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 Season 8 (1987-88)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox
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Host: Gary Collins  

Co-Host: Pat Mitchell (1980-82) Bonnie Strauss (1982-85)

################ Hour Magazine ###############
############## season 8 1987-88 ##############
  Syndicated Daily program airing 3-4pm Monday thru Friday.

8.01 [1463] Hour Magazine
07Sep1987 [rerun 14Dec87]
Interviews with actress Debbie Reynolds and her children
actress Carrie Fisher and Todd Fisher
actor Lou Diamond Phillips of "La Bamba"
actress Alaina Reed of "227"
and author Nita Tucker.
Women looking for Prince Charming.

8.02 [1464] Hour Magazine
08Sep1987 [rerun 15Dec87]
Interviews with actress Patty Duke
and the "New Gidget" actress Sydney Penny.
Redbook's sex survey. People in distress. Older woman / younger man. Autumn teen fashions.

8.03 [1465] Hour Magazine
09Sep1987 [rerun 16Dec87]
Interview with actor Gordon Thomson.
Financial tips for women. Dangers of diet pills. Roman Catholics. Date-rape. Reptiles as pets.

8.04 [1466] Hour Magazine
10Sep1987 [rerun 17Dec87]
Interview with comedian-actor Cheech Marin.
Heidi Miller's body-sculpting video.
Safe-sex. Freeway killings.

8.05 [1467] Hour Magazine
11Sep1987 [rerun 18Dec87]
Interviews with music reporter Nina Blackwood
and Pamela Des Barres author of "I'm With the Band: Confessions of a Groupie".
Jihan Sadat widow of the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.
AIDS apathy.

8.06 [1468] Hour Magazine
14Sep1987 [rerun 21Dec87]
Interviews with comedian-actor Bill Crosby
actor Tim Reid and Daphne Maxwell Reid,
and "The Bold and the Beautiful" stars Teri Ann Linn and John McCook with B&B fashions.
Viewers for quality TV. The 1987-88 TV season.

8.07 [1469] Hour Magazine
15Sep1987 [rerun 22Dec87]
Interviews with singer Melissa Manchester
and actress Madlyn Rhue talks about multiple sclerosis.
Surrogate mothers' rights. Tuesday nights on TV.
Back-to-work makeovers for new mothers.

8.08 [1470] Hour Magazine
16Sep1987 [rerun 23Dec87]
Interviews with TV personality Dick Clark
and singer-songwriter Paul Anka.
Wednesday nights on TV. Lead poisoning. World's youngest disc jockey.

8.09 [1471] Hour Magazine
17Sep1987 [rerun 24Dec87]
Interview with singer Shaun Cassidy
Down's syndrome. New ovarian cancer test. Thursday nights on TV.

8.10 [1472] Hour Magazine
18Sep1987 [rerun 25Dec87]
Interviews with comedian-actor Dom DeLuise.
and Annette Annechild.
AIDS discrimination. Laughter therapy. TV previews.

8.11 [1473] Hour Magazine
21Sep1987 [rerun 28Dec87]
Interviews with actress Elizabeth Taylor
and actor Bruce Boxleitner.
The Newly crowned Miss America
Coping with divorce and safe sex.
Parental consent laws for teen abortions.

8.12 [1474] Hour Magazine
22Sep1987 [rerun 29Dec87]
Interviews with actress Elizabeth Taylor
football star Joe Namath
and former pro football player Thomas 'Hollywood Henderson on drug abuse.
Parenting quiz.

8.13 [1475] Hour Magazine
23Sep1987 [rerun 30Dec87]
Interviews with Elizabeth Taylor
actress Tracey E. Bregman of "The Young and the Restless"
and actor Todd Curtis.
Becoming a game show contestant. Caring for a relative with Alzheimers disease. Scoliosis.

8.14 [1476] Hour Magazine
24Sep1987 [rerun 31Dec87]
Interviews with Elizabeth Taylor
Isuzu spokesman comedian David Leisure
and author Gregory Stock.
Pest control tips.

8.15 [1477] Hour Magazine
25Sep1987 [rerun 01Jan88]
Interview with Elizabeth Taylor.
and actor Peter Scolari.
Husbands of surrogate mothers. Miniature golf

8.16 [1478] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comic actor Fred Willard
actor Chris Lemmon of "Duet"
and Jason Gaes author of "My Book for Kids with Cancer".
Topic includes, UFO abductions.

8.17 [1479] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Jack Scalia of "Dallas"
Marc Summers of "Double Dare".
Parents who murder their children
Cocaine addiction. Choosing proper fitting jeans.
Dr. John Zambetti & the Johnny Z Band.

8.18 [1480] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jacklyn Zeman of "General Hospital"
and psychiatrist David Viscott
Young female heart attack victims. Female motorcyclists.

8.19 [1481] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Gerald McRaney
and his wife actress Delta Burke.
Birth control of the future. Reformed robber becomes millionaire. Women's fantasies.

8.20 [1482] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Victoria Principal and her sister Kim.
Children with AIDS. Dog physicals. Surgery for arthritis. Sick jokes.

8.21 [1483] Hour Magazine
Special program devoted to the AIDS epidemic.

8.22 [1484] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actresses Phylicia Rashad
and Jane Fonda.
Siamese twins. Woman's Day unsung heroes.
Men and grief.

8.23 [1485] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Sally Struthers
and Tara Roth Madden author of "Women vs Women"
Diane Freis fashions. Child-care crisis.
Woman's Day unsung heroes.

8.24 [1486] Hour Magazine
Interview with Joan Collins.
Battered woman's success story.
How money destroys marriages.
Lingerie fashions. Autism.

8.25 [1487] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Andrew Stevens.
Healthcare debate. Educating teens about AIDS.
How to meet the right person. Vicious dogs.

8.26 [1488] Hour Magazine
Interviews with baseball player Steve Garvey
and Country Music Award winner Holly Dunn.
Former WWII Girls Pro Baseball player Helen St. Aubin.
Ballpark cooking. Treatment for migraines.

8.27 [1489] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Dudley Moore.
and columnist-author Erma Bombeck.
When your ex-spouse remarries.

