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Season 4 (CBS)(1951-52)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Tom Alger
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  Playlist -  "The Ed Sullivan Show"  Season 4 (1951-52)

###### Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town ########
############## season 4 1951-52 ##############
CBS Sundays 8:00-9:00pm Eastern

 171. 23-Sep-51 guests unknown
172. 30-Sep-51 guests unknown
173. 07-Oct-51 guests unknown
174. 14-Oct-51 guests unknown
175. 21-Oct-51 guests unknown

4.x [176] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town:
28-Oct-1951 CBS Sun
Morton Downey Sr.
Ann Jeffreys
Rocky Marciano
Carmen Cavallaro
Harold Barnes
Howell & Boswer
The Toastettes
(regular dancers)(appear at beginning of show)
--Morton Downey Sr. (stand-up) - "Rose Of Tralee," "Long Way To Tipperary" and "My Father's House"
(with the Downey Irish Club cast)
--Ann Jeffreys sings "Dance My Darling" with Gypsy dancers
--Rocky Marciano comes on stage (following audience bow) & talks with Ed about fight with Joe Lewis.
--Mickey Deems (stand-up, routine about a father/son conversation)
--Carmen Cavallaro (piano player) - "Deep Night" (with dancers & chorus) and "Tea for Two"
--Harold Barnes (tightrope walker)
--Howell & Boswer (two man comedy team, sing "Passing By" & "It's Delovely"
--Audience bow: Rocky Marciano; Mrs. Al Jolson; Mayor Clifford (mayor of Brockton, Massachusetts)

177. 04-Nov-51 guests unknown
178. 11-Nov-51 guests unknown

4.x [179] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town:
18-Nov-1951 CBS Sun
James Mason

180. 25-Nov-51 guests unknown
181. 02-Dec-51 guests unknown
182. 09-Dec-51 guests unknown
183. 16-Dec-51 guests unknown
184. 23-Dec-51 guests unknown
185. 30-Dec-51 guests unknown
186. 06-Jan-52 guests unknown

4.x [187] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town: GEORGE WHITE TRIBUTE
13-Jan-1952 CBS Sun
Peggy Lee
Rudy Vallee

--Peggy Lee - "Are You Having Any Fun?" "Thank Your Mother," "This Is the Mrs." & "My Song"
--Rudy Vallee & Peggy Lee - "Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries"

4.x [188] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town: NEW YORK FILM CRITICS AWARDS
20-Jan-1952 CBS Sun
Mahalia Jackson
Elaine Dunn, Danny Scholl, Helen Wood and Hal Leroy
Phil Spitalny & the Hour Of Charm

--Ed talks about the film "Miracle In Milan" followed by a clip from that movie with people flying away on brooms.
--Ed introduces Bowsley Crowthers of the N.Y. Times, the head of the N.Y. Film Critics presenting award.
--On film: clip from "Bright Victory" with Arthur Kennedy
--Mahalia Jackson (Gospel singer) - "These Are They"
--Ed introduces dancers
Elaine Dunn, Danny Scholl, Helen Wood and Hal Leroy who dance to George Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm" & "S'wonderful"
--Phil Spitalny & the Hour Of Charm - "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (all female band & chorus)
--Phil Spitalny & the Hour Of Charm - "You and the Night and the Music" (couple dancing)
--Talking parrot (trained animal act) - parrot does imitations: train, kiss, opening bottle pop, Bing Crosby, Jimmy Durante
--Audience Bows: Paul Henri, Pat Malurky (Maid of Cotton)

189. 27-Jan-52 guests unknown
190. 03-Feb-52 guests unknown

4.x [191] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town:
10-Feb-1952 CBS Sun
Audrey Hepburn
Michael Evans
Roberta Peters
Bobby Thompson
Ralph Branca
Steve Evans
Evelyn Chandler

--Audrey Hepburn & Michael Evans - perform scene from "Nine Days A Queen" (Audrey Hepburn's TV debut)
--Ed Sullivan chats with Audrey Hepburn & Gilbert Miller.
--Roberta Peters - "The Bell Song" (aria from "Lakme")
--Film clip: Baseball game at Polo Grounds, N. Y. - National League play off game, Bobby Thompson gets winning home run
from Ralph Branca.
--Bobby Thompson (of the New York Giants) sings "Because Of You" to poster of Brooklyn Dodger Branca.
--Ralph Branca (of the Brooklyn Dodgers) sings "Because Of You" to poster of Thompson (with altered lyrics).
--Steve Evans (comedian, imitating audience laughter)
--Hands of Joy (with Yves Joly) - troupe uses their hands to perform a water ballet and then they fight with their hands
to resemble street combat.
--Evelyn Chandler (roller skating routine) - does Arabian cartwheels on roller skates

