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Syndicated Country & Western Music Series
Season 9 (1971-72)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Tom Alger
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######### The Wilburn Brothers Show ##########
############## season 9 1971-72 ##############
Series 9 regulars include:
Loretta Lynn (through episode WB-449)
Hal Rugg (through episode WB-451)
Buddy Spiker
Paul Ott (beginning episode WB-470)

 9.01 [440] The Kendalls / LaWanda Lindsey (taped July 12, 1971)
Prod. no. WB-440
21Aug1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "It Takes A Lot of Money."
Loretta Lynn - "It's Such A Pretty World Today."
Lawanda Lindsey - "You Make My Day."
Wilburn Brothers - "Somebody's Back in Town."
The Kendalls (father and daughter Royce and Jeannie Kendall) - "Leavin' On A Jet Plane."
Hal Rugg - "Camptown Races" (steel guitar instrumental)
Loretta Lynn - "Peace In The Valley" (Gospel number)
Group and Lawanda Lindsey - "Crawdad Song."

9.02 [441] Grandpa Jones
Prod. no. WB-441
Wilburn Brothers - "She Burned the Little Roadside Tavern Down."
Loretta Lynn - "I'll Sure Come A Long Way Down."
Grandpa Jones - "Banjo Sam."
Wilburn Brothers - "Making Plans."
Wilburn Brothers - "Jesus Hold My Hand."
Buddy Spiker - Fiddle Away" fiddle instrumental
Loretta Lynn - "You're Lookin' at Country."
Grandpa Jones - "Any Old Time."

9.03 [442] Bob Yarborough (taped July 12, 1971)
Prod. no. WB-442
16Oct1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "Flyin' South."
Loretta Lynn - "If You're Not Gone Too Long."
Bob Yarborough - "Because."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Lilacs in Winter."
Loretta Lynn - "Woman of the World."
Hal Rugg - "Relaxin'" (guitar instrumental).
Group and Joe Dubrin - "I Saw the Light" (Gospel number)
Bob Yarborough - "You're Just More A Woman."

9.04 [443] J. Lee Web
Prod. no. possibly WB-443
09Oct1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.05 [444] Jerry Clower / Mike Lawrence / Bruce Madison (taped July 12, 1971)
Prod. no. WB-444
02Oct1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "Treat The Dog Like A Dog."
Loretta Lynn - "You're Lookin' At Country."
Mike Lawrence & Bruce Madison - "One Child's Dream."
Loretta Lynn & The Wilburn Brothers - "Walk Through The World With Me."
Jerry Clower - comedy routine
Buddy Spiker - "Gray Eagle" (fiddle instrumental).
Loretta Lynn - "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands."
Mike Lawrence & Bruce Madison - "What Am I Doing Here?"

9.06 [445] Jack Greene
25Sep1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
Prod. no. possibly WB-445

9.07 [446] Jeannie Seely / Jack Greene
Prod. no. WB-446
possibly 18Sep1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "Something Good'll Happen Today."
Loretta Lynn - "You're Lookin' At Country."
Jeannie Seely - "You Don't Understand Him Like I Do."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Honky Tonk Songs."
Loretta Lynn - "A Saint to a Sinner."
Hal Rugg - "Time Changes Everything" (steel guitar instrumental).
The Wilburn Brothers - "Won't It Be Wonderful There?"
Jeannie Seely & Jack Greene - medley: "Great Speckled Bird," "Wild Side of Life" and "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels."

9.08 [447] George Hamilton IV / Johnny Russell
Prod. no. WB-447
11Sep1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "Born To Be With You."
Loretta Lynn - "Bargain Basement Dress."
George Hamilton IV - "She's A Little Bit Country."
Johnny Russell - "Mr and Mrs Untrue."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Old Folks Home" (Gospel number)
Hal Rugg - "Sewanee River" (steel guitar instrumental)
Loretta Lynn - "Before I'm Over You."
George Hamilton IV - "Countryfied."

9.09 [448] Stringbean / Billy C. Cole (taped July 14, 1971)
Prod. no. WB-448
04Sep1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "Roarin' Again."
Loretta Lynn - "Loose Talk."
Stringbean - "Pretty Polly."
The Wilburn Brothers - "The Slammin' of the Door."
Loretta Lynn - "Coal Miner's Daughter."
Stringbean, Hal Rugg and Buddy Spiker - "Ida Red" Instrumental
Loretta Lynn - "In The Garden" (Gospel number)
Billy C. Cole - "Put the Hearse in Reverse."

9.10 [449] Tex Ritter (taped July 14, 1971)
Prod. no. WB-449
The Wilburn Brothers - "I Don't Care."
Loretta Lynn - "Who'll Help Me get Over You."
Tex Ritter - "Fall Away."
The Wilburn Brothers - "The Knoxville Girl."
Loretta Lynn & Wilburn Brothers - "Oh Come Angel Band" (Gospel number)
Buddy Spiker - "Snowflake Breakdown" (fiddle instrumental)
Tex Ritter - "There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder."

