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 Season 3 (1982-83)
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Host: Gary Collins  

Co-Host: Pat Mitchell (1980-82) Bonnie Strauss (1982-85)

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############## season 3 1982-83 ##############
  Syndicated Daily program airing 3-4pm Monday thru Friday.

3.01 [470] Hour Magazine
Impressionist George Kirby on life after prison.
NBC Entertainment President Brandon Tartikoff.
Miss America Pageant (Part 1).

3.02 [471] Hour Magazine
An interview with singer Dinah Shore (Part 1).
Miss America Pageant (Part 2).
A university for game show contestants.

3.03 [472] Hour Magazine
An interview with singer Dinah Shore (Part 2).
Miss America Pageant (Part 3).
A new emergency lifeline system.

3.04 [473] Hour Magazine
An interview with singer Dinah Shore (Part 3).
Miss America Pageant (Part 4).
Michael Morgenstern author of "How to Make Love to a Woman".

3.05 [474] Hour Magazine
An interview with "Another World" stars Christopher Rich and Nancy Fragione.
Miss America Pageant (Part 5).
Growing up in the circus.

3.06 [475] Hour Magazine
An interview with Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
A visit with designer Willi Smith.
Meet a man who saved six people from a train fire.

3.07 [476] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress June Allyson who talks about all her movie star friends including Ronald Reagan.
A visit with designer Henry Grethel.
A movie guide for puzzled parents.

3.08 [477] Hour Magazine
A program for combating police stress.
A preview from fashion designer Carolina Herrera
Barbara Zara talks about her weight loss "I Left My Fat Behind".

3.09 [478] Hour Magazine
Sharon Tate's mother Doris Tate and the director of the Los Angeles chapter of Parents of Murdered Children.
A visit with fashion consultant Pat George.
The first four months of mothering.

3.10 [479] Hour Magazine
An interview with bandleader Lawrence Welk
A visit with designer Carole Little
Mother and daughter newspaper columnists Dean and Mary Lord.

3.11 [480] Hour Magazine
What men should know in the delivery room.
Columnist Gary Deeb looks at the Fall TV season.
A discussion on self-hypnosis.

3.12 [481] Hour Magazine
21Sep1982 [Oregonian]
An interview with Lorna Patterson.
A visit with 76-year-old artist Kay Ameche.
The truth about herpes.

3.13 [482] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Kim Fields and her mother Chip.
A visit with toy inventor Eddy Goldfarb.
Meet Episcopal priest Rev. Peggy Muncie.

3.14 [483] Hour Magazine
An interview with author Sidney Sheldon.
Making the most of life after 50 with Toni Tucci.
The second four months of mothering.

3.15 [484] Hour Magazine
Compulsive gambling.
Teens who counsel other teens on love and sex.
The creator of the "No-Nonsense" nursery system.

3.16 [485] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Lana Turner (Part 1).
The modern approach to barter.
A scientific look at old wives tales.

3.17 [486] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Lana Turner (Part 2).
Annoying price stickers.
Surviving pregnancy loss.

3.18 [487] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Lana Turner (Part 3).
Findings about heart disease.
A bed and breakfast inn.

3.19 [488] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Lana Turner (Part 4).
The first year of motherhood.
A husband and wife who alternate roles.

3.20 [489] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Lana Turner (Part 5).
America's first test-tube baby.
A housewife who created a tie business.

3.21 [490] Hour Magazine
04Oct1982 NYT
An interview with Carol Channing.
A visit with authr John Irving.
Alternative child care (Part 1).

3.22 [491] Hour Magazine
05Oct1982 NYT
An interview with columnist Marilyn Beck.
Alternative child care (Part 2).
The dangers of sleeping pills.

3.23 [492] Hour Magazine
06Oct1982 NYT
An interview with Rod Steiger
Alternative child care (Part 3).
The fear of being fat.

3.24 [493] Hour Magazine
07Oct1982 NYT
An interview with actor Andy Griffith
A visit with CHiPs star Tom Reilly
Alternative child care (Part 4).

3.25 [494] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Ted Shackelford of Knots Landing
A visit with actor Robert Foxworth.
Alternative child care (Part 5).
Meet a handicapped consumer expert.

3.26 [495] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Roxie Roker and her husband Sy Kravitz.
A visit with backyard scientist Jane Hoffman.
Dealing with a family member's mental illness.

3.27 [496] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor David Hasselhoff.
New breast reconstruction surgery.
A Fall TV preview.

3.28 [497] Hour Magazine
An interview with Jayne Kennedy.
Meet a heart transplant recipient.
"The New Mother's Survival Guide".

3.29 [498] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Erik Estrada.
A visit with Dom DeLuise and his wife.
Plastic surgery for children.

3.30 [499] Hour Magazine
An interview with TV personality Dick Clark.
How walking affects health.
Women who run a bank.

3.31 [500] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Michelle Phillips.
A visit with actress Debra Burke of TV's "Filthy Rich".
Advances in heart disease treatment (Part 1).

3.32 [501] Hour Magazine
An interview with poet Rod McKuen.
A visit with fashion designer Calvin Klein.
Advances in heart disease treatment (Part 2).

3.33 [502] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Cicely Tyson.
The problems of gay senior citizens.
Advances in heart disease treatment (Part 3).

3.34 [503] Hour Magazine
An interview with "Today" show weatherman Willard Scott.
A visit author Elizabeth Hailey.
Advances in heart disease treatment (Part 4).

3.35 [504] Hour Magazine
An interview with an incest victim who sued her father.
A visit with embroiderer Helen Marler.
Advances in heart disease treatment (Part 5).

