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Syndicated Country & Western Music Series
Season 3 (1976-77)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Tom Alger
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########### Pop! Goes The Country ############
############## season 3 1976-77 ##############

3.01 [053] Barbara Mandrell / Bobby Bare / Cletus Maggard
Prod. no. 301
Barbara Mandrell - "Show Me."
Bobby Bare - "The Winner."
Cletus Maggard - "White Night."
Barbara Mandrell - "Midnight Oil."
Bobby Bare - "Ride Me Down Easy."
Barbara Mandrell Orchestra (without Barbara) - "Fireball Mail" instrumental (with closing credits).
Local airdates:
12Mar1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
19Mar1977 WAAY-31 Huntsville, AL (Saturday 11:20pm)

3.02 [054] Tanya Tucker / T.G. Sheppard / Megan
Prod. no. 302
Tanya Tucker - "Ain't That A Shame?"
T G Sheppard - "We Just Live Here."
Tanya Tucker - "Don't Believe My Heart Can Stand Another You."
Megan - "My Sugar Blue."
T G Sheppard - "Another Woman."
Tanya Tucker - "You've Got Me to Hold On To."
Tanya Tucker's backing band (without Tanya) - "Two Mile Pike" Instrumental (with closing credits).
Local airdates:
28Nov1976 WAPI-13 Birmingham, AL (Sun. 10:00am)
26Mar1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.03 [055] Sonny James / Don Gibson / Sarah Johns (taped March 16, 1976)
Prod. no. 303
Sonny James - "Bright Lights Big City."
Don Gibson - "Sweet Dreams."
Sarah Johns - "Let the Big Wheels Roll."
Sonny James - "The Prisoner's Song."
Sarah Johns - "Love is Gonna Live Here Again."
Sonny James and Don Gibson - medley: "Sea of Heartbreak," "Take Good Care of Her," "Just One Time," "Young Love," "Oh Lonesome Me" and "Running Bear."
Sonny James and Don Gibson - "Wildwood Flower" instrumental (with closing credits).
Local airdate:
05May1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.04 [056] Merle Haggard and The Strangers / Leona Willimas / Ronnie Reno / Tiger Bell (taped March 16, 1976)
Prod. no. 304
Merle Haggard - "It Makes No Difference Now."
Leona Williams - "Run on, Molly, Run."
Merle Haggard - "I'm Not That Good At Goodbyes."
Ronnie Reno - "My Music."
The Strangers (Merle Haggard's back-up band) - "Fat Boy Rag" instrumental.
Merle Haggard - "Precious Memories" (gospel song).
Tiger Bell (child performer) - "Tennessee Wagoner."
Local airdates:
28Nov1976 WCBI-4 Columbus, Miss. (Sun. 1:00pm)
26May1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.05 [057] Jerry Reed / Chet Atkins / Sheila Wilson (taped March 17, 1976)
Prod. no. 305
Jerry Reed - "Alabama Jubilee."
Chet Atkins - "Vincent."
Sheila Wilson - "Tenderly He Loves Me."
Jerry Reed - "Papa's Knee."
Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins - "I'll Say She Does."
Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins - "Winter Walking."
Local airdates:
09Oct1976 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
23Apr1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.06 [058] Prod. no. 306 (unknown)
3.07 [059] Prod. no. 307 (unknown)
3.08 [060] Prod. no. 308 (unknown)
3.09 [061] Prod. no. 309 (unknown)
3.10 [062] Prod. no. 310 (unknown)
3.11 [063] Prod. no. 311 (unknown)
3.12 [064] Prod. no. 312 (unknown)
3.13 [065] Prod. no. 313 (unknown)
3.14 [066] Prod. no. 314 (unknown)
3.15 [067] Prod. no. 315 (unknown)
3.16 [068] Prod. no. 316 (unknown)

