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Season 4 (CBS) (1966-67)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Rina Fox
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 ############# The Danny Kaye Show ############
############## season 4 1966-67 ##############
############### (final season) ###############
CBS Wednesdays 10:00-11:00pm Eastern
Regulars:  Joyce Van Patten, Harvey Korman, The Earl Brown Singers

4.01 [92] The Danny Kaye Show
Andy Griffith
Ronny Howard
Clint Howard
Susan Barrett

Donna Butterworth (9-year-old vocalist)
Joyce Van Patten
Harvey Korman
Ronny imitates Danny as a variety host of his own show, "The Ronny Howard Show" with Danny as the guest and introduces
a line of sub-teen dancers and presents his guest vocalist 9-year-old Donna Butterworth.
Ronny stars in a toy sketch with his little brother Clint.
Susan Barrett sings "Where Am I Going".
Danny gives an Italian recitation of "Snow White".
Danny does an adult lampoon of spy thrillers, then Ronny does his own version of the same thriller with a cast of
children and Danny. [RF]

4.02 [93] The Danny Kaye Show
Eddie Albert
Vikki Carr
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66

An informal opening with "The Joker" as the theme.
Danny sings "Let's Get Away From it All".
And spoofs tourists on a first class airplane passengers. [RF]

4.03 [94] The Danny Kaye Show
The Peanuts, Japanese twins who sing and dance.
Mrs. Isa Watanabe the twins chaperone
Frankie Randall
Danny croons with the Peanuts in Japanese, chats with their manager and mimics a Japanese chef on TV.
The Peanuts sing "Ok, You Win".
Danny plays his shy Jerome character about to have an X-ray taken.
Frankie Randall sings "The Spanish Flea". [RF]

4.04 [95] The Danny Kaye Show
05Oct66 (rerun 03May67)
Directed by Bill Foster
Ella Fitzgerald
Buddy Greco
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66
Danny Kaye, Ella Fitzgerald and Buddy Greco perform "It Don't Mean a Thing".
Picnic at the beach sketch
Danny, Ella Fitzgerald and Buddy Greco perform "Mood Indigo".
Ella sings "The Moment of Truth".
Buddy performs "Charade"
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 do "Goin' Out of My Head".
Danny and Ella do a medley with "Hello Ella!", "Where or When?", "September in the Rain", "New Sun in the Sky",
"Great Day" and "Happy Days Are Here Again".
"We Like Each Other Fine" is performed by Danny, Ella and Buddy Greco.
In a May-December comedy sketch Danny plays an octogenarian who proposes to a young Miss Joyce Van Patten and Harvey
plays Danny's doctor who is in constant attendance.
Ella sings "Body and Soul".
Buddy performs "Satin Doll".
Danny tells the tale of Little Green Riding Hood who has booze in her basket. [RF]

4.05 [96] The Danny Kaye Show
Tim Conway
Barbara Minkus
The Peanuts
(singing Japanese twins)
Danny & Barbara duet on "We Kiss in a Shadow". [RF]

4.06 [97] The Danny Kaye Show
19Oct66 (rerun 10May67)
Leslie Uggams
Steve Sanders
Harvey Korman
Joyce Van Patten
Victoria Meyerink
is back
Danny & Leslie duet with "Glow Worm"
Fourteen year old Steve Sanders performs some swinging gospel music.
Leslie Uggams sings "If My Friends Could See Me Now" from "Sweet Charity".
Danny sings "Thou Swell" and "I Wish You Love"
A chorus of tots perform.
Danny plays an old family retainer in one sketch and Giovanni, the Italian tailor paying a surprise visit to his
son and daughter-in-law in America.

