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(60 min) Season 6 (NBC) (1961-62)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Rina Fox, Tom Alger
TV Guide / Library of Congress (telnet://locis.loc.gov)
Internet Movie Database (http://us.imdb.com)
UCLA Film and Television Archive, New York Times, Chicago Tribune

 ######### The Dinah Shore Chevy Show #########
############## season 6 1961-62 ##############
NBC Fridays 9:00-10:00pm Eastern (60min) (approx every 4th week)
Shared this time slot with "Bell Telephone Hour"
24Sep1961 - "Bonanza" takes over NBC's 9pm Sunday time slot. And "The Dinah Shore Chevy Show" is moved to Fridays.

6.01 [185] The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (Season Premiere)
06-Oct-1961 NBC Fri
hosted by Dinah Shore
Al Hirt
Nanette Fabray
George Montgomery

Dinah sings "America the Beautiful".
Al Hirt & Dinah perform, "East Street"
--New York Times:
Dinah Shore Show: With Al Hirt, George Montgomery, Nanette Fabray, and six television "villians."

[--] 13Oct1961 Bell Telephone Hour "Salute to Autumn" special with Gordon McRae, Anita Bryant, The Brothers Four.

[--] 20Oct1961 pre-empted for "Macbeth," a "Hall of Fame" repeat. Filmed in Scotland and England, with Maurice
Evans, Judith Anderson, Michael Hordern, Ian Bannen, others. (NBC 8:30pm-10:30pm)

[--] 27Oct1961 Bell Telephone Hour "TRIO" special with The McGuire Sisters, The Kingston Trio, The Benny Goodman Trio.

6.02 [186] The Dinah Shore Chevy Show
03-Nov-1961 NBC Fri
hosted by Dinah Shore
Dean Martin
Donald O'Connor
Even Dozen

Dean and Donald team up for a spoof on the grand old institution of TV, including the primitive techniques of its early days,
the current "Hurry-up" method of shooting TV film, the hazard's of putting on a "live" TV show and a look at the television
of the future.

[--] 10Nov1961 Bell Telephone Hour "Music of Richard Rodgers," with Dolores Grey, Howard Keel, Helen Gallagher and
Martha Wright and the (Broadway) cast of "The Sound of Music."

[--] 17Nov1961 - pre-empted for "Vincent Van Gogh" A self-portrait of the artist as seen in his writings,
drawings and paintings. With Lee J. Cobb as Van Gogh.Martin Gabel narrates. (9:30pm-10:30pm NBC)

[--] 24Nov1961 - pre-empted the special "Crossing the Threshold" (Part 1 of 3) A biography of a manned orbital flight
from seven minutes before liftoff to completion of third orbit of the earth. (9:00pm-10:30pm)

6.03 [187] The Dinah Shore Chevy Show
01-Dec-1961 NBC Fri
hosted by Dinah Shore
Frankie Avalon
Nelson Eddy
Milton Berle
The Even Dozen
The Frank Devol Orchestra

Eddy-Avalon-Berle do a number entitled "Take Five".
Dinah demonstrates some of the goings-on during a show's rehearsals.
Berle and Dinah portray a battling husband and wife in a musical-comedy sketch titled "Who's Sad?"
Dinah sings "Tonight"
Dinah and Even Dozen perform, "They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me"
All join in for "Stout-Hearted Men".

[--] 08Dec1961 Bell Telephone Hour "Designs in Music" with Joan Sutherland, soprano; Margot Fonteyn and Michael Somes,
ballet dancers; Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; Dorothy Collins and the Raymond Scott Quintet; Luboshuts and Nemenoff,

[--] 15Dec1961 - pre-empted for the special "Peace Corps in Tanganyika" Volunteers explain whey they joined and
how they feel about their training, their jobs and the country to which they have been assigned. Ray Scherer
is the narrator. (9:30pm-10:30pm)

[--] 22Dec1961 Bell Telephone Hour "A Trip to Christmas," with Jane Wyatt narrating. Featuring John Raitt, Lisa
Della Casa, Jane Morgan, the Lennon Sisters, the Schola Cantorium, and Violette Verdy and Edward Villella of the
New York City Ballet.

