM East:
Mike Wallace's guests are members of the Island in the Sun Club;
actor Hugh O'Brian, the Duke and Duchess of Bedford,
Michael Butler, president of the club and Philip Theodoli.

PM West: "Foreigners in Texas".
Guests are comedian Yukie Sherin
and songstress Janey Ames.

[104] PM East - PM West
02Nov1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East:
Guests are singers Billy Eckstine and Lillian Briggs
and puppeteer Bil Baird, show their talens as musicians
performing respectively on the trumpet, trombone and French horn.

PM West: "Filipino Revue".
Guest Impresario Steve Parker (husband of Shirley MacLaine) introduces
his newest revue in Las Vegas, imported entirely from the Philippines.
Singer Pileta Corrales and the song and dance team of Baby Aguilar and Boy Teeson.

[105] PM East - PM West
03Nov1961 Fri [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "An Evening with Tony Bennett". [rerun 31Jan62]
Guests are singer Tony Bennett,
bandleader Mitch Miller and singer Billy Eckstine.

PM West: "Texas Jazz".
Guests are members of North Texas State University jazz band
and singer Janey Ames.

[106] PM East - PM West
06Nov1961 Mon [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Juvenile Gangs". [rerun 18Jan62]
Mike Wallace tackles the topic of gang fighting, thievery
and drug addiction by teenagers.
Guests are Kenneth Marshall, professor at Columbia University,
Eric Leissner from the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House,
whose career is rehabilitating boys and girls
and Harvey Feldman, expert on drug groups.

PM West: "Golden Age of Movies".
Terrence O'Flaherty gives viewers a glimpse
of the golden age of films.
Guests are actors Francis X. Bushman
and Buster Keaton.

[107] PM East - PM West
07Nov1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Overseas Party".
British recording star Matt Monro,
French comedian Gerard Sely,
Spanish dancer Jose Lopez,
singer-pianist Blossom Dearie
and flamenco dancer Luisita Sevilla.

PM West: "Cultural Growing Pains".
Guest is Times Entertainment editor Cecil Smith
in a discussion of intellectual changes in the West.

[108] PM East - PM West
08Nov1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Hazards of bringing a play to Broadway".
Guests are producer David Merrick
and playwright Oscar Brown Jr.

PM West: "Star Making".
The formula for creating new movie stars is discussed.
Guests are actresses Connie Stevens
and Paula Prentiss,
actor Jim Hutton
and actor-impersonator Frank Gorshin.

[109] PM East - PM West
09Nov1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Who Cares".
Discussion of forgotten people and causes
with journalist Victor Laski;
Paul Krassner, Fallout Shelter Key Club;
Nigerian U.N. delegate Malium Aminu Kan;
Father Janer, operator of a Bowery mission house
and author-editor Moshe Decter.

PM West: "Cultural Growing Pains".
Guests are author Max Shulman;
entertainment editor Cecil Smith;
author Ray Bradbury
and Prof. Paul Saltman, University of Southern California.

[110] PM East - PM West
10Nov1961 Fri [Boston Globe]
PM East: "The Kingston Trio".
Guests are the New Kingston Trio,
Nick Reynolds, Bob Schoen and John Stewart.
They discuss their meteoric rise in show business
and the recent break with one of the original members.
The Limeliters sing some of their most popular songs
and reveal what a typical traveling day is like.

PM West: "L.A. Jazz".
Guests are blues singer Carmen MacRae
and the John Coltrane Quintet perform at
the Renaissance, Los Angeles jazz blub.

[111] PM East - PM West
13Nov1961 Mon [Los Angeles Times]
PM East: "Profile of Mel Torme".
Guests are singer Mel Torme,
actor-dancer Bobby Van
and TV writer-producer Bob Wells.
The rise of "The Velvet Fog" Mel Torme
is described from his success as a teenage
idol to his graduation to adult audiences.

PM West: "The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906".
Terrence O'Flaherty recreates the events that led up
to the great earthquake of 1906 through films and interviews.
A man who lived through the disaster and a seismologist
discuss the experience.

[112] PM East - PM West
14Nov1961 [Akron Beacon Journal ]
PM East:
Guests are David Walker, public affairs supervisor for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation'
actress Anne Bancroft
and Jaja Wachuko, chairman of the Nigerian delegation to the UN.

