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Syndicated Country & Western Music Series
Season 5 (1978-79)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Tom Alger
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Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper,
The Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel newspapers

########### Pop! Goes The Country ############
############## Season 5 1978-79 ##############
Host: Ralph Emery

5.01 [105] Prod. no. 501 (unknown)

5.xx [---] Barbara Mandrell / Anne Murray / Don King
Anne Murray & Barbara Mandrell - "Break My Mind.”
Barbara Mandrell - "Woman To Woman."
Anne Murray - "Walk Right Back."
Don King - "She's the Girl of My Dreams."
Barbara Mandrell - "(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher."
Anne Murray - "Let’s Keep It That Way."
Band - "William Tell Overture” (instrumental)
Local airdates:
24Sep1978 WCBI-4 Columbus, Miss. (Sunday 4:00pm)
01Oct1978 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Sunday 6:00pm)

5.02 [106] Johnny Rodriguez / Gene Watson / Alex Houston
Prod. no. 502
Johnny Rodriguez - medley: "Love Put a Song in My Heart," "That's the Way Love Goes" and "Pass Me By."
Gene Watson - "I Don't Need a Thing at All."
Alex Houston (ventriloquist) - comedy sketch.
Johnny Rodriguez - "We Believe in Happy Endings."
Gene Watson - "Cowboys Don't Get Lucky All the Time."
Alex Houston & Elmer (ventriloquist act) sing “Please Release Me” in Spanish.
Local airdates:
24Sep1978 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Sunday 6:00pm)
30Sep1978 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Saturday 10:00pm)

5.03 [107] Prod. no. 503 (unknown)

5.xx [---] Mickey Gilley / La Costa / Ava Barber (taped April 12, 1978)
Prod. no. 509 (to be verified)
Mickey Gilley - "Power Of Positive Drinking."
La Costa - "Number One With A Heartache."
Ava Barber - "Bucket To The South."
Mickey Gilley - "Pretend,” “Boogie Woogie."
La Costa - "Take Your Love Away."
La Costa & Mickey Gilley - "Boogie Woogie” (instrumental)
Local airdates:
17Sep1978 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Sunday 6:00pm)
23Sep1978 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Saturday 10:00pm)
28Sep1978 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
30Sep1978 WGN-4 Nashville (Saturday 5:00pm)

5.04 [108] Prod. no. 504 (unknown)

5.xx [---] Bill Anderson / Mary Lou Turner / Connie Smith
Music includes:
Bill Anderson - "Still the One."
Bill Anderson - "Liars One, Believers Zero."
Connie Smith - "Lovin' You Baby,"
Connie Smith - medley: "Cincinnati, Ohio," "You & Your Sweet Love" and "Once a Day."
Bill Anderson and Mary Lou Turner - "I'm Way Ahead of You."
Local airdates:
10Sep1978 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Sunday 6:00pm)
21Sep1978 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
23Sep1978 WSM-4 Nashville, TN (Saturday 5:00pm)
13Jan1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

5.05 [109] Billy "Crash" Craddock / Karen Wheeler
Prod. no. 505
Billy "Crash" Craddock - "Gone At Last."
Karen Wheeler - "Hurt."
Billy "Crash" Craddock - "I Cheated on a Good Woman's Love."
Karen Wheeler - "Mule Skinner Blues."
Billy "Crash" Craddock - medley of Elvis Presley songs: “Love Me Tender," "Don't Be Cruel," "Jailhouse Rock,"
"Are You Lonesome Tonight?" "Hound Dog" and "Where No One Stands Alone."
Band - "Vassers’ Boogie" (instrumental)
Local airdates:
03Sep1978 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Sunday 6:00pm)
09Sep1978 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Saturday 10pm)
14Sep1978 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
01Oct1978 WCBI-4 Columbus, Miss. (Sunday 4:00pm)
30Dec1978 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
[06Feb2012 RFD-TV repeat]

5.06 [110] Prod. no. 506 (unknown)