8.28 [1490] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Dick Van Dyke.
Best and worst films on video. Reyes Syndrome.
Heart attack prevention. Hair color makeover.

8.29 [1491] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Joanna Kerns of "Growing Pains".
and David Naughton of "My Sister Sam"
and adult film actress Nina Hartley.
Finding missing children.

8.30 [1492] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Valerie Harper
and Nancy McKeon of "The Facts of Life".
Female Boxers. Compulsive overeaters. AIDS update.

8.31 [1493] Hour Magazine
Interview with model Carol Alt
Secrets of the Titanic. Sexual harrassment in the military. Tips for Children's birthday parties. Lawn darts.

8.32 [1494] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Michele Greene of "L.A. Law"
and hairstylist Jose Eber
Coping with a handicapped child. Hawaiian vacations.

8.33 [1495] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Sandy Duncan.
and actor David Nelson.
Eleanor Smeal vs. Concerned Women of America.
Get rich tips for women. Resorts for couples. Should mothers stay home or work? Male doctors and female patients. Electric safety.

8.34 [1496] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Morgan Fairchild.
and singer-musician Chuck Berry.
Laser fertilization. M.A.D.D. Drive for Life Day. A safe-sex video. Southern California vacations.

8.35 [1497] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Jane Wyman of "Falcon Crest".
Condom controversy. Halloween costumes for children. Fantasy vacations.

8.36 [1498] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor James Brolin.
Men's most common questions about women.
How to wear the new miniskirt.

8.37 [1499] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Betty White.
voice over artist Susan Blu
and author Dr. Bernie Siegel.
AIDS apathy. Parenting. Canine companions

8.38 [1500] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Clifton Davis
and The Forester Sisters.
Black beauty basics with Sheryl Lee Ralph.
Incest victims. Parenting. Tourettes' syndrome.

8.39 [1501] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Stepfanie Kramer
and Judith Sills author of "A Time for Romance".
Surrogate parenting and sperm banks.

8.40 [1502] Hour Magazine
Interviews with President Ronald Reagan
actress Judith Light
comedian Harvey Korman
author Marsha Posner Williams
and Pat Ryan managing editor of LIFE magazine. AIDS in the workplace.

8.41 [1503] Hour Magazine
02Nov1987 [rerun 04Apr88]
Interviews with actor Robert Downey Jr.
model Paulina Porizkova.
Maureen Dean author of "Washington Wives"
and Marilyn French author of "Her Mother's Daughter".
Support group for family of hostages.

8.42 [1504] Hour Magazine
03Nov1987 [rerun 05Apr88]
Interviews with model Kim Alexis
Hairstylist Jose Eber with style trends.
and Dr. William Rader on anorexia.
Female impersonators. Beauty tips.

8.43 [1505] Hour Magazine
04Nov1987 [rerun 06Apr88]
Interview with model-actress Susan Blakely.
Phobias and alcoholism. Re-entering the work force.
Dr. Rosenfeld on diabetes.

8.44 [1506] Hour Magazine
05Nov1987 [rerun 07Apr88]
Interviews with model Beverly Johnson
and actor Joel Brooks of "My Sister Sam".
Discrimination against single mothers.
How not to get pregnant (Part 1 of 2).

8.45 [1507] Hour Magazine
06Nov1987 [rerun 08Apr88]
Interviews with model Cheryl Tiegs
and modelling agent Nina Blanchard.
Visit from Joan Embery of the San Diego Zoo.
Racism. Beauty Tips. How not to get pregnant (Part 2 of 2).

8.46 [1508] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Dennis Weaver.
Women's midlife affairs.
Former anchorwoman becomes a street person.

8.47 [1509] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Susan Sullivan of "Falcon Crest"
actor Jon Cryer of "Hiding Out"
and actress Jacqueline Bisset.
Coping with a dying spouse.

8.48 [1510] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Estelle Getty of "The Golden Girls".
Child sex abuse. The loss of a parent. Flu shots. People meter TV ratings.

8.49 [1511] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jaclyn Smith
and wrestler-actor Jesse Ventura of "The Running Man".
Fashion bargains. Mail order gift ideas. Food cravings.

8.50 [1512] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Carol Burnett
and Tim Conway.
Fitness expert Charlene Prickett.
New cholestrol test. Birth order.

8.51 [1513] Hour Magazine
Love and sex in the '80s.
A critique of Shere Hite's latest report.
Sex on TV. Telephone sex messages.

8.52 [1514] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Shari Belafonte,
columnist Art Buchwald
comedian-actor Dick Gregory
and Walter Hudson, a 1,000 pound man.
People with martyr personalities.

8.53 [1515] Hour Magazine
Interview with Larry Hagman who discusses the Great American Smokeout
and Marlo Thomas.
Treatment for impotence. Fajita recipes. Dangers of passive smoking. A $10 Thanksgiving dinner.

8.54 [1516] Hour Magazine
Mort Sahl co-hosts.
How men feel about infidelity.
Women in the workplace. Fashion. Love and commitment.

8.55 [1517] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jane Seymour
and Country singer Kenny Rogers.
Pregnant mother who cares for people with AIDS.
National Geographic's 100th anniversary.
Paraplegic Eagle scout.

8.56 [1518] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Pam Dawber
and celebrity photographer Gene Lester.
First-time mothers and fathers. High risk pregnancies. Baby actors.

8.57 [1519] Hour Magazine
Interviews with talk show host Phil Donahue
actor Doug McKeon
and author Edna Buchanan.
Maintaining self-esteem while unemployed. Holiday stress.

8.58 [1520] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Tim Reid
and Daphne Maxwell Reid
and TV personality Ralph Edwards.
Bisexual couples.

[--] Hour Magazine
pre-empted for Thanksgiving programming.

8.59 [1521] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singers Tiffany
and Peggy March.
Teenagers with AIDS. Crack cocaine update.
Visit with makeup consultant Michael Maron.

8.60 [1522] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comedienne Elayne Boosler
and Judge Joseph A. Wapner of "The People's Court".
Financial tips. Help for women leaving prostitution.

8.61 [1523] Hour Magazine
Interview with Michele Lee.
Vietnam veteran Barry Huntoon is reunited with war child daughter Tuyet Mai.
Sexual addictions. Breast cancer report (Part 1 of 2). New fashions.