3.xx [---] Tom T. Hall / The Osborne Brothers
Music includes:
Tom T. Hall - "Paradise."
The Osborne Brothers - "Ruby Are You Mad?"
Tom T. Hall and the Osborne Brothers - "Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms."
Local airdates:
18Sep1976 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
01Apr1977 KPTV-12 Portland, Oregon (Friday 8:30pm)
02Apr1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Mel Tillis / Crystal Gayle / Terry Bradshaw
Music includes:
Mel Tillis - "Love Revival."
Mel Tillis - "Lookin' For Tomorrow."
Terry Bradshaw - "The Last Word in Lonesome Is Me."
Terry Bradshaw - "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry."
Crystal Gayle - "One More Time."
Crystal Gayle - "I'll Get Over You."
Local airdates:
25Sep1976 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
19Mar1977 WCBI-4 Columbus, Miss. (Sun. 5:00pm)
20Mar1977 WAPI-13 Birmingham, AL (Sun. 10:00am)

3.xx [---] The Statler Brothers / Ronnie Prophet
Music includes:
The Statler Brothers - "Class of '57."
The Statler Brothers - "Bed of Roses."
Ronnie Prophet - "It's Enough."
Local airdates:
02Oct1976 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
16Apr1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Donna Fargo / Johnny Paycheck / Jim Owen
Music includes:
Donna Fargo - "Mr. Doodles."
Donna Fargo - "I've Loved You All of the Way."
Johnny Paycheck - "I Sleep with Her Memory Every Night."
Johnny Paycheck - "11 Months and 29 Days."
Local airdates:
09Nov1976 WJBF-6 Augusta, GA [Augusta Chronicle]
11Dec1976 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Hank Williams Jr. / Jan Freeman / Connie Smith
Hank Williams Jr. - "Can't You See?"
Connie Smith - "I Don't Wanna Talk It Over Anymore."
Hank Williams Jr. - "It's All Over but the Crying."
Jan Freeman - "Any Port In A Storm."
Hank Williams Jr. - "Brothers of the Road."
Connie Smith - "So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)."
Local airdates:
27Nov1976 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Sat. 10:00pm)
28May1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Mickey Gilley / Gary Stewart / Margo Smith / Minnie Pearl
Gary Stewart & Mickey Gilley - "If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time."
Minnie Pearl talks with Gary Stewart & Mickey Gilley.
Margo Smith - "Save Your Kisses for Me."
Gary Stewart - "In Some Room Above the Street."
Minnie Pearl does a comedy monologue.
Mickey Gilley - "The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time."
Gary Stewart & Mickey Gilley - "Lawdy, Miss Clawdy" and "Bye-Bye Baby."
Gary Stewart and Mickey Gilley close the show with a piano duet.
Local airdates:
22May1977 WAPI-13 Birmingham, AL (Sun. 10:00am)
04June1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Sat. 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Bill Anderson / Mary Lou Turner / Gene Watson
Bill Anderson - "If You Can Live with It (I Can Live Without It)."
Bill Anderson and Mary Lou Turner - "Sometimes."
Gene Watson - "Love in the Hot Afternoon."
Mary Lou Turner - "Love It Away."
Bill Anderson - "Peanuts and Diamonds."
Gene Watson - "You Could Know as Much About a Stranger."
Bill Anderson and Mary Lou Turner - "That's What Made Me Love You."
The Po' Boys - "Jessica."
Local airdates:
27Nov1976 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
11Dec1976 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Sat. 10:00pm)