5.xx [---] Tom T. Hall / Johnny Duncan / Janie Fricke
Tom T. Hall - "Mabel (You Have Been A Friend To Me)."
Janie Fricke - "Baby It's You."
Johnny Duncan - "She Can Put Her Shoes Under My Bed (Anytime)."
Tom T. Hall - "May the Force Be with You Always."
Janie Fricke and Johnny Duncan - "Atlanta Georgia Stray."
Tom T. Hall - "I Wish I Loved Somebody Else."
Band - "Sally Goodin’” (instrumental)
Local airdates:
12Oct1978 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
11Nov1978 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday 7:00pm)
18Nov1978 WSM-4 Nashville (Saturday 5:00pm)
12Apr1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
05May1979 WCBI-4 Columbus, Miss. (Sunday 1:00pm)

5.07 [111] Jim Ed Brown / Helen Cornelius / Ronnie McDowel
Prod. no. 507
Jim Ed Brown and Helen Cornelius - “Run Baby Run."
Ronnie McDowel - "I Love You, I Love You, I Love You."
Jim Ed Brown - medley: "Love In The Hot Afternoon," "I’m Just A Country Boy" and "’Til The Last Teardrop Falls."
Helen Cornelius - "What Are You Doing At Midnight?"
Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius - "I'll Never Be Free."
Ronnie McDowel - "Here Comes the Reason I Live."
Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius - medley: "Saying Hello, Saying I Love You, Saying Goodbye," "Born Believer"
and "I Don’t Want To Have To Marry You."
Band - "Broadway” (instrumental)
Local airdates:
04Nov1978 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Saturday 12:00am)
19Nov1978 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Sunday 6:00pm)
07Apr1979 WCBI-4 Columbus, Miss. (Sunday 1:00pm)
26Apr1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
[18Feb2012 RFD-TV repeat]

5.08 [112] Prod. no. 508 (unknown)
5.09 [113] Prod. no. 509 (unknown)
5.10 [114] Prod. no. 510 (unknown)
5.11 [115] Prod. no. 511 (unknown)
5.12 [116] Prod. no. 512 (unknown)

5.xx [---] Jerry Reed / Seidina Reed / Dick Feller
Jerry Reed - "East Bound And Down."
Seidina Reed - "Cry."
Jerry Reed - "In The Sack."
Dick Feller - "What Will I Plug My Electric Guitar Into?"
Jerry Reed - "High Rollin’."
Band - "Alabama Wildman” (instrumental)
Local airdates:
15Oct1978 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Sunday 6:00pm)
18Nov1978 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday 7:00pm)

5.xx [---] Charlie Rich / Stella Parton
Music includes:
Charlie Rich - "Lonely Weekends."
Charlie Rich - "Very Special Love Song."
Charlie Rich - "I Still Believe in Love."
Stella Parton - "Undercover Lovers."
Local airdates:
22Oct1978 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Sunday 6:00pm)
26Oct1978 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
18Nov1978 WAPI-13 Birmingham, AL (Saturday 4:00pm)
25Nov1978 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday 7:00pm)
23June1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday 7:00pm)

5.xx [---] Roger Miller / Sammi Smith
Music includes:
Roger Miller - "Dang Me," "King of the Road" and "Chug-a-Lug."
Sammi Smith - "Norma Jean."
Sammi Smith and Roger Miller - "In the Summertime."
Local airdates:
05Nov1978 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Sunday 6:00pm)
09Nov1978 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
02Dec1978 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Saturday 10:00pm)

5.xx [---] Mel Tillis / Barbara Fairchild
Mel Tillis - "I Got The Hoss."
Barbara Fairchild - "I’ll Meet You On The Other Side Of The Morning."
Mel Tillis - "What Did I Promise Her Last Night?"
The Stutterettes - "Sweet, Sweet Smile."
Barbara Fairchild - "Over The Rainbow."
Mel Tillis - "Wild Side Of Life."
Band - "Thunder Road” (instrumental)
Local airdates:
12Nov1978 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Sunday 6:00pm)
21Oct1978 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday 7:00pm)
16Nov1978 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
03May1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)

5.xx [---] Jimmy Dean / The Kendalls / Tammy Lynn
Music includes:
Jimmy Dean - "Are You from Dixie?"
Jimmy Dean - "This Old House."
The Kendalls - "It Don't Feel Like Sinnin' to Me."
The Kendalls - "Pittsburgh Stealers."
Tammy Lynn - "Don't Worry."
Local airdates:
26Nov1978 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Sunday 6:00pm)
04Nov1978 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday 7:00pm)
19Apr1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
21Apr1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas

5.13 [117] Hoyt Axton / Rex Allen Jr. / Susan Allanson
Prod. no. 513
Music includes:
Susan Allanson - "We Belong Together."
Rex Allen Jr. - "With Love."
Rex Allen Jr. - "No, No, No (I'd Rather Be Free)."
Hoyt Axton - "Flash of Fire."
Hoyt Axton - medley including "Joy to the World."
Local airdates:
29Oct1978 WVTV-18 Milwaukee (Sunday 6:00pm)
14Oct1978 WUAB-43 Cleveland, Ohio (Saturday 12:00am)
29Oct1978 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Saturday 10:00pm)
02Nov1978 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
14June1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
23June1979 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Saturday 10:00pm)
[25Feb2012 RFD-TV repeat]

5.14 [118] Prod. no. 514 (unknown)
5.15 [119] Prod. no. 515 (unknown)
5.16 [120] Prod. no. 516 (unknown)
5.17 [121] Prod. no. 517 (unknown)
5.18 [122] Prod. no. 518 (unknown)
5.19 [123] Prod. no. 519 (unknown)
5.20 [124] Prod. no. 520 (unknown)
5.21 [125] Prod. no. 521 (unknown)
5.22 [126] Prod. no. 522 (unknown)
5.23 [127] Prod. no. 523 (unknown)
5.24 [128] Prod. no. 524 (unknown)

5.xx [---] Larry Gatlin / Margo Smith / Wendy Holcombe
The Gatlins - "Do It Again Tonight" and "Penny Annie."
Margo Smith - "It Only Hurts For A Little While."
Wendy Holcombe (playing banjo and singing) - "Apple Jack."
Larry Gatlin - "I Just Wish You Were Someone I Love."
Margo Smith - "Little Things Mean A Lot."
Larry Gatlin and the Gatlins - "Broken Lady.”
Local airdates:
23Dec1978 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
23June1979 WSM-4 Nashville, TN (Saturday 5:00pm)
28June1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)

5.xx [---] Conway Twitty / Jody Miller
Conway Twitty - "Honky Tonk Song."
Jody Miller - "Soft Lights And Slow Sexy Music."
Conway Twitty - "Georgia Keeps Pulling on My Ring."
Jody Miller - "House Of The Rising Sun."
Conway Twitty - "Grandest Lady of Them All."
Local airdates:
06Jan1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
26May1979 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Sat. 10pm)

5.xx [---] Crystal Gayle / Joe Stampley / The Tennesseans
Crystal Gayle - "Why Have You Left the One You Left Me For?"
Joe Stampley - "If You've Got Ten Minutes (Let's Fall in Love)."
Crystal Gayle - "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?"
The Tennesseans - "The Nineteen-Sixty Something Songwriter of the Year" (with Jennifer Kimball).
Joe Stampley - "Do You Ever Fool Around?"
Crystal Gayle - "Ready For The Times To Get Better."
Local airdate:
27Jan1979 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Saturday 10pm)

5.xx [---] Donna Fargo / Don Williams / Marlow Tackett
Don Williams - "Some Broken Hearts Never Mend."
Donna Fargo - "Do I Love You (Yes in Every Way)?"
Donna Fargo and Don Williams - "Time."
Marlow Tackett - "I Feel So Bad."
Don Williams - "Ramblin'."
Donna Fargo - "Ragamuffin Man."
Don Williams - "I've Got a Winner in You."
Local airdates:
20Jan1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
21Jun1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)

5.xx [---] Eddie Rabbitt / Dave and Sugar
Music includes:
Eddie Rabbitt - "Crossin' the Mississippi."
Eddie Rabbitt - "Hearts on Fire."
Dave and Sugar - "Tear Time."
Dave and Sugar - "Gotta Quit Lookin' at You Baby."
Band - "Orange Blossom Special."
Local airdate:
17Feb1979 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Saturday 10:00pm)

