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Syndicated Country & Western Music Series
Season 6 (1979-80)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Tom Alger
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Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper,
The Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel newspapers, RFD-TV

########### Pop! Goes The Country ############
############## Season 6 1979-80 ##############
  Host: Ralph Emery

 6.01 [131] Prod. no. 601 (unknown)
6.02 [132] Prod. no. 602 (unknown)
6.03 [133] Prod. no. 603 (unknown)

6.xx [---] Tom T. Hall / Connie Smith
Tom T. Hall - "Son Of Clayton Delaney."
Connie Smith - "Ten Thousand and One."
Tom T. Hall sings "Mr. Bojangles" with a brief soft shoe dance.
Tom T. Hall appears as ‘Conrad, The Country Music Mystic' in a comedy routine with Ralph Emery.
Connie Smith - "Lovin' You, Lovin' Me."
Tom T. Hall - "There Is A Miracle In You."
Local airdate:
01Sep1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas

6.xx [---] Chet Atkins / Grandpa Jones / Minnie Pearl
Chet Atkins - "Dance With Me" guitar instrumental.
Grandpa Jones - "Headin' South" and "Nashville On My Mind."
Minnie Pearl - comedy monologue
Chet Atkins - "You Needed Me" guitar instrumental.
Grandpa Jones - "Four Stone Walls And A Ceiling."
Chet Atkins - "This String" guitar instrumental.
Local airdate:
08Sep1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday)

6.xx [---] The Statler Brothers / Billie Jo Spears
The Statler Brothers - "Here We Are Again."
Billie Jo Spears - "I Will Survive.”
The Statler Brothers - "Mr. Autry."
Billie Jo Spears - "Livin' Our Love Together."
The Statler Brothers (as Lester "Roadhog" Moran and the Cadillac Cowboys) - "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" (comedy).
Local airdates:
06Oct1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday 7:00pm)
08Dec1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday)

6.04 [134] Conway Twitty / Sammie Smith
Prod. no. 604
Conway Twitty - "Boogie Grass Band."
Sammi Smith - "What A Lie."
Conway Twitty - "Don't Take It Away."
Sammi Smith - "My Window Faces The South."
Conway Twitty - medley: “Mona Lisa" and "Danny Boy."
Conway Twitty closes with "It's Only Make Believe."
Local airdate:
15Sep1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday)

6.05 [135] Prod. no. 605 (unknown)

6.xx [---] Johnny Rodriguez / Stella Parton / Tom T. Hall
Johnny Rodriguez - "Street Walker."
Stella Parton - "Room At The Top Of The Stairs."
Johnny Rodriguez - "Fools for Each Other."
Tom T. Hall and Johnny Rodriguez - "You Always Come Back to Hurting Me."
Stella Parton - "Steady As The Rain."
Johnny Rodriguez - "Down on the Rio Grande."
Local airdates:
13Oct1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 9:00pm)
03June1980 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Tues. 9:30pm)

6.06 [136] Jimmy Dean / Rex Allen Jr. / Peggy Sue
Prod. no. 606
Jimmy Dean - "Alabama Jubilee.”
Rex Allen Jr. - "If I Fell In Love With You.”
Peggy Sue - "I Want To See Me In Your Eyes."
Rex Allen Jr. - "(Me And My) Broken Heart."
Jimmy Dean - "The Farmer And The Lord” and “You're Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You."
Local airdates:
29Sep1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 9:00pm)
08July1980 KSTW-11 Seattle Wash. (Tues. 9:30pm)
19July1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sat. 12:00mid)
27July1980 KGW-8 Portland, Oregon (Sun. 6:30pm)
RFD-TV repeat: 10Mar2012