8.62 [1524] Hour Magazine
Interview with "St. Elsewhere" co-stars Ed Begley Jr. and Jennifer Savidge.
Husband and wife alcoholics.
Breast cancer report (Part 2 of 2).

8.63 [1526] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Leigh Taylor Young of "Dallas".
A visit with singer Carrie McDowell.
Coping with difficult holiday family reunions.
Stock market terminology.

8.64 [1527] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Christina Pickles.
Kay Koplovitz president of USA Network.
1987 Gordon MacRae Award.
AIDS. Natural beauty treatments.

8.65 [1528] Hour Magazine
07Dec1987 [rerun 11Apr88]
Interviews with actress Sarah Jessica Parker of "A Year in the Life"
Country singer K.T. Oslin
and TV personality Bert Parks.
Obsessive love. Teaching kids to say 'no' to drugs and alcohol.

8.66 [1529] Hour Magazine
08Dec1987 [rerun 12Apr88]
Interviews with actress Deidre Hall of "Days of Our Lives"
and columnist Ellen Goodman.
Why women are too tired for sex.

8.67 [1530] Hour Magazine
09Dec1987 [rerun 13Apr88]
Interviews with Leo Buscaglia
and bodybuilder Rachel McLish
and Lisa Kleypas author of "Where Passion Leads".
Epstein-Barr virus.

8.68 [1531] Hour Magazine
10Dec1987 [rerun 14Apr88]
Interviews with actress Katherine Helmond
and husband David Christian
and author Dr. Lois Javanovic.

8.69 [1532] Hour Magazine
11Dec1987 [rerun 15Apr88]
Interviews with actress Morgan Fairchild
singer-songwriter John Denver
and comedian Michael Pritchard.

[--] Hour Magazine
14Dec1987 [repeat from 07Sep87]
Debbie Reynolds, and her children Carrie Fisher and Todd Fisher, actor Lou Diamond Phillips, Alaina Reed of 227, author Nita Tucker. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
15Dec1987 [repeat from 08Sep87]
Patty Duke, teen fashions with the "New Gidget" actress Sydney Penny. Older women and younger men. People in distress. Redbook's sex survey. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
16Dec1987 [repeat from 09Sep87]
Gordon Thomson. Date rape. Dangers of diet pills. Financial tips for women. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
17Dec1987 [repeat from 10Sep87]
Cheech Marin. Freeway killings. Safe-sex. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
18Dec1987 [repeat from 11Sep87]
Music reporter Nina Blackwood, Jihan Sadat, author Pamela Des Barres. Corporal punishment in schools. MTV Awards. AIDS apathy. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
21Dec1987 [repeat from 14Sep87]
Bill Cosby, Tim and Daphne Maxwell Reid, Teri Ann Linn and John McCook. Viewers for quality TV. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
22Dec1987 [repeat from 15Sep87]
Melissa Manchester, Madlyn Rhue. Rights of surrogate mothers. Back-to-work makeovers for new mothers. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
23Dec1987 [repeat from 16Sep87]
Dick Clark, Paul Anka, lead poisoning, 8-year-old disc jockey. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
24Dec1987 [repeat from 17Sep87]
Shaun Cassidy, ovarian cancer, 4-year-old helps deliver twins. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
25Dec1987 [repeat from 18Sep87]
Dom DeLuise, AIDS discriminations, laughter theraphy. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
28Dec1987 [repeat from 21Sep87]
Elizabeth Taylor, Bruce Boxleitner, effects of AIDS on romance, men and divorce. parental consent laws for teen abortions. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
29Dec1987 [repeat from 22Sep87]
Elizabeth Taylor, Joe Namath, former football player Thomas (Hollywood) Henderson on drug abuse, parenting quiz. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
30Dec1987 [repeat from 23Sep87]
Elizabeth Taylor, Tracey E. Bregman, actor Todd Curtis, Caring for a relative with Alzheimers disease, becoming a game show contestant, scoliosis. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
31Dec1987 [repeat from 24Sep87]
Elizabeth Taylor, David Leisure, author Gregory Stock. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
01Jan1988 [repeat from 25Sep87]
Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Scolari, husbands of surrogate mothers. (R)

8.70 [1533] Hour Magazine
04Jan1988 [rerun 06Jun88]
Interviews with actress Ann Jillian
sexuality author Shere Hite and husband Friedrich Horicke
authors Steve Barr
and Nancy Franks.
Choosing a safe airline.

8.71 [1534] Hour Magazine
05Jan1988 [rerun 07Jun88]
Interviews with singer-actress Lainie Kazan
and actress Arlene Sorkin.
Jose Eber with hairstyle trends.
AIDS impact on single people. Sexual fantasies.
Jacki King's report on the homeless (Part 1 of 3).

8.72 [1535] Hour Magazine
06Jan1988 [rerun 08Jun88]
Interviews with actor Gary Coleman
Children's songs on video.
Jacki King's report on the homeless (Part 2 of 3).

8.73 [1536] Hour Magazine
07Jan1988 [rerun 09Jun88]
Interviews with actress Dyan Cannon
and producer-director Steve Binder.
Former bodybuilder recovering from steroid addiction.
Children as peacemakers.
Jacki King's report on the homeless (Part 3 of 3).

8.74 [1537] Hour Magazine
08Jan1988 [rerun 10Jun88]
Interviews with actress Mariska Hargitay of "Falcon Crest"
singer Judy Collins
and advice columnist George Will.
AIDS and prostitutes.

8.75 [1538] Hour Magazine
11Jan1988 [rerun 13Jun88]
Interviews with actress Alyssa Milano of "Who's the Boss?"
and actress Jill St. John.
A male centerfold and a male exotic dancer.
Advice for over-zealous parents.
45th anniversary of "Archie".

8.76 [1539] Hour Magazine
12Jan1988 [rerun 14Jun88]
Interview with actress Ana Alicia
Update on Dick Gregory's efforts to help Walter Hudson lose weight.
AIDS testing and dating. Woman raped by her gynecologist. Car buying tips for women.