3.36 [505] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Adrienne Barbeau.
A visit with reporter Betty Rollin.
A look at women bodyguards.

3.37 [506] Hour Magazine
An interview with Dr. Joyce Brothers who talks about fidelity.
Hair stylist Jose Eber on the latest trends.
Being a traditional wife.

3.38 [507] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Robert MacNaughton.
A medical update.
Friendship and health.

3.39 [508] Hour Magazine
Sexually transmitted disease.
Getting the most out of a move.
Life after prison.

3.40 [509] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Marion Ross.
A look at landlord and tenant problems.
Yoga exercises for healthier living.

3.41 [510] Hour Magazine
An interview with singer Anne Murray
A visit with TV newswoman Jessica Savitch
"Single After 30" (Part 1).

3.42 [511] Hour Magazine
02Nov1982 NYT
An interview with ballerina Margot Fonteyn.
The "G spot" controversy.
"Single After 30" (Part 2).

3.43 [512] Hour Magazine
03Nov1982 NYT
An interview with Sally Field.
"Single After 30" (Part 3).

3.44 [513] Hour Magazine
04Nov1982 NYT
An interview with Sid Caesar.
Beating illness through Optimism
"Single After 30" (Part 4).

3.45 [514] Hour Magazine
05Nov1982 NYT
An interview with actress Marla Gibbs.
Jazz exercise for new mothers.
"Single After 30" (Part 5).

3.46 [515] Hour Magazine
08Nov1982 NYT
An interview with entertainer Jerry Lewis.
The price of sexual freedom.
Compulsive overeating (Part 1).

3.47 [516] Hour Magazine
09Nov1982 NYT
An interview with actress Deborah Kerr (Part 1).
Barbara Woodhouse on disciplining dogs.
Compulsive overeating (Part 2).

3.48 [517] Hour Magazine
10Nov1982 NYT
An interview with actress Deborah Kerr (Part 2).
New hope for herpes sufferers
Compulsive overeating (Part 3).

3.49 [518] Hour Magazine
11Nov1982 NYT
An interview with actress Deborah Kerr (Part 3).
A visit with actress Loni Anderson.
Compulsive overeating (Part 4).

3.50 [519] Hour Magazine
12Nov1982 NYT
An interview with Angie Dickinson.
Dealing with an absentee parent
Compulsive overeating (Part 5).

3.51 [520] Hour Magazine
15Nov1982 NYT
An interview with Carroll O'Connor (Part 1).
"Unemployment: The Way Out" (Part 1)

3.52 [521] Hour Magazine
16Nov1982 NYT
An interview with Carroll O'Connor (Part 2).
"Unemployment: The Way Out" (Part 2)
Saying No to Surgery.

3.53 [522] Hour Magazine
17Nov1982 NYT
An interview with Carroll O'Connor (Part 3).
On the set of "Cagney and Lacey" (Part 1)
and Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld.

3.54 [523] Hour Magazine
18Nov1982 NYT
An interview with Carroll O'Connor (Part 4).
On the set of "Cagney and Lacey" (Part 2)
New uses for aspirin.

3.55 [524] Hour Magazine
19Nov1982 NYT
An interview with Carroll O'Connor (Part 5).
A visit with actresses Harriet Nelson
and Dana Hill.

3.56 [525] Hour Magazine
22Nov1982 [rerun 28Mar83]
An interview with actress Pam Dawber.
Exceptional children (Part 1): a musical genius.
Plastic surgery for women (Part 1).

3.57 [526] Hour Magazine
23Nov1982 [rerun 29Mar83]
An interview with Juliet Prowse.
Exceptional children (Part 2): a multilingual 5-year old.
Plastic surgery for women (Part 2)
A report on cocaine abuse.

3.58 [527] Hour Magazine
24Nov1982 [rerun 30Mar83]
An interview with actress Valerie Harper.
Exceptional children (Part 3): a 17-year-old stock market analyst.
Plastic surgery for women (Part 3).
How to make your own toys.
A visit with romance writer Danielle Steele.

3.59 [528] Hour Magazine
25Nov1982 [rerun 31Mar83]
Exceptional children (Part 4): a 16-year-old pre-med student.
Plastic surgery for women (Part 4).
Coping with "sexaholic" husbands.

3.60 [529] Hour Magazine
26Nov1982 [rerun 01Apr83]
An interview with Sally Struthers.
Exceptional children (Part 5): dealing with a child genius.
Plastic surgery for women (Part 5).

3.61 [530] Hour Magazine
29Nov1982 NYT
An interview with actor Dudley Moore (Part 1).
A visit with comedienne Lucille Ball.
Dancing tots.

3.62 [531] Hour Magazine
30Nov1982 NYT
An interview with Dudley Moore (Part 2).
Men's fashions with John Travolta
An abortion survey.

3.63 [532] Hour Magazine
01Dec1982 NYT
An interview with Dudley Moore (Part 3).
A discussion on Sobriety.
Children's ice cream factory.

3.64 [533] Hour Magazine
02Dec1982 NYT
An interview with Dudley Moore (Part 4).
Drug addiction of nurses.
Christmas burglaries.

3.65 [534] Hour Magazine
03Dec1982 NYT
An interview with Dudley Moore (Part 5).
A visit with Andy Williams.
A visit with Disney animators.
Treating arthritis with macrobiotics.

3.66 [535] Hour Magazine
06Dec1982 NYT
How a family pressured a religious cult to release their son.
A look at Fast Foods.
Coping with Rural Stress.

3.67 [536] Hour Magazine
07Dec1982 NYT
An interview with Phyllis Diller.
Fibrocystic breast disease
How to make a great party.