PM West:
Guests are actresses Connie Stevens
and Paula Prentiss,
actor Jim Hutton
and impersonator-actor Frank Gorshin in their
second visit with Terrence O'Flaherty.

[113] PM East - PM West
15Nov1961 [Pittsburgh Press]
PM East: "The Adventures of Dorothy Kilgallen".
The syndicated columnist talks frankly about Jack Paar,
Frank Sinatra and other people she likes and dislikes.
She interviews Peggy Lee and Sammy Davis Jr.
Guests are Dick Kolmar and the Lee Evans Trio.

PM West: "Tropic of Cancer"
Discussion on Henry Miller's controversial book.

[114] PM East - PM West
16Nov1961 [Valley Times]
PM East: "The Mystery of the USIA".
Discussion with U.S. Information Agency, director Edward R. Murrow in Washington, D.C.

PM West:
The road company of the musical hit, "Little Mary Sunshine".
Guests are Carleton Carpenter, Shirley Knight, Peter Walker and Sylvia Lewis.

[115] PM East - PM West
17Nov1961 Fri [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: [rerun 29Jan62]
Mike and Joyce spend the evening with the Limeliters, a folk singing group.

PM West: "Profile of Jazz Great Earl 'Fatha' Hines".
Guests are Jazz artist Earl 'Fatha' Hines,
author Al Collins and trumpet player Eddy Smith.

[116] PM East - PM West
20Nov1961 Mon [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East:
Guests are composer Eubie Blake,
comedian Paul Dooley,
singer Connee Boswell
and burlesque performer Sherry Britton.

PM West:
Guest is actress Elsa Lanchester.

[117] PM East - PM West
21Nov1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Overseas Party".
Guests are entertainer Hildegarde
comic Gerard Sety, singer Enrico,
flamenco dancers Domingo Alvardo and Juan de Lamata.

PM West:
Film clips from the "Grand National Rodeo".

[118] PM East - PM West
22Nov1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Authors".
Guests are author Robert J. Donovan who discusses "PT 109", story of
John F. Kennedy's wartime activities
and photographer-author David Douglas Duncan discusses his book, "Picasso".

PM West: "Rising Stars".
Guests are Lori Parker, teenage singer,
and comedian Charlie Manna who describe what has
happened since their first appearance on the show.

[119] PM East - PM West
23Nov1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "The Two Faces of Music".
Guests are singer-pianist Bobby Short
and balladeers Josh White and his family.

PM West: "Dixieland Concert".
Guests are Turk Murphy and his Jazz band
and singer Pat Yankee in her version of "Baby Doll".

[120] PM East - PM West
24Nov1961 Fri [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Why Women Stay Single". "Bachelor Girl".
Guests are authors Rona Jaffe and Phyllis Rosenteur,
psychologist Dr. Murray Banks,
comedienne Barbara Gilbert and columnist Elsa Maxwell
talk over career girls, why girls stay single and what's wrong with marriage.
A specially written song about the life of a "Bachelor Girl" in Greenwich Village is performed.

PM West:
Guests are comedy team of Phil Ford and Mimi Hines
who perform songs, dances and a comedy routine,
including a spoof of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy.

[121] PM East - PM West
27Nov1961 Mon [Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe]
PM East: "Mickey Rooney and Friends". [rerun 25Jan62]
Guests are actor Mickey Rooney who sings "How About You", and dances
the twist with Joyce Davidson;
singer Barbra Streisand who sings "Soon It's Gonna Rain", "I Had Myself a True Love"
and "I Wish I Were in Love Again" (duet with Mickey Rooney).
and the vocal trio Peter, Paul and Mary.

PM West: "Spotlight on the new play "The Captains and the Kings".
Guests are director Joseph Anthony of "The Captains and the Kings"
based on the life of Adm. Hyman Rickovers, the plays actors Dana Andrews,
Conrad Nagel and Lee Grant.

[122] PM East - PM West
PM East: "Rhythms of Africa".
Guests are singer Miriam Makeba,
Nigerian drummer Michael Olatunji
and composer Robert Pritchard who plays
original pieces based on funeral and voodoo themes from Africa.

PM West: "International Film Festival".
Guests are Leopoldo Torrenilsson, film director from Argentina
and John Halas, British animator.

[123] PM East - PM West
29Nov1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Exposing the Quacks".
The problem of fake doctors and medicines is discussed
by Oliver Fields, A.M.A., Dr. Emerson Day, Sloan Kettering Institute;
Dr. Frances Lukens, University of Pennsylvania and others.