4.x [192] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town: THE GEORGE WHITE SCANDALS
17-Feb-1952 CBS Sun
Hal LeRoy
Helen Wood
Harry Richman
Toni Arden
Smith and Dale
Richard Hayes
The Costello Twins

4.x [193] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town: TRIBUTE TO COLE PORTER
24-Feb-1952 CBS Sun
Delores Gray
Mimi Benzell & Brian Sullivan
Monty Wooley
Anna & Pierre D'Angelo
Lisa Kirk
Helen Wood
William Gaxton

--Mimi Benzell & Brian Sullivan - "Wunderbar"
--Monty Wooley - "Miss Otis Regrets" (Yale classmate of Cole Porter)
--Anna & Pierre D'Angelo - "Old Fashioned Garden"
--Lisa Kirk - "My Heart Belongs To Daddy
--Pierre & Anna D'angelo - "Love for Sale"
--Mimi Benzell - "In The Still Of The Night"
--Helen Wood, William Gaxton & Delores Gray - "Anything Goes" & "You're The Top"
--Delores Gray - "Night and Day"
--Audience bows: the Notre Dame basketball team; Tom Sanders (Temple University student).
--Film clip: Yale Bowl football game.

194. 02-Mar-52 guests unknown
195. 09-Mar-52 guests unknown
196. 16-Mar-52 guests unknown

4.x [197] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town:
23-Mar-1952 CBS Sun
Rex Harrison & Lilli Palmer
Eddie Fisher
Virginia Gray & Lou Partier
Dick Button
The Harmonicaires

--Rex Harrison & Lilli Palmer (actors) - perform a scene From "Venus Observed"
--Eddie Fisher - "Anytime" & "Forgive Me." A few minutes later, Fisher appears in uniform promoting the U.S. Army.
--Virginia Gray & Lou Partier (comedians) - perform a "Bickerson" sketch about Blanche's sprained ankle (with Lou Parker?)
--Dick Button (skating star, appears on stage)
--The Harmonicaires (2 man harmonica duet) - "Ghost Riders In The Sky," "Yankee Doodle Dandy,"
"Bicycle Built For Two," "Grand Old Flag" & "Give My Regards To Broadway"
--Jackie (acrobat performing a balancing act) - Ed assists, handing Jackie bricks, Jackie balances on bricks.
--At beginning of show, Ed brings out miniature circus horse who does tricks.

198. 30-Mar-52 guests unknown

4.x [199] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town:
06-Apr-1952 CBS Sun
Sophie Tucker
Sadler's Wells Ballet
Tuskegee Choir
Montez D'Oca

4.x [200] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town: EASTER SHOW
13-Apr-52 CBS Sun
The April 13th, #200 Easter show had Phil Spitalny and his All Girl Orchestra (and Evelyn)
I was present as a member of the Notre Dame Glee Club under Dean Daniel Pedtke on our Easter vacation tour..
We performed The "Battle Hymn of the Republic" with the orchestra.
In the audience was Sullivan's daughter's senior class from a Catholic girl's school.
Afterward, he took her class and the glee club to the Stork Club.
As we were backstage, I cannot tell you who the other guests were.
Dr. Daniel E. Marsalek, Notre Dame '53 <demdds@cox.net> (June 2011)

201. 20-Apr-52 guests unknown
202. 27-Apr-52 guests unknown
203. 04-May-52 guests unknown
204. 11-May-52 guests unknown

4.x [205] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town:
18-May-1952 CBS Sun
Dorothy Dandridge
Errol Flynn & Paulette Goddard
Sam Sneed
Moisha Oysher
Norman Evans
Roger Price
--Dorothy Dandridge - "Do What Ya Wanna Do" & "Just One Of Those Things"
--Errol Flynn & Paulette Goddard - Private Eye sketch
--Sam Sneed (golf pro) - Snead joins Ed on stage & gives golf swing demonstration.
--Moisha Oysher - Hebrew song (unknown title) & "So In Love"
--Norman Evans (British stand-up comedian)
--Roger Price (stand-up routine, draws illustrations to his narrative, Ed plays straight man)
--Audience bows: Ann Claire, Fred Corcharan, Eddie Lawry, Elmer Ward