3.68 [537] Hour Magazine
08Dec1982 NYT
An interview with Sarah Purcell of "Real People".
A visit with children's author Judy Bloom
Columnist Abigail Van Buren

3.69 [538] Hour Magazine
09Dec1982 NYT
How to be a homemaker and a writer.
Job rip-offs.
Exercises for menstrual cramps.

3.70 [539] Hour Magazine
10Dec1982 NYT
Big Beautiful Women.
The police strip search.
An interview with author Judith Krantz.

3.71 [540] Hour Magazine
13Dec1982 NYT
An interview with actor Laurence Olivier (Part 1).
A visit with actor Bruce Boxleitner.
Beating depression (Part 1).

3.72 [541] Hour Magazine
14Dec1982 NYT
An interview with Laurence Olivier (Part 2).
Beating depression (Part 2).
How much parents should know.

3.73 [542] Hour Magazine
15Dec1982 NYT
An interview with Chad Everett.
Beating depression (Part 3).
On the set of "Fame" (Part 1).

3.74 [543] Hour Magazine
16Dec1982 NYT
An interview with Merlin Olsen.
Beating depression (Part 4).
If your husband is having an affair.
On the set of "Fame" (Part 2).

3.75 [544] Hour Magazine
17Dec1982 NYT
The Playboy magazine reader sex survey.
Women's pension rights.
Beating depression (Part 5).
The salt scare.

[--] Hour Magazine
20Dec1982 [rerun from 03May82]
Tom and Blythe Sullivan
Diane von Furstenberg
Breast cancer (Part 1)

[--] Hour Magazine
21Dec1982 [rerun from 04May82]
Annette Funicello
novelist Patricia Matthews
Breast Cancer surgery (Part 2)

[--] Hour Magazine
22Dec1982 [rerun from 05May82]
Actress Judy Norton-Taylor
A grandmother who gave birth to twins
Breast cancer (Part 3)

[--] Hour Magazine
23Dec1982 [rerun from 06May82]
Pia Zadora and her husband
Meshulem Riklis.
A husband's success
Mother-daughter relationships

[--] Hour Magazine
24Dec1982 [rerun from 07May82]
An agoraphobic who spent 35 years in her apartment.
A bull used in TV commercials.
Selecting child-care facilities.

[--] Hour Magazine
27Dec1982 [rerun from 07Jun82]
actor Barry Bostwick
Pre-menstrual syndrome (Part 1)

[--] Hour Magazine
28Dec1982 [rerun from 08Jun82]
Mother-son team in the Army
sibling actors Nancy McKeon
and Phillip McKeon
Pre-menstrual syndrome (Part 2).

[--] Hour Magazine
29Dec1982 [rerun from 09Jun82]
June Allyson and husband Dr. David Ashrow
property ownership
Pre-menstrual syndrome (Part 3).

[--] Hour Magazine
30Dec1982 [rerun from 10Jun82]
actress Dyan Cannon
money saving coupons
Pre-menstrual syndrome (Part 4).

[--] Hour Magazine
31Dec1982 [rerun from 11Jun82]
actor Michael Landon
Pre-menstrual syndrome (Part 5).

[--] Hour Magazine
03Jan1983 [rerun from 05Jul82]
"Grease 2" producer Allan Carr.
The changing roles of fathers (Part 1).
Families of punk rockers (Part 1).

[--] Hour Magazine
04Jan1983 [rerun from 06Jul82]
actress Betty White.
The changing roles of fathers (Part 2).
Families of punk rockers (Part 2).

[--] Hour Magazine
05Jan1983 [rerun from 07Jul82]
actress Demi Moore
The changing roles of fathers (Part 3).
Families of punk rockers (Part 3).

[--] Hour Magazine
06Jan1983 [rerun from 08Jul82]
Steve and Pat Kanaly
Chemical abuse of children
The changing roles of fathers (Part 4).

[--] Hour Magazine
07Jan1983 [rerun from 09Jul82]
Guy Mitchell
Junk Food
Weddings at the Mission Inn.
The changing roles of fathers (Part 5).

3.76 [545] Hour Magazine
10Jan1983 NYT
An interview with Linda Lavin.
Child-proofing your home.
The Nuns' story (Part 1).

3.77 [546] Hour Magazine
11Jan1983 NYT
An interview with female boxer Graciella Casillas.
Shared parenting.
The Nuns' story (Part 2).

3.78 [547] Hour Magazine
12Jan1983 NYT
Judith Martin on etiquette.
The breadwinner complex.
The Nuns' story (Part 3).

3.79 [548] Hour Magazine
13Jan1983 NYT
An interview with actress Abby Dalton.
Meet a real "Love Boat" cruise director.
Treating agoraphobia at home.

3.80 [549] Hour Magazine
14Jan1983 NYT
An interview actress Pamela Bellwood.
A visit with John Naisbett author of "Megatrends".
Meet the magical Blackstone family.

3.81 [550] Hour Magazine
17Jan1983 NYT
An interview with actor Vincent Price and his wife Coral Browne.
Native American potter Blue Corn.
Identifying and controlling panic attacks.
New York (Part 1): Ellis Island.

3.82 [551] Hour Magazine
18Jan1983 NYT
An interview with actor Mark Hamill.
A contraception update.
A lawyer who founded small claims court.
Meet leg model Joyce Bartle.
New York (Part 2).

3.83 [552] Hour Magazine
19Jan1983 NYT
An interview with Toni Tennille.
A visit to the Hearst castle.
Shaping up through jogging.
New York (Part 3): Harlem.