6.07 [137] Barbara Mandrell / The Kendalls
Prod. no. 607
Barbara Mandrell - "One Love In My Lifetime.”
The Kendalls - "Just Like Real People."
Barbara Mandrell - medley: “Standing Room Only," "Married But Not To Each Other" and "Midnight Oil."
The Kendalls - "Sweet Desire."
Barbara Mandrell - "His Eye Is on the Sparrow” and “The Great Amen."
Local airdates:
12Apr1980 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday)
03May1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sat. 12mid)
17May1980 Rockford IL Register Star (Sat. 10:30pm ch. 4)
19Apr1980 KWGN-2 Denver, CO (Saturday 9pm)
20May1980 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Tues. 9:30pm)
RFD-TV repeat: 17Mar2012

6.08 [138] Prod. no. 608 (unknown)
6.09 [139] Prod. no. 609 (unknown)

6.xx [---] George Jones / T.G. Sheppard / Charly McClain
George Jones - "You Gotta Be My Baby.”
Charly McClain - "Take Me Back.”
T.G. Sheppard - "Happy Together.”
George Jones - "Someday My Day Will Come."
Charly McClain - "That's What You Do To Me."
T.G. Sheppard - "Solitary Man.”
Local airdates:
20Oct1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday)
08Dec1979 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sat. 12:00mid)

6.xx [---] Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers / Tommy Overstreet / Kelly Warren
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers - "All The Gold In California.”
Tommy Overstreet - "Forever In Blue Jeans.”
Kelly Warren - "Silver Threads and Golden Needles."
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers - "We're Number One.”
Tommy Overstreet - "I'll Never Let You Down.”
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers - "Sweet Becky Walker” excerpt.
Local airdates:
27Oct1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday)
24Nov1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 9:00pm)
26Apr1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sat. 12:00mid)
10May1980 Rockford IL Register Star (Sat. 10:30pm ch. 4)
13May1980 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Tues. 9:30pm)

6.10 [140] Jim Ed Brown / Helen Cornelius / John Conlee
Prod. no. 610
Music includes:
Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius - "Listen To The Music.”
Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius - "Lying In Love With You.”
Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius - "You Don't Bring Me Flowers.”
John Conlee - "Back Side Of Thirty.”
John Conlee - "Rose Colored Glasses.”
Jim Ed Brown - "Jimmy Brown, The Newsboy.”
Jim Ed Brown - "The Three Bells.”
Local airdate:
29Sep1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday)
RFD-TV repeat: 24Mar2012

6.11 [141] Prod. no. 611 (unknown)
6.12 [142] Prod. no. 612 (unknown)
6.13 [143] Prod. no. 613 (unknown)

6.xx [---] Mel Tillis / Susie Allanson
Music includes:
Mel Tillis - "Good Woman Blues.”
Mel Tillis - "Send Me Down to Tucson."
Susie Allanson - "Words."
Susie Allanson - "Two Steps Forward and Three Steps Back."
Local airdates:
27Oct1979 KSTW-11 Seattle Daily Times (Saturday 9:00pm)
10Nov1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday)
19Apr1980 Rockford IL Register Star (Sat. 10:30pm ch. 4)
22Apr1980 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Tues. 9:30pm)
03May1980 KWGN-2 Denver, CO (Saturday 9pm)

6.xx [---] Loretta Lynn / Sen. Robert Byrd / Ernest Rey
Loretta Lynn - "We've Come a Long Way Baby.”
Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) - "Cripple Creek” instrumental.
Loretta Lynn & Ernest Rey - "Mama's Sugar.”
Sen. Robert Byrd - "More Pretty Girls Than One” instrumental.
Loretta Lynn - medley: “I Wanna Be Free,” “Wine, Women, and Song,” “You Ain't Woman Enough”
and “Don't Come Home A Drinkin'."
Local airdates:
03Nov1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday)
01Dec1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 9:00pm)
19Apr1980 Rockford IL Register Star (Sat. 10:30pm ch. 4)
29Apr1980 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Tues. 9:30pm)