6.04 [188] The Dinah Shore Chevy Show
29-Dec-1961 NBC Fri
hosted by Dinah Shore
Ginger Rogers
Nat King Cole
George Burns
The Even Dozen

Dinah and Nat sing a collection of blues and spirituals written for them by Ticker Freeman and Earl Brown.
George Burns does a monologue about the happenings at a New Year's Eve Party.
Dinah and George sing, "I Ain't Got Nobody".
Dinah sings, "Ain't We Got Fun?", "Down Home Rag" and "Scarlet Ribbons".
Dinah, Ginger and George sing, "Some of These Days".

[--] 05Jan1962 - pre-empted for special: "Projection '62" Eleven NBC foreign and domestic correspondents discuss
the problems their areas will face in 1962. Frank McGee is moderator. (9:30pm-10:30pm)

[--] 12Jan1962 - pre-empted for the special "J.F.K.Report," a review of President Kennedy's first year in office
and an examination of the problems he faces in the coming year. Interviews with Secretary of State Dean Rusk and others.
Edwin Newman, host. (9:30pm-10:30pm)

[--] 19Jan1962 Bell Telephone Hour "A Measure of Music," with Jane Powell, Andres Segovia, guitarist; Maria
Tallchief and Rudolf Nureyev, ballet dancers; Sally Ann Howes, Earl Wrightson and the Chad Mitchell Trio.(9:30pm-10:30pm)

6.05 [189] The Dinah Shore Chevy Show
26-Jan-1962 NBC Fri
hosted by Dinah Shore
Yves Montand
Steve Allen
Audrey Meadows
Peter Lind Hayes
Mary Healy

--TV Guide:
After an opening riverboat production number, Frenchman Montand receives a few lessons in American customs. In one of
the sketches Yves, Steve and Audrey do a Gallic version of an American TV comedy series,and in another, Steve presents
his views on how American men make use of their leisure time.

[--] 02Feb1962 "Bell Telephone Hour"
with Joan Sutherland, soprano; Polly Bergen, Janet Blair and the Red Norvo Quintet, and Andre Previn,
pianist. Memorial tribute to Fritz Kreisler, with Michael Rabin performing a selection of the violinists-composer's works.

[--] 09Feb1962 - pre-empted for "Debutante '62"
Programwill trace the history and development of society's coming-out party and will visit Dallas' Idlewild Ball,
the Veiled Prophet Ball in St. Louis, Atlanta's Halloween Ball and the Debutante Cotillion and Thanksgiving Ball in
Washington. Cornelia Otis Skinner is narrator. (9:30pm-10:30pm)

[--] 16Feb1962 "Bell Telephone Hour" "Portals of Music," with
Carol Lawrence, Mahalia Jackson, Isaac Stern (violinist), George London (baritone), Anna Moffo (oprano), Ray Eberle,
the Modernaires and the Tex Beneke Orchestra. (9:30pm-10:30pm)

6.06 [190] The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (Live, 60 min.)
23-Feb-1962 NBC Fri
hosted by Dinah Shore
Vince Edwards
George Chakiris
Keely Smith
Big Tiny Little and his Combo

--TV Guide:
Edwards forsakes his surgical greens tonight to perform strictly as a song-and-dance man, while in one
number Chakiris delves into his family origins and comes with a genuine Greek folk dance. Harry Zimmermanorchestra.

[--] 02Mar1962 - "Bell Telephone Hour" "The Songs of Irving Berlin"

[--] 09Mar1962 - pre-empted for "The Milton Berle Show," a special with Jack Benny, Laurence Harvey, Lena Horne
and Janis Paige. (9:30pm-10:30pm)

[--] 16Mar1962 - "Bell Telephone Hour" "The Music of Love"
starring Patti Page, Barbara Cook, Melissa Hayden, Franco Corelli.