9.11 [450] Prod. no. WB-450 (unknown)

9.12 [451] LaWanda Lindsey / The Glaser Brothers (taped September 21, 1971)
Prod. no. WB-451
15July1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (repeat)
The Wilburn Brothers - "Hurt Her Once For Me."
LaWanda Lindsey - "Partin' Of The Ways."
Glaser Brothers - "Rings."
Teddy Wilburn & LaWanda Lindsey - "Four Glass Walls."
LaWanda Lindsey - "Partly Bill."
Hal Rugg - "Bells of St Mary's."
The Wilburn Brothers, Glaser Brothers, and LaWanda Lindsey - "When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder" (Gospel number).
Glaser Brothers - "Faded Love."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Little Eyes that Look At Me."

9.13 [452] Prod. no. WB-452 (unknown)
9.14 [453] Prod. no. WB-453 (unknown)
9.15 [454] Prod. no. WB-454 (unknown)
9.16 [455] Prod. no. WB-455 (unknown)
9.17 [456] Prod. no. WB-456 (unknown)
9.18 [457] Prod. no. WB-457 (unknown)
9.19 [458] Prod. no. WB-458 (unknown)
9.20 [459] Prod. no. WB-459 (unknown)
9.21 [460] Prod. no. WB-460 (unknown)
9.22 [461] Prod. no. WB-461 (unknown)
9.23 [462] Prod. no. WB-462 (unknown)
9.24 [463] Prod. no. WB-463 (unknown)
9.25 [464] Prod. no. WB-464 (unknown)
9.26 [465] Prod. no. WB-465 (unknown)
9.27 [466] Prod. no. WB-466 (unknown)
9.28 [467] Prod. no. WB-467 (unknown)
9.29 [468] Prod. no. WB-468 (unknown)

9.xx [---] Glen Shirley
23Oct1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.xx [---] Peggy Little / J. Lee Webb
30Oct1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.xx [---] Sonny Wright / Peggy Sue / Bob Yarbrough.
06Nov1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
03June1972 Milwaukee (repeat)

9.xx [---] Brian Collins / Carl Phillips / Judy Kester
13Nov1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.xx [---] Tom T. Hall / Jamey Ryan
20Nov1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
17June1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (repeat)

9.xx [---] Dave Dudley / Sammi Smith
(probably) 27Nov1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
24June1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (repeat)
The Wilburn Brothers - "Try A Little Kindness."
Dave Dudley - "Six Days on the Road."
Sammi Smith- "Help Me Make It Through the Night."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Drifting Apart."
The Wilburn Brothers - "The Old Country Church."
The Nashville Tennesseans - hot country swing instrumental
Sammi Smith - Saunders Ferry Lane."
Dave Dudley - "Fly Away Again."

9.xx [---] Johnny Paycheck / Barbara Mandrell
04Dec1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
01July1972 Milwaukee (repeat)
The Wilburn Brothers - "We Need A Lot More Happiness."
Barbara Mandrell - "Treat Him Right."
Johnny Paycheck - "Jukebox Charlie."
Rusty Adams sings the lovely 'Two Lives To Live."
Barbara Mandrell - "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man."
The Tennesseans perform a brief instrumental number.
Johnny Paycheck - "She's All I Got."
Barbara (on steel guitar), Teddy (on bass fiddle) and Buddy Spicher (on fiddle) close the show with an instrumental song.

9.xx [---] Webb Pierce / Nancy Dee
11Dec1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
--matching episode?
The Wilburn Brothers - "I'm Gonna Tie One On Tonight."
Nancy Dee - "Rocky Top."
Webb Pierce - "Someone Stepped In."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Happy Tracks."
Webb Pierce & Nancy Dee - "I Owe It To My Heart."
The Nashville Tennesseans - "Sweet Bunch of Daisies."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Medals For Mothers."
Webb Pierce & Wilburn Brothers - "I Ain't Never."
Webb Pierce & Wilburn Brothers - "In The Jailhouse Now."

9.xx [--] Charlie Rich and Patsy Sledd
18Dec1971 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.xx [---] Jack Greene and Jeannie Seeley (different from WB-446)
15Jan1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
26May1973 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (repeat?)
--From this episode?
Jack Greene and Jeannie Seely - "If You Ever Need My Love." (released March 1972)

9.30 [469] Connie Smith / Freddie North (taped November 17, 1971)
Prod. no. WB-469
08Jan1972 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "That She's Leavin' Feelin'."
Connie Smith - "Just One Time."
Freddie North - "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Born To Be With You."
Connie Smith - "Farther Along" (Gospel number)
Buddy Spiker - "Jersey Bounce" instrumental
Freddie North - "She's All I Got."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Arkansas."
Connie Smith - "I'm Sorry That My Love Got In Your Way."