8.77 [1540] Hour Magazine
13Jan1988 [rerun 15Jun88]
Interviews with "Entertainment Tonight" hostess Mary Hart.
Pharmacologist Joe Graedon.
Stan Cottrell's run through China.
Diseases transmitted by pets.

8.78 [1541] Hour Magazine
14Jan1988 [rerun 16Jun88]
Interviews with comedian David Brenner
and Country singer Jan Howard.
Pet therapy.

8.79 [1542] Hour Magazine
15Jan1988 [rerun 17Jun88]
Interviews with actor Michael York
actress Catherine Bach
and author Angela Hynes.
Shaken Infant Syndrome child injury. AIDS in the workplace.

8.80 [1543] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Coretta Scott King
actress Cicely Tyson
and actor Paul WInfield.
Tattoos. Adoption.

8.81 [1544] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Robert Conrad
consumer advocate David Horowitz on banning toy guns
and hairstylist Jose Eber.
A nun and a priest who married.

8.82 [1545] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Danny DeVito
Richard Klender of "Dear Mr. Jesus"
and Betsy Von Furstenberg author of "Mirror, Mirror".
Epstein-Barr virus symptoms. Preventing child abuse.

8.83 [1546] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor William Conrad of "Jake and the Fatman"
Why diets don't work. Low cal lemon chicken. Medical advice on fat liposuction.

8.84 [1547] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Patty Duke
with Glenn Close
actor Bruce Greenwood of "St. Elsewhere"
Cheryl Crane author of "Detour: A Hollywood Story"
and Randy Shilts author of "And the Band Played On: Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic".
Behavioral bisexuality.

8.85 [1548] Hour Magazine
Interviews with John Davidson
Shadoe Stevens of "Hollywood Squares"
and author Jeanne Jones.
Suzy Chaffee's ski video.
Living together before marriage.

8.86 [1549] Hour Magazine
26Jan1988 [rerun 21Jun88]
Interviews with actress Vicki Lawrence
singer Tatiana
and hairstylist Jose Eber with tips for full-faced women.
Fashions made in the U.S.A.

8.87 [1550] Hour Magazine
Interviews with game show host Wink Martindale
"The Limited" fashions.
Anniversary of the Challenger tragedy.
The first 60 years of television.

8.88 [1551] Hour Magazine
Interviews with game show host Chuck Woolery.
Promoting teen celibacy.
Dangers of aspartame.

8.89 [1552] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Newleywed Game" host Bob Eubanks
and recording artist Gloria Estefan.
An update on Walter Hudson's weight condition. Weekly AIDS report.

8.90 [1553] Hour Magazine
01Feb1988 [rerun 01Aug88]
Interview with Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Why couples argue (Part 1 of 5). Pedophilia.

8.91 [1554] Hour Magazine
02Feb1988 [rerun 02Aug88]
Interviews with actor Steve Kanaly of "Dallas"
and actress Olympia Dukakis of "Moonstruck".
Why couples argue (Part 2 of 5). A day in the life of an intern doctor.

8.92 [1555] Hour Magazine
03Feb1988 [rerun 03Aug88]
Interviews with actor Vince Edwards of "The Return of Ben Casey"
and singer Natalie Cole.
Why couples argue (Part 3 of 5).
A day in the life of an intern doctor.

8.93 [1556] Hour Magazine
04Feb1988 [rerun 04Aug88]
Interviews with "My Two Dads" co-stars Greg Evigan
Paul Reiser and Staci Keanan.
Why couples argue (Part 4 of 5).
A day in the life of an intern doctor.

8.94 [1557] Hour Magazine
05Feb1988 [rerun 05Aug88]
Interviews with actor Robert Wagner
and his daughter Katie
and animal expert Joan Embery.
Why couples argue (Part 5 of 5).
Women with AIDS. High energy aerobics.

8.95 [1558] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Chuck Norris and his wife Diane
director Aaron Norris
and "African Odyssey" couple Mark and Della Owens.
Shark-attack survivor.

8.96 [1559] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Deborah Raffin
and skater Scott Hamilton.
Parents of the victims of drunken drivers.
Children sexually abused by priests.
Romantic fashions.

8.97 [1560] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Marsha Warfield of "Night Court"
and actor Patrick Swayze of "Dirty Dancing".
Parents with physical disabilities. Tax tips.

8.98 [1561] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Joan Chen of "The Last Emperor"
and actor Kurt Russell.
Spouses of heart attack victims. AIDS report.

8.99 [1562] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Mary Ann Mobley
An update on "Hour Magazine" wedding couple Steve and Shannon Gardea.
Saving relationships.

8.100 [1563] Hour Magazine
15Feb1988 [rerun 08Aug88]
Interviews with actor Bronson Pinchot
and actress Sally Kirkland.
Anti-smoking legislation. Men's Spring fashions.
Chef Tell with appetizers (Part 1 of 5).

8.101 [1564] Hour Magazine
16Feb1988 [rerun 09Aug88]
Interview with actor Patrick Duffy of "Dallas".
Chef Tell with soup and salad (Part 2 of 5).
Commercial acting tips. Female friendships. Teens with lupus. Undercover policeman fired after breaking a drug ring.

8.102 [1565] Hour Magazine
17Feb1988 [rerun 10Aug88]
Interviews with actress Nancy Stafford of "Matlock"
and singer Tiffany.
Chef Tell (Part 3 of 5).
Premenstrual syndrome.

8.103 [1566] Hour Magazine
18Feb1988 [rerun 11Aug88]
Interviews with actress Anne Ramsey of "Throw Momma From the Train"
and actor Perry King.
Chef Tell (Part 4 of 5). Nudists. Cancer prevention diet.

8.104 [1567] Hour Magazine
19Feb1988 [rerun 12Aug88]
Interview with actress Mel Harris of "thirtysomething"
Chef Tell with chocolate pate (Part 5 of 5).
"Dobie Gillis" reunion with Dwayne Hickman and Bob Denver.
AIDS and blood transfusions. Mothers who give up custody of their children.

8.105 [1568] Hour Magazine
22Feb1988 [rerun 15Aug88]
Interviews with actress Bette Davis
actor Ron Perlman of "Beauty and the Beast"
and author Jonathan Kozol.
Homeless familites.