[--] 23Mar1962 The Dinah Shore Chevy Show
(Originally broadcast 06Nov1960)
Repeat of program from Spain and Portugal, with guests Vincente
Escudero, Pancho deRonda, Deolinda Rodriguez, and Alfonso de-la Morena.

[--] 30Mar1962 - Bell Telephone Hour "Gala Performance" with Shirley Jones, Steve Lawrence, Maureen O'Hara.

[--] 06Apr1962 - NBC News Special: "The Vanishing 400" A report on how society has changed in America over the years.

[--] 13Apr1962 Bell Telephone Hour "Springtime in the Park" with Jo Stafford, Tommy Sands, Lanny Ross.

[--] 20Apr1962 - The Dinah Shore Chevy Show
Repeat, a compilation of shows from 04Dec1960 & 05Feb1961
--New York Times:
Repeat, highlights of programs filmed in Paris and Copenhagan with Charles Boyer, Ingemar Johansson and others. (color)
--TV Guide:
Tonight: Excerpts from two programs filmed in Europe and seen on Dinah's show last season.
Dinah's guests include Charles Boyer, Ingemar Johanson; the Swee-Danes, vocal trio; Kirsten Simone and Henning
Kronstam of the Royal Danish Ballet; and Victor Feldman and his combo.

[--] 27Apr1962 - Bell Telephone Hour "Till Autumn" with Rhonda Fleming, Anna Moffo.

[--] 04May1962 - Andy Williams Show - Special with
Ann-Margret, Andy Griffith, Dick Van Dyke, and Henry Mancini

[--] 11May1962 The Dinah Shore Chevy Show - Repeat from 14Feb1960.
--New York Times:
Repeat of all-Italian show, with Rossano Brazzi, Domenico Modugno, vocalist, the Trovajoli jazz group and others.
--TV Guide:
On this rerun, which features music from and about Italy, Dinah's guests include actor-singer Rossano
Brazzi, singer Domenico Modugo, the Trovojoles Jazz Group, and American-born Joey Alfidi, a music prodigy.

[--] 18May1962 - NBC White Paper: "The Inferno"
[--] 25May1962 - NBC News Special: "Robert Ruark's Africa"

6.07 [191] The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (final show of the season)
01-Jun-1962 NBC Fri
hosted by Dinah Shore
Robert Preston
Rita Moreno
Vic Damone
The Frank DeVol Orchestra
Vic sings, "Flamingo"
Robert sings, "Trouble"
Dinah & Vic sing, "June" medley
Rita sings, "Teamwork", "Jim", "I Walk Alone" and "Mad About Him Blues"
Dinah & Rita sing, "The Lady Wants to Twist"
And All sing, "Ain't Down Yet".
--From Chicago Tribune:
Dinah and her guests - Rita Moreno, Vic Damone and Robert Preston - salute the month of June with a toast to "togetherness."

07Jun1962 - New York Times newspaper article:
"Dinah Shore Plans Solo Show on Oct. 14"
The season premiere next fall of the "Dinah Shore Show" will have a small cast - just the singer herself. She will appear
over the National Broadcasting Company network on Oct. 14 from 10 to 11 P.M. The network said Miss Shore would use material
drawn from her night-club appearances in Miami Beach and Las Vegas.

Summer Replacements - NBC Fridays 9:30pm Eastern
08Jun1962 - NBC special: "Breakthrough: Cancer Virus"
15Jun1962 - NBC Special: "Germany: Fathers and Sons"
22Jun1962 - NBC special: "Breakthrough: Mental Health"
29Jun1962 - All-American Football: Two teams are made up from the American Football Coaches association's
1961 All American Team.
06Jul1962 - Special: "The World of Bob Hope"
13Jul1962 - Special: "The World of Billy Graham"
20Jul1962 - NBC Special: "The World of Jimmy Doolittle" (repeat)
27Jul1962 - NBC Special: "The World of Sophia Loren" (repeat)
03Aug1962 - NBC Special: "What's Wrong with Men?"

 #### The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (60 min) #####
############## end of Season 6 ###############

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