3.84 [553] Hour Magazine
20Jan1983 NYT
An interview with Vicki Lawrence and her husband Al Schultz.
The effects of TV violence.
Toys for infants.
New York (Part 4): Big Apple archaeology.

3.85 [554] Hour Magazine
21Jan1983 NYT
An interview with actress Jean Marsh.
How to see America on $12 a day.
A visit to a posh Beverly Hills hotel.
New York (Part 5): A floating hospital.

3.86 [555] Hour Magazine
24Jan1983 NYT
An interview with soap star Kin Shriner of General Hospital.
What to look for in buying a new house.
A writer of motivation guidebooks for teens.

3.87 [556] Hour Magazine
25Jan1983 NYT
An interview with actress Ursula Andress.
A children's fashion show.
Danger signs in marriage.

3.88 [557] Hour Magazine
26Jan1983 NYT
An interview with actor Gerald McRaney who discusses his deaf son.
A visit with the author of "The Last Housewife On the Block".
Male day-care providers.

3.89 [558] Hour Magazine
27Jan1983 NYT
An interview with actor Gregory Harrison.
Fathers and daughters.
Home Births.

3.90 [559] Hour Magazine
28Jan1983 NYT
An interview with actress Ali Macgraw.
A visit to the Pritikin Longevity Center.
How not to raise a brat.

3.91 [560] Hour Magazine
31Jan1983 NYT
An interview with singer Dionne Warwick.
A visit with former cop David Toma.
A discussion of the terrible twos.

3.92 [561] Hour Magazine
01Feb1983 NYT
An interview with Country singer Mel Tillis.
A visit with Dr. William Rader, who talks about the dangers of thyroid pills for dieting.
A discussion on forced retirement.

3.93 [562] Hour Magazine
02Feb1983 NYT
A male secretary.
New birth control pill findings.
A young wheelchair athlete.

3.94 [563] Hour Magazine
03Feb1983 NYT
"Dear Abby" letters from children.
A feminist prostitute.
A single man who adopted an infant.

3.95 [564] Hour Magazine
04Feb1983 NYT
An interview with actor Charlton Heston and his wife Lydia.
Children - to have or have not.
How to fight a traffic ticket.

3.96 [565] Hour Magazine
07Feb1983 NYT
An interview with Martin Sheen.
Getting that job (Part 1): preparing.
Teen Pregnancy (Part 1): why they get pregnant.

3.97 [566] Hour Magazine
08Feb1983 NYT
A woman who posed as a man.
Getting that job (Part 2): health hazards.
Teen Pregnancy (Part 2): the image.

3.98 [567] Hour Magazine
09Feb1983 NYT
An interview with Dorothy Lyman of "All My Children".
Getting that job (Part 3): the interview.
Teen Pregnancy (Part 3): keeping the baby.

3.99 [568] Hour Magazine
A woman heart-transplant recipient marries.
Getting that job (Part 4): a bad interview.
Teen Pregnancy (Part 4): older children.

3.100 [569] Hour Magazine
11Feb1983 NYT
An interview with actress Debbie Reynolds.
Teen Pregnancy (Part 5): dreams as problem solvers.

3.101 [570] Hour Magazine
14Feb1983 NYT
An interview with actress Ann-Margret.
Stunts for kids.
Supermarket shopping (Part 1).

3.102 [571] Hour Magazine
15Feb1983 NYT
An interview with actress Jaclyn Smith (Part 1).
Talking with your child about sex.
Supermarket shopping (Part 2).

3.103 [572] Hour Magazine
16Feb1983 NYT
An interview with actress Jaclyn Smith (Part 2).
Meet a male nurse.
A discussion on aspirin and pregnancy.
Supermarket shopping (Part 3).

3.104 [573] Hour Magazine
17Feb1983 NYT
An interview with actress Jaclyn Smith (Part 3).
A look at X-ray dangers.
Supermarket shopping (Part 4).

3.105 [574] Hour Magazine
18Feb1983 NYT
An interview with romance writer Bertrice Small.
Love life of the American wife.
A visit to a fat camp.
Supermarket shopping (Part 5).

3.106 [575] Hour Magazine
21Feb1983 NYT
An interview with actor Robert Guillaume.
A computer camp.
A woman who started her own personnel firm.

3.107 [576] Hour Magazine
22Feb1983 NYT
An interview with Carl Reiner.
The changing image of women on TV.
Father-daughter police team.
The Neiman-Marcus catalog.

3.108 [577] Hour Magazine
23Feb1983 NYT
Visit a house husband.
A discussion on bypass surgery.
Saving your financial life (Part 1).

3.109 [578] Hour Magazine
24Feb1983 NYT
Meet Bayou Annie.
How to express anger.
Saving your financial life (Part 2).

3.110 [579] Hour Magazine
25Feb1983 NYT
Ultrasound surgery.
How to make love to each other.
Saving your financial life (Part 3).

3.111 [580] Hour Magazine
28Feb1983 NYT
An interview with actor Tony Geary
and actress Denise Alexander of "General Hospital".
Massage for pregnant women.
Columnist Shirley Eder.

3.112 [581] Hour Magazine
01Mar1983 NYT
An interview with actor Richard Thomas and his wife Alma.
A carbohydrate craver's diet.
A discussion on open adoption.

3.113 [582] Hour Magazine
02Mar1983 NYT
Children's view of divorce.
A man who relocated for his wife.
A Rose Bowl swap meet.

3.114 [583] Hour Magazine
03Mar1983 NYT
An interview with actor Lorenzo Lamas.
A couple who remarried after being divorced for 37 years.
Mainstreaming a Down's syndrome child.