01Jan1972 Milwaukee - no details

9.31 [470] Bill Anderson / Jan Howard
Prod. no. WB-470
02June1973 (repeat) WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "It's Another World."
Bill Anderson - "Quits."
Paul Ott - "Danny Boy."
Jan Howard - "Love is Like A Spinning Wheel"
Buddy Spiker - "Beaumont Rag" fiddle instrumental
Bill Anderson and Jan Howard - "Beautiful People" duet.
Paul Ott - "Were You There" (Gospel number).
The Wilburn Brothers - "Sing Your Heart Out Country Boy."
Bill Anderson - "Wild Weekend."

9.32 [471] Prod. no. WB-471 (unknown)

9.33 [472] Tommy Overstreet / Barbara Fairchild
06May1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
19May1973 (repeat) Milwaukee
Prod. no. possibly WB-472

9.34 [473] Barbara Mandrell / Johnny Carver (1971)
Prod. no. WB-473
29Apr1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
12May1973 (repeat) WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "Arkansas."
Johnny Carver - "If You Think That It's All Right."
Paul Ott - "With Pen in Hand."
Barbara Mandrell - "Tonight My Baby's Coming Home."
Johnny Carver - "I Started Thinking About You."
Buddy Spiker - "Orange Blossom Special" (fiddle instrumental)
The Wilburn Brothers - "Kneel at the Cross" (Gospel number)
Paul Ott - "Galway Bay."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Try a Little Kindness."

9.xx [---] Prod. no. WB-474 (unknown)
9.xx [---] Prod. no. WB-475 (unknown)
9.xx [---] Prod. no. WB-476 (unknown)

9.xx [---] Sammi Smith / Mac Wiseman
29Jan1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.xx [---] Jimmy Helms / Peggy Sue
05Feb1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
07July1973 (repeat) WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.xx [---] Barbara Fairchild / Jimmy Helms
12Feb1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
09June1973 (repeat) WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.xx [---] Sonny Wright
19Feb1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.xx [---] LaWanda Lindsey / Jay Lee Webb / Sonny Wright
26Feb1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.xx [---] Bobby G. Rice and Sammi Smith
04Mar1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.xx [477] Barbara Mandrell / Glen Shirley (1971)
Prod. no. WB-477
28July1973 (repeat) WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "Lay Some Happiness on Me."
Barbara Mandrell - "Treat Him Right."
Paul Ott - "Cold Water."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Arkansas."
Buddy Spiker - "Listen to the Mockingbird" (fiddle instrumental).
Paul Ott - "Old Blue."
Glen Shirley - "Robin (One of a Kind)."
Barbara Mandrell - "Satisfied."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Happy Street."

9.xx [478] Sammi Smith / Brian Collins
Prod. no. WB-478
The Wilburn Brothers - "I'm Gonna Tie One On Tonight."
Sammi Smith - "Kentucky."
Paul Ott - "Shenandoah."
Brian Collins - "There's A Kind Of A Hush."
Buddy Spiker - "Fiddle Faddle" fiddle instrumental
Paul Ott - "Green Green Grass of Home."
Paul Ott - "Tree."
The Wilburn Brothers - "He Will Set Your Fields on Fire" (Gospel number)
Sammi Smith - "The Marionette."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Happy Tracks."

9.xx [479] George Hamilton IV / LaWanda Lindsey (1972)
Prod. no. WB-479
25Mar1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
29June1974 (repeat) WVTV-18 Milwaukee
The Wilburn Brothers - "Santa Fe Rolls Royce."
Paul Ott - "Old Blue."
LaWanda Lindsey - "Wish I Was A Little Boy Again."
George Hamilton IV - "West Texas Highway."
Buddy Spiker - "Hot Canary."
The Wilburn Brothers - "Little Johnny From Down the Street."
Paul Ott - "Amazing Grace."
George Hamilton IV - "Ten Degrees and Getting Cooler."
LaWanda Lindsey - "Crawdad Song."

9.xx [---] Jim Ed Brown / Barbara Fairchild
08Apr1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.xx [---] Peggy Little / Bobby Bare
15Apr1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee
29Mar1975 (repeat) WVTV-18 Milwaukee

9.xx [---] Bob Luman / LaWanda Lindsey
22Apr1972 WVTV-18 Milwaukee

[---] Prod. no. WB-480 (unknown)
[---] Prod. no. WB-481 (unknown)
[---] Prod. no. WB-482 (unknown)

######### The Wilburn Brothers Show ##########
############## end of season 9 ###############

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