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Starring  Gene Barry, Robert Stack, Tony Franciosa
Season 3 (NBC) (1970-71)
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 ########## The Name of the Game #############
############# season 3 1970-71 ###############
(final season) ################
24 episodes
NBC Fridays 8.30pm Eastern

3.01 [53] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in SO LONG, BABY, AND AMEN
18Sep70 NBC Fri
Written by Steven Bochco
Directed by Marvin Chomsky
guest cast:
Julie Harris as Ruth 'Doc' Harmon
James Gregory as Senator Tucker
Sal Mineo as Hillary
Bill Quinn as Senator McMichaels
Harold J. Stone as Lieutenant
Laurie Prange as Katie
Robert Finch as Father
Dorothy Morris as Mother
Dan Farrell reports his findings at a Congressional committee hearing on addictive drugs. Later he finds
himself entangled with a self-destructive, drug-addicted young girl. [RF]

3.02 [54] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in A LOVE TO REMEMBER
25Sep70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Lee Grant as Edie Booker
Ray Milland as Jonathan Booker
Joanna Moore as Emily
Charles McGraw as Carmody
J.D. Cannon as Sam Walker
Tom Bosley as Charlie Reid
Darlene Conley as Redhead
At his college class reunion, Glenn Howard meets a strange, beautiful
woman who tells him a crush she once had on him has ruined her life. [RF]

3.03 [55] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in CYNTHIA IS ALIVE AND LIVING IN AVALON
2Oct70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Barbara Feldon as Cynthia
Robert Culp as Paul Tyler (recurring season 3)
Barbara Feldon as Cynthia,
Mickey Rooney as Les
Tom Skerritt as Pete
Cynthia is a reclusive jet-setter who has of late become a political activist. She refuses all interviews and keeps
hidden in a rambling house on the island of Avalon. At the urging of his pal, reporter Paul Tyler decides to make a
name for himself by getting the exclusive story on Cynthia. [RF]

3.04 [56] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in THE BATTLE AT GANNON'S BRIDGE
9Oct70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Darren McGavin as Eddie Gannon
John Blondell as Miss Wall
Keenan Wynn as Joe Williams
Jan Murray as Doc Haller
Bobby Troup as Slip Sherman
Percy Rodriguez as Paul Reston
Michael Bow as Steve Karzak
Jim Boles as Tim Tim
Jaime Sanchez as Pinto
Jimmy Murphy as Pooch
Felton Perry as Checker
An ex-convict Eddie Gannon, who holds the lease on a converted church used as a halfway house for recently released
prisoners ,is endangered by a rash of unsolved crimes in the neighborhood. Gannon asks Crime magazine editor Dan Farrell
to prove that none of his fellow ex-cons are responsible for the thefts. [RF]

3.05 [57] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa in THE ENEMY BEFORE US
16Oct70 NBC Fri
Written by Joseph Calvelli
Directed by Barry Shear
guest cast:
Orson Welles as Narrator
Richard Conte as Vito Scarpana
Martin Balsam as Angie
Katina Paxinou as Filomena
Lazaro Perez as Dante Perez
Renee Tetro as Teresa
Crime Magazine reporter Jeff Dillon is back in his old neighborhood in New York's "Little Italy", Dillon hopes to take
a break from his hectic responsibilities and recapture "something real" from his younger days. Unfortunately, he is
bombarded by pain and disillusionment from every side: his stepmother is gravely ill, and her son is deeply involved with
drug dealing. [RF]

3.06 [58] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in THE TIME IS NOW
23Oct70 NBC Fri
Written by Wanda Coleman
Directed by Nicholas Colasanto
guest cast:
Dana Andrews as Marvin Taylor
William Windom as D.W.
Jack Klugman as Captain Garrig
Yaphet Kotto as Wyman Jackson
David Brien as Chancellor Archer
Georg Sanford Brown as Kalid
Roscoe Lee Browne as Dean Marshall
Chelsea Brown as Darlene
Max Julien as Mjoma
Marlene Warfield as Sdhari
Glenn Howard investigates the death of a moderate black educator at a campus torn into a struggle between militants and moderates. [RF]

3.07 [59] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in THE WAR MERCHANTS
30Oct70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Robert Wagner as Nick Freitas
Rosemary Forsyth as Jean Ulster
Scott Brady as Ned Wellman
Frank Aletter as Bruks Meecham
Paul Sorenson as Jake
Art Lund as Major Morris
Farrell investigates the death of an old friend and discovers an international weapons-smuggling operation. [RF]

3.08 [60] The Name of the Game: Robert Culp in  LITTLE BEAR DIED RUNNING
06Nov70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Dean Jagger as Senator Ellis
Steve Forrest as Hank Frazer
Simon Oakland as Sheriff Haines
Robert Culp as Paul Tyler (recurring season 3)
Slim Pickens as Joe Cutter
Sheila Sullivan as Jean Stone
Robert Cornthwaite as Phil Ott
Edgar Buchanan as Felson
When an Indian kills the friend of a reporter, Paul Tyler (Robert Culp)  investigates.[RF]