PM West: "Magic of Tahiti".
Guests are authors Eugene Burdick
and Barnaby Conrad.

[124] PM East - PM West
30Nov1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "The Heavyweights".
A preview of the Patterson-McNeeley title fight of Dec. 4.
Guests are boxers Floyd Patterson and Sonny Liston
their managers Cus D'Amato and Peter Fuller;
promoter Tom Boland.

PM West: "The Cocktail Party".
An examination of an American institution by three
physicians who specialize in alocholism, nutrition and
internal medicine.

[125] PM East - PM West
01Dec1961 Fri [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Just Good Friends".
Guests are comedians Paul Dooley and Woody Allen
singer Barbra Streisand who sings "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most",
"My Honey's Loving Arms" and "A Taste of Honey"
pianist Lee Evans and his trio and singer-trombonist Lillian Briggs.

PM West: "Shades of the Blues".
Guests are singer Barbara Dane
and progressive jazz pianist Mose Allison.

[126] PM East - PM West
04Dec1961 Mon [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "20th Century Dance Fads".
From the Bunny Hug, Black Bottom to the Twist.
Guests are jitterbug champion Killer Joe Piro,
Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle, oldest living songwriting
team and Jazz dancers Leon James and Al Minns.

PM West: "White House Press Corps".
Guests are Pierre Salinger, President Kennedy's
press secretary and columnist Marianne Means.

[127] PM East - PM West
05Dec1961 [Bridgeport Post]
PM East: "Profile of New York City's Garment Industry".
Discussion of its rivalries, its pricing problems, style
and fashion changes with manufacturers and designers.

PM West: "Suicide, Part 1".
The philosophy and psychology of suicide
is discussed by psychiatrists, policemen and the coroner
of San Francisco County.

[128] PM East - PM West
06Dec1961 [Pittsburgh Press]
PM East: "Profile of Broadway producer Hal Prince".
Guests are Broadway producer Harold S. Prince
director George Abbott and by stars of his shows who
will also perform. They are Thelma Ritter of "New Girl in Town",
Tom Bosley of "Fiorello", Larry Kert of "West Side Story",
Eileen Rodgers and Lee Becker of "Tenderloin" and
Elizabeth Ashley and Phyllis Thaxter of the forthcoming "Take Her, She's Mine".

PM West: "Suicide, Part 2".
A continuation of the probe into the minds and
emotions of potential suicides.

*News item: As of Feb 2, 1962 PM West will air it's final episode.
PM East continues with a 90 minute program on Feb, 5th 1962.

[129] PM East - PM West
07Dec1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East:
Interview with Captain Mitsuo Fuchida, who led bombing attack on Pearl Harbor.
The Japanese air ace led 360 bombers and fighter planes in the attack.

PM West:
Guests are Egyptian film star Lubna Aziz,
Russian producer Nina Drobyskeva
and Spanish producer Antonio Santean.
Film footage of the recent International Film Festival is shown.

[130] PM East - PM West
08Dec1961 Fri [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Broadway Musicals".
Guests are actress Elaine Stritch,
Alfred Drake, George Gobel and Sam Levene.

PM West:
Guests are Charlie Mingus and his Jazz Group.

[131] PM East - PM West
11Dec1961 Mon [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Health".
Guests are Dr. Herman Taller author of "Calories Don't Count";
Adelle Kenyon, exercise specialist;
Dr. Christakis of the New York Board of Health
and author Robert P. Goldman.

PM West: "Nucleophobia, Part 1".
Fears of the atomic age are discussed by
guests are James A. Pike, Bishop of California, author Eugene Burdick
and Kendall Moll, scientist from Stanford Research Institute.

[132] PM East - PM West
12Dec1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Profile of Roberta Sherwood".
Guests are singer Roberta Sherwood
and her son singer Don Lanning who often
appears in her nightclub act.

PM West: "Nucleophobia, Part 2".
Terrence O'Flaherty concludes his examination of nucleophobia.
Guests are Bishop James A. Pike, Eugene Burdick,
Kendall Moll and Allan Jonas.

[133] PM East - PM West
13Dec1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Society Today".
Guests are author-critic Cleveland Amory,
columnist Doris Lilly, editor Jerome Zerbe,
and Marianne Strong, agent for would-be-socialites.