3.xx [---] Johnny Rodriguez / Leroy Van Dyke / Dottsy
Music includes:
Johnny Rodriguez - "Louisiana."
Johnny Rodriguez - "I Wonder if I Ever Said Goodbye."
Leroy Van Dyke - "Auctioneer."
Leroy Van Dyke - "Who's Gonna Run the Truck Stop in Tuba City when I'm Gone?"
Dottsy - "Everybody's Reachin' Out for Someone."
Dottsy - "Storms Never Last."
Local airdates:
27Nov1976 WSM-4 Nashville, Tenn. (Sat. 4:30pm)
04Dec1976 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
30Apr1977 WAAY-31 Huntsville, AL (Sat. 11:30pm)
18June1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Freddy Fender / Don Williams / Billie Jo Spears
Freddy Fender - "Wasted Days And Wasted Nights."
Billie Jo Spears - "What I've Got In Mind."
Don Williams - "Till The Rivers All Run Dry."
Freddy Fender - "Vaya con Dios" (w/Don Williams singing along at end of song)."
Don Williams - "Love Me Tonight."
Billie Jo Spears - "Let It Shine."
Freddy Fender - "Before The Next Teardrop Falls."
Local airdates:
18Dec1976 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
12Feb1977 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Sat. 10:00pm)
30Apr1977 WSM-4 Nashville, Tenn. (Sat. 4:30pm)
13May1977 KPTV-12 Portland, Oregon (Friday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Lynn Anderson / Tommy Overstreet
Lynn Anderson - "Gone At Last."
Tommy Overstreet - "That’s When My Woman Begins."
Larry Jon Wilson - "Ohoopee River Bottomland."
Lynn Anderson - "I’m Not Lisa."
Tommy Overstreet - "If Love Was A Bottle Of Wine."
Pete Bordinati - "Dueling Banjos" (instrumental).
Local airdate:
25Jun1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Jerry Lee Lewis / Billie Jo Spears
Jerry Lee Lewis - "Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On."
Billie Jo Spears - "I’m Not Easy."
Jerry Lee Lewis - "Who’s Gonna Play This Old Piano (When The Killers Gone)?"
Billie Jo Spears - "Never Did Like Whiskey (But I Love To Dance)."
Jerry Lee Lewis - medley: “Drinking Wine," "Sweet Georgia Brown” and “What’d I Say?"
Local airdate:
30Jul1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.17 [069] Ronnie Milsap / La Costa / Three of a Kind (taped September 22, 1976)
Prod. no. 317
Ronnie Milsap - "“Lovesick Blues."
La Costa - "What’ll I Do?"
Ronnie Milsap - "Just In Case."
Three Of A Kind - "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy."
Ronnie Milsap - medley: “Stand By My Woman," "Day Dreams About Night Things" and "What Goes On When The Sun Goes Down."
La Costa - "Strong, Strong Wind”
band - "Jambalaya” (instrumental)
Local airdates:
08Oct1976 KPTV-12 Portland, Oregon (Fri)
01May1977 WAPI-13 Birmingham, AL (Sun. 10:00am)

3.18 [070] Prod. no. 318 (unknown)
3.19 [071] Prod. no. 319 (unknown)
3.20 [072] Prod. no. 320 (unknown)
3.21 [073] Prod. no. 321 (unknown)
3.22 [074] Prod. no. 322 (unknown)
3.23 [075] Prod. no. 323 (unknown)
3.24 [076] Prod. no. 324 (unknown)
3.25 [077] Prod. no. 325 (unknown)
3.26 [078] Prod. no. 326 (unknown)

3.xx [---] Marty Robbins / Diane Jordan / Kenny Price
Music includes:
Marty Robbins - "Ribbon of Darkness."
Marty Robbins - "Among My Souvenirs."
Marty Robbins - "You Win Again."
Kenny Price - "Sheriff of Boone County"
Kenny Price - "Pickin' Up the Pieces."
Local airdates:
01Jan1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
15Jan1977 WTCG-17 Atlanta, GA (Sat. 10:00pm)
12Feb1977 WCBI-4 Columbus, Miss. (Sun. 4:30pm)
02Jul1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] A Salute to Loretta Lynn (Loretta Lynn and Family)
YouTube clip: Clara Butcher & family - "The Great Titanic."

Loretta Lynn
Crystal Gayle (Loretta's sister)
Peggy Sue (Loretta's sister)
Ernest Ray Lynn (Loretta's son)
Jay Lee Webb (Loretta's brother)
Clara Butcher (Loretta's mother)
Loretta Lynn - "Coal Miner's Daughter."
Jay Lee Webb - "She's Lookin' Better by the Minute."
Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle, Peggy Sue, and Jay Lee Webb - "Put It Off Until Tomorrow."
Ernest Ray Lynn - "Ramblin' Man."
Peggy Sue - "I'm Dynamite."
Clara Butcher joins Loretta, Crystal, Peggy, Jay, and Ernest on "The Great Titanic."
Closing credits:
Executive Producer: Bill Graham
Producer: Reginald Dunlap
Director: Bayron Binkley
Art Director: Rene Laglar
Assistant to the Producer: Peggy Romersa
Musical Director: Jerry Whitehurst
Lighting Director: Ted Wells
Audio: Mark Repp
Video: Truett Smith
Video Tape Editors: Terry Climer & Mark Repp
Make-Up: Norma Gerson
Stage Manager: Fred Frederick
Cameramen: Wayne Womack, Ed Fussel, Bob Morrison
Set Construction: Henry Carpenter
Produced at Opryland Studios
Produced by Show Biz, a subsidiary of Holiday Inns, Inc.

