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 Season 9 (1988-89)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox
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Host: Gary Collins  

Co-Host: Pat Mitchell (1980-82) Bonnie Strauss (1982-85)

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############## season 9 1988-89 ##############
############### (final season) ###############
  Syndicated Daily program airing 3-4pm Monday thru Friday.

9.01 [1658] Hour Magazine
Gary Collins and Mary Ann Mobley backstage at the Miss America Pageant interview this year's winner Gretchen Carlson
and an interview with TV personality Merv Griffin.

9.02 [1659] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Ann Jillian
and actress Christina Applegate of "Married ... With Children".
Homosexual teens.

9.03 [1660] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Ann Jillian
and novelist Judith Krantz.
Adopting an abused child. Mr. Olympia contestants.

9.04 [1661] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Ann Jillian
and Jessica Hahn.
Financial planning for couples. Starting your own business.

9.05 [1662] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Ann Jillian
and her husband Andy Murcia
and actor Tony Lo Bianco.
White collar - blue collar romances.

9.06 [1663] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comic actor Jonathan Winters
and podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine.
Coping with the blues.

9.07 [1664] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Mary Frann of "Newhart".
How single people meet and date.

9.08 [1665] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Philip Michael Thomas of "Miami Vice"
actress Ari Meyers of "Kate & Allie"
celebrity photographer Peter Brandt
and media nutritionist Barbara Dixon who talks about shopping for low-fat foods.

9.09 [1666] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Natasha Richardson of "Patty Hearst"
and actress Holly Robinson of "21 Jump Street".
Date rape.

9.10 [1667] Hour Magazine
Interviews with TV personality Sarah Purcell
and actor Charles Nelson Reilly.
How to pay for college. Abortion issues. Attitudes on aging.

9.11 [1668] Hour Magazine
Interviews with former President Jimmy Carter
and his wife Rosalynn (Part 1 of 2)
and actor Scott Thompson Baker of "General Hospital".
Sperm banks.

9.12 [1669] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Shari Belafonte Harper of "Hotel"
and former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn (Part 2 of 2).
Fans obsessed with celebrities. AIDS suicides.

9.13 [1670] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Barbara Bush wife of Vice President George Bush
and actress Linda Cristal of "General Hospital".
Adult vaccinations.

9.14 [1671] Hour Magazine
Interviews with
Special on weight loss.

9.15 [1672] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Double Dare" host Marc Summers
and recording artist Basia.
Parents of college students. Drug testing public transportation workers.

9.16 [1673] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Valerie Harper
and Lamar Alexander author of "Six Months Off".
Children's sexuality. Circumcision controversy.

9.17 [1674] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Valerie Harper
and actress Lee Remick.
Day-care. Adoption.

9.18 [1675] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Joan Collins.
Overprotective mothers. New trends in plastic surgery.

9.19 [1676] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Sandy Duncan of "The Hogan Family".
Children's fears. Homework without tears.

9.20 [1677] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Henry Winkler
and Kitty Dukakis.

9.21 [1678] Hour Magazine
10Oct1988 [rerun 26Dec88]
Interviews with actor Leonard Nimoy
actress Donna Mills
and comic actor Dom DeLuise.
Problem pregnancies.

9.22 [1679] Hour Magazine
11Oct1988 [rerun 27Dec88]
Interviews with "L.A. Law" co-stars Jill Eikenberry
and Michael Tucker.
Breast cancer victims. Coping with daily stress.

9.23 [1680] Hour Magazine
12Oct1988 [rerun 28Dec88]
Interview with actress Alaina Reed of "227".
Children and stress.

9.24 [1681] Hour Magazine
13Oct1988 [rerun 29Dec88]
Interview with actress Mariette Hartley.
Coping with miscarriage. Acupunture and stress.

9.25 [1682] Hour Magazine
14Oct1988 [rerun 30Dec88]
Interviews with "L.A. Law" co-stars Alan Rachins
and Joanna Frank
and actress Jane Carr of "Dear John".
Teens addicted to steroids.

9.26 [1683] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Shirley MacLaine
and actor Michael Caine.
Neonatal medical breakthroughs.