4.x [206] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town:
25-May-1952 CBS Sun
Audrey Hepburn & Rex Harrison
Jack Smith
Alan and Blanche Lund
Ginny Smith / Ginny Simms
Elliot Reid
Norm Dygon
Elton Hayes

--Audrey Hepburn & Rex Harrison (actors) - appear in a scene from "Anne of a Thousand Days"
--Jack Smith - "Almost Like Being in Love" & "Horse Song"
--Alan and Blanche Lund (dancers) - farm dancing on farm set
--Ginny Smith - "It's Gonna be a Great Day"
--Elliot Reid (comedian) - does a sketch that parodies the Kefauver Crime hearings
--Ginny Simms - "Be Anything But be Mine"
--Norm Dygon (ventriloquist) - duet between Dygon and a piano playing dummy.
--Elton Hayes - "Riddle De Diddle De Day" & "Whistle My Love" (from Disney's "Robin Hood")

207. 01-Jun-52 guests unknown
208. 08-Jun-52 guests unknown

4.x[209] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town: RODGERS AND HART TRIBUTE Pt. 1
15-Jun-1952 CBS Sun
Richard Rodgers
Bill Lawrence & Cindy Lord
Sinclair & Spaulding
Richard Hayes
Jane Froman
William Gaxton
Lisa Kirk
Vivienne Segal
Harold Lang & Norma Thorton
The Toastettes
(regular dancers)
--Bill Lawrence & Cindy Lord - "Manhattan"
--Sinclair & Spaulding - dance to Rodgers & Hart song "Here In My Heart"
--Richard Hayes - "Blue Room" (from "The Girlfriend") and "When Or Where" (from "Babes In Arms")
--Toastettes, Pal Joey Chorus - "The Girlfriend" dance number
--Jane Froman - "With A Song In My Heart" and "My Heart Stood Still" (2nd song from "A Connecticut Yankee")
--Lisa Kirk - "10 Cents A Dance" and "The Lady Is A Tramp" (2nd song from "Babes In Arms")
--Bill Lawrence - "This Can't Be Love" (from "The Boys from Syracuse")
--Cindy Lord - There's A Small Hotel" (from "On Your Toes")
--William Gaxton & Jane Froman - "Thou Swell" (from "A Connecticut Yankee")
--Richard Rodgers (on piano) - "Lover"
--Vivienne Segal - Bewitched" (from "Pal Joey")
--Harold Lang & Norma Thorton - "Happy Hunting Horn" (from "Pal Joey")
--Audience bows: Sister Kenny, Bart Sullivan
--Also: Ed celebrates "Toast of the Town's" fourth anniversary.

4.x [210] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town: RODGERS AND HART TRIBUTE Pt. 2
22-Jun-1952 CBS Sun
John Raitt
Yul Brynner
Celeste Holm

211. 29-Jun-52 guests unknown

4.x [212] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town:
06-Jul-1952 CBS Sun
Billy Daniels
Lonzo, Oscar & Cousin Jody
Capt. Leroy Anderson

213. 13-Jul-52 guests unknown
214. 20-Jul-52 guests unknown
215. 27-Jul-52 guests unknown
216. 03-Aug-52 guests unknown
217. 10-Aug-52 guests unknown
218. 17-Aug-52 guests unknown
219. 24-Aug-52 guests unknown
220. 31-Aug-52 guests unknown

4.x [221] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town: TOP BANANA
07-Sep-1952 CBS Sun
Phil Silvers & "Top Banana" cast
Mary Small

222. 14-Sep-52 guests unknown

4.x [223] Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town:
21-Sep-1952 CBS Sun
Edith Piaf
Pat O'Brian
Joe E. Lewis
Van Velts
Dancers Of Bali

--Edith Piaf - "Padam, Padam, Padam" & "Jezebel"
--Pat O'Brian - reads "What Is A Little Girl" then does a silent poker game.
--Joe E. Lewis
(stand-up comedy routine: Vegas, Hollywood, politics, introduces pianist George Apply, and sings "Ghost Riders In The Sky")
--Ed presents "Look Magazine's Award for Top Ball players of the Year."
Winners: Phil Rizutto, Bobby Shantz, Allie Renyolds, Yogi Berra, Ferris Fain, Hank Bauer, Mickey Mantle.
(Ed Weir joins players on stage).
--Van Velts (2 men & 2 women do acrobatics)
--Dancers Of Bali - "Dance Of The Bumblebee" and, later in show, entire group performs the "Monkey Dance."
--Audience bows: Jacques Peel, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Harold Arlen

###### Ed Sullivan: Toast Of The Town ########
############## end of season 4 ###############
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