5.xx [---] Ronnie Milsap / Zella Lehr
Ronnie Milsap - "I've Got The Music In Me."
Zella Lehr - "Two Doors Down."
Ronnie Milsap - "It Was Almost Like A Song."
Zella Lehr - "Danger Heartbreak Ahead."
Ronnie Milsap - "Let’s Take The Long Way Around The World."
Band - "Kicky” (instrumental)
Local airdate:
17Feb1978 WCBI-4 Columbus, Miss. (Saturday 1:00pm)

5.xx [---] Charley Pride / Steve Wariner / Cristy Lane
Charley Pride - "When I Stop Leaving (I'll Be Gone)."
Cristy Lane - "Penny Arcade."
Charley Pride - "Burgers and Fries."
Steve Wariner - "Beverly."
Christy Lane - “I Just Can’t Stay Married To You”
Charley Pride - "Crystal Chandeliers."
Unknown - “Pop! Goes The Country” (theme)
Local airdate:
03Mar1979 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Sat. 10:00pm)

5.xx [---] Sonny James / Jacky Ward / Reba McEntire
Sonny James - "Caribbean."
Jacky Ward - "Rhythm of the Rain."
Sonny James and Ralph Emery - "Orange Blossom Special."
Jacky Ward and Reba McEntire - "Three Sheets in the Wind."
Sonny James - "Burning Bridges."
Entire Group - “Foggy Mountain Breakdown.”
Local airdates:
10Mar1979 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Saturday 10:00pm)
09Aug1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)

5.xx [---] Marty Robbins / Louise Mandrell & R.C. Bannon
Marty Robbins - "Long Gone Lonesome Blues."
Louise Mandrell & R.C. Bannon - "I Thought You’d Never Ask."
Marty Robbins - "Roses To Reno."
Louise Mandrell - "Black Mountain Rag."
Marty Robbins - medley: "El Paso," "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife," "Candy Kisses," "Devil Woman" and "Jenny."
Louise Mandrell and R.C. Bannon - "I Can't Help Myself."
Band - "I Can’t Help Myself” (instrumental)
Local airdate:
17Mar1979 WSM-4 Nashville, Tenn. (Saturday 5:00pm)

5.xx [---] Ray Stevens / Moe Bandy / Melanie Jayne
Music includes:
Ray Stevens - "Gitarzan" and "Everything Is Beautiful."
Moe Bandy - "Two Lonely People."
Local airdates:
17Mar1979 WCBI-4 Columbus, Miss. (Saturday 1:00pm)
17Mar1979 Rockford, Illinois Register Star ch. 4

5.xx [---] The Oak Ridge Boys / Johnny Paycheck
Music includes:
The Oak Ridge Boys - "Cryin' Again."
The Oak Ridge Boys - "Come On In."
Johnny Paycheck - "Take This Job and Shove It."
Johnny Paycheck - "Friend, Lover, Wife."
Johnny Paycheck and The Oak Ridge Boys - "Let's All Go Down to the River."
Band - "Down Yonder."
Local airdates:
05Apr1979 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Thursday 9:30pm)
05May1979 (or 12May1979) WTCG-17 Atlanta (Saturday 10pm)
25Aug1979 KTVT-11 Fort Worth, Texas (Saturday 7:00pm)

5.25 [129] The Statler Brothers / Barbara Mandrell
Prod. no. 525
The Statler Brothers - "How To Be A Country Star."
The Statler Brothers musically answer questions sent in by viewers for "The Statler Brothers Quiz.”
Barbara Mandrell - "Sleeping Single In A Double Bed."
The Statler Brothers - "The Official Historian On Shirley Jean Berrell."
Barbara Mandrell - "(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right."
Barbara Mandrell and The Statler Brothers - "Some I Wrote."

5.26 [130] Prod. no. 526 (unknown)

5.xx [---] Mickey Gilley / Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Lee Lewis - "Me And Bobby McGee."
Mickey Gilley - "The Song That We Made Love To”
Jerry Lee Lewis - "I’ll Find It Where I Can."
Jerry Lee Lewis & Mickey Gilley - medley: "Five Foot Two," "In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town," "Drinkin' Wine,"
"Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Age," "Lewis Boogie" and "Drinking Champagne."
Local airdate:
14July1979 WSM-4 Nashville (Saturday 5pm)

########### Pop! Goes The Country ############
############## end of season 5 ###############

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