8.106 [1569] Hour Magazine
23Feb1988 [rerun 16Aug88]
Interviews with actress Mariette Hartley
comedian Sid Caesar
and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross author of "AIDS: The Ultimate Challenge".
Facial paralysis.

8.107 [1570] Hour Magazine
24Feb1988 [rerun 17Aug88]
Interview with singer Smokey Robinson
pro golfer Val Skinner
and Robin Cook author of "Outbreak".
Grammy Awards preview. Teen question-and-answer session.

8.108 [1571] Hour Magazine
25Feb1988 [rerun 18Aug88]
Interview with actor Raymond Burr
actress Marla Gibbs of "227"
and John Walsh host of "America's Most Wanted".

8.109 [1572] Hour Magazine
26Feb1988 [rerun 19Aug88]
Interview with actress Cheryl Ladd.
Wedding fashions. Women in film. Dog-training tips.

8.110 [1573] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Patrick Stewart and Marina Sirtis of "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
Families in the 1990's. Products of the 21st century.

8.111 [1574] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "General Hospital" co-stars Finola Hughes
and Ian Buchanan.
Wives of MIAs. Little People of America.

8.112 [1575] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Ken Kercheval of "Dallas"
Miss Teen New York Christine Berl
A reformed wife abuser.
Medical test inaccuracies.

8.113 [1576] Hour Magazine
Interviews with comedian-actor Dom DeLuise
and actress Regina King of "227".
X-rated video rental controversy.

8.114 [1577] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Mary Frann
comedian Garry Shandling
and Easter Seal poster boy Shawn Dennestedt.

8.115 [1578] Hour Magazine
07Mar1988 [rerun 22Aug88]
actress Sheree J. Wilson of "Dallas"
actor Edward James Olmos of "Miami Vice"
magician David Copperfield
Policewoman raped by her partner.

8.116 [1579] Hour Magazine
08Mar1988 [rerun 23Aug88]
Interview with actress Leann Hunley of "Dynasty"
Hairstylist Jose Eber with the latest trends.
Pap smear controversy. Sexual Addiction. Men's fashions.

8.117 [1580] Hour Magazine
09Mar1988 [rerun 24Aug88]
Interviews with actress Teri Austin of "Knots Landing"
and actor Blair Underwood of "L.A. Law".
Single adoptive fathers.

8.118 [1581] Hour Magazine
10Mar1988 [rerun 25Aug88]
Interview with actress Margaret Ladd of "Falcon Crest"
Ritalin drug update, treating hyperactive children.
AIDS. Fashion show for children.

8.119 [1582] Hour Magazine
11Mar1988 [rerun 26Aug88]
Interviews with actress Linda Kelsey of "Day by Day"
and Dr. Joyce Brothers.
Premenstrual cravings. Obsessive love relationships that turn violent.

8.120 [1583] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actresses Dawnn Lewis and Jasmine Guy of "A Different World".
Alaskan men's magazine. Infant mortality. Exotic birds.

8.121 [1584] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jessica Walter
and TV personality Art Linkletter.
Caring for a premature infant.
Meet a 6-year-old "Star Search" winner.

8.122 [1585] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Gerald McRaney
Hearing aids
Multiple personalities
Cooking for St. Patrick's Day

8.123 [1586] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor John Ritter of "Hooperman"
and his wife actress Nancy Morgan
and actor Gregory Harrison.
AIDS report. Wedding gift ideas.

8.124 [1587] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Brenda Vaccaro
and Billy Carter and his wife Sybil.
Breast self-examination.

8.125 [1588] Hour Magazine
21Mar1988 [rerun 29Aug88]
Interviews with actress Meg Tilly
and author Edra Bixseth.
America's fascination with the Royal family.

8.126 [1589] Hour Magazine
22Mar1988 [rerun 30Aug88]
Interviews with actor Mike Farrell
and actors Tom Hulce and Ray Liotta of "Dominick and Eugene"
Medical aid to Third World countries. Acupuncture.

8.127 [1590] Hour Magazine
23Mar1988 [rerun 31Aug88]
Interviews with actress Debrah Farentino of "Hooperman"
actor Peter DeLuise of "21 Jump Street"
How to begin and end relationships.

8.128 [1591] Hour Magazine
24Mar1988 [rerun 01Sep88]
Interviews with actress Susan Howard of "Dallas"
artist Peter Max
and "Double Dare" host Marc Summers
AIDS report.

8.129 [1592] Hour Magazine
25Mar1988 [rerun 02Sep88]
Interviews with actress Susan Howard of "Dallas"
actor Ricky Schroder of "Silver Spoons"
Dr. Toni Grant author of "Being a Woman"
Pregnant drug addicts.

8.130 [1593] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Charlene Tilton of "Dallas"
child actor Fred Savage of "Vice Versa"
A convicted murderer and his parents.
actors Dennis Farina and Anthony Denison of "Crime Story".

8.131 [1594] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actors Timothy Busfield and Patricia Wettig of "thirtysomething"
and James Rosenbush author of "First Lady, Public Wife"

8.132 [1595] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Ed Asner
actress Sonia Braga
and entertainment reporter Eric Burns
Death of a surrogate mother. Volunteer vacations.

8.133 [1596] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Valerie Harper
and comedian George Burns.
Spouses of child molesters. Improving doctor-patient communication (Part 1 of 2). AIDS report.

8.134 [1597] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Hal Linden
and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus of "Day By Day"
Passover cooking tips. Improving doctor-patient communication (Part 2 of 2).