Local airdates:
08Jan1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
22Jan1977 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Sat. 10:00pm)
09Jul1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Billy "Crash" Craddock / Dottie West / Jessica James
Music includes:
Billy "Crash" Craddock - "You Rubbed It In All Wrong."
Billy "Crash" Craddock - "Broken Down in Tiny Pieces."
Billy "Crash" Craddock - medley of hits.
Dottie West - "When It's Just You and Me."
Local airdates:
15Jan1977 WSM-4 Nashville (Sat. 4:30pm)
22Jan1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
12Feb1977 WAAY-31 Huntsville, AL (Saturday 11:00pm)
23Jul1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Conway Twitty / Karen Wheeler / Eddie Rabbitt
Music includes:
Conway Twitty - "Games That Daddies Play,"
Karen Wheeler - "Cry."
Eddie Rabbitt - "Rocky Mountain Music."
Eddie Rabbitt - "Two Dollars in the Jukebox."
Local airdates:
29Jan1977 WTCG-17 Atlanta (Sat. 10:00pm)
16Jul1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Freddie Hart / Johnny Carver / Rex Allen Jr.
Music includes:
Freddie Hart - "Only You."
Rex Allen Jr. - "Can You Hear Those Pioneers?"
Johnny Carver - "Afternoon Delight."
Johnny Carver - "Love Is Only Love (When Shared by Two)."
Local airdates:
29Jan1977 WSM-4 Nashville (Sat. 2:00pm)
05Feb1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Tom T. Hall / Connie Cato / Dickey Lee
Tom T. Hall - "Fox on the Run."
Connie Cato - "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again."
Tom T. Hall - "Sneaky Snake."
Dickey Lee - "9,999,999 Tears."
Connie Cato - "I'm Sorry."
Tom T. Hall - "Me and Jesus."
Performer? - "Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer)."
Local airdates:
12Feb1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
13Aug1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Kenny Rogers / Jim Ed Brown / Helen Cornelius
Kenny Rogers - "Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got?)"
Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius - "Saying Hello, Saying I Love You, Saying Goodbye" and "I Don't Want to Have to Marry You."
Jim Ed Brown - "I've Rode with the Best."
Kenny Rogers, Jim Ed Brown, and Helen Cornelius - "You Can't Be A Beacon (If Your Light Don't Shine)."
Local airdates:
22Jan1977 WCBI-4 Columbus, Miss. (Sat. 5:00pm)
12Feb1977 WSM-4 Nashville (Sat. 4:30pm)
19Feb1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)
20Aug1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Sonny James / Jody Miller
Sonny James - "Come On In."
Jody Miller - 'When The New Wears Off Of Our Love'
Sonny James (on fiddle) - "Orange Blossom Special."
Howard Lips - "Mississippi Sunshine."
Jody Miller - "Ashes of Love."
Sonny James - "Just a Closer Walk with Thee.".
Local airdate:
26Feb1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm)

3.xx [---] Charley Pride / Dave and Sugar
Music includes:
Charley Pride - "Whole Lotta Things to Sing About"
Charley Pride - "Little Delta Church."
Dave and Sugar - "I'm Gonna Love You."
Dave and Sugar - "The Door Is Always Open."
Local airdates:
30Apr1977 WSM-4 Nashville, Tenn (Sat. 4:30pm)
21May1977 KSTW-11 Seattle, Wash. (Saturday 8:30pm) 

########### Pop! Goes The Country ############
############## end of season 3 ###############

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