3.115 [584] Hour Magazine
04Mar1983 NYT
An interview with actress Margaret Ladd.
Consumer advocate David Horowitz.
Women with multiple personalities.

3.116 [585] Hour Magazine
07Mar1983 NYT
An interview with actor Jed Allan
Mayor Ruth Goldway of Santa Monica
Topics include, marriage and money.

3.117 [586] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Ben Kingsley.
Men and birth control.
TV addiction.

3.118 [587] Hour Magazine
09Mar1983 NYT
A mother-daughter modeling team.
Making your own baby food.
Coping with emotionally abusive parents.

3.119 [588] Hour Magazine
Adapting to relocation.
Life with Jacqueline Susann.

3.120 [589] Hour Magazine
An interview with Tommy Lasorda and his wife.
Super Sitters.
How not to argue with your teens.

3.121 [590] Hour Magazine
An interview with comedian Tim Conway.
Nobel Prize winning sperm bank baby.
Salute to Philadelphia (Part 1).

3.122 [591] Hour Magazine
An interview with singer Johnny Mathis.
Unemployed women.
Understanding what your smile means.
Salute to Philadelphia (Part 2).

3.123 [592] Hour Magazine
Tom Sullivan with blind children.
Don't get mad, get even.
Salute to Philadelphia (Part 3).

3.124 [593] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Lucie Arnaz.
A woman who cares for three generations of a family.
Men with pregnancy symptoms.
Salute to Philadelphia (Part 4).

3.125 [594] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Lindsay Wagner.
Don't throw away anything.
Who's who among teens.

3.126 [595] Hour Magazine
21Mar1983 NYT
An interview with singer-actress Michelle Phillips
Meet Delta Burke of TV's "Filthy Rich".
Heart disease treatment (Part 1).

3.127 [596] Hour Magazine
22Mar1983 NYT
An interview with poet-singer Rod McKuen
Meet fashion designer Calvin Klein
Heart disease treatment (Part 2).

3.128 [597] Hour Magazine
23Mar1983 NYT
An interview with actress Cicely Tyson
Problems faced by homosexual senior citizens.
Heart disease treatment (Part 3).

3.129 [598] Hour Magazine
24Mar1983 NYT
An interview with weatherman Williard Scott.
A visit with author Elizabeth Hailey.
Heart disease treatment (Part 4).

3.130 [599] Hour Magazine
An incest victim who sued her father.
Meet embroiderer Helen Marler.
Heart disease treatment (Part 5).

[--] Hour Magazine
28Mar1983 [rerun from 22Nov82]
An interview with actress Pam Dawber
Exceptional children
Plastic surgery for women

[--] Hour Magazine
29Mar1983 [rerun from 23Nov82]
An interview with dancer-singer Juliet Prowse
Exceptional children: multilingual 9-year-old.
Plastic surgery for women (Part 2).
Cocaine abuse.

[--] Hour Magazine
30Mar1983 [rerun from 24Nov82]
An interview with actress Valerie Harper.
Exceptional children (Part 3): a 17-year-old stock market analyst.
Plastic surgery for women (Part 3).
How to make your own toys.
A visit with romance writer Danielle Steele.

[--] Hour Magazine
31Mar1983 [rerun from 25Nov82]
Exceptional children (Part 4): a 16-year-old pre-med student.
Plastic surgery for women (Part 4).
Coping with "sexaholic" husbands.

[--] Hour Magazine
01Apr1983 [rerun from 26Nov82]
An interview with Sally Struthers.
Exceptional children (Part 5): dealing with a child genius.
Plastic surgery for women (Part 5).

3.131 [600] Hour Magazine
04Apr1983 [rerun 06Jun83]
An interview with comedian David Brenner.
Infant massage.
Academy Award predictions with entertainment columnist Army Archerd.

3.132 [601] Hour Magazine
05Apr1983 [rerun 07Jun83]
An interview with Jennifer Holliday star of "Dreamgirls".
A visit with husband-and-wife writing team Michael Fain and Judith Barnard.
Diaphragm dangers.

3.133 [602] Hour Magazine
06Apr1983 [rerun 08Jun83]
An interview with actor James Mason.
The Rockettes reunited.
Recycled fathers.

3.134 [603] Hour Magazine
07Apr1983 [rerun 09Jun83]
An interview with Benson actress Inga Swenson.
A father who won custody of his child.
Bald women.

3.135 [604] Hour Magazine
08Apr1983 [rerun 10Jun83]
An interview with comedian Harvey Korman.
Behind-the-scenes at Clairol.
What to do when kids take control.

3.136 [605] Hour Magazine
11Apr1983 [rerun 13Jun83]
An interview with actress Yvette Mimieux.
The California Conservation Corps.
A quadraplegic walks.

3.137 [606] Hour Magazine
12Apr1983 [rerun 14Jun83]
An interview with actress Bridgette Anderson.
The after effects of rape.
Draft resister and mother.

3.138 [607] Hour Magazine
13Apr1983 [rerun 15Jun83]
Why soap operas can be harmful to your health.
Women in the ROTC.
Youth expression theater.

3.139 [608] Hour Magazine
14Apr1983 [rerun 16Jun83]
An interview with actress Jennifer O'Neill.
The dangers of ultrasound.
Sober chauffeurs.

3.140 [609] Hour Magazine
15Apr1983 [rerun 17Jun83]
An interview with Robert Morley.
Swing Dancing.
The "F" diet plan.

3.141 [610] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Dack Rambo.
Meet Charlie the Clown.
Problems of ministers' wives.

3.142 [611] Hour Magazine
An interview with TV personality Steve Allen.
Women in sales.
Mother-daughter cheerleaders.