[--] Hour Magazine
04Apr1988 [repeat from 02Nov87]
Robert Downey Jr. model Paulina Porizkova. author Marilyn French. Support group for family of hostages. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
05Apr1988 [repeat from 03Nov87]
Kim Alexis, Dr. William Rader on anorexia, Jose Eber, female impersonators. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
06Apr1988 [repeat from 04Nov87]
Susan Blakely. Dr. Rosenfeld on diabetes. Re-entering the job market. Phobias and alcoholism. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
07Apr1988 [repeat from 05Nov87]
Beverly Johnson. Joel Brooks of "My Sister Sam". Housing discrimination. How not to get pregnant (Part 1 of 2). (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
08Apr1988 [repeat from 06Nov87]
Cheryl Tiegs, Nina Blanchard, Joan Embery, racism, beauty tips. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
11Apr1988 [repeat from 07Dec87]
Sarah Jessica Parker of "A Year in the Life", Country singer K.T. Oslin. Obsessive love. Teaching kids to resist peer pressure. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
12Apr1988 [repeat from 08Dec87]
Deidre Hall, columnist Ellen Goodman, investment tips, teen awards for community involvement, children in crisis. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
13Apr1988 [repeat from 09Dec87]
Leo Buscaglia, bodybuilder Rachel McLish, romance novelist Lisa Kleypas ("Where Passion Leads"), cholestrol lowering drug. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
14Apr1988 [repeat from 10Dec87]
Katherine Helmond, David Christian, Dr. Lois Javanovic, rape. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
15Apr1988 [repeat from 11Dec87]
Morgan Fairchild discusses her safe-sex video, John Denver, Dr. Mervyn Silverman of the American Federation for AIDS Research. (R)

8.135 [1598] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Bruce Weitz
and actress Teri Copley.
Sexual myths. Therapy addiction. Financial planning. Anti-drug conditions.

8.136 [1599] Hour Magazine
Interview with actor Peter Reckell of "Knots Landing"
Parents of murdered children. Healing powers of crystals.

8.137 [1600] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Anthony Andrews of "The Woman He Loved"
and Nicky Marone author of "How to Father a Successful Daughter"
Treatment for menstrual cramps.

8.138 [1601] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Alaina Reed of "227"
and Ted Dreier author of "Take Your Life Off Hold"
The financial impact of AIDS.

8.139 [1602] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "L.A. Law" co-stars Alan Rachins
and Joanna Frank.
Couples' sex lives after a baby's arrival. Overcoming jealousy.

8.140 [1603] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jamie Lee Curtis
and comedian Tim Conway.
Breast cancer's causes.

8.141 [1604] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actors Dennis Franz and Peter Jurasik of "Beverly Hills Buntz"
and actress Victoria Jackson.
Coping with a terminally ill spouse. Fashions from India.

8.142 [1605] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Jackie Collins author of "Rock Star"
recording artist Todd Rundgren
Fred de Cordova executive producer of "The Tonight Show"
and Kathleen Osborne, President Reagan's personal secretary.

8.143 [1606] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Lisa Whelchel of "The Facts of Life"
and actress Barbara Carrera on holistic health
Printed ads for hired killers. The latest in contact lenses.

8.144 [1607] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer Rita Coolidge
Miss USA 1988 Courtney Gibbs
Jackie King, advocate for the homeless.
Cosmetic surgeries costs.

8.145 [1608] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Ali MacGraw
author Jane Bourne.
National Aerobic Championship winners.
Women in prison (Part 1 of 3).

8.146 [1609] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Ali MacGraw
and baseball player Steve Garvey.
Old and new Mousketeers. Women in prison (Part 2 of 3).

8.147 [1610] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Audrey Hepburn
and comic Yakov Smirnoff.
Women in prison (Part 3 of 3). Osteoporosis. Black students' academic excellence.

8.148 [1611] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Markie Post of "Night Court"
actor Larry Drake of "L.A. Law".
and "Incest and Sexuality" author Wendy Maltz.

8.149 [1612] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Ann Jillian
Viewer of the Hour winners.

8.150 [1613] Hour Magazine
Co-host Fawn Hall, former secretary to Oliver North (Part 1 of 2).
Interviews with singer Tony Orlando
New York face-slashing victim Marla Hanson
and celebrity speech coach Dr. Lillian Glass.

8.151 [1614] Hour Magazine
Co-host Fawn Hall
Interview with actor John Stamos of "Full House"
Navajo adoption controversy.
Parents of terminally ill children.

8.152 [1615] Hour Magazine
Co-host Fawn Hall
Interviews with singer Barbara Mandrell
entertainment authority Martha Stewart
and cancer survivor Lenor Madruga author of "One Step at a Time".

8.153 [1616] Hour Magazine
Co-host Fawn Hall
Interviews with TV personality Larry King
actresses Patricia Neal
and Joan Van Ark.
Pregnancy after 35.

8.154 [1617] Hour Magazine
Co-host Fawn Hall
Interviews with actress Carrie Hamilton
Nan Robertson author of "Getting Better: Inside Alcoholics Anonymous"
and animal expert Joan Embery.

8.155 [1618] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Emma Samms of "Dynasty"
and Ken Barun author of "How to Keep the Children You Love Off Drugs"
A prison interview with a man who set fire to his son.

8.156 [1619] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Donna Dixon of "The Couch Trip"
and hairstylist Jose Eber.
Bulimia. Battered husbands.

8.157 [1620] Hour Magazine
18May1988 [rerun 07Sep88]
Interviews with Country singer Reba McEntire
and Edward M. Joyce former president of CBS News.

8.158 [1621] Hour Magazine
19May1988 [rerun 08Sep88]
Interviews with singer-dancer-actor Ben Vereen
actor Charles Bronson on location (Part 1 of 2)
Dr. Robert Gale author of "Final Warning: The Legacy of Chernobyl"
and former adult film star Traci Lords
AIDS report.

8.159 [1622] Hour Magazine
20May1988 [rerun 09Sep88]
Interviews with actress JoBeth Williams
actor Charles Bronson on location (Part 2 of 2)
and May May Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali.
Weight loss update on 1,200 pound man Walter Hudson.
Swimwear fashions.

8.160 [1623] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Suzanne Somers (Part 1 of 2)
"Viewer of the Hour" Juanita Cribb.
Gang warfare. Full figured fashions.
Summer fitness workout (Part 1 of 5).

8.161 [1624] Hour Magazine
Interviews with TV personality Virginia Graham
actress Suzanne Somers (Part 2 of 2).
"Viewer of the Hour" Susan DeCeilio.
Summer fitness workout (Part 2 of 5).

8.162 [1625] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Jackee Harry of "227"
Postpartum depression.
"Viewer of the Hour" Jonnie Edwards Dierkes.
Summer fitness workout (Part 3 of 5).