6.xx [---] Billy "Crash" Craddock / Janie Fricke
Music includes:
Billy "Crash" Craddock - "My Mama Never Heard Me Sing.”
Janie Fricke - "Please Help Me, I'm Falling."
Janie Fricke - "I'll Love Away Your Troubles for Awhile."
Billy Craddock and Janie Fricke - medley: "Rock Around the Clock," "Happy Days," "Teen Angel," "Sea Cruise"
and "Great Balls of Fire."
Local airdates:
17Nov1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 9:00pm)
01Dec1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday)
27May1980 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Tues. 9:30pm)
21June1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sat. 12:00mid)

6.14 [144] Dave and Sugar / Don Williams
Prod. no. 614
Music includes:
Don Williams - "Tulsa Time.”
Don Williams - "I Would Like to See You Again.”
Don Williams - "Lay Down Beside Me."
Dave and Sugar - "My World Begins and Ends with You."
Dave and Sugar - "Stay with Me."
Dave and Sugar - "Golden Tears."
Local airdate:
29Mar1980 KWGN-2 Denver (Saturday 9:00pm)
RFD-TV repeat: 30Mar2012

6.15 [145] Bill Anderson / Jim Stafford / Con Hunley
Prod. no. 615
Musical highlights:
Bill Anderson - "One More Sexy Lady.”
Con Hunley - "Since I Fell for You.”
Jim Stafford - "Swamp Witch."
Bill Anderson, Jim Stafford, Con Hunley, and Ralph Emery - "The Dream Never Dies.”
Local airdate:
13Oct1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday)
RFD-TV repeat: 07Apr2012

6.16 [146] Prod. no. 616 (unknown)
6.17 [147] Prod. no. 617 (unknown)
6.18 [148] Prod. no. 618 (unknown)
6.16 [149] Prod. no. 619 (unknown)
6.17 [150] Prod. no. 620 (unknown)
6.21 [151] Prod. no. 621 (unknown)
6.22 [152] Prod. no. 622 (unknown)

6.xx [---] Marty Robbins / Brenda Lee / Tom Grant
Marty Robbins - "All Around Cowboy.”
Brenda Lee - "Tell Me What It's Like.”
Marty Robbins - "Ribbon Of Darkness.”
Tom Grant - "Sail On.”
Brenda Lee - "You Only Broke My Heart.”
Marty Robbins - "Buenos Dias Argentina."
Local airdate:
02Feb1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sat. 12:00mid)

6.xx [---] Dottie West / B.J. Thomas / Lorrie Morgan
Dottie West & B.J. Thomas - "Hey, Good Lookin'."
Lorrie Morgan - "What I've Got In Mind.”
B.J. Thomas - "I've Really Got The Feelin'” and “I Just Can't Help Believing.”
Dottie West - "Pick Me Up And Put Me Down.”
B.J. Thomas - "Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song.”
Dottie West - "A Lesson In Leavin'.”
Local airdates:
16Feb1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Saturday 12:00mid)
10June1980 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Tues. 9:30pm)

6.xx [---] Mickey Gilley / The Bellamy Brothers / Johnny Lee
Mickey Gilley - "I'm Movin' On.”
The Bellamy Brothers - "Let Your Love Flow.”
Mickey Gilley - "Just Long Enough To Say Goodbye.”
Johnny Lee - "Cherokee Fiddle.”
The Bellamy Brothers - "If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body.”
Mickey Gilley - "Lonely Wine.”
Local airdates:
04Mar1980 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 9:00pm)

6.xx [---] Jerry Lee Lewis / Freddy Weller / Carl Perkins
Jerry Lee Lewis - "Rockin' My Life Away.”
Carl Perkins - "C.C. Rider.”
Freddy Weller - "Go For The Night.”
Jerry Lee Lewis - "You Win Again.”
Jerry Lee Lewis & Carl Perkins - "Blue Suede Shoes.”
Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Mickey Gilley - "Matchbox.”
Local airdate:
16Aug1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sat. 12:00mid)