PM West: "Profile of Erskine Caldwell".
Guest is Erskine Caldwell, author of "Tobacco Road",
"God's Little Acre" and "Poor Whites".

[134] PM East - PM West
14Dec1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "The Road to Broadway".
Guests are four young actors
Joel Grey, Patricia Harty, Joan Weldon
and James Hurst.

PM West: "Profile of Sol Hurok".
Guest is impresario Sol Hurok.
The impresario looks back on his career,
the cultural exchange with Russia and
stars he has known.
Film clips of his current presentation, "The Leningrad-Kirov Ballet".

[135] PM East - PM West
15Dec1961 Fri [Baltimore Sun]
PM East: "Star Spouses".
The husband and wife teams of
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward;
Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy debate
the question whether or not persons with
separate careers can have a successful marriage.

PM West: "Visiting Characters".
Guests are singer-comedienne Carole Cook,
and international playboy Peter Howard.

[136] PM East - PM West
18Dec1961 Mon [Newsday]
PM East: "Contrasts in Music".
Guests are Afro-Cuban drummer Candido,
singer Kay Armen, Jazz guitarist Mundell Lowe
and comedian Phil Leeds.

PM West: "Profile of James Abbe".
Guest is international photographer James Abbe,
who talks about his three sets of children, celebrities
and places he has known well for 35 years and
displays his pictures from the Dolly Sisters to Stalin.

[137] PM East - PM West
19Dec1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Broadway show "The Gay Life".
Guests are composer Arthur Schwartz, reminisces about
his long career and sings five numbers from his new musical;
cast members Elizabeth Allen, Jeanne Bal and Jules Munshin
perform scenes from the Broadway show.

PM West: "Divorcees". [rerun 31Jan62]
Guests are San Francisco coroner Dr. Henry Turkel;
author Mrs. Sim Wenner
and columnist Count Marco talk about
the trials and tribulations of American marriages.

[138] PM East - PM West
20Dec1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "How Much Emotion Should Be Put Into One's Work?"
Guests are film stars Carroll Baker and John Payne;
director Jack Garfein, columnist Nick Kenny,
singer Felicia Sanders and author-naturalist Ivan Sanderson.

PM West: "Today's Dances".
Popular dances such as the Pony and the Mashed Potatoes,
are discussed by TV personality Dick Stewart,
some teenagers from his program,
socialite Phyllis Fraser, with music by "The Untouchables".

[139] PM East - PM West
21Dec1961 [San Francisco Examiner]
PM East: "Success".
producer David Susskind ("Requiem for a Heavyweight")
writer Rod Serling
actors Anthony Quinn and Mickey Rooney
and singer Barbra Streisand who sings "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"
and "Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead".

PM West: "Flower Drum Song".
The new film of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Flower Drum Song"
with guests producer Ross Hunter co-stars Miyoski Umeki, James Shigeta,
Dong Kingman and C.Y. Lee.

[140] PM East - PM West
22Dec1961 Fri
PM East: "International Christmas".
U.N. children's school students talk about
their native Christmas customs;
U.N. guides relate how they will spend the holidays in the U.S.
Guests are British actor Martyn Green,
Baroness Maria Von Trapp and son Johanness dance Laendler;
and Virginia Douglas for whom the editorial "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus" was written.

PM West: "International Christmas".
Guests are folksingers Stan Wilson and Olga Sbragla
and guitarist Lenin Castro perform Christmas folk songs.

[141] PM East - PM West
25Dec1961 Mon [Press Democrat]
PM East:
Guests are ballerina Taina Elg,
comedian Paul Dooley
singer Monique Lemaire
and guitarist John Thielemans.

PM West: "Toys for Adults".
With the aid of two puppets Stoopy Sr. and Stoopy Jr.,
host Terrence O'Flaherty surveys the world of toys
escpecially designed for grown-ups.

[142] PM East - PM West
26Dec1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Can We Trust West Germany?"
Guests are Leon Uris author of "Exodus";
Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize winner for chemistry;
Gerhart Seger, member of the Reichstage arrested by Hitler;
T.H. Tetens, author of "The New Germany and the Old Nazis";
and Major Alexander de Seversky, expert on aviation and
international politics.

PM West: "Comic Debate, Part 1".
Guests are comedian Don Sherman
and singer-comedienne Carole Cooke.