8.163 [1626] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Michele Lee of "Knots Landing"
AIDS report. "Viewer of the Hour" Tom Ward.
Summer fitness workout (Part 4 of 5).

8.164 [1627] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Michael Spound and Heidi Bohay of "Hotel"
and surrogate mother Elizabeth Kane.
Playgirl magazine. Bridal fashions.
"Viewer of the Hour" Gerri Rice.
Summer fitness workout (Part 5 of 5).

8.165 [1628] Hour Magazine
Interviews with co-stars Ed O'Neill and Katey Sagal of "Married ... With Children"
and actress May Britt former wife of Sammy Davis Jr.
Incest. Women who marry prison inmates.

8.166 [1629] Hour Magazine
31May1988 [rerun 06Sep88]
Interviews with singer-dancer Lola Falana
and socialite Roxanne Pulitzer.
Chef Carlo Middione. What women really want from men. Coping with a drug-addicted spouse.

8.167 [1630] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Susan Ruttan of "L.A. Law"
Stress. Nutritional deficiencies. Medical myths.

8.168 [1631] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Melanie Mayron of "thirtysomething"
and author Erica Jong.
Teaching husbands to listen. Hysterectomies.

8.169 [1632] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer Marie Osmond discusses the Children's Miracle Network Telethon.
and author Louis L'Amour with daughter Angelique.
Neo-natal surgery.

[--] Hour Magazine
06Jun1988 [repeat from 04Jan88]
Ann Jillian, Shere Hite and husband Friedrich Horicke, author Steven Barr. Baby Food, choosing a safe airline, swing dance. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
07Jun1988 [repeat from 05Jan88]
Lainie Kazan, Arleen Sorkin, sexual fantasties, singles and AIDS. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
08Jun1988 [repeat from 06Jan88]
Gary Coleman, homeless people, kidney disease, shaving tips for men. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
09Jun1988 [repeat from 07Jan88]
Dyan Cannon, steriod addiction, homeless people, Children as Peacemakers, international organization. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
10Jun1988 [repeat from 08Jan88]
Judy Collins, Mariska Hargitay, George Will. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
13Jun1988 [repeat from 11Jan1988]
Alyssa Milano, 45th anniversary of "Archie", parents of centerfold models and exotic dancers, health scams. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
14Jun1988 [repeat from 12Jan88]
Ana Alicia, car buying for women, AIDS testing and dating. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
15Jun1988 [repeat from 13Jan88]
Mary Hart, Stan Cottrell, mothers and unmarried daughters. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
16Jun1988 [repeat from 14Jan1988]
David Brenner, Jan Howard, pet therapy. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
17Jun1988 [repeat from 15Jan88]
Michael York, Catherine Bach, Angela Hynes, healthy snacks. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
20Jun1988 [repeat from 25Jan88]
John Davidson, Shadoe Stevens, living together before marriage. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
21Jun1988 [repeat from 26Jan88]
Vicki Lawrence, Jose Eber with tips for full faced women, American fashion designers. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
22Jun1988 [repeat from 27Jan88]
Wink Martindale, TV's first 60 years. Families of the Challenger crew, the first heart transplant. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
23Jun1988 [repeat from 28Jan88]
Chuck Woolery of "The Love Connection, AIDS prevention and teen celibacy, NutraSweet debate. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
24Jun1988 [repeat from 29Jan88]
Bob Eubanks, Gloria Estefan & Miamia Sound Machine. (R)

8.170 [1633] Hour Magazine
Interviews with TV producers Fred Silverman
and Caryn Mandabach
actor George Wendt of "Cheers"
with wife Bernadette Birkett of "It's Garry Shandling's Show".

8.171 [1634] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Michael Gross of "Family Ties"
New York Times TV critic Peter Boyer
and Ken Dolan and Darian Dolan co-authors of "Smart Money: How to Be Your Own Financial Advisor".
Teens in psychiatric hospitals. Credit cards. Exotic fruit. Summer hairstyles.

8.172 [1635] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Jennifer O'Neill
and Dr. Joyce Brothers who talks about working women.
11-year-old pre-med student. New developments in medicine. Fashions for children.

8.173 [1636] Hour Magazine
Interviews with former White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan
Teresa Carpenter author of "Missing Beauty: A Story of Murder & Obsession"
and Dr. Joy Davidson author of "The Agony of It All".

8.174 [1637] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Deborah Shelton of "Dallas"
Dominick Dunne author of "People Like Us"
and Dr. Joy Davidson author of "The Agony of It All".
"Casanova complex". Unusual vacations.

8.175 [1638] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Bonnie Franklin of "One Day At a Time"
former Los Angeles Lakers forward Spencer Haywood
and Bill Kirchenbauer author of "Just the 10 of Us".
Chef Tell (Part 1 of 3). Telephone phobia.

8.176 [1639] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer Nancy Sinatra
and singer-songwriter Michael Bolton.
Sex and senior citizens. Chef Tell (Part 2 of 3).

8.177 [1640] Hour Magazine
Interview with singer Johnny Mathis.
Chef Tell (Part 3 of 3). Summer sun dangers. Regression therapy. Back pain.

8.178 [1641] Hour Magazine
Interview with comedian Rita Rudner.
Welfare success story. Bladder control problems.

8.179 [1642] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actor Richard Dean Anderson
Elizabeth Gage author of "A Glimpse of Stocking"
and a 5-year-old concert pianist.
Stress-related illnesses.

8.180 [1643] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Barbara Bosson of "Hooperman"
"Entertainment Tonight" host John Tesh
Toni Grant author of "On Being a Woman"
and designer Victor Costa.
Unsuccessful in love.

8.181 [1644] Hour Magazine
Interviews with "Head of the Class" co-stars Khrystyne Haje
and Dan Frischman
and actor Jeff Silverman of "L.A. Law".
Male infertility. Choosing a puppy.

8.182 [1645] Hour Magazine
Interviews with singer Julio Iglesias
and novelist Barbara Taylor Bradford.
"Women's Day" magazine sex survey. Sleep disorders.

8.183 [1646] Hour Magazine
Interviews with The Forester Sisters
and Chef Wolfgang Puck.
Polygamy. AIDS.