3.143 [612] Hour Magazine
An interview with Robert Blake.
Teaching children to recognize abuse.
Meet triplet singers.

3.144 [613] Hour Magazine
An interview with Wayne Northrop.
Why certain children should be institutionalized.
Succeeding as a secretary.

3.145 [614] Hour Magazine
An interview with actor Tom Selleck.
Runaway husbands.
How to flirt.

3.146 [615] Hour Magazine
25Apr1983 [rerun 25Jul83]
An interview with actress Jamie Rose.
Dr. Joyce Brothers discusses "Are you a good lover?"
A child pornography report.

3.147 [616] Hour Magazine
26Apr1983 [rerun 26Jul83]
An interview with actor Ted Danson.
Raising a non-sexist son.
Eating disorders (Part 1): anorexia nervosa.

3.148 [617] Hour Magazine
27Apr1983 [rerun 27Jul83]
An interview with actor Steve Reeves.
Generic brand products.
Eating disorders (Part 2): bulimarexia.

3.149 [618] Hour Magazine
28Apr1983 [rerun 28Jul83]
An interview with Kathryn Crosby.
"The New Bride Guide".
Eating disorders (Part 3): compulsive overeating.

3.150 [619] Hour Magazine
29Apr1983 [rerun 29Jul83]
An interview with actor Gary Crosby.
Singles who want no more one-night stands.
Mom-stepmom tensions.

3.151 [620] Hour Magazine
02May1983 [rerun 01Aug83]
An interview with actress Shelley Long.
A visit with dog training expert Barbara Woodhouse.
Jobs for women without college degrees.

3.152 [621] Hour Magazine
03May1983 [rerun 02Aug83]
An interview with Danny Thomas.
A visit with food critic Craig Claiborne.
Tubal pregnancies.
Cerebral palsy.

3.153 [622] Hour Magazine
04May1983 [rerun 03Aug83]
Three sisters who found each other after 30 years.
A visit to the Ryan Center for dyslexic children.
What teens worry about.
Coronary artery treatment update.

3.154 [623] Hour Magazine
05May1983 [rerun 04Aug83]
An interview with "Fame" actress Valerie Landsberg.
How to get married.
Physical risks of social drinking.

3.155 [624] Hour Magazine
06May1983 [rerun 05Aug83]
A four-year-old hero.
Educational games.

3.156 [625] Hour Magazine
09May1983 [rerun 08Aug83]
A missing child found through "Hour Magazine".
Women safety quiz.
Selecting a summer camp.

3.157 [626] Hour Magazine
10May1983 [rerun 09Aug83]
An interview with actor Dennis Weaver.
Culinary Institute of America.
A young woman who poses as an old woman.

3.158 [627] Hour Magazine
11May1983 [rerun 10Aug83]
An interview with actress Donna Mills.
Meet the real Fannie Farmer.
New asexuality study.

3.159 [628] Hour Magazine
12May1983 [rerun 11Aug83]
An interview with comedian George Burns (Part 1).
A visit with author Barbara Taylor Bradford.
Outdoor cooking.

3.160 [629] Hour Magazine
13May1983 [rerun 12Aug83]
An interview with comedian George Burns (Part 2).
Problems of political wives.
Adult time for adult crime.

3.161 [630] Hour Magazine
16May1983 [rerun 15Aug83]
An interview with actress Emily McLaughlin.
Menopause (Part 1): what is it?
A salute to Chicago (Part 1): with Christie Hefner.

3.162 [631] Hour Magazine
17May1983 [rerun 16Aug83]
An interview with actor Tony Curtis.
Meet a female bounty hunter.
Menopause (Part 2): symptoms and treatment.
A salute to Chicago (Part 2): polka dancing.

3.163 [632] Hour Magazine
18May1983 [rerun 17Aug83]
An interview with actress Lauren Tewes.
Menopause (Part 3): emotional aspect.
A salute to Chicago (Part 3): with educator Jesse Woods.

3.164 [633] Hour Magazine
19May1983 [rerun 18Aug83]
An interview with Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers Neighborhood.
Menopause (Part 4): relationships.
A salute to Chicago (Part 4): at the Museum of Science and Industry.

3.165 [634] Hour Magazine
20May1983 [rerun 19Aug83]
An interview with actor John Hillerman.
Dr. Ruth Westheimer talks about the first time.
Menopause (Part 5): preparing.
A salute to Chicago (Part 5): "Donahue".

3.166 [635] Hour Magazine
23May1983 [rerun 22Aug83]
An interview with actress Ana Alicia.
A visit with Playboy magazine advisor James Peterson.
Liquor without alcohol.

3.167 [636] Hour Magazine
24May1983 [rerun 23Aug83]
An interview with actor Erik Estrada.
Women who have affairs with married men.
How to invest $500.

3.168 [637] Hour Magazine
25May1983 [rerun 24Aug83]
An interview with actor George Peppard.
Handicapped video.
How parents and teachers can work together.

3.169 [638] Hour Magazine
26May1983 [rerun 25Aug83]
An interview with Abigail Van Buren on the changing etiquette.
A visit with Missy, Tracy and Brandy Gold, young actresses.
A rape victim who sued a shopping center.

3.170 [639] Hour Magazine
27May1983 [rerun 26Aug83]
An interview with actor Robert Duvall and "Angelo, My Love" star Angelo Evans.
A divorced father and son.
A visit with ventriloquist Shari Lewis.

3.171 [640] Hour Magazine
30May1983 [rerun 29Aug83]
An interview with singer-actress Liza Minnelli.
Parents working with chilrend's learning disabilities.
Ultrasound controversy.