3.09 [61] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in ALL THE OLD FAMILIAR FACES
13Nov70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Burgess Meredith as Garver
Lois Nettleton as Laura Garver
Anne Baxter as Louise Harris
Michael Constantine as Johnson
Stephen McNally as James Andry
Michael Stearns as Peters
Frank Maxwell as Lieutenant
When his life is threatened, Glenn Howard looks up four people he once helped expose or send to prison. [RF]

3.10 [62] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa in I LOVE YOU, BILLY BAKER (part 1) 20Nov70 NBC Fri
3.11 [63] The Name of the Game: Tony Franciosa in  I LOVE YOU, BILLY BAKER (part 2) 27Nov70 NBC Fri
Written by Richard DeRoy
Directed by Barry Shear
guest cast:
Sammy Davis Jr as Billy Baker
Bernie Hamilton as Jason
Janet MacLachlan as Roma
Nina Foch as Mrs. Fredericks
George Murdock as Dave
Carla Borelli ?
Redd Foxx as Himself
Peter Lawford as Himself
Ray Charles as Himself
Jack Carter as Himself
Norm Crosby as Himself
Frank Sinatra as Himself
Charo as Herself
Marilyn Michaels as Herself
Dionne Warwick as Herself
Xavier Cugat as Himself
Tony Martin as Himself
Joey Bishop as Himself
Ike and Tina Turner
Las Vegas superstar Billy Baker, who is known far and wide for his reluctance to grant interviews, is particularly
close-mouthed on the subject of a beautiful young dancer with whom he'd once been in love--and who now is very much dead.
Crime magazine reporter Jeff Dillon wants to know why. [RF]

3.12 [64] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in WHY I BLEW UP DAKOTA
04Dec70 NBC
guest cast:
Roddy McDowall as Early McCorley
Carolyn Jones as Lydia
Jose Ferrer as Bristow
Paul Stewart as Stan Rubin
Richard Van Vleet as Brian Cargill
Miguel Angel as Ralph Delgado
Robert Lipton as Billy Wizard
Jill Banner as Ginger
William Benedict as Delivery Man
Clu Gulager
Beverly Gill
Leslie McRae
Dan Farrell looks into the strange bombing of an odd-ball artist. [RF]

3.13 [65] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in AQUARIUS DESCENDING
11Dec70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Hermione Gingold as Vivian Forsythe
Brenda Scott as Angela Dean
Arthur Hill as Brighton
Michael Callan as Tommy Crail
William Smithers as Dave Martin
Charles Macaulay as Carlson
James Oliver as Doughboy
Ron Russell as Chuck
George Garro as Rodriguez
Ralph Story as Newscaster
Wallace Chadwell as Chairman
Timothy Carey as Desert Rat
An ambitious politician sets out to discredit Glenn Howard after an uncomplimentary story about his was published. [RF]

3.14 [66] The Name of the Game: starring Robert Stack in THE GLORY SHOUTER
18Dec70 NBC Fri
guest cast:
William Shatner as Ronald Payden
Dina Merrill as Maggie Payden
Howard Duff as Wally Cook
Jackie Coogan as Connie Hart
Don Scardino as Chris Payden
Edward Binns as Dan Borden
Joe Flynn as Stu
A fire-and-brimstone tele-evangelist is plagued by gremlins from within his organization who are tapping his till.
Dan Farrell, investigates only to deduce that he may be the one siphoning from his own flock's donations. [RF]

3.15 [67] The Name of the Game: starring ? A SISTER FROM NAPOLI
08Jan71 NBC Fri
Written by Allen Fields & Stanley Adams, George F. Slavin
Directed by Barry Shear
guest cast:
Peter Falk as Lewis Corbett
Geraldine Page as Sister Lucia
Kurt Kasznar as Alfredo
Shepperd Strudwick as Dr. Witherton
Tom Ewell as District Attorney Simpson
David Wayne as Emory Ward
Angel Tompkins as Vickie Ward
Robert Emhardt as Creighton
Bill Lucking as Gruber
Robert C. Ross as Prison Guard
Sy Kramer as Cabbie
Errol Gardner, cameo
A district attorney up for a judgeship is deemed unfit and an investigation ensues by Lewis Corbett. [RF]

3.16 [68] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in  LOS ANGELES: 2017
15Jan71 NBC Fri
Written by Philip Wylie
Directed by Steven Spielberg
guest cast:
Barry Sullivan as Dane Bigelow
Louise Latham as Helen Bigelow
Edmond O'Brien as Bergman
Sharon Farrell as Sandrell
Geoffrey Lewis as Bates
Gloria Manon as Dr Arnold
Stuart Nisbet as Dr Simmons
Paul Stewart as Dr Rubias
Regis J Cordic as The Chairman
Michael C. Gwynne as Dr. Parker
Alicia Bond as Dr Barton
Severn Darden as Cameron
Phil Montgomery as Keeger
Jason Wingreen as Hammond
William Smithers ?
Synopsis 1:
Publisher Glenn Howard is suddenly whisked away from his plush office in 1971. He finds himself in a world beneath the
Earth's surface, circa 2017. The powers-that-be in this subterranean world refuse to answer Howard's many questions as
to what has happened on the surface.
Synopsis 2:
Glenn Howard is transported to the year 2017 and finds residents of Los Angeles have been forced underground by pollution. [RF]