8.184 [1647] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Mary Ann Mobley
and Dr. Loraine Stern author of "Relax and Enjoy Your Baby".
Donna Karan fashions. Cholesterol in children. Weight loss tips for dogs.

8.185 [1648] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Lynne Moody of "Knots Landing"
and actress Jane Powell author of "The Girl Next Door and How She Grew".
Making marriage work (Part 1 of 5).

8.186 [1649] Hour Magazine
Interviews with author Janet Dailey
Coping with a cancer diagnosis. Cervical caps.
Making marriage work (Part 2 of 5).

8.187 [1650] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Kate Collins of "All My Children"
and her father former astronaut Michael Collins.
Making marriage work (Part 3 of 5).

8.188 [1651] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Tonya Crowe of "Knots Landing"
and "Club MTV" host Julie Brown.
Teens with AIDS.
Making marriage work (Part 4 of 5).

8.189 [1652] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch
and "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh.
Making marriage work (Part 5 of 5).

8.190 [1653] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Robin Mattson of "Santa Barbara"
and Vietnam veteran Sean Freeman author of "Fair Weather Foul".
Prescription drug-addiction.

8.191 [1654] Hour Magazine
Interview with actress Polly Draper of "thirtysomething".
Advice to wives of overachievers. Victims of violent crime. Reconstructive breast surgery.

8.192 [1655] Hour Magazine
Interviews with Olympic figure skaters Brian Boitano
and Elizabeth Manning.
Middle-class heroin addiction.

8.193 [1656] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Dixie Carter of "Designing Women"
Suicide among children. Needle exchange program for AIDS susceptible drug addicts.

8.194 [1657] Hour Magazine
Interviews with actress Dana Sparks of "Falcon Crest"
Barbara Gordon author of "Jennifer Fever"
and Dolores French author of "Working My Life as a Prostitute".

[--] Hour Magazine
01Aug1988 [repeat from 01Feb88]
Dr. Ruth Westheimer, child sex abuse report, Couples in conflict (Part 1 of 5). (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
02Aug1988 [repeat from 02Feb88]
Steve Kanaly, Olympia Dukakis, Couples in conflict (Part 2 of 5). (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
03Aug1988 [repeat from 03Feb88]
Natalie Cole, Vince Edwards, Couples in conflict (Part 3 of 5). (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
04Aug1988 [repeat from 04Feb88]
Greg Evigan, Paul Reiser, Staci Keanan, Couples in conflict (Part 4 of 5). (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
05Aug1988 [repeat from 05Feb88]
Robert Wagner and daughter Katie, Joan Embery, women with AIDS, Couples in conflict (Part 5 of 5). (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
08Aug1988 [repeat from 15Feb88]
Bronson Pinchot, Chef Tell (Part 1 of 5), smoking on airline flights, Pillsbury Bake-Off winner. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
09Aug1988 [repeat from 16Feb88]
Patrick Duff, Chef Tell (Part 2 of 5), Lupus symptoms and treatment, how to get into TV commercials. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
10Aug1988 [repeat from 17Feb88]
Nancy Stafford, Tiffany, Chef Tell (Part 3 of 5), causes of PMS, weekend getaways. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
11Aug1988 [repeat from 18Feb88]
Anne Ramsey, Perry King, Chef Tell (Part 4 of 5), nudists, cancer prevention diet. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
12Aug1988 [repeat from 19Feb88]
Mel Harris, Dwayne Hickman, Chef Tell (Part 5 of 5), AIDS and blood transfusions. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
15Aug1988 [repeat from 22Feb88]
Bette Davis, Ron Perlman, homeless families. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
16Aug1988 [repeat from 23Feb88]
Mariette Hartley, Sid Caesar, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
17Aug1988 [repeat from 24Feb88]
Smokey Robinson, Robin Cook author of "Outbreak", pro golfer Val Skinner. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
18Aug1988 [repeat from 25Feb88]
Raymond Burr, Marla Gibbs, John Walsh, the future of surrogate motherhood, parents dealing with AIDS. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
19Aug1988 [repeat from 26Feb88]
Cheryl Ladd, the portrayal of women in film, wedding fashions. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
22Aug1988 [repeat from 07Mar88]
Edward James Olmos, Sheree J. Wilson, David Copperfield. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
23Aug1988 [repeat from 08Mar88]
Leann Hunley, Jose Eber papsmear test inaccuracies, sex addiction. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
24Aug1988 [repeat from 09Mar88]
Teri Austin, Blair Underwood, single parent adoptions. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
25Aug1988 [repeat from 10Mar88]
Margaret Ladd, treating hyperactive children with Ritalin, children's fashions. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
26Aug1988 [repeat from 11Mar88]
Linda Kelsey, Dr. Joyce Brothers, premenstrual food cravings, obsessive love relationships. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
29Aug1988 [repeat from 21Mar88]
Meg Tilly, interfaith marriages, self-help for abused women. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
30Aug1988 [repeat from 22Mar88]
Mike Farrell, Tom Hulce, Ray Liotta, teenagers and self-esteem. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
31Aug1988 [repeat from 23Mar88]
Debrah Farentino, Peter DeLuise, how to begin and end relationships. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
01Sep1988 [repeat from 24Mar88]
Susan Howard, Peter Max, Marc Summers. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
02Sep1988 [repeat from 25Mar88]
Ricky Schroder, Susan Howard, Mr. Mister, Dr. Toni Grant. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
05Sep1988 [repeat from 30May88]
Ed O'Neill, Katey Sagal, May Britt. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
06Sep1988 [repeat from 31May88]
Lola Falana, Roxanne Pulitzer, Chef Carlo Middione, coping with a drug-addicted spouse, what women really want from men. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
07Sep1988 [repeat from 18May88]
Reba McEntire, Ed Joyce, sexual harrassment in the military, exercise and cancer prevention. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
08Sep1988 [repeat from 19May88]
Ben Vereen, Charles Bronson, Traci Lords, Dr. Robert Gale. (R)

[--] Hour Magazine
09Sep1988 [repeat from 20May88]
JoBeth Williams, Charles Bronson, May May Ali, women and self-mutilation. (R)

################ Hour Magazine ###############
############### end of season 8 ##############

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