6.xx [---] Moe Bandy / Joe Stampley / Louise Mandrell
Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley - "Good Ol' Boys.”
Louise Mandrell - "Hooked On A Feeling.”
Moe Bandy - "I Cheated Me Right Out of You.”
Joe Stampley - "Red Wine and Blue Memories.”
Moe Bandy and Joe Stampley - "Holdin' The Bag” and "Honky Tonk Man.”
Local airdates:
29Mar1980 Register Star (Rockford, Illinois) (ch. 4 Sat. 10:30pm)
01Apr1980 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Tuesday 9:30pm)

6.xx [---] Billy "Crash" Craddock / Johnny Duncan / Randy Gurley
Billy "Crash" Craddock - "Robin Hood.”
Johnny Duncan – “Baby Me, Baby.”
Randy Gurley - "What Else Can I Do?'
Billy "Crash" Craddock - "'Til I Stop Shaking.”
Johnny Duncan - "Fools.”
Billy "Crash" Craddock closes with “Promised Land.”
Local airdates:
08Apr1980 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Tuesday 9:30pm)
23Aug1980 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Sat. 7:00pm)
21Feb1981 KCPQ-13 Seattle WA Daily Times (Sat. 3:30pm)

6.xx [---] Dottsy / Ray Stevens
Ray Stevens - "You Are So Beautiful.”
Dottsy - "When I'm Gone.”
Ray Stevens - "Save Me From Myself.”
Dottsy - "Tryin' to Satisfy You.”
Ray Stevens - medley: “The Shriners Convention,” “Hallulah, I Love Her So” and “Last Date.”
Local airdates:
03May1980 Rockford IL Register Star (Sat. 10:30pm ch. 4)
17May1980 KWGN-2 Denver, CO (Saturday 9pm)

6.23 [153] Ronnie Milsap / Ronnie McDowell / Ronnie Prophet
Prod. no. 623
Ronnie Milsap - "Get It Up.”
Ronnie McDowell - "One False Move.”
Ronnie Prophet - "The Phantom Of The Opry.”
Ronnie Milsap - "Back On My Mind Again.”
Ronnie McDowell - "I Want To Drive You Crazy.”
Ronnie Milsap - "In No Time At All.”
Local airdate:
16Feb1980 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday)
RFD-TV repeat: 14Apr2012

6.24 [154] The Oak Ridge Boys / Cristy Lane / Kenny O'Dell
Prod. no. 624
The Oak Ridge Boys - "Ya'll Come Back Saloon.”
Cristy Lane - "Come To My Love.”
The Oak Ridge Boys - "Dream On.”
Kenny O'Dell - "Behind Closed Doors.”
Cristy Lane - "Simple Little Words."
The Oak Ridge Boys - "Leaving Louisiana In The Broad Daylight.”
Local airdate:
28Jun1980 KXJB-4 Valley City, North Dakota (Saturday 11:30pm)
RFD-TV repeat: 21Apr2012

6.25 [155] Charley Pride / Janie Fricke / Razzy Bailey
Prod. no. 625
Charley Pride - "You're My Jamaica.”
Janie Fricke - "But Love Me.”
Razzy Bailey - "I Ain't Got No Business Doin' Business Today.”
Charley Pride - "Missin' You.”
Razzy Bailey - "Is It Over?”
Charley Pride & Janie Fricke - "Four Walls.”
Local airdate:
22Mar1980 KWGN-2 Denver (Saturday 9:00pm)
RFD-TV repeat: 28Apr2012

6.26 [156] Helen Cornelius / Danny Davis & the Nashville Brass / Steve Wariner
Prod. no. 626
Music includes:
Steve Wariner - "Beside Me."
Danny Davis & the Nashville Brass - "Mule Skinner Blues.”
Danny Davis & the Nashville Brass - "I Just Can't Stop Loving You.”
Danny Davis & the Nashville Brass - "Wabash Cannon Ball.”
Danny Davis & the Nashville Brass - "I Saw the Light."
Local airdates:
10May1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sat. 12:00mid)
12July1980 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Sat. 12:00mid)
19July1980 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Sat. 7:00pm)

 ########### Pop! Goes The Country ############
############## end of season 6 ###############

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