[143] PM East - PM West
27Dec1961 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Entertainment Tastes".
Guests are singers Guy Mitchell
and Mindy Carson;
French film producer-director Roger Vadim,
actor Darren McGavin
and songstress Monique Lemaire.

PM West: "Comic Debate, Part 2".
Guests are comedian Don Sherman
and singer-comedienne Carole Cooke.

[144] PM East - PM West
28Dec1961 [Akron Beacon Journal]
PM East: "Judgment at Nuremberg". [rerun 12Jan62]
Mike took a trip to West Berlin to cover the world premiere
of this much touted movie.
He shows film clips of Judy Garland, Spencer Tracy,
Maximilian Schell, Richard Widmark and Montgomery Cliff
and Marlene Dietrich, also director Otto Preminger
and Mayor Willy Brandt.

PM West: "What's Gone Wrong with Christmas?"
The commercialization of the holiday is discussed by
Rev. Max Christensen, Rev. Pierre DeLattre
and California restaurant owner Sally Stanford.

[145] PM East - PM West
29Dec1961 Fri [Press Democrat]
PM East: "New Year's Magic" .
magician Milbourne Christopher
and singer-pianist Rose 'Chee-Chee' Murphy
who sings with bongo man and vibes player.
Slam Stewart solos on bass fiddle and joins
Rose for a number of songs.

PM West: "Down Under".
Guests are singer Kitty Lester gives her interpretations of songs
from "My Fair Lady".
and entertainer Rolf Harris.
Discussion: differences between United States
and Australian TV, crime and teenagers.

[146] PM East - PM West
01Jan1962 Mon [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
PM East: "Behind the Celebrities".
Guests are Whitey Ford of the New York Yankees
Frank Scott, sports business agent
Danny Hollywood, author's agent
Harry Kaplan, theatrical agent
and Perian Conerly, columnist and wife of Charlie Conerly of the New York Football Giants.

PM West: "Year-End Review".
A 1961 scrapbook of "PM West" activities and visiting stars is animated by
four frequent guests, Rev. Pierre Delattre,
authors Jessica Mitford Truehaft and Barnaby Conrad
and singer Ketty Lester.

[147] PM East - PM West
02Jan1962 [San Francisco Examiner]
PM East: "Fallout"
Guests are Dagmar Wilson, Direct Action executive (anti-nuclear testing activist),
comedienne Jaycee Collins does a monologue on fallout shelters,
actor Don Porter and his wife,
and singer Barbra Streisand who sings "Lover, Come Back to Me", "Moon River" and "Cry Me a River".

PM West: "Profile on actor-writer Carl Reiner"
Guest is comedy writer Carl Reiner attacks tenors and snobbish celebrities
and talks of his newest career as producer of "The Dick Van Dyke Show".

[148] PM East - PM West
03Jan1962 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Milk and Honey".
Broadway's newest hit musical with stars
Mimi Benzell and Tommy Rall
and interviews with Don Appell the show's author
and composer Jerry Herman.

PM West: "An Evening with Les Paul and Mary Ford".
Guests are Les Paul and Mary Ford who talk about
their private life. Les introduces his son, Gene Paul
for the boy's TV debut.

[149] PM East - PM West
04Jan1962 [Boston Globe]
PM East: [repeat from 11Sep61]
"The World of George Jessel"
The veteran showman reviews his 50-year career.

PM West: "Heaven and Hell". [new]
Hour-long program featuring a debate between trial lawyers
Vincent Hallinan and Jake Ehrlich on whether the existence
of Heaven and Hell can be legally established.
The topic is occasioned by an upcoming California Civil Court Case.

[150] PM East - PM West
05Jan1962 Fri [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Words by Alan Jay Lerner".
A Salute to Alan Jay Lerner.
Guests are
lyricist Alan Jay Lerner
singer-actress Julie Andrews
actors Stanley Holloway
William Squire
and Michael Allinson.

PM West: "Night Music".
Guests are Calvin Jackson who reviews his career from Juilliard School to MGM
and rising chanteuse Jo Ryder who sings "Love Is Where You Find It".

[151] PM East - PM West
08Jan1962 Mon [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Show Business Marriages".
Guests are actress Elizabeth Seal of "Irma La Douce" and her fiance Zack Matalon,
actor Jerry Orbach of "Carnival" and his wife, Marta Curro discuss show business marriages.

PM West:
Guests are the piano team of Peggy and Milton Salkind play
Four Hands / One Piano written by Borodin and Bizet.