4.07 [98] The Danny Kaye Show
Eddie Albert
Joe Williams (former vocalist for Count Basie)
The Peanuts
The high spirited production number "Bring Back Those Minstrel Days" opens the show.
Danny and Eddie do a sketch about what happens when two hunters are isolated in a cabin and suspect each other
of being the murderer.
The Peanuts perform a song. [RF]

4.08 [99] The Danny Kaye Show
02Nov66 (rerun 17May67)
Tony Randall
Pianist Stan Worth
Vikki Carr
Victoria Meyerlink

With regulars Joyce Van Patten and Harvey Korman.
Danny & Vikki duet with "Sunny Disposition".
Danny's shy Jerome character appears with Tony as a college class reunion sketch.
Vikki sings "Alfie" amd "I Will Wait for You".
Danny plays a telephone answering serivce operator in another segment.
Tony & Danny also do a comedy sketch involving laundry shirt-boards.
Stan Worth performs "Swingin'" and "Pick Yourself Up".
Victoria Meyerink talks with Danny for the finale. [RF]

[--] The Danny Kaye Show
pre-empted for "Clown Alley"
A special tribute to the beloved buffoons of the Circus World.
Appearing are Red Skelton, Amanda Blake, Jackie Coogan, Audrey Meadows, Robert Merrill, Vincent Price, Martha Raye,
Bobby Rydell and eight working clowns. [RF]

4.09 [100] The Danny Kaye Show
Louis Armstrong
Caterina Valente
The Earl Brown Singers
A Salute to Louis Armstrong.
Songs include "Ja Da", "Rockin' Chair", "Basin Street Blues", "Mack the Knife", "Hello, Dolly!" and "C'es Si Bon". [RF]

4.10 [101] The Danny Kaye Show
Petula Clark (British Singer)
Stanley Holloway 
(British Actor/Singer)
Danny & Stanley play a Cockney bank clerk and a coal delivery man in a skit.
Petula sings "Who am I" and "Two Rivers".
Danny appears as Captain Ahab in pursuit of Moby Dick is interviewed by Stanley.
Danny & Petula duet with "You Do Something To Me".
Danny, Petula & Stanley perform an English Music Hall medley. [RF]

4.11 [102] The Danny Kaye Show
Peter Ustinov
Frank Gorshin
Nancy Wilson

Danny & Peter do a sketch playing a Western gunfighter and a violinist in constant disagreement.
Frank Gorshin plays a pushy business executive named Hubert Fink in a skit with Danny.
Nancy sings a couple of songs. [RF]

4.12 [103] The Danny Kaye Show
Shirley Jones
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
Joyce Van Patten
Harvey Korman

A pantomime comedy sketch features Danny as a new bellhop whose adventures in a revolving door infuriate the hotel
manager (Harvey).
Danny portrays the shy Jerome who sends his pal Arnold (Harvey Korman) to meet his fiancee (Shirley) at a perfume
counter, but Arnold misses the scent.
Shirley sings "I'm Old-Fashioned".
The dancers are featured in a number called "The Blues".
Shirley and Danny duet with "Walking Happy" a new song from Broadway.
Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66 perform "Bim-Bom".
For the closer, little Victoria Meyerink is on Danny's lap to join him in "What's New at the Zoo". [RF]

4.13 [104] The Danny Kaye Show
Sergio Franchi
Sallie Blair
Joyce Van Patten
Harvey Korman
Danny plays Jerome, the shy show clerk who happens to be hiding a girl (Joyce Van Patten) in his apartment closet.
Sergio sings and joins Danny in a musical sketch.
Danny spoofs the television series "Rat Patrol" playing Major Nigel Dumwitty, a British Army Officer.
Sallie Blair sings a the theme song of the motion picture "Valley of the Dolls" and a duet with Danny. [RF]

4.14 [105] The Danny Kaye Show
Peggy Lee
Wayne Newton
The 150-voice International Children's Choir from Long Beach, California.
Danny portrays a man who tries to assemble a bicycle as a Christmas gift for his son.
Danny plays Giovanni, an elderly Italian who has come to America to live with his son and daughter-in-law.
Peggy Lee sings two solos.
Danny & Peggy duet with "Jingle Journey".
Wayne sings "Every Street's a Boulevard" and "Jingle Bell Rock".
The Choir closes the evening with Christmas carols. [RF]

4.15 [106] The Danny Kaye Show
Caterina Valente
Composer Gilbert Becaud
Caterina sings "Just One of Those Things" and "Stompin' At the Savoy".
Danny & Caterina join in a song talk with "Conversation Bossa Nova".
In a comedy sketch Harvey Korman interviews Timothy Harrigan (Danny) who has just been voted "Father of the Year"
and has trouble remembering how many children he has.
Danny portrays a window washer who becomes involved in an espionage plot.
Danny is in a 'drama' of the sea involving a duel between an English man-of-war Captain and a German U-Boat skipper
(Danny plays both roles).
Gilbert Becaud performs "What Now My Love?"
Victoria Meyerlink sweetens things up for Danny. [RF]