9.27 [1684] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Lisa Hartman
and model Twiggy.
Medicinal drug breakthroughs. Contact lens update. Alcohol quiz.

9.28 [1685] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Dee Wallace Stone.
Infertility treatments. Baldness remedies. Medical quackery.

9.29 [1686] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Teri Austin of "Knots Landing".
A new treatment for stuttering. Medical quackery.

9.30 [1687] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Patty Duke
and actor Peter Barton of "The Young and the Restless".
Home medical tests. Allergies. Birth control.

9.31 [1688] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Robert Wagner of "Indiscreet".
Mending a broken heart. Sex after surgery.

9.32 [1689] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "The Bold and the Beautiful" co-stars Teri Ann Linn and Ronn Moss.
Men and infidelity.

9.33 [1690] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Estelle Getty of "The Golden Girls"
comedienne Carol Siskind
and author Danielle Steele.

9.34 [1691] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "General Hospital" actress Jacklyn Zeman
and actress Theresa Russell of "Track 29".
What men want from women.

9.35 [1692] Hour Magazine
False love and other romantic illusions. Infidelity. Taking that first vacation together.

9.36 [1693] Hour Magazine
On location in Hawaii.
Interview with actor Tony Curtis.
Resort fashions. Hula school.

9.37 [1694] Hour Magazine
On location in Hawaii.
Interview with actress Mary Ann Mobley.

9.38 [1695] Hour Magazine
On location in Hawaii.
Interviews with Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe impersonators.

9.39 [1696] Hour Magazine
On location in Hawaii.
Interviews with actor Blair Underwood of "L.A. Law"
entertainer Charo
and singer Glenn Medeiros.

9.40 [1697] Hour Magazine
On location in Hawaii.
Interview with actress Jess Walton of "The Young and the Restless".

9.41 [1698] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Candice Bergen.
UFO abductions (Part 1 of 5).
Out-of-body experiences.

9.42 [1699] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Molly Cheek of "It's Garry Shandling's Show".
UFO abductions (Part 2 of 5).
Child psychics. Tarot cards. Crystals.

9.43 [1700] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Susan Blakely.
UFO abductions (Part 3 of 5).
Numerology. A real-life ghostbuster.

9.44 [1701] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Perry King.
UFO abductions (Part 4 of 5).
Astrology and romance. Near-death experiences.

9.45 [1702] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer Sonny Bono.
UFO abductions (Part 5 of 5).
Post-life therapy. Thought transference. Intuition. Witches.

9.46 [1703] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Alyssa Milano.
Step-parenting. Overweight children.

9.47 [1704] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Just the Ten of Us" co-stars Bill Kirchenbauer
and Deborah Harmon.
Interactive toys controversy. Teens and LSD.

9.48 [1705] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer Melissa Manchester.
Dealing with unruly children and children who lie. Pressures facing college freshmen.

9.49 [1706] Hour Magazine
Interviews with TV personality Sarah Purcell
and AIDS patient Ryan White.
Teen pregnancy.

9.50 [1707] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Joanna Kerns of "Growing Pains".
Children and divorce. Sex education.

9.51 [1708] Hour Magazine
Interview with co-stars Patrick Stewart
and Marina Sirtis of "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
Theme life in the future.

9.52 [1709] Hour Magazine
Interview with co-stars Whoopi Goldberg
and LeVar Burton of "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
Theme life in the future.

9.53 [1710] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Jonathan Frakes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
Theme life in the future.

[--] Hour Magazine
pre-empted for Thanksgiving Day Parade.

9.54 [1711] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Diana Muldaur of "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
Theme life in the future.

9.55 [1712] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Ana Alicia.
"Looking Good Week." Facial surgery. Fashions for large sized women.

9.56 [1713] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Lynn Redgrave.
"Looking Good Week." Varicose veins treatment.

9.57 [1714] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actresses Debbie Reynolds
and Jaclyn Smith.
"Looking Good Week."

9.58 [1715] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actresses Suzanne Somers
and Mary Ann Mobley.
"Looking Good Week." Healthy cooking in a hurry.

9.59 [1716] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Chris Lemmon
and Gina Raymond Lemmon.
"Looking Good Week". A growth hormone for short-statured children.