3.17 [69] The Name of the Game: starring ? THE MAN WHO KILLED A GHOST
29Jan71 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Robert Wagner as David Corey
Janet Leigh as Glory Bates
Kim Stanley as Veta Marie Goss
David Hartman as Norval Bates
Alfred Ryder as Rolf LeBreque
Lurene Tuttle as Highwater Annie
Ted Eccles as James Catlin Jr.
Jack Soo as Sergeant George Kwan
William Bryant as Fry Cook
Lex Barker ?
The real personality of a famous cowboy star is exposed by David Corey. [RF]

3.18 [70] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in SEEK AND DESTROY
05Feb71 NBC Fri
guest cast:
Leif Erickson as King
John Vernon as Embers
Kathleen Nolan as Laurie Reid
Susan Oliver as Dr. Cook
Tom Bosley as Tait
John McGiver as Walt Terry
Forrest Tucker as Walsh
Douglas Fowley as Haskell
Mary Jackson as Mrs. White
Ben Wright as Dr. Bard
Walter Edmiston as Motel Clerk
Dan Farrell runs into many dead ends as he endeavors to discover why an important scientist suddenly died. [RF]

3.19 [71] The Name of the Game: starring Gene Barry in A CAPITOL AFFAIR
12Feb71 NBC Fri
Written by Richard DeRoy,
Directed by Marvin Chomsky
guest cast:
Monte Markham as Charlie
Suzanne Pleshette as Hallie Manville
Larry Hagman as Dean Chasen
Leon Ames as Diedrick
Mercedes McCambridge as Victoria Stuart
Linda Towne as Phyllis Chasen
Lucy Saroyan as Jane
Don Brodie as Chauffeur
Glenn Howard intervenes when a misguided Washington gossip columnist
tries to destroy the career of a promising government official. [RF]

3.20 [72] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in THE SAVAGE EYE
19Feb71 NBC Fri
Written by Leon Tokatyan
Directed by Leo Penn
guest cast:
Pete Duel as Ted Sands
Geoffrey Deuel as Zemmo
Marianna Hill as Tracy
Jim Hutton as Mike
John Randolph as Chapman
Robert Foulk as Sheriff
Kelly Thordsen as Foreman
Dan Farrell looks into a conflict involving loggers and the filming of a documentary. [RF]

3.21 [73] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in APPOINTMENT IN PALERMO
26Feb71 NBC Fri
Written by Joseph Calvelli
Directed by Ben Gazzara
guest cast:
Harry Guardino as Dr. Grabaldi
Joe De Santis as Don Ignazio
Brenda Vaccaro as Gemma
John Marley as Don Bruno
Gabriel Dell as Rocco Amato
Paul Dubov as Luigi Bardi
Peggy Mondo as Filomena
Than Wyenn as Don Vito
David Mauro as Policeman
Glenn Howard goes to Italy to research a story and becomes the central figure in a feud between two families. [RF]

3.22 [74] The Name of the Game: Robert Stack in BEWARE OF THE WATCHDOG
05Mar71 NBC Fri
Written by Jack Turley
Directed by Marvin Chomsky
guest cast:
Richard Kiley as Arlen McKittrick
Diana Muldaur as Terry Lanson
Ed Flanders as Lazlo Subich
Pernell Roberts as Ernie Subich
Nancy Olson as Ann Latham
James Sikking as Police Lieutenant
Byron Mabe as Pete
Dan Farrell investigates a consumer advocate who is currently masterminding an expose of the fish-canning industry.
When several attempts are made on his life, the advertisers are under suspect. [RF]

3.23 [75] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in THE BROKEN PUZZLE
12Mar71 NBC
Written by ?
Directed by ?
guest cast:
Chuck Connors as Governor Brill
Patricia Crowley as Christy Landon
Charles Aidman as Garth Dryden
Alex Dreir as Jess Leighton
Mark Miller as Watts
Glenn Howard suffers amnesia after a mysterious plan crash. [RF]

3.24 [76] The Name of the Game: Gene Barry in THE SHOWDOWN
(final episode)
19Mar71 NBC Fri
Written by Dick Nelson
story by Robert Sabaroff
Directed by Dan Petrie
guest cast:
Jack Albertson as Augustus Kramer
Jessica Walter as Rita/Allie
Warren Oates as Lew Weatherford/John
Albert Salmi as Haloran/Warren
Jack Garner as Gordon/Logan Manning
Ron Turbeville as Barney/Pat Manning
Eve Bruce
Glenn Howard's ancestor, an old west gambler, tries to stay alive in the face of a showdown. [RF]
*Note Gene Barry plays a dual role in this episode, from the present to the past.

########### The Name of the Game #############
################ the end #####################

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