4.16 [107] The Danny Kaye Show
Louis Armstrong
German Kessler Twins
Victoria Meyerlink
Danny performs a Mexican version with "Jose and the Beanstalk".
Louis Armstrong and his band perform "So Long Dearie", "The Faithful Hussar" and "The Five Pennies Saint".
The Kessler Sisters dance and appear as clowns.
Danny plays a construction worker.
Danny as shy Jerome at a surprise birthday party.
Danny chats with Victoria Meyerlink in the finale. [RF]

4.17 [108] The Danny Kaye Show
Vikki Carr
Victoria Meyerlink
Liberace performs "All the Things You Are".
Liberace appears in a James Bond sketch as a hood named Mr. 88.
Danny is seen as the Italian tailor Giovanni.
Vikki sings "Some of These Days".
Danny appears in a sketch as the manager of a home for the aged.
Danny closes singing to Victoria. [RF]

4.18 [109] The Danny Kaye Show
John Gary
Godfrey Cambridge

Danny's guest is John Gary, the young singer who was host of the show last summer.
In one segment Kaye, taking a cue from earlier in the evening, retells the Cinderella story as an old Russian
In another sketch, Danny appears in one of his regular characterizations
as Giovanni, who comes to live with his son and daughter-in-law (Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten) only to find
that his pet dog is not allowed by the landlord. [RF]

4.19 [110] The Danny Kaye Show
Peter Falk
Pat Carroll
The Lettermen

Danny plays bashful Jerome I. Taperman who is besieged by his powerhouse mother (Pat Carroll) and the two advertise
for a roommate who turns out to be a bank robber Willie 'Mad Dog' Cochran (Peter Falk).
Joyce Van Patten plays the girl Mama (Pat Carroll) thinks is good daughter-in-law material.
Danny, The Lettermen and the Earl Brown singers perform.

*NOTE: Some list Ethel Merman as guesting, but could have postponed due to illness. [RF]

4.20 [111] The Danny Kaye Show
Burl Ives
Barbara Rush
Harvey Korman
Danny, Burl and Barbara appear in a sketch a takeoff on "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof".
Danny plays shy Jerome planning to match Barbara with his best friend (Harvey Korman).
Danny, Burl and Barbara sing together. [RF]

4.21 [112] The Danny Kaye Show
Fred Gwynne
Vikki Carr
Joyce Van Patten

Fred, Danny and Vikki sing "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles".
Danny & Vikki do a medley of songs about birds.
A takeoff on "Cyrano de Bergerac" with Danny (as Cyrano), Fred (as Christian) and Joyce Van Patten as the
lovely Roxanne.
Vocal instrumental selections by the Las Vegas Quintet. [RF]

4.22 [113] The Danny Kaye Show
15Feb67 (rerun 24May67)
Eddy Arnold
Millicent Martin

With regulars Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten.
Danny plays Jerome, the shy lad from the Bronx who is encouraged to try a computer to find a girl friend. And guess
who the machine finds for him? None other than Millicent Martin, the British Miss Featherstone.
Eddy sings "Lonely Again" and "The Easy Way".
Eddy & Danny duet with "There's Always Potato".
Millicent & Danny duet to "Who Can I Turn To?"
Millicent sings "Rules of the Road". [RF]

4.23 [114] The Danny Kaye Show
Tim Conway
with regulars
Joyce Van Patten
Harvey Korman
Tim Conway plays Texas Tony a children's TV hero with a hangover.
Danny tells an Irish version of "Little Green Riding Hood".
Singer Izumi offers a medley of Japanese songs.
Danny and Tim play frustrated publishers of a dictionary.
Danny, Tim and Harvey appear in a sketch about a plumber, a customer relations man and window glass installers.
Danny sings "A Fellow Needs a Girl". [RF]

4.24 [115] The Danny Kaye Show
01Mar67 (rerun 31May67)
George Burns
Mirelle Mathieu