[152] PM East - PM West
09Jan1962 [Boston Globe]
PM East: [repeat from 18Aug61]
"Playboy Empire".
Guests are Hugh Hefner, Dick Gregory, A.C. Spectorsky and Frank Gibney.

PM West: "Castro and Communism in Latin America". [new]
Guests are Daniel James, Hearst Headline Service correspondent in Latin America,
Jessie Dejois James and author-lecturer William Mandell.
Discussion of Castroism and Communism in Latin America.

[153] PM East - PM West
10Jan1962 [San Francisco Examiner]
PM East: "Tribute to Moss Hart"
by close friends of the showman,
actress Celeste Holm
TV personality Arlene Francis
actor Martin Gabel
and Bill Liff.
Also a taped interview with Moss Hart made
two years ago for "Mike Wallace Interviews".

PM West: "Characters and stories from Montgomery Street"
From the center of the old Barbary Coast,
guests are Atty. Melvin Belli, sculptor Aristides Demetrios,
and metalsmith Harry Dixon.

[154] PM East - PM West
11Jan1962 Fri [San Francisco Examiner]
PM East: [repeat from 10Oct61]
"Musical Evening with Count Basie".
Guests Eubie Blake, Noble Sissle and Count Basie.

PM West: "Operation Terror". [new]
Film clips of completed movie and
behind-the-scene glimpses of how a movie is made,
with stars actor Glenn Ford and actress Lee Grant.

[--] PM East - PM West
12Jan1962 [Boston Globe]
PM East: [repeat from 28Dec61]
Premiere of the film "Judgement at Nuremberg" in West Berlin.

PM West: "Song Stylings of Buddy Greco". [repeat from 03Jul61]
Singer Buddy Greco talks about his sudden rise to fame and sings old standards.

[155] PM East - PM West
15Jan1962 Mon [Boston Globe]
PM East: "Unique Monique".
singer-actress Monique Van Vooren
singer-dancer Betty Bruce
and the piano team of Henry Rose and Bobby Stevenson.
Also a feature on prize winning commercials.

PM West: "The Battling Bishop"
Terrence O'Flaherty traces the career of Bishop James A. Pike,
from Catholicism to agnosticism to law and finally to the Episcopal Church.

[156] PM East - PM West
PM East: [repeat from 30Jun61]
magician Milbourne Christopher and singer Steve de Pass.

PM West: "Ike's Philosopher". [new]
Guests are Eric Hoffer, author of "The True Believer"
and Pierre Delattre.

[157] PM East - PM West
17Jan1962 [San Francisco Examiner]
PM East: "Across the World".
Guests are humorist Abe Burrows, Michael Wilding, Alec Templeton,
Monique LeMaire and Hearst Headline Service European
correspondent Serge Fliegers.

PM West: "The Globecombers Part 1".
Guests are artist Earl Thollander, photographers Morton Beebe
and John Sample discuss "Globecombers", association of
San Francisco artists, photographers and filmmakers.

[158] PM East - PM West
18Jan1962 [Boston Globe]
PM East: "The Gangs".
Mike Wallace takes an inside look at the thoughts, operations and
lives of the fighting gang, the girl gang, the drug and thief group
with Prof. Kenneth Marshall, Columbia Univ.; Harvey Feldman, Hamilton House;
and Eric Leissner, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House.

PM West: "The Globecombers Part 2".
Guests are Earl Thollander, artist reporter, describes Burton Abbott murder trial;
Brucer Herschensohn shows highlight from his new film "Karma".

[159] PM East - PM West
19Jan1962 Fri [Evening Sun]
PM East: "Psycho-drama".
Guests are actress Ilka Chase, author of "Carthaginian Rose", an account
of her ten years of travel through Europe and Southeast Asia;
Paul Krassner, editor of "The Realist", magazine of free thought and criticism;
Lillian Briggs, former truck driver and now trombonist-singer
and Dr. Gyula Denes, author of "The Sex Conscious and the Love Shy".
Lillian Briggs performs, "After You've Gone", "Let Me Entertain You",
"Hound Dog" and "When the Saints Go Marching In".

*Note: Miss Briggs makes a return appearance on PM East tonight.
"I got in trouble the last time I was on your show," she says, "I accused
my doctor of making a mistake - taking out my gall bladder when it should
have been my lung. Now my doctor is upset and won't treat me anymore.
So I'm looking for another doctor who doesn't watch television!"