3.172 [641] Hour Magazine
31May1983 [rerun 30Aug83]
An interview with actress Luise Rainer.
First heart-lung transplant survivor.
Rating the top diets.

3.173 [642] Hour Magazine
01Jun1983 [rerun 01Sep83]
An interview with "Capitol" actor Rory Calhoun.
A report on Tanning studios.
How to survive two marriages: love and money.

3.174 [643] Hour Magazine
02Jun1983 [rerun 02Sep83]
Woman saves baby from SIDS 360 times.
Looking for the perfect man.
Cable TV.

3.175 [644] Hour Magazine
03Jun1983 [rerun 03Sep83]
An interview with "Simon and Simon" star Jameson Parker.
How to organize your kids.
Stringfellow acid pits.

[--] Hour Magazine
06Jun1983 [rerun from 04Apr83]
An interview with David Brenner
Infant massage
Academy Award predictions with entertainment columnist Army Archerd.

[--] Hour Magazine
07Jun1983 [rerun from 05Apr83]
An interview with Jennifer Holliday of "Dreamgirls"
Diaphragm dangers
A husband-and-wife writing team.

[--] Hour Magazine
08Jun1983 [rerun from 06Apr83]
An interview with James Mason
Rockettes reunion
Recycled fathers

[--] Hour Magazine
09Jun1983 [rerun from 07Apr83]
Unwed father wins child custody battle.
Bald women.
Kiss-off cards.

[--] Hour Magazine
10Jun1983 [rerun from 08Apr83]
An interview with Harvey Korman.
Middle-class domestics.
Saving with coupons.

[--] Hour Magazine
13Jun1983 [rerun from 11Apr83]
An interview with Yvette Mimieux
California Conservation Corps
A quadriplegic walks.

[--] Hour Magazine
14Jun1983 [rerun from 12Apr83]
An interview with Bridgette Andersen of "Savannah Smiles".
After-effects of rape.
Draft resister and mother.

[--] Hour Magazine
15Jun1983 [rerun from 13Apr83]
Why soap operas can be harmful to your health.
Women in the ROTC.
Mary Ellen Pinkham's diet plan.

[--] Hour Magazine
16Jun1983 [rerun from 14Apr83]
Jennifer O'Neill
Smart girls don't
Beating disease through optimism.

[--] Hour Magazine
17Jun1983 [rerun from 15Apr83]
Robert Morley
Swing dancing
"F" diet plan.

3.176 [645] Hour Magazine
An interview with Jack Paar (Part 1).
Agnes Belushi, mother of the late comic John Belushi.
Leg amputee returns to modeling.

3.177 [646] Hour Magazine
An interview with TV personality Jack Paar (Part 2).
Addictive dangers of Valium.
Coping techniques for working mothers.

3.178 [647] Hour Magazine
An interview with consumer advocate David Horowitz.
Homeless families who have taken to tents for shelter.
A visit with infant psychiatrist Dr. Justin Call.

3.179 [648] Hour Magazine
An interview with singer Engelbert Humperdinck.
Post partum anger.
Natural arthritis remedies.

3.180 [649] Hour Magazine
Swimsuit fashions with designer Mary Ann DeWeese.
A woman awaiting a heart-lung transplant.
Emotional and societal hazards of working the night shift.

3.181 [650] Hour Magazine
27Jun1983 [Doylestown Intelligencer]
An interview with actress Morgan Fairchild.
Credit card billing.
Combating school truancy.

3.182 [651] Hour Magazine
Drug abuse in the 80's.
Over-the-counter contraceptives.
Leprosy in America.

3.183 [652] Hour Magazine
An interview with puppeteer Shari Lewis.
A woman who delivered her own baby in the car.
Love and money.

3.184 [653] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Meg Bennett of The Young and the Restless.
After the game - athletes wives'.
How to organize your kids.

3.185 [654] Hour Magazine
Mary Ann Mobley with The March of Dimes poster child.
How to moonlight.
Meet an 11-year-old teacher.

3.186 [655] Hour Magazine
Wellness (Part 1).
A real life Tootsie.
Water safety for infants.

3.187 [656] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Nancy Walker who talks about life after lung cancer.
Legal rights of pregnant employees.
Wellness (Part 2): nutrition.

3.188 [657] Hour Magazine
Dr. Joyce Brothers with a test for parents of teens.
Patricia Neal's work with stroke victims.
Wellness (Part 3): stress.

3.189 [658] Hour Magazine
An interview with Anthony Quinn.
Mother-daughter lawyers.
Wellness (Part 4): exercise.

3.190 [659] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Diedre Hall of "Days of Our Lives".
Champion bodybuilder Lisa Lyon.
Wellness (Part 5): emotional support.

3.191 [660] Hour Magazine
New fetal surgery.
10 steps to make a marriage work.
Wellness (Part 6): wellness town.

3.192 [661] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Teri Garr.
A man unjustly convicted of rape.
Wellness (Part 7): healthy meals.

3.193 [662] Hour Magazine
An interview with entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.
Drugs and pregnancy.
Wellness (Part 8): stress at the office.

3.194 [663] Hour Magazine
An interview with actress Jacqueline Bisset.
Mother-daughter sex education book.
Wellness (Part 9): self-care.

3.195 [664] Hour Magazine
An interview with singer Donna Summer.
World's top chef.
Wellness (Part 10): doctor-patient partnership.

3.196 [665] Hour Magazine
An interview with comedienne Joan Rivers (Part 1).
Summer games for children.
The Feingold diet for hyperactive children.

3.197 [666] Hour Magazine
An interview with comedienne Joan Rivers (Part 2).
Former "Annie" star Shelley Bruce beats cancer.
Overcoming computer phobia.