George tries to teach Danny (as shy Jerome) how to be top banana.
George tells Danny stories about vaudeville which cause Danny to break up.
They sing and dance together to some of the world's best unknown songs "Red Rose Rag", "My Gal's A Hightoned Lady",
"High Society", "Yankee Doodle Blues" and "Ain't Misbehavin'".
18-year-old Mirelle Mathieu coined as "the little Edith Piaf" sings "Viens Dans Marue" and "Mon Credo".
In a pantomime sketch Danny plays a barber shop janitor who cuts hair when the barber goes for lunch. [RF]

[--] The Danny Kaye Show
08Mar67 (rerun from 16Mar66, repeated 07Jun67)
Amzie Strickland (as Mrs. Betty Simpson)
Harold Gould (Marco)
Harvey Korman (Roberto)
Joyce Van Patten (Eleanor)
Tony Charmoli Dancers
Earl Brown Singers
Paul Weston Orchestra

"Giovanni's Wedding.
An hour-long musical about Kaye's lovable character, the Italian tailor, who comes to live with his son. The plot
has the widow Simpson hovering about, intent on tapping Giovanni into marriage.
Great moments come in the variety of sentimental and happy times sung by Kaye and company.

Bill Barnes' original tunes include "What She Mean by That?" and "I'm Jealous" (Danny) and "Too Old to Be Young"
(Danny and Amzie). [RF]

4.25 [116] The Danny Kaye Show
Roddy McDowall
Blossom Dearie
with regulars
Joyce Van Patten and Harvey Korman
Roddy talks about his interest in photography and shows selections from his book "Double Exposure".
Danny and Joyce do an improvisation.
Roddy joins Danny in the main comedy sketch when he plays Caesar and Danny plays Nautilus, a slave who wants to
gain his freedom by beating the Emperor at the game of "Caesar Says".
Blossom Dearie sings "My Gentleman Friend" and "Soon It's Gonna Rain".
Danny sings "Great Big Ball" and "Wee Huey". [RF]

4.26 [117] The Danny Kaye Show
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66
Harvey Korman
Joyce Van Patten

Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 perform "The One-Note Samba" and "Night and Day".
As shy Jerome, Danny attends a ballet class with his Rhoda (Joyce Van Patten) in a comedy sketch.
Danny sings "Lonesome Road" with the Earl Brown Singers.
Danny appears in a musical skit title "The Three Little Pigs" in Italian style. [RF]
*NOTE: This was Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 fourth guest appearance.

4.27 [118] The Danny Kaye Show
Diahann Carroll
Joyce Jamison
Herbie Faye
Buddy Lewis

An hour built around his character Jerome Taperman on a Caribbean cruise. Dihann Carroll, as a
shipboard entertainer, sings "As Time Goes By" and "Fine and Dandy." Others joining in the fun are Joyce Jameson,
Herbie Faye and Buddy Lewis. The scant plot has Jerome impersonating a commodore to impress Joyce Van Patten, and
the ship's detectives think he is Lover Lips Louis, a master of 1000 disguises. [RF]

4.28 [119] The Danny Kaye Show
Joanie Sommers
The Brothers Four
A mixture of sketches
and songs for teenagers by guests Joanie Sommers and the Brothers Four. Miss Sommers offerings include
"England Swings" and "Where Am I Going?"; the Brothers Four try "San Francisco Bay Blues"; dancers
perform to "Lara's Theme;" and, as shy Jerome, Kaye has a nightmare about a Broadway actress in. one skit,
and Danny examines love triangles in various countries in another. [RF]

4.29 [120] The Danny Kaye Show [final episode]
Robert Morley (British Actor)
the vocal Arbors Quartet
From out of nowhere Robert Morley turns up in a Jerome Taperman sketch giving public speaking lessons to the
shy Jerome (Danny).
Danny plays an army recruit in a pantomime sketch.
Danny sings "Walking on New Grass" and "Tall Hope" with the Earl Brown singers and harmonizes with a combo
called The Arbors to "Down by the Old Mill Stream".

*NOTE: "The Steve Allen Comedy Hour" takes over Danny's spot on June 14, 1967.
On his first show are Sonny & Cher and Lana Cantrell. (regulars are Jayne Meadows, Ruth Buzzi and Louis Nye). [RF]

 ############# The Danny Kaye Show ############
################### the end ##################

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