PM West:
Guest is comedian Soupy Sales who talks about his puppets
and shows home movies.

[160] PM East - PM West
22Jan1962 Mon [Boston Globe, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
PM East:
Guests are Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis in a scene from the
Broadway comedy "Purlie Victorious", they also present a
few light poems by Langston Hughes and talk about the old
American Negro theater;
singer Lillian Briggs and the Nat Jones Trio perform;
and Dr. Margaret Benz, a marriage counselor and sociology
professor at New York University, discusses the pros and cons
of marriage and free love.

PM West: "MGM Grand".
Guest is pianist-composer Calvin Jackson whose career took him
from Julliard to MGM reminisces with Terrence O'Flaherty about the
good old days at MGM. Jackson plays some of the songs he composed
for the studio.

[161] PM East - PM West
23Jan1962 [Press Democrat]
PM East:
Guests are comedian Woody Allen
entertainer Hildegarde,
folksingers Josh White Sr. and Josh White Jr.
and the Brothers Four.

PM West: "Newcomers".
Guests are comedian Dick Curtis and
Chris Ibanez and his Trio.

[162] PM East - PM West
PM East:
Floyd Patterson introduces Mickey Alan and talks about
where and when Sonny Liston will have a shot at his heavyweigh crown;
comedian Joey Adams discusses tour of Southeast Asia;
actor Jack Gilford talks about his stage experiences;
and actress Nancy Andrews of Broadway's "Little Me".

PM West: "Revisit of the Roaring 20s".
Rosalyn and Marilyn Borden sings songs of the roaring 20's.

[163] PM East - PM West
PM East: [repeat from 27Nov61]
"Profile of Mickey Rooney".
Guests are actor Mickey Rooney
singer Barbra Streisand and singing trio Peter, Paul and Mary.

PM West: [new]
Terrence O'Flaherty interviews King Louis H. Narcisse, a California
revivalist, along with members of his congregation.

[164] PM East - PM West
26Jan1962 Fri
PM East:
Guests are actress Zsa Zsa Gabor gives the lowdown on people she's suing,
the recent fire in Beverly Hills, her love life past and present,
her husbands and the time she kissed Jack Kennedy;
actor Tom Poston, Jim Kirkwood and singer Lillian Briggs.

PM West:
Guests Bud Dashiell and the Kinsmen perform.

[--] PM East - PM West
29Jan1962 Mon [Los Angeles Times]
PM East: [repeat from 17Nov61]
Studio concert by The Limeliters.

PM West: [repeat from 09Nov61]
Discussion on the growing pains of the West,
with guests Cecil Smith of the Times, Max Shulman,
Ray Bradbury and Dr. Paul Saltman.

[165] PM East - PM West
30Jan1962 [Boston Globe]
PM East:
Guests are artist Salvador Dali;
Morton Minsky, King of Burlesque;
singer Lillian Briggs
and Margaret Hall from the off-Broadway musical "Little Mary Sunshine".

PM West:
Attorney Melvin Belli once dubbed "King of Torts",
discusses his personal injury cases and tells what's
wrong with American prisons and the Russian penal system.

[--] PM East - PM West
PM East: [repeat from 03Nov61]
Guests are Tony Bennett, Mitch Miller and Billy Eckstine.

PM West: [repeat from 19Dec61]
Dr. Henry Turkel; author Mrs. Sim Wenner
and columnist Count Marco.

[166] PM East - PM West
01Feb1962 [Boston Globe]
PM East:
Guests are actress Dolores Hart,
singer Kay Armen
folksinger Steve DePass
Paul Krassner editor of The Realist magazine
and Ed Love author of "Subways Are for Sleeping".

PM West: "Big Bands".
Terrence O'Flaherty recalls Big Band sound of the '30s
and '40w with guests former featured vocalist Kay Kyser,
singer Harry Babbitt and new song stylist Debby Kay.

[167] PM East - PM West
02Feb1962 Fri [Los Angeles Times]
PM East:
Guests are entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.
and wife actress May Britt
singer Lillian Briggs
and songwriter Sammy Cahn.

PM West: [Final episode for PM West]
Terrence O'Flaherty chats with film director Bill Hindle.
Continued as:
PM starring Mike Wallace  (05Feb1962 to 01Jun1962)

############## PM East - PM West ###############
################### the end ##################

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