3.198 [667] Hour Magazine
An interview with comedienne Joan Rivers (Part 3).
Gourmet babies.
Children use color to identify pain.

3.199 [668] Hour Magazine
An interview with game show host Bob Barker.
Recovering after a stillbirth.
Men who marry high achievers.

3.200 [669] Hour Magazine
Problem skin care.
Senior Olympics.
How to be your own attorney

[--] Hour Magazine
25Jul1983 [rerun from 25Apr83]
"Falcon Crest" star Jamie Rose
Dr. Joyce Brothers
Child pornography report.

[--] Hour Magazine
26Jul1983 [rerun from 26Apr83]
An interview with "Cheers" star Ted Danson.
New York photographer Ruth Orkin
Eating disorders: anorexia nervosa.

[--] Hour Magazine
27Jul1983 [rerun from 27Apr83]
Consumer advocate David Horowitz.
Eating disorders - bulimarexia.
New treatment for kidney stones.

[--] Hour Magazine
28Jul1983 [rerun from 28Apr83]
Kathryn Crosby recalls "Life With Bing".
Eating disorders - compulsive overeating
Financing a college education.

[--] Hour Magazine
29Jul1983 [rerun from 29Apr83]
Gary Crosby recalls his father Bing Crosby
Mother vs stepmother tensions.
Divorce after 60.

[--] Hour Magazine
01Aug1983 [rerun from 02May83]
Shelley Long.
Dog training expert Barbara Woodhouse.
Jobs for women without college degrees.

[--] Hour Magazine
02Aug1983 [rerun from 03May83]
Danny Thomas
Craig Claiborne
Cerebal palsy, dangers of tubal pregnancies.

[--] Hour Magazine
03Aug1983 [rerun from 04May83]
Three sisters who found each other after 30 years
The Ryan Center for dyslexic children.
Coronary artery treatment update.

[--] Hour Magazine
04Aug1983 [rerun from 05May83]
"Fame" star Valerie Landsburg.
How to get married.
Physical risks of social drinking.

[--] Hour Magazine
05Aug1983 [rerun from 06May83]
Problem skin care.
Senior Olympics.
How to be your own attorney.

[--] Hour Magazine
08Aug1983 [rerun from 09May83]
A mother and son reunited by "Hour Magazine".
Safety quiz for women.
Selecting a summer camp.

[--] Hour Magazine
09Aug1983 [rerun from 10May83]
Dennis Weaver and Cri-Help
A young woman who posed as an 85-year-old.
Are you a workaholic?

[--] Hour Magazine
10Aug1983 [rerun from 11May83]
"Knots Landing" star Donna Mills
The Real Fannie Farmer
Tropical birds as pets.

[--] Hour Magazine
11Aug1983 [rerun from 12May83]
George Burns (Part 1)
Healing after widowhood
Campfire cooking

[--] Hour Magazine
12Aug1983 [rerun from 13May83]
George Burns (Part 2)
Problems of political wives
Adult time for adult crime

[--] Hour Magazine
15Aug1983 [rerun from 16May83]
David Horowitz reports on quality control.
General Hospital star Emily McLaughlin and her adopted daughter.
Menopause (Part 1)

[--] Hour Magazine
16Aug1983 [rerun from 17May83]
Tony Curtis
Female Bounty hunter
Menopause (Part 2)

[--] Hour Magazine
17Aug1983 [rerun from 18May83]
"Love Boat" star Lauren Tewes
Returning to traditional family values.
Menopause (Part 3)

[--] Hour Magazine
18Aug1983 [rerun from 19May83]
Children's TV show host Fred Rogers
A self-made businesswoman.
Menopause (Part 4)

[--] Hour Magazine
19Aug1983 [rerun from 20May83]
"Magnum P.I." actor John Hillerman
Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Menopause (Part 5)

[--] Hour Magazine
22Aug1983 [rerun from 23May83]
Playboy adviser James Petersen
"Falcon Crest" star Ana Alicia
Liquor without alcohol

[--] Hour Magazine
23Aug1983 [rerun from 24May83]
Erik Estrada fulfills dream of leukemia victim
Women who have affairs with married men.
How to invest $500.

[--] Hour Magazine
24Aug1983 [rerun from 25May83]
George Peppard
A woman who runs her own farm
The Cambridge diet.

[--] Hour Magazine
25Aug1983 [rerun from 26May83]
Dear Abby and a report on changing etiquette.
A rape victim sues a shopping center.
Actresses Missy, Tracey and Brandy Gold.

[--] Hour Magazine
26Aug1983 [rerun from 27May83]
Robert Duvall previews "Angelo, My Love"
disabled actor James Stacy
Jumping robe for health.

[--] Hour Magazine
29Aug1983 [rerun from 30May83]
Liza Minnelli
Ultrasound controversy with Dr. Robert Medelsohn
Parents working with children's learning disabilities.

[--] Hour Magazine
30Aug1983 [rerun from 31May83]
Actress Luise Rainer
Sex after 70
Rating top diets

[--] Hour Magazine
31Aug1983 [rerun from 01Jun83]
"Capitol" star Rory Calhoun
Tanning studio report
How to survive two marriages

[--] Hour Magazine
01Sep1983 [rerun from 02Jun83]
A woman who saved her infant twins from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) 360 times.
Teen sports injuries
Looking for the perfect man

[--] Hour Magazine
02Sep1983 [rerun from 03Jun83]
Jameson Parker
Buying the healthiest foods
Hormones for growth

################ Hour Magazine ###############
############### end of season 3 ##############

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