9.60 [1717] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Sen. Edward Kennedy and his son Ted
and actress Markie Post of "Night Court".
"Marriage and Family Week".

9.61 [1718] Hour Magazine
Interviews with
"Marriage and Family Week". Second marriages. Stepfathers.

9.62 [1719] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actors Jack Scalia
and Randy Quaid.
"Marriage and Family Week". Prenuptial agreements. The "sandwich generation".

9.63 [1720] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Patrick Cassidy of "Dirty Dancing".
"Marriage and Family Week". Mothers at home.

9.64 [1721] Hour Magazine
Interviews with
"Marriage and Family Week". Runaway fathers. Mother-daughter fashions.

9.65 [1722] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Joan Van Ark of "Knots Landing".
Interfaith marriages and the holidays. Fashions.

9.66 [1723] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Pam Dawber
and Dr. Leo Buscaglia.
Step families and the holidays.

9.67 [1724] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer-pianist Michael Feinstein.

9.68 [1725] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer-actress Diahann Carroll.

9.69 [1726] Hour Magazine
Interview with entertainer Bob Hope who talks about his Christmas special "Bob Hope's Jolly Christmas Show".

[--] Hour Magazine
19Dec1988 [repeat from ]
Valerie Harper (Part 1 of 2), Lamar Alexander author of "Six Months Off". (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
20Dec1988 [repeat from ]
Valerie Harper (Part 2 of 2), Lee Remick, day-care, open adoptions. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
21Dec1988 [repeat from ]
Joan Collins, overprotective parents. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
22Dec1988 [repeat from ]
Sandy Duncan, "Parents Week", children under pressure from parents, child sex abuse cases. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
23Dec1988 [repeat from ]
Olympia Dukakis, Henry Winkler, "Parents Week". (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
26Dec1988 [repeat from 10Oct88]
Leonard Nimoy, Dom DeLuise, Donna Mills, Colette Dowling author of "Perfect Women", problem pregnancies. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
27Dec1988 [repeat from 11Oct88]
Jill Eikenberry, Michael Tucker, breast cancer victims, coping with daily stress. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
28Dec1988 [repeat from 12Oct88]
Alaina Reed, children and stress. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
29Dec1988 [repeat from 13Oct88 ]
Mariette Hartley. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
30Dec1988 [repeat from 14Oct88]
Alan Rachins, Joanna Frank, Jane Carr, teens addicted to steroids. (R)

9.70 [1727] Hour Magazine
"Return to the 60s".
Interview with psychologist Timothy Leary.
Wives of Vietnam vets.

9.71 [1728] Hour Magazine
"Return to the 60s".
Interview with singer Helen Reddy who sings "I Am Woman".
The sexual revolution then and now.

9.72 [1729] Hour Magazine
"Return to the 60s".
Interviews with singer Melba Moore
and California Assemblyman Tom Hayden.
The Turtles perform "Happy Together".

9.73 [1730] Hour Magazine
"Return to the 60s".
Interviews with singer-actress Florence Henderson
and actor Robert Reed of "The Brady Bunch".
Recording duo Jan and Dean perform.

9.74 [1731] Hour Magazine
"Return to the 60s".
Interviews with former "Laugh-In" regulars Gary Owens and Jo Anne Worley.
The Fifth Dimension performs "Up, Up and Away".

9.75 [1732] Hour Magazine
"Tabloid Week"
Interviews with actress Judith Light
TV personality Wally George
and Jacqueline Stallone, mother of Sylvester Stallone.

9.76 [1733] Hour Magazine
"Tabloid Week"
Interview with novelist Jackie Collins.

9.77 [1734] Hour Magazine
"Tabloid Week"
Interviews with actress Sheree J. Wilson of "Dallas"
"Star" reporter Janet Charlton
and Garry Marshall director of "Beaches".

9.78 [1735] Hour Magazine
"Tabloid Week"
Interviews with Robin Leach host of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"
and Patricia Lawford author of "The Peter Lawford Story".

9.79 [1736] Hour Magazine [Final show of the series]
"Tabloid Week"
Interview with actor Andrew Stevens of "Dallas"
and Robin Givens divorce lawyer Raoul Feider.

################ Hour Magazine ###############
################### the end ##################

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